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Volcom Mar 06, 2012

Sick car.

Tank55 Feb 17, 2012

hey woman! sorry doll, i couldnt even get on anymore but thats all changed

qpr Jun 18, 2011

R u dead atm? (I just love my questions)

Nanners Feb 14, 2011

Helloooo there cutie. That STI is amazing minus all the pinkness.

Mossad Dec 03, 2010


hanz-poop Dec 01, 2010

You probably get this alot, but you have an awesome half sleeve on your arm

Indirect-1 Aug 06, 2010

Yes, i will pwn you fool! MWF2!

LiL*PiGGy Jul 22, 2010

Ok, wow, who is talking to my sister like that "sweetie.pie" kk, seriously, piss off that's my nephew, you got a problem with my sister SUCK IT.. btw nice pics.

Catatstrophe Jul 14, 2010

hey miss :)

TiZzNoTiC Jul 08, 2010


Petal May 21, 2010

Lol you are so off standish! Kind of. See, didn't see the tattoo artist coming, k?

RaCka May 21, 2010

do you even play this game?

chars! May 18, 2010

hope u are real...

9 Kisses May 18, 2010

I dig it.

ZypheN May 17, 2010

Hope you never get pregnant cause if you do those butterflies aren't going to be butterflies anymore.

MoNo. May 17, 2010

nice sleeve. ^^ I need to finish some of my tats and add on.

lady starlight May 17, 2010

Career-wise: Tattoo artist. so it's fitting.

Tigron-X Apr 01, 2010

Your alias is so fitting. The Geico costume is brilliant! Very cool abstract painting. Though, I do have to point out one thing... I know it's intended to be shadowing, but it looks like you have dirty feet. :P

Petal Mar 31, 2010

Career-wise. Thought you'd know.

Petal Mar 08, 2010

You know, getting tats on your arm is risky.

Fusionbomb Mar 03, 2010

Oh... well you're very pretty!

Rocket Soldier Feb 10, 2010

Hey! How are you? *Pokes*

nakedbumwithastick Jan 25, 2010

Did you really ink yourself? That's talent.

Aerin Jan 25, 2010

the hair picture is insane. did you have to sit on your ass til it numbed out to get that done?

Imperative Jan 17, 2010

love tats... love you

Kid Kaos Jan 15, 2010

Dang you got some crazy tats! Thats hot!

Dexter Jan 15, 2010

hi lady starlight! =x

bleez Jan 15, 2010

keyboard on head = HOT

Mattey Jan 13, 2010

There is no way this is real. Put keyboard on head.

Audrey Jan 12, 2010

Whoever draw that thing of you is amazingly good! You're pretty!

Fusionbomb Jan 12, 2010

Are you like a fetish model?

Necromotic Jan 03, 2010


Tank55 Jan 03, 2010

wheres my sexy asian at! :( miss ya boo!

wicket666 Jan 03, 2010

wow wanna be my internet gf

pappa Jan 02, 2010

BOO METS. BOOO. you make that mets shirt look good though

Jinco Jan 01, 2010

hawt azn

nakedbumwithastick Jan 01, 2010

Hey thanks glad you like it! nice tats by the way =D

Last Standing Dec 29, 2009

you actually questioned my sexuality?? lol.. even if I was gay, I'd turn straight everytime I'm on your page with those pics you got up here.

PWND Dec 29, 2009

Suck a cock haterrr <3

Flew Dec 29, 2009

ahha hey, ls sorry it took a while to reply, how r u? and btw last standing u can kiss my ... thanks! haha=)

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 24, 2009

"Somebody is watching me"... LOLOL so cute

Tank55 Dec 19, 2009

commonnn danyell!! lemme see those underpants ^.~

danyell!! Dec 17, 2009

I see London, I see France... :P

Last Standing Dec 17, 2009

Sorry, I forgot to inform you that flew likes to play games with me by calling out my name on random peoples profiles........ of course I'm joking wow lol. The lack of humor sense was at your end, missy :)

Last Standing Dec 15, 2009

wow, flew is on someone elses profile, and yet he's saying hi to me!! I always knew u cared flew! Don't worry babe, I care about you too!! o<

Swig Dec 15, 2009

growing it out again just for you chica

lady starlight Dec 15, 2009

obviously u've never heard of halloween. I was an eskimo school girl and Geico Kash. the glasses r fake, ur 2 dumb 2 figure that out thru my other pics. I would HATE to have ur frizzy-ass curly hair. u obvi hate it too cuz all the other pics of u, u straightened urs. lmao. dumb bitch

Hustla Bebe Dec 14, 2009

wow, messy hair?? its called natural curls thanks sumthing you dont have. and for starters its picnik pics, and i injoy making my pics thx. and why dont you take a good look inthe marrior and realize your last pic you look like a hooker trying to be all school girl slut. pfft. you crack me up. you judge me but your the one running around dressed like a hooker at least when i go out i cover myself up. good job slut good job. *thumbs up* and lose the glasses nerd.

Flew Dec 11, 2009

hey ls!=)

absurd99 Dec 10, 2009

9th pic <3

Tank55 Dec 10, 2009

i kno i needa delete a bunch haha! still no call or txt wtffffff

Swig Dec 10, 2009

oh you don't like my haircut? and wait the good sick or bad sick lol

Funk E Dec 09, 2009

lool gr8 costume

audit Dec 09, 2009

Thanks :) I'm planning on finishing that one up and getting the other side of my ribs done right after Christmas actually. You have some nice work yourself :)

Zazu Dec 09, 2009

You're still the only asian girl I'd marry.

siaxis Dec 09, 2009


Wicked Chick Dec 08, 2009

Aah wow you're gorgeous! I love your tats, thanks for the compliment! ^_^

Audrey Dec 08, 2009

Oh and yes, there is a difference between artistic pictures and slutty pictures. Lady's pics are definitly in great taste.

Audrey Dec 08, 2009

I was nothing this halloween. worked til 11pm, kinda ruined it for me =(

Missa Dec 08, 2009

No it was sarcasm directed at that bebe chick. :( And like you said, yours are modeling shoot pics. Not like "hey im hawt, do me now" pics lol.

Exalt Dec 08, 2009

Well, you have to remember something hun. This game is full of fake people, and most of the dudes that pretend they are girls fake as an asian girl. It is only a natural reaction to go with the usual, which would be that you are fake. If you aren't fake well... then you are definitely one of a kind and I don't think I even need to tell you that you're pretty :P You already know it :)

Missa Dec 08, 2009

Hey now! I never said you did or bashed you in any kind of way! I always thought you were pretty. :P

lady starlight Dec 08, 2009

I didnt say that ur pic is slutty. im saying that u just dont look good in it.. and at least mine was for a photoshoot, urs is just for the wrong kind of attention.

Hustla Bebe Dec 08, 2009

lol the 4th pic is a little slutter then mine. it ruins it for you... kinda makes you look easy

Zazu Dec 08, 2009

Wow. Join Epidemic? And I'd share a bed with you if you're ok with it!

Exalt Dec 07, 2009

haha, I was just joking around to see your reaction :P I think I'd be a little more subtle if I wanted to get in your pants! :O And the g/f wouldn't mind since she isn't the g/f anymore haha

Devest Dec 07, 2009

halloween 20TEN? you're from the future?

siaxis Dec 07, 2009

anytime is nice ;)

Havok Dec 07, 2009


Guero Dec 06, 2009

nice asian pics :)

Kid Kaos Dec 06, 2009

Thats the money I could be saving on my car insurance? Dizzam I need a hot stack of money like you! ;)

audit Dec 06, 2009

you have single handedly restored my faith in Asian women. God bless you.

FemalePersuasion Dec 05, 2009

If that costume is the Geico money thing, you made me lol.

Havok Dec 05, 2009

Umm I don't think u understand how I am with that game what's ur gamertag ur done

Affliction Dec 05, 2009

sup lady, supastar huh, now thas a five star chickkkk

Audrey Dec 05, 2009

loving the hallowing pic! hahaha

Exalt Dec 05, 2009

I'd fuck her

PWND Dec 04, 2009

Posting pictures of yourself on TW Galleries in your underwear. Classy. *thumbs up*

Swig Dec 04, 2009

girl is super fine

Statis Dec 03, 2009

rofl sis. your wall is bonkers

Havok Dec 02, 2009

u play call of duty? wtf!?

Refer Dec 02, 2009


Welfare Dec 01, 2009


Petal Dec 01, 2009

Too hot to trot!

chars! Nov 30, 2009

its ok, anyways ;D

chars! Nov 30, 2009

i think i said that somewhere! haha :D

Havok Nov 29, 2009

the back of yo head looks ridicalous <3

Havok Nov 29, 2009

Can I get yo numba can I have it can I have it please?

Havok Nov 26, 2009

lies. im right here.

Kid Kaos Nov 25, 2009

you should! Now I want to see it! Haha.

Machine of God Nov 25, 2009

rather be a dick than an asshole or a pussy :D

Havok Nov 25, 2009

im in rhode island and u is not. fix this.

Havok Nov 25, 2009


siaxis Nov 23, 2009

lol anytime

NO <3 Nov 22, 2009

in that case, nice tat? wait that was hecklar that was fake :p go check he/she out

Necromotic Nov 21, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Nov 21, 2009

Aww thank you!!! I use to work in the photography business. So i enjoy taking picture rather scenery or people. Ahaha I hope you're having fun!

NO <3 Nov 18, 2009

i heard you were fake

Tank55 Nov 16, 2009

im still awaiting the phone call from you =) hit me up !

Mattey Nov 15, 2009

I refuse to believe this is real. Put keyboard on head.

siaxis Nov 08, 2009

give me a tat

Rocket Soldier Nov 08, 2009

I've working hard so I can pay for my tuition next year, that's why I don't really have time to come on. &gt;.&lt; It sucks that I even have to work on weekends!!! I hope you're doing well. :D It's winter, soon, don't catch a cold!

Machine of God Nov 07, 2009

you could do online porn you know

Flew Nov 07, 2009

hey ls

Century Nov 06, 2009

yo really tho.. we neeed to have sex

chars! Nov 05, 2009

what did u say? Hi anyways

Let Nov 04, 2009

oh nice pic lady, long time no see/talk!

Absent Nov 04, 2009


Dameon Angell Nov 04, 2009

Mono and I try to keep it gangsta :P

reability Nov 03, 2009

surprised :D? well i am, good looking =D so many tatoos x) nice!

joemoma Nov 02, 2009

thanks sexy ;) like the fuzzy boots, think they come in size 14?

Nixi Nov 02, 2009

I wanna see a pic of you dressed up for that Club Hell you were talking about! ^_^

Solo Assassin Nov 02, 2009

Thanks, nice tats!

Kid Kaos Nov 02, 2009

Michael Jackson!

Saline Nov 02, 2009

i wanna be on you

Mhz Nov 02, 2009

yeah right

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 31, 2009

I like you're actual tattoos. And is the photoshoot in a studio? Cuz, its not bad at all. Photography is &lt;3

detartrateD Oct 30, 2009

GO PHILLIES!!! World Series!

detartrateD Oct 30, 2009

Dang nice artwork on lovely body!!

Goddess Oct 30, 2009

yups way hot...

Tank55 Oct 30, 2009

nice tats ! :) sexyy.. im waiting to get mine, gonna be massive hah &lt;3

Pandagirl! Oct 30, 2009

Somebody's smoking hot!

weed master.. Oct 30, 2009

i LOVE the tattooos!! :D

Keith Oct 30, 2009

I'm in awe.

ZypheN Oct 29, 2009

was that picture for anything? Or just to do it.

AznBabiGurl Oct 29, 2009

hey lady! dunno if u remember me lol but i saw sum1 on today and i think they had a similar name to urs bah but it was not u lol :] hi again!

oops Oct 29, 2009

wanna smash?&gt;

Disengaged Oct 29, 2009

Nice ink. :)

lag killer Oct 29, 2009

lol, why are so many people on your nuts. like they've never seen an asian before

Pineapple Express Oct 29, 2009


Audrey Oct 29, 2009

love the shoulder tat!

Badjob Oct 29, 2009

nah, just step a little closer, cause girl you on fire.

Tank55 Oct 09, 2009

starr you still playing this game? miss yas ;(

Havok Oct 03, 2009

?go #connecticut for me.

Zazu Sep 23, 2009

You're the only hot Asian I know. And they're lots of you.. So feel special!

danyell!! Sep 21, 2009

thanks I got my eyes from my momma as well haha.

Havok Sep 21, 2009


Repent Sep 14, 2009

:o yea ur fuGGin gorgeous

pappa Sep 11, 2009

wow like the hair

Fork Sep 11, 2009


MythriL Sep 09, 2009

tryin to smash?

Imagine Sep 08, 2009

It's okay.

Havok Sep 07, 2009

ur from queens?

Captain Stinky Sep 04, 2009

nice shoes, wanna fuck?

Quart Sep 03, 2009

it is a prom picture ^_^. thank youuu &lt;3

Mobey Sep 03, 2009

nice tee yo, you'd love my friend Billy..

danyell!! Sep 03, 2009

You have good cheek bones =)

Havok Sep 01, 2009

swing my way i =(

Necromotic Aug 29, 2009

ahaha id probably go with white with dark window tints yeee

Weak Aug 28, 2009

u guys losing all ur players, its sad, i loved when braves / mets were good n the games meant something

Goddess Aug 28, 2009

Like i said they are less than a year old. The old one of me is in an old west outfit. Why post new ones? No point in it as i'm not so vein that i care what everyone thinks of me on a daily basis :D Besides once every year or 2 is just fine lol

Money Aug 28, 2009

soon as u get unbanned, oooooh shit afk

Century Aug 28, 2009

when u gna let me take u out

Goddess Aug 27, 2009

So what made you think my pics are 8 years old? :P

pee pee sock Aug 27, 2009

ewww, u nasty ass china doll

Hunt Aug 27, 2009


Necromotic Aug 27, 2009

ahah yes its my car i kinda wish i got it in another color though :b

TagMor Aug 26, 2009

Shame you ruined yourself with such disgusting tats.

PrettyMadness Aug 25, 2009

Does your shirt say &quot;my bad&quot; lol it would be cool if it did! Awh. you're so adorable.... love hte pic with the fuzzy coat &amp; boots - great style.. fo real.

Lame Aug 24, 2009

Yeah I do. If you leave me a msg with your info, I'll add you up.

Lenny Aug 23, 2009

No I am not gay at all, just me and a friend goofing off. I've had nothing but girls.

Rocket Soldier Aug 23, 2009

No, I didn't. &gt;.&lt; She wanted to take pictures with someone other than just her all day!

Lame Aug 23, 2009

You could leave me a message in game with your MSNaddy, I am less on these days.. Don't want to miss our expedition because I havent been ;)

Nixi Aug 22, 2009

most of what Im wearing in my pics are costumes I wore to a night club :P Im not all that scary in person... thinking about going back to that color

Lenny Aug 22, 2009

I would be from Ohio

Nixi Aug 22, 2009

actually, he's a pretty friendly guy (once you get past the running thing) creepy just kinda happens without me even trying. nice choice in pics. care to hold up a sign or write lady starlight on your hand?

ZypheN Aug 22, 2009

You really do like stars don't you.

Keith Aug 22, 2009

Damn girl

Havok Aug 22, 2009

hope u like white guys

Goddess Aug 22, 2009

Those pics are less than a year old. And thank you :)

Necromotic Aug 21, 2009

i like it

Mage+ Aug 21, 2009

thanks girls are all over my eyes :P

Weak Aug 18, 2009

no way!

Radke Aug 17, 2009

Ahah Hiya. Crazy tats you got there. Whats crackin'

Lame Aug 03, 2009

If you ever come to Holland let me know and we can go on a tattoo expedition ;)

Tigron-X Aug 02, 2009

I had no idea you were so cute. wow!

Kentaro Jul 30, 2009

lol at the last pic skirt n winter jacket u crazy

ZenaBee Jul 22, 2009

btw devest stop flirting with my bf :P gay lol :D

ZenaBee Jul 22, 2009

its called having self respect, u ever heard of it devest!? :) guess not.

Devest Jul 21, 2009


ZenaBee Jul 21, 2009

stop flirting with my bf u freaky nerd, get a life.

Weak Jul 20, 2009

hahah u can keep franceour, hes not that great, i like church :D

Rabid Jul 18, 2009

Was just mad drunk. It's a 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena :P

Weak Jul 17, 2009

Braves &gt; Mets

KillerGt Jul 15, 2009

She curls her fur everyday! ^_^ im trainin' her for the cat Olympics!

KuleniKs Jul 14, 2009

Heyyyy, how are you? Pretty btw :)

sweetie.pie Jul 13, 2009

actually no i didnt get her to say anything. she did it on her own terms. and yea i know he looks nothing like me. he looks like his dad. look if you got a problem with me then keep it with me. dont bring my son into it

Kid Kaos Jul 12, 2009

NOBODY SMOKEZ FO FREE! Nah im just playen but damn yea if you ever find yo self in the bay look me up, well smoke it up, Then maybe we can.... Yadidai

Flew Jul 12, 2009

loool pwnd black listed me and deleted my comment because i stated facts about how ugly she is. btw pwnd ur ugly, go cook my riCE.

Flew Jul 11, 2009

You're suppose to quit why're you back!

PWND Jul 11, 2009

maybe to you cause you obviously dont have an open mind. PLUS id rather have someone draw on their eyebrows rather than have unplucked and untamed bushy ass catapillers like yourself.

sweetie.pie Jul 08, 2009

look im not going to stoop down to that low level. if you want to think that be my guest. im not here to prove anything or try to be someone im not. anf FYI, there not drawn in. dont be such a damn hater...

Century Jul 07, 2009

taking u to a met game.

Devest Jul 06, 2009

post pictures of your ear piercings. i remember them being cool.

PWND Jul 05, 2009

nothing wrong with drawing on your eyebrows

Weak Jul 02, 2009

lovin the look, but I'm a Braves fan :( ... lets go Chipper! n the Braves! :D

Friction Jul 01, 2009


Fusionbomb Jun 30, 2009

Last pic is kinky &gt;:}

danyell!! Jun 29, 2009

lmao at the comment you left pwned &quot;where the fuck are your eyebrows.&quot;

F22 Raptor Jun 28, 2009

Cute lil girl :p

R.I.P Jun 28, 2009

wow, amazing hair! love the tatt's aswell (: those boots are goregous haha, prettiful (:

British Jun 27, 2009

heyhey sexy when u coming to my home city to see me :P

Swig Jun 27, 2009

oh you like the last one huh?....well i like all of yours pics you are way too cute

Flew Jun 27, 2009

LS! heya how u been=)

sweetie.pie Jun 27, 2009

fake? haha harsh hater.. w.e word of advise.. no one likes a girl who is a hater.. so cheer up and dont get offended if you see a picture better then yours

PWND Jun 27, 2009

im not jealous of any trust me. im just a bitch. nothing behind that. btw i draw them on.

KillerGt Jun 27, 2009

Pft, don't listen to her, u pretty! :)

Rasaq Jun 27, 2009

We live several states away.

PWND Jun 26, 2009

Yeah, I'm entitled to my own opinion and I believe in freedom of expression. When you put them together you get the truth, straight from me, good or bad whether you like it or not. Thanks.

Menthol Jun 26, 2009

like the tats

Vue Jun 26, 2009


Valentine Rose Jun 25, 2009

I would.

Missa Jun 24, 2009

nice tattoos!

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

love the tatoos

PWND Jun 24, 2009

i dont like fake coontails.

Pandagirl! Jun 24, 2009

I love your tats!

PWND Jun 22, 2009

How'd you guess!

SkullLeader Jun 21, 2009

Hio sexy..., nice to see u back..., Yipi-kai-yei!!!

Bware Jun 08, 2009

Diggin' the hair..

Tigron-X Jun 07, 2009

Those tats are so fitting.

Havok Jun 07, 2009


PWND Jun 05, 2009

Oh great. Fake coontails. You're real cool.

KillerGt Jun 05, 2009

you look EXACTLY like a girl that goes to my school (TCC). Crazy

ReKall Jun 05, 2009

well arent you just a little cutie pie..

Century Jun 01, 2009

jose reyes is mahh dudeeeeeeee... mets fan

Jolly Fat Man Jun 01, 2009

Well.. I am Jolly.. and a Man. 2 of 3 aint bad. ;)

Lycanthropy Jun 01, 2009

WOW I love the color in your hair, also the Wrist tat.

L3MU3L May 30, 2009

I'm diggin the tats, you kinda cute.

Havok May 28, 2009

ur hot

Exalt May 20, 2009

sweet hair, although you need a new team, GO CUBS

Lenny May 20, 2009

It'd be sweet if you did re-pierce it =D

Ignite May 20, 2009

well, you probably don't even know the rules of the game or can you name the mets starting lineup even?

danyell!! May 19, 2009

you are a adorable! Love your hair! =)

Imagine May 19, 2009

Gain some weight for me plz?

Ignite May 19, 2009

go yankees

PrettyMadness May 18, 2009

thank you! i fucking love YOUR tats and your style. and your fucking hair man in that one pic... badass yo. did you do it your self?

Lenny May 18, 2009

Lip piercing, awesome.

NO <3 May 18, 2009

i hope the stars dont represent what i think they do -_-

Ohmalee May 18, 2009

Hot asian on ss? what else is new..

SoJa Apr 02, 2009

loving the look

BobbyLight Mar 16, 2009

hella cute...;) how many stars u got?