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Newbie Sensation Jan 11, 2012


wicket666 Dec 20, 2009

wow what a long post, type more noobie

Pineapple Express Dec 16, 2009

Audry, every tuesday is a trivia night at a local bar. I go for the $5 pitchers personally, but there's shot girls and chances to win giftcards to the bar we're at. At which point we just buy rounds of shots if we win. They take pictures of the teams, which is why it's at the same bar. It's actually my 3rd most visited bar, so yeah. I'm an alcoholic. ps. zazu, it's not hard to figure out who I am.

Zazu Dec 16, 2009

LOL Audrey! Hate it when people post 20 group pictures. Ever gonna realise we cannot know who you are then?

Audrey Dec 16, 2009

lol always hang out at the same place? =P

Welfare Dec 09, 2009

yo i thought u were asian for the longest

Swig Nov 25, 2009

lol well i mean i don't smoke it all the way to the straw but...never thought of a socket good looking out :P

Swig Nov 18, 2009

both actually was shottie before but usaually keeps it like a chamber in the straw slowing the process

Let Nov 04, 2009

lol! stonerz for sure! $$$

FarScape Oct 08, 2009

Interesting nick name

Money Oct 07, 2009

haha i feel ya on the plant thing. same exact thing happend to us when we were like 17. we found out this dude had like 20 plants growing in the middle of his corn field so one day we go out and steal them... uprooted them bitches cuz other ppl started to find out about it... it was some DANK but was way too premature :< we still sold it to the preppy kids tho cuz they were dumb

PWND Oct 07, 2009

Lol, I know I am and they're fake haha =P Not so bad yourself.

Nixi Oct 07, 2009

and that night, the big bad tranny snuck into his house, stole all his weed, and shaved every last floppy hair on his head... OooOOoOoOoOooOoooo!!!!

PWND Oct 06, 2009

True story.

Audrey Sep 23, 2009

oh shit! old pics!! Is that Mizzike!?!? fuuuck

Pineapple Express Sep 23, 2009

ps. the plants went towards a good cause. Brownies. Only thing they're really good for.

Pineapple Express Sep 23, 2009

The caption in the plant pic. "Plants I 'Found'" Overheard someone say where 16 plants were. Later heard other kids talking about taking them. I had to beat them to the punch. Premature, yes. You should see the buds im currently smoking though. :]

chars! Sep 21, 2009

the plants werent ready [2]

weed master.. Sep 21, 2009

damn man!! the plants werent ready!!!! cmon!! but i gotta say.. i like your style

Kid Kaos Sep 21, 2009

you should allow your plants to bud before you smoke them. Also helps to let them dry out... Lol

Money Sep 21, 2009

what are u doing with those premature plants?

Oat Sep 21, 2009


FemalePersuasion Sep 21, 2009

That's a blunt and a half. Good lord.

Pineapple Express Sep 21, 2009

Everyday. I just don't try and be cool by putting up smoking pics... But if you insist, Ill load some more stoner like pics of me.

Kid Kaos Sep 18, 2009

.....do you even smoke?

Pineapple Express Sep 16, 2009

Nah, brown shirt right hand side.

KuleniKs Aug 17, 2009

Nice pic therer is only twenty people in the damn picture. IM GUESSING YOU ARE THE ONE IN THE FRONT LEFT. AMIRITE?

Audrey Aug 14, 2009

Jason i cant even tell wich one you fucking are... WTF got a haircut or something?

Crunchy Nut Aug 13, 2009

bs that was an awesome film $

Kid Kaos Aug 13, 2009

That Movie sucked balls.