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Age 38
Location Belgium
Gender Male


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Primordial Jan 04, 2022


PWND Jul 20, 2020


Primordial Apr 10, 2020


Missa Mar 28, 2020

The fk you been?

Mani2312 Mar 14, 2019

darkness my old*

Undercut Feb 10, 2019

hello friend

Missa Jan 26, 2019

I guess my previous comment about never coming back was a lie. Whoops!

Missa Jan 15, 2019

Get on!

turmoil Jan 09, 2019

accept my duel

Sulla Mar 31, 2018

+ get a job

Sulla Mar 31, 2018

LOL what a nerd. i wud know u with 1 pucn

Monkaria Oct 24, 2017


Paradise Aug 20, 2017

Alo Vriend...I Like U V Much..I Am Also From Beljiam

CoolT!ger9 Jul 16, 2017

Hey zuzu >.<

Wookiee's Cookies Jan 12, 2017

Uh... can someone ask missa why shes never coming back??? V

Missa Nov 18, 2016

Never coming back!

PrettyMadness Sep 06, 2016

thank ya!

LiL*PiGGy Aug 26, 2016

Aww, missed you too zazy <3

LiL*PiGGy Nov 24, 2013

aye girl (:

Cadbury Dec 13, 2012

telling your gf off you

Chrissygirl Feb 28, 2012

Hey, do you play the piano well ? :)

Myollnir Feb 20, 2012

true but i am limited by camera angles from a laptop on the ground and inexperience :> if i could get a better pose in a pic it would be much cooler yes

JackedUpGrill Jan 02, 2012

I'm back on now! :D Hope you remember me :P

Squadless Oct 21, 2011


Lollys Oct 08, 2011

its a movie look it up

Squadless Oct 07, 2011

im back

Lollys Oct 02, 2011

I'm Cheech

Jill Shortmilk Aug 14, 2011

Why would I want to marry someone who promoses marriage to a girl he met on the internet behind his girlfriend's back? You scoundrel!

Jill Shortmilk Aug 12, 2011

Please, you say that to every girl you meet!

danyell!! Jul 28, 2011

SUPPPPP!!!! :)

jesska Jun 19, 2011

which one are you talking about lol

BrickRed Jun 08, 2011


Goddess May 27, 2011

hiya hotty :X Please remove anything that fake wannashe kinky has said?

Squadless May 04, 2011

hello zazu, will put up pics soon :)

Mossad Apr 14, 2011


dean Apr 12, 2011

lol @ the virgin

Kinky-Girl Mar 20, 2011

Kins better lookin then u bro haha

LiL*PiGGy Feb 28, 2011

hahaha thank you! ;)

Kinky-Girl Feb 26, 2011

u wish..im too good...kick yo ass

JackedUpGrill Feb 09, 2011

Sorry I havn't been on in so long, I've been real busy. I'll play when I actually have time to get on. For now, if I ever get on the computer I'll just leave you a message and say whats up everynow and then. :)

Kinky-Girl Feb 09, 2011

copyin my words i said eh lol

Kinky-Girl Feb 08, 2011

;p nerd.

Jill Shortmilk Feb 08, 2011

That fag happens to be a very good friend of mine!

Mariposa Jan 23, 2011

whats up with u!!!! :)

LiL*PiGGy Jan 23, 2011

lol, I think the rat is alot cuter, but thanks.

Julian Assange Jan 22, 2011

it was at a convention we all were animal suits and have sex

Monkaria Jan 22, 2011


Monkaria Jan 22, 2011


PIGSisPIGS Jan 17, 2011

boobies indeed

Mariposa Jan 09, 2011

sup zazu!! lol just loggin on mariposa rofl picz with sun glasses. like!!

JackedUpGrill Jan 06, 2011

I'm doing ok, I need to start playing Trenchwars again, I havn't played in like a month.lol

JackedUpGrill Dec 20, 2010

Wats up :)

Jill Shortmilk Dec 20, 2010

Thanks :)

Jill Shortmilk Nov 11, 2010

Hey Zazu, I'm great seeing as I just got back home.. You?

24 Nov 03, 2010

Thanks for donating :) I put your medal up! Red = $10-$24 -24

Wazzaaa.NL Oct 27, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Sep 25, 2010

You wanna talk dirt about my rat again Yo'?

JaneDoe Sep 23, 2010

hey shithead you still alive? got so used to calling you jules i forgot your ss name. sadddd.

Monkaria Sep 19, 2010


Monkaria Sep 07, 2010

I LOOKED FOR YOU AND YOU WEREN'T THERE. I think I saw you in Hammersmith Station, and made eye contact? But you didn't recognise me? I wore a purple stripey shirt and curly brown hair.

resoL Aug 29, 2010

This guy is so gay its unreal!

Missa Jul 16, 2010


Monkaria Jul 14, 2010

Oh also, I'm going to surpass Lang Lang. So FU. <3 hehe

Monkaria Jul 14, 2010

Heya hun, those aren't my animals, I volunteered at some kennels/cattery where people keep their animals while they're on holiday. The animals are treated well and do get to change cages and stuff to have more room :)

Arsen Jun 30, 2010

have you surpassed Lang Lang yet?

Jill Shortmilk May 31, 2010

are those the alps?

JaneDoe Apr 15, 2010

you look like my cousin. scary.

Eww Apr 14, 2010


Dominant Apr 14, 2010

nah she wishes i was though.. just a bad angle idk why i put it up

Mobey Apr 05, 2010

my left hand at the mo. :(

Audrey Apr 01, 2010

suuuuup zazu! Laughed my ass off at that Zazu &lt;ER&gt;!! haha

Dominant Mar 31, 2010

Its red and white but the red and orange is hot too I wanted that one but they didnt have any and I didnt feel like ordering the plastics. He got a 750?

siaxis Mar 30, 2010

would own you in snowboarding

Squadless Mar 29, 2010

ASAP, buy those plane tickets !

Missa Mar 29, 2010


MythriL Mar 28, 2010

twgallery is dead my man

Tigron-X Mar 28, 2010

Yos! Nice luxury living.

TranceTunes Mar 24, 2010

haha i'll always love the bmw!!

PWND Mar 21, 2010

Blonde hair is new pics =]

Spoiled Mar 19, 2010

hi zazu i noticed a man of color above the piano ur playing. u into black womens?

Money Mar 19, 2010


Mage+ Mar 07, 2010

ur rlly hot

Squadless Mar 03, 2010

Loool!!! Gotta keep the pimp hand strong my European buddy!!

Draft Mar 03, 2010

aint mine, i rammed him haha, see that crack

Squadless Mar 02, 2010

LOLOL she woudlnt get offended, just play it off as a really fucked up cross :)

infrared Mar 01, 2010

we r both holocaust survivors lolol izor

Arsen Feb 28, 2010

i make shit up everyday - well try to at least haha - i need an epic piano piece tho, one that comes in nice and soft then builds to a point of total mayhem - can u do that? lets say finnish with a nice open ended A chord

Squadless Feb 26, 2010

LOL very true zazu, dont forget to wear a swastika tattooed on the left side of your chest :)

Kentaro Feb 26, 2010


Kentaro Feb 26, 2010

back off nigga she's mine :) what you sayn zazu u not mad ugly like most of TW.

Squadless Feb 25, 2010

ah yes!! right back at ya my european friend. If you want i can introduce them to you but i think delectable is working on one of them as we speak LOL!!!

Zazu Feb 25, 2010

lol how would a shirt with pink highlights make you homo? I tend to think it just proves you are sure of your sexuality (straight) so you dare to walk around with this. If you are scared of wearing pink, maybe you have something to hide? Should live with the fashion man, and don't think so conservative. Is a girl wearing a blue shirt lesbian?

Primary Feb 25, 2010

like snoawboarding in a few pics redeems you for riding on a scooter and having a shirt with pink highlights like a homo lol

JaneDoe Feb 24, 2010


MoNo. Feb 24, 2010


Squadless Feb 24, 2010

dropping by to show some LUV &lt;3 lololol

MissLeesha Feb 21, 2010

LoL, thanks ;)

Arsen Feb 20, 2010

zaz - hows the melody for the ss song?

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

very true zazu, i've moved on from pics of girls to pics of my cars LOLOL!!!

Machine of God Feb 18, 2010

teeth don't look yellow though, don't know what that bitches problem is

Machine of God Feb 18, 2010

You look like a young Bob Saget

Missa Feb 14, 2010

The worst kind of sluts are the ones that think they're the shit. You're adorable. This chick is just mad you saw through the myspace angles and photoshopping.

Hustla Bebe Feb 13, 2010

Lol i dont have to photoshop, i do it for fun and btw, i look good eaither way. and your not good looking at all, you have a big nose and ugly yellow looking teeth. go brush then and get a nose job fagg

Nixi Feb 12, 2010

lol zazu, you are ever the sweetheart &lt;3

Aerin Feb 11, 2010

U got yellow fever boy. Yellow fever!

Mobey Feb 11, 2010

bring it!

Mobey Feb 10, 2010

still waiting for my rm so i can ace you newbie!

Dexter Feb 10, 2010

yo were you at Italy when riding that motorcycle, jules-man ?

Mobey Feb 09, 2010


Mobey Feb 09, 2010

zazuuuuu! my man. bin up to any crazy adventures recently?

Squadless Feb 08, 2010

fan!?!? i thought we had something special :( :(

MythriL Feb 08, 2010

you ever coming back to dc?

Missa Feb 07, 2010

Zaz. Love. I'm so proud of you and that comment..... wow. &lt;3

Golden_Aim Feb 05, 2010

sup coolio

Squadless Feb 04, 2010

LOLOL ZAZU I DO IT FOR YOU :) :) we are all in this together to fuck as many bitches as possible :)

JaneDoe Feb 03, 2010

pffft whyd that post twice?

JaneDoe Feb 03, 2010

lol why would i need it? ive got you!

JaneDoe Feb 03, 2010

lol why would i need it? ive got you!

Money Feb 02, 2010

waar zit stfu je ok soupero and haista vittu to all u fucking finnish faggost u know whats up bitches

Squadless Feb 01, 2010

waar zit jee

soupero Jan 31, 2010

waar zit je

Reaper Jan 30, 2010

Hey b/f

Money Jan 30, 2010


JaneDoe Jan 29, 2010

yo is that your dildo on the other side of the pool? white thing on the right? :P &lt;3

Sail by the Stars Jan 29, 2010

I'm doing grand. I nevah see yew play o.O

Schfifty-Five Jan 28, 2010

Nice, I've ridden a Vespa once, I wish I could have one for myself, haha.

Schfifty-Five Jan 28, 2010

Is that a Vespa?

Sail by the Stars Jan 25, 2010

Hai therr buttface who told me to leave mai squad. Yew good?

nakedbumwithastick Jan 22, 2010

Not really the hours, more about the starting date lol

Keith Jan 22, 2010

Chillin man, damn that resort must have some sick trails

Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010

Precianate it.

Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010

Snowboarding is fun.

Squadless Jan 20, 2010

&ordm;&amp;#9572;p&ocirc;&amp;#956 2;&para;

Fire Blade Jan 19, 2010

They are both born and raised in Amsterdam, so I doubt it but you never know!

Squadless Jan 18, 2010

zazu someone commenting with weird letters :( :( ... he's different!!

Jrahen Jan 18, 2010

hy qt ya &yacute;ts st&yacute;ll sh&yacute;n&yacute;ng &gt;:D

Squadless Jan 15, 2010

LOLOL trying but not happening :( :( ... i'll swap for that piano tho :))

Jinco Jan 15, 2010

wasup pimp! i need to learn how to board!

Sail by the Stars Jan 13, 2010

I'm sowwy Dx. I'm already on a squad, silly xP. &amp; marriage o.O Wahhh?

danyell!! Jan 13, 2010


Delectable Jan 11, 2010

LOL MARIPOSA DROPPING LINES, just when I thought ive seen it all

Mariposa Jan 11, 2010

nice pool lol

PWND Jan 10, 2010


Arsen Jan 09, 2010

im down ziz - record a lil didly and lemme know in game when u can send it to me

Valve Jan 07, 2010

haha, no the way you stand on it, way 2 tense.

Valve Jan 07, 2010

zaz can see ur pretty new on the snowboard.

Zhou Jan 04, 2010

you some kind of sister lover? lol

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 04, 2010

:D thankies

Jinco Jan 03, 2010

zazu!!! sup niggi

Tank55 Jan 03, 2010

thanks guess im gay cause i take pictures and post em of myself because idk... its a gallery of me? thanks for the hate though love some critism

nakedbumwithastick Jan 03, 2010

I was showing usage, you knwo, when I started. Just look at the bottom left corner

Nixi Jan 02, 2010

yep yep! all natural, home-grown, no silicone :P admittedly thats a padded bra, but only just ^_^ thanks for the compliment!

Refer Dec 31, 2009

Already done Veerle. GG

Pandagirl! Dec 30, 2009

Once I stop hating men?

joemoma Dec 30, 2009

haha thanks.. youtube me mane, i do well.. Michael KO Kidd, i got some huge things this year if i get my health straight

PWND Dec 27, 2009

Lol... of course it's not through the cartilage. It's through the skin that sits on top..

PWND Dec 27, 2009

No..I'm not kidding. How do you think I have a picture of the needle still stuck through... I have all the professional equipment.

PWND Dec 27, 2009

I pierced it myself obviously haha.

Missa Dec 25, 2009

You look hot on that scooter thing. LOL

Tmac Dec 24, 2009

deleting somethin a girl says aint got shit to do with bein a man and i also would bet that u dont have a need for razors kid

Tmac Dec 22, 2009

yeah four fluffy hair...right...i dont see any on you bitchboy fred flintstone would stomp your pussy ass

Tmac Dec 21, 2009

cuz im a man u scrawny fuk twat

Missa Dec 20, 2009

You look like such a happy guy!

joemoma Dec 20, 2009

cool scooter!

wicket666 Dec 20, 2009

lol girly man:)

Money Dec 17, 2009

im in love

Weak Dec 16, 2009

thanks, but no thanks :)

Squadless Dec 16, 2009


Weak Dec 15, 2009

lol :p

hungrywolf Dec 14, 2009

couch hater!

Missa Dec 13, 2009

Whennn do I get to experience Epidemic Zazu style?!

Pandagirl! Dec 13, 2009

Ohio State - the best University ever :)

Squadless Dec 13, 2009

LOL get em zazu !!

Weak Dec 12, 2009

lol gl, she doesnt like white guys, even if your italian ur still not brown or amazing like me :P

Goddess Dec 12, 2009

I have been ur friend for years but i dont have time for lieing bs jules. And just as threatening to &quot;go play with other females&quot; doesn't work well to get me to do what you want me to do therefore ... bye bye :)

Exalt Dec 10, 2009

I can play a lot of instruments, piano included. Music comes pretty easy to me, especially when my dad has played them for 40+ years and my parents own a music store.

Squadless Dec 10, 2009

can i borrow that piano?..trying to fuck this very high class bitch and i think she talks piano :(

Exalt Dec 10, 2009

just kidding ahahahaha

Exalt Dec 10, 2009

clearly a closet homo

Petal Dec 09, 2009

People be frontin'.

Weak Dec 09, 2009

lol sorry , she will only come with me :) and we will use your place , but sorry she wont come alone :P you can be our tour guide however.

absurd99 Dec 09, 2009

Hey you! Goddess is at the mercy of your fingertips. Nicely played mr.piano man. much luv &lt;3

Squadless Dec 09, 2009

zazu you have amazing eyes as well :)

Wicked Chick Dec 08, 2009

Well I'll await the return of this flower!

Wicked Chick Dec 08, 2009

What's up Zazu! I joined Epidemic, but they were all jerks. :(

rainboy 123 Dec 07, 2009

Hey Zazu whats going on ?

Goddess Dec 07, 2009

Yes dear i cant WAAAAAAAAIT for u to get back in the game ... you'll notice i'm no longer there wanna guess why? &lt;3 bye Jules :)

Petal Dec 07, 2009

Yes, i, the lip ring. Lol, it's noticeable in both pictures. And i do hope you play piano!

Missa Dec 07, 2009

Hey dear! Can't wait for you to get back in the game :P

Ward Dec 07, 2009

only brother i know of is last standing :O

Aldur Nov 27, 2009

haha. i dont even know few girls on that pic. im about to put pic of my gf if u want to :P

JaneDoe Nov 26, 2009

LOL RES I DIDNT NOTICE THAT ! sexy colourful bracelet pineapple. :)

resoL Nov 22, 2009

Oh yeah, nice rainbow bracelet too queer boy!!

resoL Nov 22, 2009

Look at this pretty boy sally mother fucker! NICE SCOOTER!!! Hey, what are you going later? Because I'm going FAGGOT hunting and could really use a DECOY!!! Nice shirt queer bait.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Nov 22, 2009

Hi there!

AznBabiGurl Nov 19, 2009

Lol I read ur comment on sum1 elses page which I thought was funny haha. And btw there are 4 girls in the pic. I'm the one in the purple lol.

Ward Nov 19, 2009

no i am not rofl

absurd99 Nov 16, 2009

How would I join epidemic?

Kid Kaos Nov 15, 2009

Zizu zazu zulu zolo w/e the fuck your name is.

Kid Kaos Nov 15, 2009

No Zizu I never have had that problem because I always considered you a goober. And now after seeing your pictures you have confirmed to me that you are in fact, a goober.

Roiwerk Nov 12, 2009

Never :D

FemalePersuasion Nov 06, 2009

Nah, I'm actually quite nice. :)

Ohmalee Nov 03, 2009

Holy SHIT was is Tigger doing to Winnie the Pooh in the piano pic?!

Pandagirl! Oct 29, 2009

But I'm not going to be a teenager anymore! I'm so ooold =( Anyway you're still looking fine =)

Goddess Oct 22, 2009

&lt;3 :D

MythriL Oct 21, 2009

sorry zazu :(

Valve Oct 09, 2009


MythriL Oct 06, 2009

can't wait to see you next week ;o)

reability Oct 04, 2009

is that your pool? i want it! :P cool pics

Jolly Fat Man Sep 30, 2009

You know me, nothing like running with a big metal pole.. it really gets your juices flowing.

Goddess Sep 30, 2009

miiiiiiiiiiine... all mine :X

Valve Sep 22, 2009

imma come to the country beside Holland, and immma kill u! p,s i joined pascones h8 zazu club! :(

PrettyMadness Sep 19, 2009

that's a big piano =p

Goddess Sep 19, 2009

lol are you still happily taken? :P

Valve Sep 19, 2009

LOOOL, Space thug. :D

chars! Sep 13, 2009

nothing... the plants told me that u live in europe :P

pappa Sep 12, 2009

goddamn I wish I had a moped right now

Petal Sep 08, 2009

Guess again! Although, she is hot.

Squadless Sep 08, 2009

zazu you almost look as ready to fight fedor as me... except i think he might concider fucking you instead :) :) lolol mythril said so...

Goddess Sep 06, 2009

I forgot u play piano... will u play for me when i get there? :X

Nixi Sep 06, 2009

Yummy. You look like fun :P For me, live, hang out, and work as a woman- not just a dressing up thing, but the whole 9 yards ;)

chars! Sep 05, 2009


Goddess Sep 05, 2009

So pretty :P

FemalePersuasion Sep 05, 2009

I dig the piano.

MythriL Sep 05, 2009

would fuck you

Goddess Aug 28, 2009

Hello beautiful i swear i'm not ignoring you. Our time difference sux &lt;hugs&gt; Love ya! :D

Shadowmere Aug 14, 2009

aaahahahah Zazu. :D

Mobey Aug 13, 2009

i love it, dont you?

Goddess Aug 10, 2009

Lets see YOU take a close up of your eyes Jules :P

Zazu Jul 29, 2009

Why is this girl 'Qualified' talking like that to me? I seriously hope you are mentally retarded, if not.. You need to grow up and get a life, son!

Qualified Jul 29, 2009

just cuz im fresh like that doesnt mean u need to step up to deez nuts in yo mouf jealous beezy stfu pusschop

siaxis Jul 26, 2009

fukin anduril

Goddess Jul 25, 2009

Thankfully Jules is better than that childish &quot;lets gang up on one person to make our lives complete&quot; aren't ya big guy :D

Shadowmere Jul 24, 2009

Zazu you rich bitch you're still alive?

Audrey Jul 22, 2009

We just having a &quot;i ran from t0ma&quot; fanclub! You should join in!!!

Tabo Jul 22, 2009

nice pool :)

Goddess Jul 22, 2009

ignored for proposing to fake females

ReKall Jul 22, 2009

Arent you just a little cutie pie

Sandie Jul 22, 2009

haha a space wedding?! I've always wanted one of those :p

Audrey Jul 22, 2009

LOL infrared... i thought the same thing!!

infrared Jul 22, 2009

sigh barack osama