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Mani2312 Mar 14, 2019

Cres lives apparently, even though forum says he died in 2011: https://forums.trenchwars.com/forum/sscu-trench-wa rs-forums/sscu-trench-wars/43454-crescent-seal-pas sed-away-last-night/page11?42344-_crescent-seal-pa ssed-away-last-night=

Cres Jan 11, 2015

Dear undercunt, sources haf told me that u haf stepped down from the slave sheep position aka assist bangop. Am glad that u haf finally managed to overcome the mall cop within n cum out a better man.

Missa Nov 04, 2014


qpr Sep 24, 2014

<3 <3

Missa <ZH> Sep 23, 2014

It's so very obvious!

Missa <ZH> Sep 19, 2014


Missa <ZH> Sep 16, 2014

Ohhh yeah.

Missa <ZH> Sep 14, 2014

hay bb <3

LILwade Sep 14, 2014


G.I. Joe_ Apr 16, 2010