Jessup knew the Uvalde shooter, was online friends with him, this is what kind of a person he is

Jessup> Hitler was misunderstood and he didn't kill any Jews, there were no gas chambers, all the Jews died from disease

Jessup> I'm happy 9/11 happened

Jessup> The Sandy Hook shooting was staged

Jessup> The reason there’s so many gay people now is because it’s a chemical warfare operation, and I have the government documents where they said they’re going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so that people don’t have children

Jessup> 5G causes cancer and COVID-19

Update 2: Stabwound might still be dead, current stab possible fake, stay tuned.

RIP spacedust, always loved, never forgotten, forever missed <3

TWBD Winter Season [twd.trenchwars.org] Reigning champions: SPASTIC

Commodo> spastic cudda taken either of these teams with me sharking instead of morph

felix_da_k> stop ruining the game jamal
felix_da_k> u cunt

Palladin> JAMAL is the biggest pussy in Ohio

jeffpotato> jamal went from a twl legend to a pub noobie

jeffpotato> somebody kill jamal lol
jeffpotato> he's a trash player

felix_da_k> another jamal bullshit
felix_da_k> jamal used to be

felix_da_k> must be having a shitty life to do this
felix_da_k> can't get satisfaction IRL so he ruins 30 people's pub game

Potatoes> i'm not sure who is worse, freq 0 or jamal

queefy> dont pretend like you are jamals friend
queefy> he has no friends
queefy> jamals mother doesnt even love him

Red_X> i would normally have reported you for spec hunting long ago, but pub is so dead, i didn't bother

Ogron> go fuck urself u stupid dork

(greenman)>i think trump represents the absolute worst in humanity and i am so far away from it i can't join a subspace squad based off the chat name lol

Blithely> Jamal is such a cool jav. I know some of you hate him, but he's way too fun

GYpSi> jamal is stuck playing with his crappy squad
GYpSi> he was rejected from the better squads

Lao916x> funny how ppl hate jamal n he doesnt even talk
GYpSi> you would put him on ignore if you did
GYpSi> he's one of the most racist bigots in this zone

Alanon> Jamal is like halfway between a regular player and junin
Alanon> Jamal is jav junin

JuniorPant> gg to everyone except Jamal who is a bitch

Flying_Pen> stop being a dick jamal

CEOFalcon> real reason jam wont pirate anything
CEOFalcon> not scared of being locked up
CEOFalcon> scared he cant play ss

z3t4_ur7> hey jamal stop PMing me you fucking weird loser
z3t4_ur7> stupid, angry, probably ugly as fuck, with no girlfriend or social life

(LaSenza)>I'd crush you in every ship in the game
(LaSenza)>go suck your own cock and leave me alone

Sprocky> was talking about zap crap not u kid is pming me.. r u a moron u n jamals shit is ur own zap crap n my owning his newb ass like 10000 to 100 is ours

jeffpotato> jamal is a kid who sucks at twl and twdt
jeffpotato> so he pubs

jeffpotato> so is the consensus that nobody on spastic has a job
jeffpotato> i mean, between jamal and lupin
jeffpotato> pretty sure there's 0 hours worked

7roll> Lupin is an uber driver
7roll> but he uses his moms car for deliveries

trancetune> the fuck you using that banner for?
trancetune> going to remove it or is qan going to ask you to remove it?
trancetune> alright, i guess qan will get in touch with you eventually about it...not sure why you want to be difficult about it ..not sure why you're using it at all ..kinda surprised didnt see that type of trolling in you
trancetune> later you overweight loser

rozay> this sprackle guy had the dumbest shots ever.. where he learn this shit

1:snoopie> she wants to go bye a bet to the child, tolk her it was no use. it would only macke the delivery fee much higher. she wouldent listen

tchndn591> jamal small brain is here

[Mar 29 18:44] Commodo: mind if i take porkjet or hulk for twl? need a shark.

diakka> u r literally on here everyday, do u have any friends?
diakka> same recycled jokes obsessed over me, dumb go fuk ur cousin
diakka> cant say anything now dumb bitch thats what i thought, get a life

rabbit> i dont know you pussy boy, but trust id dog walk you son.. so keep that internet tough guy shit up but we both know pretend you aint on shit

1:snoop > the field of view is amazing on this thing
1:snoop > cant see shit lol

T3MPeST> sit on a cock.. ur fuckin u n ur fuckin boyfriend asspackin one another spatula kid ( sprackle ) cant do shit solo but camp n lob jav bombs into fr.. oooooh.. good thing for u shark in twbd is measured on RPD rather than actually being a good shark

trancetune> jamal doesnt even know how to talk to the women in his family
trancetune> hes a fat fuckin loser

(trancetunes)>except here is the reality: i have a wife, i have more income than you, i have 4 homes. you have this game and your lonely self. thats why its so ez to make you ths upset. gg man...you can have this game, trust me.

Jessup> jb and i had sex once.. he paid me lol

ogron> ? i met siaxis irl, let him into my penthouse he was 5’2 oompa loompa and i stood a foot over him
ogron> i was a D1 athlete

ogron> jr5 ur honestly terrible at this game

mvp> accuracy said they willing to put up $100 for roster spot

[Jun 10 17:58] HUGE: if u die of cancer, thats a happy day for me :) kisses

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