What is TWD?

TWD is one of the biggest reasons Trenchwars is one of the hottest zones out there. Grab your buddies, start a squad, challenge other squads to a 5 on 5 battle to the death or race against the clock to see who can hold the flag the longest with upto 8 squadmembers in this massive online space battle. See if you and your squadmates have what it takes to be the best of best and rise to #1 in each of the four division, Warbird, Javelin, Base, and Spider. Get in the game join a squad and signup for TWD today!

TWDD (Trench Wars Dueling Division) is a 5 on 5 warbird (ship one) duel, with each warbird having 10 deaths to work with, it is a best of three set up, and you can change your lineup after each round. Each round has a twenty minute time limit, if one squad has not been eliminated (50 deaths) then the squad with the higher score at the end of 20 minutes will win the round.

TWJD (Trench Wars Javelin Division) is a 5 on 5 javelin (ship two) duel, with each player receiving 10 deaths in each round (best 2 of 3). Each round has a twenty minute time limit, if one squad has not been eliminated (50 deaths) then the squad with the higher score at the end of 20 minutes will win the round.

TWBD (Trench Wars Basing Division) is a to 15 minutes played, 8 on 8 basing match -- similar to the pub flagging game. Teams will set lineups based on simple restrictions (1 terr, 2 shark maximum, no levs) and will be allowed 2 shipchanges during the match. The three most common lineups are Euro Style (1 Terr, 2 Sharks, 1 Jav, 4 Spiders), Western World Style (1 Terr, 2 Sharks, 2 Javs, 3 Spiders), and Pallies Style (1 Terr, 2 Sharks, 1 jav, 3 spiders, 1 warbird)- but I urge you to explore as many different combinations as you can. Points are scored for any kill, but the object of the game is to control the flag/base for totally 15 minutes while killing your enemies. You could out kill your opponents 2:1 and still lose if you do not hold the flag those 15 minutes. THE FLAG IS WHERE THE MONEY IS.

TWSD (Trench Wars Spider Division) is a 3 vs 3 upto 5 on 5 spider (ship three) time/point race. Incorporating a new style of mobile (warzone like) flagging and team strategicness... Ships can have one attacher/turret but it gives a speed penalty, the flag carrier gets a thrust penalty to stop them from running and make their team mates use team work to keep them alive. Flagger also gets 2x the normal kill points than a normal player, killing the flagger you recieve the flag automaticly! The team with the most points at the end of the round wins!

TWD is fully automated, all scoring and ranking is handled by 'Bots'.

Interacting with TWD

You can keep up to date with the current TWD status in three ways, all of which are in 'Real Time'

The Web Page
This is also fully automated and very easy to use. You will need to sign your squad up on the web page before you can begin your TWD run. http://twd.trenchwars.org
The web page is in constant contact with the bots and will update scores, game results, and squad ranking adjustments in real time (or near-real time).

The Ladder
The Ladder system is the ranking system by which your squad will be judged (and you WILL be judged)- the scoring is less complicated than it appears, when you win a match you will be raised a certain number of points based on the rank of your opponent, same with when you lose.

The Bots
Before I even get into the bots, know this, if you are ever in a match/arena and feeling confused (captains and assistants) you can type !help to the bots (they will be called MatchBot, Matchbot1, etc) and they will give you a list of commands to help you out.

The bots will be in constant communication with the website and will record individual and squad results of each game. It will also update your ladder ranking so you'll know where you stand near-instantly.

If you have any questions, you can always type ?help in the chat while you're in Trench Wars and someone in staff will do their best to help you.