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Squad SPASTIC (since Apr 05, 2020)
Rank Player
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About Me

Location CT
Gender Female
Where I can be found wbduel. elim. twdd.

Things I Like 
Musics Blink-182.


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Mani2312 Oct 24, 2023

you change your hair AGAIN?

Mani2312 Nov 13, 2020

cool coronavirus mask

Ixador Sep 07, 2020

I like your taste in music & video games! ^_^)

Mani2312 Jun 11, 2020

Yes to both. I'm an expert with these sorts of things.

pee pee sock Feb 13, 2020

Pee pee sock passed away. He always spoke very highly of you. Im looking over his will now and he left you his pub buck fortune, its estimated value is 16.84 billion pub bucks. I know he is watching over you now. God speed and take care.

Vermillion Flame May 01, 2019

::gives Missa a cup of Tibetan loose leaf green tea steeped in a gong fu purple clay teapot to completely erase any idea of poisonous lipton from her mind::

Mani2312 Mar 14, 2019

You're a natural blonde, right?

Zazu Jan 09, 2019

Nice chest. *wink wink*

Money Nov 20, 2018

Wheres that faggot undercut at

Money Nov 20, 2018

Sup hot shit

Zazu Sep 27, 2016

Ever coming back?

2pacZ Jan 19, 2015


Money Dec 30, 2014

LOL y u commenting on my pillz when im in jailz

Cres Dec 25, 2014

?find aggiN rip

Cres Nov 17, 2014

staff sux dik

2pacZ Oct 19, 2014

u done changing names

Exalt Aug 17, 2014

Yeah it has! Years lol

Cres Jul 30, 2014


LiL*PiGGy Jul 15, 2014

I miss you too(:

LiL*PiGGy Jul 15, 2014

How's my girl doingg? <3 :*

Second Shot Mar 01, 2013

who are you?

LiL*PiGGy Oct 10, 2012

AHH do you still playy?!?

LiL*PiGGy Sep 24, 2012

I misss yoouuuu

Mobey Mar 25, 2012


Gripe Mar 09, 2012


Tank55 Feb 17, 2012


Omega Red Jun 05, 2011

MoNo. Dec 27, 2010

Heyyy have a happpy new year missa!

Mobey <ER> Dec 08, 2010


hanz-poop Dec 08, 2010

Hells yeah parkour! Fucking love it!

Audrey Sep 12, 2010


Money Sep 10, 2010

boo blink

Jill Shortmilk Aug 31, 2010

uh huh

MoNo. Aug 26, 2010

Thats fken hot. <3 I miss you missa!!!

Mobey Aug 24, 2010

start playing again you! miss you.

MoNo. Aug 09, 2010

nuuuuu. You issssss.

Gripe Jul 19, 2010

You are right. AIDS can be fun! HOORAIDS!!!!! HOORAIDS!!!!

Zazu Jul 17, 2010


Gripe Jul 14, 2010

Um yeah, so after you tagged me I went to the doctor. Your innocent game of tag wasn't so innocent, I now have AIDS. Thanks...

MoNo. Jul 07, 2010


Jill Shortmilk Jul 05, 2010

Big nose =! Not cute, but thanks :)

MythriL Jul 04, 2010


Jill Shortmilk Jul 03, 2010

She has cuter features, looks more boyish and has a much smaller nose compared to my mt. olympus, but I guess some similarities can be found... Thanks for the observation though :)

Gripe Jun 11, 2010

sup fool

Audrey May 24, 2010

I'm still there... just in an other zone =P

MythriL May 19, 2010


Audrey May 17, 2010


Nurse May 16, 2010

Where are your pictures? I see that you are quick to talk mess to other people, but it looks like your scared to have it talked to you.

Soilderz Apr 17, 2010

thx for comment! <3

BrickED Apr 16, 2010

grr <3

BrickED Apr 16, 2010

Hi fgt! :D

BrickED Apr 10, 2010

Got yaself a nice bunch of maddots here. I see lots of tears! So many 10 outta 10s down there!

BrickED Apr 10, 2010

You're pretty fkn delicious. &lt;3

Missa Apr 09, 2010

I know you want to wank to them, faggot. Don't block me on your gallery then comment on mine. Go touch up your roots.

Kinky-Girl Apr 09, 2010

where are you ugly pics????

MythriL Apr 07, 2010

i had too many pictures! where are YOUR pics?????/ logon more! i miss your ass

Zazu Mar 29, 2010

Where are those pictures, love? &lt;3

weed master.. Mar 18, 2010

:) heya

BrickED Mar 10, 2010

Oh and pounds*. (:

BrickED Mar 10, 2010

Hey TieDie! skinnier*, than*, weight* and hatin'*. That's just the spelling errors :).

TieDie Mar 10, 2010

go pick cotton, wow lame. and by the way my gal aint fat if you think shes fat then you must be skinnyer then 100 pound and thats gross go eat some food gain some wait then start haten

Mariposa Mar 09, 2010


BrickED Mar 08, 2010

Zhou, on a scale of 1-10, how mad are you?

BrickED Mar 08, 2010

zhou&gt; -_-'

BrickED Mar 07, 2010

Why you still putting your tears on my screen zhou? :( You silly chink!

Zhou Mar 03, 2010


vaped Mar 02, 2010

where ya been?!

Aldur Feb 27, 2010

ty :P

TranceTunes Feb 22, 2010


Barton Feb 17, 2010


Hadouken! Feb 17, 2010


BrickED Feb 12, 2010

oh hi missa

BrickED Feb 12, 2010

stop putting your tears on my screen, zhou :(. Oh, and it is thinks*, why do asians fail so hard at plurals?

Missa Feb 08, 2010

They were a public health risk. Removed!

AznBabiGurl Feb 08, 2010

missa where ur pics?

SolidSnake~ Feb 06, 2010

ya i wish i was u

Zhou Feb 06, 2010

Enjoy your dildos, only thing close to sex you'll ever get!

TieDie Feb 05, 2010

did they take your pics off the site cuz u ugly?

absurd99 Feb 04, 2010

I'm around, not playing ss as much. Good to hear you're make $$$$ tho :D

absurd99 Feb 04, 2010

I miss missa :( MISSSAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa COMMMEeee BACCKKkkk

absurd99 Feb 04, 2010

Money &amp; Goddess = literally separated at birth

MoNo. Feb 02, 2010

I want MISSA!!!!!!

Zazu Jan 30, 2010

Missaaaaaaaaaa where da pics at, babe?

Zhou Jan 24, 2010

dont remember talking to you ever soo. lol

BrickED Jan 24, 2010


Zhou Jan 23, 2010

why's that missa?

Mobey Jan 19, 2010

wheres the pics gone pretty missy? :O

weed master.. Jan 17, 2010

heyaz missa :D

Money Jan 13, 2010

rofl shut up u ugly cunt

absurd99 Jan 12, 2010

When Goddess was born doctors discovered a parasitic fetus attached to her. The docotors removed the fetus but it remained alive... Money was born! Money and Goddess's genome are almost identical, this explains why it is hard to tell them apart.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 08, 2010

Thank you but I miss yours &lt;3333

Exalt Jan 08, 2010

no it doesn't count cuz they are all gone, put new ones up then :D

Exalt Jan 06, 2010


Exalt Jan 06, 2010


Money Jan 05, 2010


JaneDoe Jan 04, 2010

haha i like your tatt :)

Tank55 Jan 02, 2010

hey now i didnt sing..well not for u i was just singing! besides my voice blows !!!!

Mobey Jan 01, 2010

sup babe ;) cold? as in the new pic? that was christmas day like 6pm.. well hungover and in a deep sleep.. i look hot right? :P happy new year

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 31, 2009

You aren't Fat if anything I AM FAT &lt;333 You are a hottie FO LIFE!

inaphyt Dec 29, 2009

Fat kid hate haha. Pretty harsh world. Life looks awesome.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 26, 2009

Thank you!!!! have a great new year!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 25, 2009

Dang, but ya know You are coooool!

Disengaged Dec 25, 2009

Our eyes are quite similar :O and thanks, rockin my new Electric one right now :D

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 25, 2009

Hey missa weren't you in medieval for awhile???????

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 25, 2009

Awww thank you!!! I love your eyes

weed master.. Dec 22, 2009

hey hey girl! how are YOU ? hah and no i have no fat jokes for YOU! :P just thought id say hi

absurd99 Dec 22, 2009

missa, you are adorable and I &lt;3 you.

absurd99 Dec 22, 2009

Mage+, you are a ginger. Your opinions never matter.

Mage+ Dec 21, 2009

shut the fuck up &quot;LiL*Piggy&quot; you stupid fuck...Oh Btw missa your a lesbian face

Swig Dec 19, 2009

okay guess i should start classifying you as cres # 2 hahaha ty missa

LiL*PiGGy Dec 18, 2009

oh wow missa, you messed with the wrong pig hun mmm mmm mmm

MythriL Dec 17, 2009

missa mah sistah

Jolly Fat Man Dec 17, 2009

That just means you want a piece of this now.

PWND Dec 14, 2009

I know it's so weird XD

Zazu Dec 14, 2009

LOL ! No idea.. Fucking Italian bureaucracy is horrible. Been requesting them to open these ports now for a week or so... But next Friday I will be home (in Belgium) and there I will have a full connection anyway! Just hold on a bit longer...

Mobey Dec 14, 2009

i'd do you.

TranceTunes Dec 14, 2009

hello hello!

danyell!! Dec 11, 2009


Flew Dec 11, 2009

hey missa!

Nixi Dec 09, 2009

thank you baby ^_^ btw, thesaurus is the one with synonyms, not definitions xD

plompy Dec 09, 2009

Then all is cushty &lt;3

plompy Dec 09, 2009

Where's ma bricks bitch? :o

Nixi Dec 08, 2009

jeeeeeeesus guys! be nice &gt;:( youre both beautiful. or all 3 of you. or all 4? this game goes to poo without kittah monster spreading her loves to angry TW-ers

Missa Dec 08, 2009

It's the best when people run out of ammo so they start using a thesaurus to try to sound intelligent. Doesn't work.

lady starlight Dec 08, 2009

&quot;Apparently you have to post underwear shots of you in order to be &quot;great looking.&quot; People don't like girls that can keep their legs shut. :[&quot;.. thats not bashing me??

Missa Dec 08, 2009

So YOU'RE what they mean when they say white trailer trash, hustla bebe!

Hustla Bebe Dec 08, 2009

ew and im ugly. haha. you funny you make me laugh

Audrey Dec 08, 2009

awww thank you! &lt;3

rainboy 123 Dec 07, 2009

Hey Missa :)

Welfare Dec 07, 2009

its my girl missa

Exalt Dec 07, 2009

haha yes you are very very late! :D

Zazu Dec 07, 2009

Yo what's good Missy!

audit Dec 06, 2009

haha I appreciate the offer but no thanks. I don't have to associate with her often, thankfully.

audit Dec 06, 2009

Sadly she's my best friend's gf, and since attaining that role has become a complete bitch. I'll let her know though :)

AznBabiGurl Dec 05, 2009

More wbduel!! hehe xD

hungrywolf Dec 04, 2009

thanks I like it. I like blink also. My fav is the &quot;whats my age again&quot;

FemalePersuasion Dec 04, 2009

I was Donald Trump's slave. Note he undeadness--his lack of hair does things as such.

absurd99 Dec 04, 2009


soupero Dec 02, 2009

when is the new blink 182 album coming?

PWND Dec 01, 2009

Haha thanks. =)

Petal Dec 01, 2009

I like your captions.

Weak Nov 18, 2009


Weak Oct 21, 2009


Weak Sep 16, 2009


Weak Sep 14, 2009


PrettyMadness Aug 25, 2009

lmao. i'm not into Chi flavored ice cream.... sorry. haha.

NO <3 Aug 16, 2009

time for you to upload a pic period. and i don't mean PMS.

Weak Aug 12, 2009

agreed lol

ZypheN Aug 09, 2009

I'm apparently always afk when you come in my zone ha

Exalt Aug 04, 2009

hi missa. Wheres the pictures????? :(

infrared Aug 01, 2009

this muh woman dont even bother trying kthx

NO <3 Jul 30, 2009

still waiting on those signs :p , don't mind the whales &quot;ther' she blows&quot;

Dominant <ER> Jul 29, 2009

lol thanks

Weak Jul 28, 2009

this is my baby momma, so back off fools.

infrared Jul 27, 2009

goddess so mad lmao

Goddess Jul 27, 2009

rofl fake females who dont even post pics... what a surprise that ur on my page talking bs and on my chat obsessing about me. Can you get any more sad? Stop acting jealous little boy

PrettyMadness Jul 09, 2009

thanks :)

Weak Jul 05, 2009


Lenny Jun 26, 2009