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Velvet*Assassin Sep 07, 2011


Primary Aug 24, 2010

Hustlin Hustlin Everyday we HUSTLIN!!!

Mossad Aug 14, 2010

hey BeBe. miss you and your man Sky is, i hope you and your family are great. G0d bless you. hope to hear from you guys.

Missa Jul 19, 2010

Glad to see you've stopped blowing up the gallery with your fugly.

Catatstrophe Jul 08, 2010

hey miss :>

Machine of God May 30, 2010

Barton you fuk she has the ability to blacklist us so why don't you just stay out of it. She obviously loves the attention. PS. Hustla u look like a dirty, crusty cum sock

BrickED Apr 14, 2010

You should probably just go die.

Missa Apr 13, 2010

I smell muffins.

BrickED Apr 11, 2010

stfu hooker

Hustla Bebe Apr 10, 2010

All right Boys'n'Girls No more of this hating on hustla!! Im a great person inside and out no matter what everyone says Thx

Barton Apr 09, 2010

guys.. you all know I like drama but this is going way to far. Don't make me intervene or some accounts will be banned for some time.

Zazu Apr 09, 2010

Ever noticed you always have that super amazed look in your eyes? Like "wtfffff is that???"

Tigron-X Apr 09, 2010

Notice how Missa doesn't have a pic up, yet talks shit about others. What a sad animal. Anyhow... I like the pic with the mirror.

Squadless Apr 09, 2010

LOLOL i love these comments between all ya hoes

kilo12 Apr 05, 2010

To bad your taken, once again beautiful eyes!!!!

Money Apr 02, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Apr 02, 2010

You're so pretty hun :)

Channabis Apr 02, 2010

I LOVE the second picture<3 FUCK ALL THE HATERS. Jeeze. You're lovely. :)

FemalePersuasion Mar 27, 2010

A woman embraces the beauty she was given no matter the dose. No woman should ever do anything but embrace it. ....enough cliche's for you?

TranceTunes Mar 24, 2010

your latest photo is the best one in my opinion. its the most natural and somewhat candid looking, and i like photos like that.

Bware Mar 22, 2010

cool eyes.

Nixi Mar 22, 2010

You remind me of the girl from Legend of the Seeker who plays Khalan

danyell!! Mar 21, 2010

fuckin a I wear those shoes!!! lol I wear them all of the time, i am considering get a wb tattoo on my hand too loool!

Ulagy Mar 21, 2010

Nice family!

Aerin Mar 16, 2010

aw a baby

Cojafoji Mar 14, 2010

i hate to say it, but you've got a nice looking family. best wishes :D.

Austin Mar 13, 2010

Damn your pretty hot

kilo12 Mar 12, 2010

Beautiful eyes!!!!

Kinky-Girl Mar 11, 2010

wow missa must be fat herself to bullshit non fat ppl lmfao..if not then way too skinny..*RIBS* ewwwww haha someone has too much time on there hands to even bother talkin shit

Myollnir Mar 11, 2010

lov ur eye colour

Terrorist Achmed Mar 10, 2010

sweet eyez

Refer Mar 09, 2010

thanks, your baby is beautiful

Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

missa stfu im not fat or prego, and btw just had a baby!! and weigh 100 pounds loser

Kinky-Girl Mar 06, 2010

so pretty <3 cute baby

Mange Mar 01, 2010

hey hustlaaaaaa ur family looks so happy;)

Mossad Feb 24, 2010

hey HIGHH.. Tyson<3 nice to see you again friends. G-d Bless you both and you should only see good things and have a great family. i wanna spill all the blessings on your family. :) <3

MoNo. Feb 22, 2010

The baby picture is hellah adorable.

Rati Feb 15, 2010

Pretty eyes

Mobey Feb 14, 2010

lol they stupid... that new pic makes you look like a hot vampire! eyes are amazing.

TagMor Feb 14, 2010

i can see forever in your eyes

Mobey Feb 09, 2010

i don't know what you've done to rack up all this hatred but i think you're aight. :)

Mange Feb 07, 2010


Mobey Jan 31, 2010

just smoking a joint lol.. the mask was just for the photo :/

absurd99 Jan 30, 2010

Hey thanks for the site. You know what site is realllly fun? www.taaz.com Click on 'Makeovers' and you can give yourself any hairdo/color or makeup you want. I would love to see pics that you altered from taaz.com <3

NoNameBrand Jan 28, 2010

lol, hopefully it isn't like some hobo or someone really sketchy you're talking about. D;

TABARNAK!!! Jan 22, 2010

:O) hi

Jolly Fat Man Jan 22, 2010

Wut a stud.

absurd99 Jan 21, 2010

What do you use to edit your photos? The pic of you w/ green eyes is awesome.

absurd99 Jan 21, 2010

Hey bebe! you are pretty <3

war_bringer Jan 21, 2010

does you're finger taste good?

Airship Jan 21, 2010

wow, i like your eyes. can i have them?

Squadless Jan 20, 2010

ghandi also has the same bday lol :)

LiL*PiGGy Jan 15, 2010

wow, your son, j.. 1 sec, i gotta.. cry.. done, .. he looks just like you.

Squadless Jan 15, 2010

haha thats funny my bday is oct 2nd...

bleez Jan 15, 2010

cute little squirt u got there

wicket666 Jan 14, 2010

lol pretty baby.ugly dady,good thing mom cute!<3

Schfifty-Five Jan 11, 2010

Ehh, rightio.

piNNoy Jan 10, 2010


Money Jan 07, 2010

:P was drunk

joemoma Jan 06, 2010

you got some kick ass eyes girl

Zazu Jan 06, 2010

Sup Hustlaaaaa! And to Mattey, there are also some guys who have tons of pics (check Tank55)

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

Women always have a ridiculous amount of pictures of themselves. I don't think I'll ever get it.

infrared Jan 04, 2010

this shit is creepy

pappa Jan 01, 2010

you have so many words in your pics I feel like I just read a book lol maybe I just need to learn how to read better :/

hungrywolf Dec 24, 2009

Our 2nd kid has been real easy compared to the 1st.

weed master.. Dec 24, 2009


hungrywolf Dec 23, 2009

she is 3, I also have a 4 month old

hungrywolf Dec 23, 2009

hi bebe

weed master.. Dec 23, 2009

omg! you have such gorgeous eyes!!

ZypheN Dec 22, 2009

Cool you took the one pic down, much better. And it's the internet, there's hating everywhere lol.

Jolly Fat Man Dec 16, 2009

What gave it away?

danyell!! Dec 13, 2009

awwww i made the ss bestie picture <33333

Kid Kaos Dec 13, 2009

yea u got a cute kid ther, reminds me of my nephew!

Swig Dec 13, 2009

you are a cutie with booties

Stylez Dec 12, 2009

photoshopping pictures is fun!

Disengaged Dec 12, 2009

Cute kid

Zazu Dec 12, 2009

Hot ! Too bad you're already married with a kid though. We could have lived a happy life together.. : (((

NoNameBrand Dec 12, 2009

From the mainpage I thought the 10th pic was actually of someone dressed up as an alien crawling from the abyss that's prepared for the return of the old ones and all that kinda stuff.... Anyways, what's up? ;p

Nixi Dec 12, 2009

yay your pics are back :D

LiL*PiGGy Dec 12, 2009

.... Hustla, I'm disappointed in you, why Isn't my name on the "Besties on ss" .... Makes me sad, I... I am a pig, I deserve love.. oink :( think about it :D and very pretty <3

l2aNgE Dec 10, 2009

dam sexy lol

danyell!! Dec 10, 2009

Your my friend, I'll help you anyway I can. =) <3333

NO <3 Dec 09, 2009

nerds gonna hate online because thats about all they can do

Nixi Dec 09, 2009

dont sweat it bebe, youre hot and theyre jealous.

Welfare Dec 07, 2009

shes fit for someone who dropped a kid, work them abs baby girl

plompy Dec 07, 2009

I'm lumpy where it matters :) Your boyfriend's a proper bird :O

danyell!! Dec 06, 2009

My favorite hustla! =) &lt;3 i love the 1st and the last one.

Swig Dec 06, 2009

1 2 3 4...MILF..

Tank55 Dec 06, 2009

aha boobage &lt;3 haha whats up nice pics n fam, see ya around

Zazu Dec 06, 2009

Sup Hustla Babe ! Join Epidemic? Hug, Zazu.

Guero Dec 06, 2009

nice family and u look real good the 4th pic