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Age 33
Location U.S.A
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find Airship

Things I Like 
Books Huh?
Movies Movies!!!
Musics Everything


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Monkaria Apr 13, 2011

Emmmmmyyy <3

MoNo. Dec 02, 2010

You are cute. <3

Zazu Mar 25, 2010

Hi my love! Looking good! Let's make some music together?

oops Mar 22, 2010

thank god u r white

Missa Mar 21, 2010

Cute :D

SkullSpace Mar 21, 2010

airship vc eh muito linda &lt;3

Fire Blade Mar 12, 2010

omg you've got a Doberman Aswell

TranceTunes Mar 03, 2010

i love that dog!!! i have a miniature pincher, but once im in a bigger home ill have a doberman!

MoNo. Mar 01, 2010

Aww Cute Dob

ZypheN Mar 01, 2010


Zazu Mar 01, 2010

Scary dog.. He might eat your cat!

Mage+ Feb 27, 2010

omg air,....In need to speak to you...I didnt trust me

Zazu Feb 24, 2010

Sup Airship! Still looking good. Let's make some music together...

TranceTunes Feb 24, 2010

hehe thank you :)

oops Feb 24, 2010

sup wanna smash?

MoNo. Feb 22, 2010

Aww thankies! And How long have you been fiddling on the guitar? Is that a stratocaster or just a squire?

Cojafoji Feb 17, 2010

i'd beat you with a sack; a sack full of kittens.

Zazu Feb 17, 2010

(btw.. I just read my comment. I hope you understood I was talking about that picture of ur cat!) You're a beautiful natural girl!

MythriL Feb 16, 2010

haha. i guess i do owe you... just been busy!

absurd99 Feb 05, 2010

Your tongue looks pointy and sharp. Your kitten looks cute and soft.

Zazu Feb 05, 2010

I like your pussy!

MoNo. Feb 02, 2010


Squadless Feb 01, 2010

very cute cat, in korea they would charge about 5$ more on the menu for it.

Tabo Jan 31, 2010

Awww!! kitty

Petal Jan 31, 2010

Cute kitty!

Tabo Jan 25, 2010

We own ^.^

Shan Jan 23, 2010

Wtf I dont play mario : )

oops Jan 22, 2010

no &lt;3 is a faggot and i do not support him

Royce Jan 22, 2010

i hope there is vent or something cus id love to hear u play that guitar

Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010


wicket666 Jan 20, 2010

o wow you are female

Squadless Jan 20, 2010


Mobey Jan 19, 2010

hey, nice guitars! \O/

Mage+ Jan 19, 2010

hey next time ur on ss message me ur msn

piNNoy Jan 18, 2010

mahal din kita

KillerGt Jan 18, 2010

Aww neat, no wonder you got yourself some guitars. I like Fenders, they are pretty easy going. yea my school colors were exactly the same. What kind of music do you play? I usually just whip out some metal rifts or rhthyms, but I mostly like to solo. Oh and you own a tabby?

KillerGt Jan 18, 2010

Naw she just watches them for me, makes sure no one else tries to lift them :-) I do have her working on the pink dumb-bells sometimes though. You look like a guitar fan. Is that a fender back there? And your jacket looks like the same one from my highschool (Bowie)

Fire Blade Jan 18, 2010

haha yeah it's the pup from my parents their dogs $

Jrahen Jan 18, 2010


Mage+ Jan 17, 2010

Hey babe Miss you :)

Zazu Jan 16, 2010

Sup !

ZypheN Jan 16, 2010


tupla i Jan 16, 2010

Join Ancients?

Huge Eat Apr 22, 2009

why u look so sad....keep rockin

Mage+ Apr 18, 2009

Hey Cutie :&gt;