"You been Discombobulated! #1 warbird distension"

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Squad Bombullet (since Mar 24, 2020)
Rank Player
Last 3 Squads Legendz   AmpliFi    Melee   
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About Me

Age 47
Location nevada
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found wickethunt
More about me i like games

Things I Like 
Books who reads
Movies anything about the old times
Musics hard death metal


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soupero Sep 22, 2019

what kind of pick-up u got

soupero Jul 21, 2018

Sup bro, which games are you playing?

soupero Feb 18, 2018

why did you remove me from myspace bro?

2borg Feb 17, 2018


2borg Feb 17, 2018


Jerome Jun 17, 2016

fuck yeah man did you ride the titan??

whom? May 25, 2016

Akerfeldt is a respectable vocalist. m/

Lrim Apr 25, 2016

joking :P

Lrim Apr 24, 2016

2000s called and they want their monitor back

Dropout Bear Apr 13, 2016

that hearse is the illist whip in town

Lrim Feb 27, 2016

donald trump supporter?

wicket666 Feb 23, 2016

wicket666 Feb 23, 2016

that's my kid

Kinky-Girl Feb 15, 2016

What other games do you like to play wicket?

Mani2312 Oct 29, 2015

Those are some amazing sandcastles btw

Primary Jul 11, 2015

yo how come your son always looks like ur forcing him to do stupid shit u actually like? lol like for real he looks sad as fuck, stop playing his video games wicket and let him have fun

2pacZ Jul 06, 2015

u stonecold stunna now?

joemommA Jul 05, 2015

u a big mexican

Dropout Bear Jun 30, 2015

wicket makes me wanna gang bang

fakiiri Jun 29, 2015

fakiiri Jun 29, 2015

Classic, middle finger works always! =)

Myollnir Jun 28, 2015

your gangster as fuck

Kinky-Girl Feb 14, 2015

yes you have many children...noone cares..

fakiiri Feb 03, 2015

Haha all the new pics are GREAT sir! :)

Frightful Mar 16, 2014

And thus, for a 4th consecutive day, they stared at some pieces of wood.

Luke Likesheet Mar 15, 2014

such a country maaaan. a maaaan. from country.

YojimbO^ Mar 12, 2014

LOl figured :D

wicket666 Mar 11, 2014

lol its a soda

YojimbO^ Mar 11, 2014

LOl like how ur kid holding a beerbottle in middle pic xD

rushed Mar 02, 2014

top 5 favorite person in TW

Steep Feb 23, 2014

levi mine road :DD

pee pee sock Feb 04, 2014

nice bb guns

Spock! Jan 29, 2014

God Still love you.

Spock! Jan 25, 2014

Please use better trigger safety. Keep the finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire the weapon.

qpr Jan 16, 2014


Spock! Jan 15, 2014

Satan. Bad.

Frightful Dec 21, 2013

Word of advice. You probably should not give guns to your kidnap victims.

Godzero Nov 12, 2013

wick plz stop threatening to shoot me irl with all your guns, it is getting old.

rushed Aug 18, 2013


pee pee sock Jul 30, 2013

fuk u runnin there? Taliban camp? got little pakistanian kids with ak47`s at ur house. the fuk

Mossad Jul 29, 2013

send regards, tell em all i am still breathing.

Mossad Jul 29, 2013

hey lol

Lrim Jul 29, 2013

first time seeing your pics! one question though, do you ever shave?

the funky blue note Jun 16, 2013

Hi, i haven't been here for a while, sorry i didn't answer back. I'm doing all good! i've been working, having a good time and practisin my guitar skills. How about you?

rushed Apr 29, 2013


Dropout Bear Apr 26, 2013

fuck a foo's gun if he got an empty clip

wicket666 Feb 10, 2013


qpr Feb 10, 2013

If i ever see second shot in real life. There is no way i would ever, even with the slightest of chances, would i ever suspect him to not be a loser.

Second Shot Feb 09, 2013

if i ever see you in real life. There is no way i would ever, even with the slightest of chances, would I ever suspect you to be a TW player.

board Oct 29, 2012

that last shtogun down on your pics, looks exactly like one i have.. but 12 guage? mines 20 :(

Natsworthy Jul 22, 2012

best captain ever

Nessy Jun 17, 2012

Wicket is the original boss.

Kinky-Girl May 29, 2012

and a bigger gun :P

Kinky-Girl May 29, 2012

Send me moneys

wicket666 May 02, 2012

lol yo yo bong and pee pee can come over be my friend till you what stand in front of target for me

pee pee sock May 02, 2012

a mexican with a gun, so stereo typical predijust muther fuker, u racist as fuk. u still work at toco bell? u shoot bb guns, u jumped the border, u should be imprisoned, ppl like u dont deserve a chicken farm. good luck bud

bong May 01, 2012

Hospin + guns + dead yardbird = goodlife. Sup wicket.

wicket666 Apr 30, 2012


Second Shot Apr 30, 2012

aiming at me?

Kinky-Girl Apr 29, 2012

nice lol

Second Shot Apr 19, 2012

naruto poster rofl

Kinky-Girl Apr 19, 2012

what kinda hard death metal eh eh eheheheeeh

Kinky-Girl Apr 19, 2012

you like warhammer 40k?

Dropout Bear Apr 17, 2012

wicket be killin em turkey's. YUM!

Heisman Apr 17, 2012

ya u got sickest man cave mans ever seen.

Rocket Soldier Apr 17, 2012

Lol, thank you for checking in. :P Rocket Soldier was here, too! :D By the way, your room sure is tidy. o.o Your collection must be hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

board Apr 16, 2012

well bro beans, i like the guns! make sure to show off the new ones when you get em!

wicket666 Oct 11, 2011


wicket666 Sep 10, 2011


absurd99 Sep 09, 2011

nice vehicle you got there $$

wicket666 Sep 08, 2011

lol ty

Cee Lo Sep 07, 2011

i love that beard. You like a mexican viking.

Velvet*Assassin Sep 07, 2011

my gudness! theres a dead fckin chicken!

LiL*PiGGy Sep 07, 2011

y u so sexy?

wicket666 Jun 12, 2011


Beast May 15, 2011

sup u look beast

Klean-X Apr 27, 2011

Wicket, cook me some chicken.

MoNo. Dec 02, 2010

You are cool but im awesome o/.

24 Nov 07, 2010

Thanks for donating :) I put your medal up! Green = $25-$49 -24

eelz Oct 05, 2010

hey farmer

spantiq Jul 27, 2010

well, i could find u in the game.. i just wanted to say thanks for every thing.. u helped me at start and tought me to play, and i leave squad beacause i want to open my own. i have alot to learn but still..thanks man

Aethel Jul 10, 2010

poor chickens!

wicket666 Jul 04, 2010

lol ty fem

Fem. Jul 04, 2010

I agree with Mythril. I dig this shit. xD

wicket666 Jul 04, 2010

ty Mythril

MythriL Jul 04, 2010

you have the greatest gallery of anyone on this site

wicket666 Jun 30, 2010

yes i did we made one for tagmore too

olde Jun 29, 2010

Yo u get that shirt made? shits hard...

olde Jun 29, 2010

wicket666 Apr 18, 2010


Postman Pat! Mar 02, 2010

wickets rooms fuckin awesome!

vaped Mar 02, 2010

sup WICK ;)

TagMor Feb 14, 2010


Mange Feb 07, 2010

WOAH. cool

joemoma Jan 30, 2010

i hear serenity is back.. just sayn

NoNameBrand Jan 28, 2010

That's the ultimate man right there, manages to be a father and still rock it in SS. Also, just wondering if you got some Shining Force in that collection you got going.

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

ur a homo <3 <3 <3

wicket666 Jan 21, 2010

ty ty i was being forklift ninja at work in snow lol

Missa Jan 21, 2010

You look like a serial killer. Gooo wicket!

Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010

OHHH!!!! Wicket in a forklift... that explains this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqC2URQstz4

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 21, 2010

Nice room !

Disengaged Jan 21, 2010

Is that forklift one of the Toyota ones? If so, I hate those god damn things... actually, scratch that, I hate driving forklifts.

Squadless Jan 21, 2010

nice ride

Airship Jan 17, 2010

allo there! so this is wicket..o/ wow...you have so much stuff..crazy

LiL*PiGGy Jan 15, 2010

you.. scare me

Hustla Bebe Jan 14, 2010

BUT FACE CHICKEN KOOP <3 XOX this is wicket my bra so dont take him off hahaha

piNNoy Jan 10, 2010


Mobey Jan 10, 2010


Tabo Jan 08, 2010

lol nerd <3

persianz Jan 08, 2010

LOL no offence but look at that girls face...shes like daddy i am dissapoint..... ur like a paradigm of ur own.. old biker looking KKK dude with shit load of tattoos playing continuum... WTF?!

l2aNgE Jan 07, 2010

ROFL wicket u crazy man.

40oz. Jan 06, 2010

thats coming from a 50 year old child with braids in his fucking beard lol get real you fuck

Disengaged Jan 04, 2010

Punch all the zones. Right in 'eh phukken face.

lag killer Jan 04, 2010

TRUE THAT! If you don't know, now you know!

Necromotic Jan 03, 2010

Thanks! Wish I had one of them new camaro's or challenger's though damn

TranceTunes Jan 03, 2010

hey whats up man..there is quite a bit going on in that room lol

Tank55 Jan 02, 2010

haha wicket i get chicks like that all the time xD haha they got so many names for me on the ship

wicket666 Dec 21, 2009

Im not selling i buy,got old games let me know i pay cash fro them

JediCraft Dec 21, 2009

Hey wicket666, where did you get your cool comp chair?

soupero Dec 21, 2009


AtWA Dec 21, 2009


Affliction Dec 21, 2009

sup wicket, god damn.. you got a mighty fucking collection of shit. let me help you ebay that shit haha. got anything else besides that shotty?

wicket666 Dec 20, 2009

lock is for my kids dont use it, stupied you are

joemoma Dec 20, 2009

trigger lock on a single shot, lame.. scope on an 870? money ur an idiot lol.. why scope a shitty gun with a range of 70 yards

Money Dec 20, 2009

nice i have an 870 pump with scope post pics soon

wicket666 Dec 20, 2009


Kid Kaos Dec 20, 2009

Your kid needs a new shirt haha. Looks like he threw up all over it!

Money Dec 20, 2009

single shot 12g or 20?

Zazu Dec 20, 2009

LOL Hilbilly.. Scary man! But your room is so nerdy ...

Raazi Dec 18, 2009

Hey wicket i got a similar style as your beard on my pubes :P

Fusionbomb Nov 20, 2009

That second picture makes me LOL every-FUCKING-time!!! Watering the corn with mah blu-tooth! And fail at editing a "I ran from T0MA" bubble in there. HAHA gg =D

Tank55 Nov 17, 2009

wait! does that say i ran from toma where your watering the plants?!

Tank55 Nov 17, 2009


absurd99 Nov 17, 2009

holy, i thought you were a 15 year old kid for some reason. amazing.

adam Nov 10, 2009

pretty sure i'd run from you in a dark alley

Machine of God Nov 07, 2009

you look like a guy that would have a couple pot plants mixed in with that corn

Vue Nov 06, 2009

I was not expecting this

Quart Nov 03, 2009

big pimpinn

MITB Oct 27, 2009

omg never would of expected WICKET to look like this haha

chars! Oct 12, 2009

jesus christ goddamit!

Kid Kaos Oct 12, 2009

not a damn thing. Sup wit u big homie?

Money Oct 12, 2009

this aint no kids game

Oat Oct 12, 2009

speccin A1 cuz oat just owned you

infrared Oct 11, 2009

wait woah where do you live?

ZypheN Oct 10, 2009

If you adopt me do I get a setup like that in my room too?

EvilDeed Oct 10, 2009

nice farmer's tan :)

resoL Sep 19, 2009

Light that shit, smoke that shit, PASS THAT SHIT!

joemoma Sep 12, 2009

how many chickens for the blonde one? she is ukrainian or w.e and has a sexy as hell voice :)

FemalePersuasion Sep 10, 2009

You are welcome. :)

oops Sep 08, 2009

that gaming room is godly

Postman Pat! Sep 06, 2009

wickets a mad man!!!

Desaphine Aug 29, 2009

homo +

FemalePersuasion Aug 22, 2009

You're awesome, dood. I dig it, mr. badass poultry farmer weedie man. And I effing love that command center. SWEET.

war_bringer Aug 19, 2009

what you all do not know is wicket has an elaborate pot growing operation in that shed. I know i would..

Exodius Aug 19, 2009

Yo whats up wicket

Fuzzy.Style Aug 09, 2009

whatup wicket! is that corn your growing? where dah chickens!?

jngy slate Aug 09, 2009


Mage+ Jul 31, 2009

Slut :P <3

LMAO Jul 25, 2009

water that kornfield!!! midwest luv homey

FarScape Jul 18, 2009

nice castle there!

hungrywolf Jul 16, 2009

what kind of motorcycle do you have? Hey I resent that old comment !

audit Jul 15, 2009

Haha why's that man?

ReKall Jul 15, 2009


Tabo Jul 01, 2009

>.< nice

R.I.P Jun 28, 2009

haha, that last pic is so cute, muscle man! ;D

Ciao Jun 26, 2009

damn you got all kinds of cool ass shit and you still cant fix that lag? juct kiddin bro

Suppression Jun 25, 2009

ROFL exile, you serious? yeah man, resize your text on the picture

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

Woah..thought you were a teenager. mb, XD

Suppression Jun 24, 2009

this guys, let me tell ya.

TiGBEE Jun 24, 2009

sup wicket

OmniRocky Jun 24, 2009

One bad ass mofo. Looks like you could fuck some shit up, but it looks like you're also a teddy bear with your kids. Cute kids, too.

reability Jun 24, 2009

*salute* nice pics, your kid looks sweet :D

Mobey Jun 24, 2009

plant some ganja man, looks like a decent plot you got there.. hidden away!

Raizin Jun 24, 2009

im jealous of your game room. Id go to the bar with you cause no one would fuck with us lol

Money Jun 21, 2009

next pic, him actually fucking his sheep!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 21, 2009

Thank Chuu!!! I see you have tats also!!!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 20, 2009

You're name suite you well! WICKET!

Weak Jun 19, 2009

sup man

wicket666 Jun 18, 2009

lol tagmor enough hate all ready, besides they got wii inliving room and thier own laptop to use if they wants to play in room more power to them! l3mu3l lol i got it at walmart too lol

TagMor Jun 18, 2009

i bet you dont let your kids play your games, and they will growup hating you for it.

Audrey Jun 17, 2009

I'm scared :o

Hate The Fake Jun 15, 2009

Definitely a Thug :P *reminds myself to not drop the bar of soap around wicket*

Grandias Jun 13, 2009

whats up man, pretty tight room you got there hehe :P

getting pwned Jun 13, 2009

Is that Max in the second pic? (:

L3MU3L Jun 13, 2009

lol I just noticed the salt and pepper shakers in the floor, gotta have that shit handy bro. Also i see that ash tray and that don't look like cigarette ashes. Also I have that same TV stand, i got it at walmart lmao. see ya buddy

ZenaBee Jun 13, 2009

welcome to da club, :o ur font is so antz style :D

NO <3 Jun 13, 2009

lol bro the text is too small to read, try something WAY bigger.

ReKall Jun 13, 2009


Social Life Jun 13, 2009

nice view in the back (not talkin about the mountain range) ;)

Quart Jun 13, 2009

naa l3m he is actually watering my garden.

L3MU3L Jun 13, 2009

Watering your weed plants here?

fazisi Jun 12, 2009

wicket, you're the boss. let's get stoned together and shoot tw trash

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Ison Jun 09, 2009

finally a subspacer with some style!

Democrat Jun 09, 2009

rb6 ftw

Raazi Jun 08, 2009

How the fuck u afford all that shit and still cant get a descent connection to Trench Wars?

Prince of Darkness Jun 08, 2009

awesome setup, would love to see how much all that shit would be worth on ebay :P

Gripe Jun 08, 2009


Ohmalee Jun 08, 2009

Nah, in the 2nd pic i was actually thinking. yea i already &quot;got&quot; some of that. lolol, ty for the comment :P

KuleniKs Jun 07, 2009

Exactly. Sweet ass room too. I'm loving it.

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 07, 2009

heck yeah! as long as you don't use ballpoint pen ink, or write on me in olde english font ;) lol

Ward Jun 07, 2009

dear lord almighty.. what is this creature

Dark*Star360 Jun 07, 2009

wicket loooooooooool lose some weight u weigh about 233 lbs fatty

Schfifty-Five Jun 07, 2009

Yep, you sure did.

danyell!! Jun 07, 2009

will you braid my beard too? =D haha =P $$$$

ZenaBee Jun 07, 2009

thx for the comment :P, nice pics nice room, looks like a warzone :'O

Social Life Jun 07, 2009

you look like a guy i wouldnt fuck with in the first pic, but than you see the room that he plays tw in.. also, child molester

SoJa Jun 07, 2009

wtf where you have time to spend time with your kids and play tw

Lance Jun 07, 2009

Nice &quot;GTFO I'M MASTERBAITING&quot; room.

New Jersey Jun 07, 2009

hey wicket be my baby momma?

NO <3 Jun 07, 2009

my new whitney houston -_-

NO <3 Jun 07, 2009

shit im jealous of your game room, give me your swords

Ohmalee Jun 06, 2009

Nice Naruto toys, LOLOLOL!

L3MU3L Jun 06, 2009

I'm digging the set up bro, nice.

PWND Jun 06, 2009


Growing Jun 01, 2009

holy crap you look liek this tweaker guy named mike i know whoa thats crazy hahaha

Kittah Monster May 19, 2009

Wicka wicka wicket! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 =^.^= you are &lt;3 and $$$$$

rattatter May 16, 2009

U play ss with all that armor on?

Imagine May 03, 2009

Put on a little weight and get some clown make-up. Could be a double in the next devils rejects.

Fooly Cooly Apr 28, 2009

you look like the guy who says the dude abides

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

i still own you in elim

Kabale und Liebe Apr 24, 2009

lol...I never knew you were a gladiator

pee pee sock Apr 22, 2009

thats wickets dad, hillbilly redneck, i wanna fight u sooo bad

SoJa Apr 21, 2009

chill wicket is scary son lool

Dameon Angell Apr 19, 2009

You suddenly just got really scary to me.

pee pee sock Apr 18, 2009

pussy ass bitch kid

Mage+ Apr 18, 2009

Hey Cutie..cyber?

jord Apr 17, 2009

post a picture of you holding chicken, that would be hot

Kid Kaos Apr 17, 2009

Anyone with a scareface jigsaw puzzle is straight up HARD.

danyell!! Apr 15, 2009

my dad has that exact same shirt lol.

TagMor Apr 13, 2009

i will beat ur ass good.

BobbyLight Apr 13, 2009

lol, go sell some eggs!

pee pee sock Apr 13, 2009

skinhead ftw

Dadarian11 Apr 12, 2009

You see at first you're like man hes hard core, then you look around the room and notice nerd paraphernalia

L3MU3L Apr 11, 2009