Rocket Soldier
"I want you to notice..."

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About Me

Age 38
Location Canada - Ontario - Mississauga
Gender Male
Where I can be found Public, Wbduel, F1spirit, #Rocket
More about me I'm a pub noob!

Things I Like 
Books Anime artbooks
Movies Clannad The Movie
Musics Love Live! School Idol Project
Songs Ootou Fumi - Prelude - We Are Not Alone, Marble - Suisai Candy


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Godzero Apr 28, 2015

bra i live like an hour from you, introduce me to all your QT 3.14 girlies

Dropout Bear Jan 21, 2014

lawd ham murcy! those are some hot women you have all around you!

Frightful Dec 21, 2013

I would be careful. That girl doesn't seem like an actual nurse. I would verify her credentials before allowing her to run any tests.

Dropout Bear Dec 04, 2013

these did not disappoint. woo

SpookedOne Jul 24, 2012

OMG that castle sexy as fuk

Disengaged Jun 06, 2012


Rasaq Jun 01, 2012

Why'd you donate? It'll go into nothing useful!

Dropout Bear Jun 01, 2012

enuf wit the hot chix, my god man

24 Apr 17, 2012

Thanks for donating :) I put your medal up! Silver = $50-$99

wicket666 Apr 16, 2012

Hi wicket was here!

BooBiesYAY Apr 15, 2012

nice pix ur friends look really nice

Dropout Bear Apr 15, 2012

dood likes to hang with hot azn chix. *jelly*

Postman Pat! Jan 03, 2012

Sup RS! Yeee you've never left me a message before! :o Am shocked! You got your lifes photo album on here?

Godzero Oct 24, 2011

always nice to play some duels with a fellow Canadian!!

TranceTunes Oct 04, 2011

oi! havent seen you man!

LiL*PiGGy Sep 18, 2011

oh its okay. you can tell me, i'll be your ONLY friend.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 17, 2011

lolololol u done?

LiL*PiGGy Sep 15, 2011

y u so asian?

ZypheN Sep 15, 2011

Rich yet?

Petal Jun 30, 2010

WOah, your irl design?

Machine of God May 17, 2010


Machine of God May 17, 2010


create Apr 28, 2010

y u not active 4 season Newb.

lady starlight Mar 28, 2010

*pokes back* I'm doing okay.. how are u??

Aerin Jan 25, 2010

finally a face to the name. rocket soldier, you were one of the first guys i met when i first played this game

Fusionbomb Dec 25, 2009


Zazu Dec 13, 2009

What's up shugogetten ! You're taking a crap in that pic where the girl hugs you? =P (5th from the bottom)

Flew Nov 30, 2009

yo rs u from t.o?

flion Nov 18, 2009

this one time.... in band camp.....

AznBabiGurl Nov 08, 2009

bomber man ftw!! ^_^

lady starlight Oct 30, 2009

I miss u :( go check tw msgs!

keLin Aug 17, 2009

Rocket! <3 :D. Miss ya.

lady starlight Aug 17, 2009

ur cheating on me??

MEEEp Aug 02, 2009

no... i dont miss u, i just miss owning u in elim! muahaha >:D.. lol jk.. SO HOW R YA!?!!

Rocket Soldier Aug 02, 2009

Lol, yeah, well, I live in Mississauga. o.o

MEEEp Jul 31, 2009

RS where are u???? ur never on anymore! did u play maplestory again? -_-"

Nimrook Jul 27, 2009

yo RS.. i didnt know you live in TO.. lool

MEEEp Jul 26, 2009

lol HI RS!!!!!!!

Rocket Soldier Jul 12, 2009

Yeah, I think so, wow, you live near there? o.o

Draft Jul 11, 2009

the second pic, is that ruby restaurant?

Ohmalee Jul 11, 2009

Nice pokemon

Exalt Jul 07, 2009


ReKall Jul 07, 2009

Yo, Is it me or is that girl eye fuckin me?

F22 Raptor Jun 09, 2009

So, that's the little 'krilin' looking guy who i know like 9 years from SS!

Pandagirl! Jun 06, 2009

Hi RS :)

Skyn May 31, 2009

Daaaaaamn. How much? $

rattatter May 16, 2009

That first pic reminds me of...chocolate raaaiiin

Imagine May 16, 2009

Take me to one of your crazy azn parties :(

pee pee sock May 16, 2009

u look like jackie chan. <3

Schfifty-Five May 13, 2009


jord May 12, 2009

lol guy on the left looks like steve urkel with some crazy ass hair

L3MU3L May 11, 2009

ROFL @ the dude on the left!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

Sirius May 06, 2009

Lol, I have two sentences in there..just didn't realize that you couldn't skip rows

Sirius May 06, 2009

Can finally put a face to the name 7 years later eh Still afraid of the word boob? =P

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

Holy shit, you're asian. Damnit Dameon beat me to it. &quot;Team Rocket blasting off&quot;

Kittah Monster Apr 27, 2009

&lt;3 You!!!!!!!!! :)! you are the best pokemon trainer!!!!! &lt;3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocket Soldier Apr 24, 2009

No, I didn't, that's just a friend on mine, lol.

papist Apr 23, 2009

looks like you found yourself a woman after all! congrats, bro.

Dameon Angell Apr 22, 2009

Holy shit, you're asian.