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soupero Mar 13, 2017

hey how u been

TomatoSpiders Jan 13, 2014

yeah thx for showing me the pic heleN

Channabis May 09, 2013

<33 in return!

Mani2312 Jan 06, 2013

Hey. :D

fakiiri Aug 26, 2012

Yeah there is, found it from ebay once :)

Rocket Soldier Sep 15, 2011

Oh, hey, I didn't know you left me a message here. :P Those were my projects I did at school, yeah. :D

Murp Jul 02, 2011


Murp Jul 02, 2011


oops Apr 30, 2011

nice dick can i touch it

Upc Apr 29, 2011


ZypheN Apr 29, 2011

Kyou??? :(

Cres Dec 04, 2010

haiii i wud like 2 b ur friend on the internetz *blush*

High Templar Nov 17, 2010


Zackary Nov 11, 2010


oops Nov 10, 2010

fuck these gawking nerds. id smash tho

ZypheN Nov 10, 2010


Display Sep 08, 2010


Mobey Aug 26, 2010

you're cute!

SouthernGal Jul 18, 2010

disapproves the second picture! bad kyou!

Zhou Jul 15, 2010

wheres my "hi" picture :[

Moltenrock Jul 08, 2010


TiZzNoTiC Jul 08, 2010

Im on Patron, Tequila! By the end of the night ima have you so fucked up!

Cres Jul 07, 2010

gj kyou

Catatstrophe Jul 01, 2010


Rocket Soldier Jul 01, 2010

Nope, those are all renders. :D It's our final project for one of the courses this semester. :D Do they look real? :D Would you hire me to design your house one day??? :D

lady starlight Jun 15, 2010

u didnt see the pic of me tattooing myself? LOL

lady starlight May 17, 2010

Career wise: tattoo artist. so it's fitting.

ZypheN Apr 21, 2010

goddess chill with the webcam.

Refer Apr 21, 2010


Nasty Apr 21, 2010

You look amazing

Goddess Apr 21, 2010

lets webcam :)

create Apr 21, 2010

u > messy girl

Product Apr 20, 2010

ur cute =]

ZypheN Apr 20, 2010

no lip ring?

lady starlight Mar 28, 2010

how's getting tats on the arms risky?

Bware Mar 23, 2010

weeelll. this is the myspace. http://www.myspace.com/tinshawmusic the recordings on there are all.. pretty horrible, and only the newest song has me playing on it. so ignore mostly, that whole link lol, but yeah.

Bware Mar 22, 2010

petal come here my band has a show on saturday!

Fitted Mar 21, 2010

very cute

Channabis Mar 16, 2010

xD tottally in the pit hahaha

Cres Mar 04, 2010

marry me? i take u 2 taj mahal

MoNo. Feb 25, 2010

Thank you :D

Raazi Feb 22, 2010

Petal, you are much hotter than kitty

TagMor Feb 19, 2010

sweet petal

Aerin Feb 15, 2010

herro do you have a tongue ring too?

High Templar Feb 14, 2010

oh hai

Mobey Feb 09, 2010

ohhhh new piccy. and this time no confusion of which azn you are! cute and love that lip ring.

Lenny Feb 06, 2010

I'm sure I could definitely put goosebumps everywhere =D

Buddhist Feb 06, 2010

a very good name that suits you Ms. Petal.

Zhou Feb 06, 2010

you need snakebites :)

Missa Feb 05, 2010

Hah I was going to tell you I like your cheek bones, too! I'm with absurd, here.

Guero Feb 05, 2010

is not petal a man? :I

Lenny Feb 04, 2010

Helen so pertyyy =)

Zazu Feb 04, 2010

You're a sexy Asian.. &lt;3

absurd99 Feb 02, 2010

Nice cheek bones.

NO <3 Feb 02, 2010

your hair is everywhere, screaming infidelity and taking it's wear...

Cres Feb 02, 2010

Hey look its that girl Helen.

Gripe Feb 02, 2010

If looks could kill, you'd be arrested for attempted murder, and robbery cause let's be honest, ur not gonna leave the wallet and jewely.. you're not stupid..

ZypheN Feb 02, 2010

I don't normally say this but your hair looks really good in this, and just since I've sad it every other time so does the lip ring.

lag killer Jan 26, 2010

Hi mamacita!

TutoXD Jan 18, 2010


Airship Jan 18, 2010

allo o/ bunny!

Zazu Jan 17, 2010

Very cute!

Jinco Jan 13, 2010


Exalt Jan 08, 2010

cute :D

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

The first pic: the girl on the left has way too much shoulders.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 24, 2009

awww Thank you!!

Raazi Dec 18, 2009

Call me when u want &quot;Happy Ending&quot;

lag killer Dec 12, 2009

yessir! you should spray paint him yellow ;)btw, your friend has mad asian glow lol

Lenny Dec 12, 2009

You have gotten pretty hairy lately, mwahaha

lag killer Dec 08, 2009

The reason why I'm a SF Giants fan! LILO, I didn't know you owned Bunnicula

Zazu Dec 08, 2009

lols ofcourse I play the piano. Why else would I have that pic in my gallery? Think I'm faking? LOL

Devest Dec 07, 2009

you're not supposed to keep rabbits in wire bottomed cages. they don't have pads on their feet.

Zazu Dec 07, 2009

So.. with the new picture I guess we need some information about who you are this time. Three people to choose from (considering you're probably not a rabbit). &lt;3 I love the lip piercing btw (if that's you) !

miskrit Dec 07, 2009

Your bunny is the definition of thug life.

ZypheN Dec 06, 2009

Thank you, but yea I actually have two, they're both black and on the right side one is just smaller then the other. But I dunno if it's worth putting any more pics up on tw gallery to be honest lol we'll see.

Swig Dec 02, 2009


Zazu Dec 01, 2009

So which one is you? Hope the middle one. Definitely the cutest!

Lenny Dec 01, 2009

I know, mine our amazing =)

ZypheN Dec 01, 2009

Your lip ring looks almost as good as my new one.

Affliction Dec 01, 2009

rawrrrrr baby is here for temp... ;[

Lenny Nov 30, 2009

That lip piercing is fake =P

Affliction Nov 30, 2009

Hey Petal! hahaha are you the one stickin tha tongue out? Or the one with the piercing?

NO <3 Nov 30, 2009

uh oh someones got the herps on her chin lol -_-

Tank55 Nov 28, 2009

is that far left looking at or far left from their prospective?!

Goddess Nov 27, 2009

not one of them is &quot;petal&quot; as petal is male. He's told me so on many occasions.

Squadless Oct 22, 2009

LOLOL is this like finding waldo???

Postman Pat! Oct 07, 2009

do i get a cookie? :)

ZypheN Sep 30, 2009

ew that's not fair, couldn't see the lip ring from that far lol

ZypheN Sep 22, 2009

i'm with bware, we close?

Bware Sep 17, 2009

second from the left

Gripe Sep 17, 2009

I can't tell they all look the same?!

Tasty Sep 15, 2009

petal, you need to come on more often. i miss you!

Fooly Cooly Sep 12, 2009

one on left of short girl is best. i will take any tho

NO <3 Sep 11, 2009

why try when 2many azn. sup with dumbo ears in the blue -_-

Zazu Sep 09, 2009

LOL Mobey!

Mobey Sep 09, 2009

definately the gay-not-out-of-the-closet-yet blue shirted dude, far right.

KuleniKs Sep 09, 2009

Petal is the lesbian in the very front row.

L3MU3L Sep 08, 2009

oh yeah it's helan rofl.....fail

L3MU3L Sep 08, 2009

lauren sux

keLin Sep 08, 2009

Petal! Found you. Much &lt;3s. Looks like you all had a fun night. Seeya around :3.

Zazu Sep 08, 2009

Love it when people post a pic of 6541574 people and make you guess which of them they are. I'd vote for the second on the right. Looks as if she just lost a TWL match.

Goddess Sep 08, 2009

You have told me several times that you are male... so which of the males are you

Lenny Sep 07, 2009

Orly? =D

Postman Pat! Sep 07, 2009

yay! petal put a pic up too! i cant remember which one you are1 but ur definitly cute!

Lenny Aug 06, 2009

Your picture is so hawt, zomggggg I just came.

lag killer Jul 22, 2009

Okay, you rep Taiwan, and I'll rep the rest of East Asia!

Lenny Jul 20, 2009

Hai, your face is cool and you gots moar hairs than me! haha

Schfifty-Five Jul 20, 2009


Tabo Jul 20, 2009

omg hahaha that was so funny. yeah i dont know either but w/e

ZypheN Jul 20, 2009

It that obvious?

ZypheN Jul 20, 2009

It that obvious?

Nixi Jul 20, 2009

Aw, thank you! ^_^ I think you're gorgeous

killah Jul 20, 2009

had no clue you were a female.. wouldnt have killed u as much

Keith Jul 19, 2009

Wow I want..

lag killer Jul 15, 2009

what kind of asian are you

Tabo Jul 14, 2009

SAVE ME FROM GODDESSS!!!! lolz cute pics your tiny girl

NO <3 Jul 14, 2009

wtf happend to my toma pic =/

Lenny Jul 13, 2009

Zomggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gg hai.

Arobas+ Jul 12, 2009

We doing our best, some are checked via tineye.com

ZypheN Jul 12, 2009

That lip ring is sexy.

High Templar Jul 12, 2009

The girl in these pictures is pretty good looking. Do you have her #?

Ohmalee Jul 12, 2009


KillerGt Jul 12, 2009

Auto-invite to the next squad I make!

L3MU3L Jun 16, 2009

Hey buddy, nice to see you in the club!

MegaVysLectable Jun 14, 2009

Tits or GTFO

wicket666 Jun 13, 2009

i love the i ran from toma pic

ZenaBee Jun 12, 2009

:P haha welcome to da club, u've been officialy tomma'd.

NO <3 Jun 12, 2009

bahahahahha welcome to the PARTY. check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Bware Jun 12, 2009


Gripe Jun 11, 2009

get a connection, son

Audrey Jun 10, 2009

awww you got some pretty eyez gal! =D

Upc Jun 10, 2009

Hi :)

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009


Bware Jun 08, 2009


Havok Jun 07, 2009

half your face is real pretty

Gripe Jun 06, 2009

here they come..

Schfifty-Five Jun 06, 2009

Unf unf unf.

Swig Jun 06, 2009

look really cute

t0ma Jun 06, 2009

Got boobs? Hey petal :P

pee pee sock Jun 05, 2009


Ohmalee Jun 05, 2009

lol @ l3m

NO <3 Jun 05, 2009

sofa king gey

ben_dover Jun 05, 2009

I bet u have a beautiful smile, such a tease. j.k ;)

Gripe Jun 05, 2009

Petal is a girl?

L3MU3L Jun 05, 2009

I bet all these newbs gonna talk shit cuz you not showing your face...I've seen her face and body HAHAHAHA, GG NEWBS.