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Age 39
Location Henry County, Georgia
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website myspace.com
Where I can be found ?find Ohmalee

Things I Like 
Books Black people cant read?
Movies 300, Iron Man
Musics Senses Fail


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Paradise Dec 10, 2017

hey jaquan..do you know best irl?

Sirius Sep 11, 2010

Yo what happened to the azn chick with the big tits picture...need more pics of her

eez May 06, 2010


Display Apr 06, 2010

yah dawgs im chillen my shades be matchin holla back brotha

Kinky-Girl Apr 06, 2010


Display Mar 03, 2010

hey what zoo u come out of

L3MU3L Jan 24, 2010

u need a new jacket faggot

nakedbumwithastick Jan 22, 2010


Kid Kaos Dec 29, 2009

Lol I was just kiddn u ne wayz but it does seem pink to me for some reason. :p

Kid Kaos Dec 27, 2009

You have a pink skateboard........

Goddess Nov 07, 2009

yes gripe cant understand anyone having a life

Red Satin Sep 23, 2009

lol i didnt kno i was "scene"

shayde_chaos Sep 17, 2009

lol very nice :D

Gripe Sep 17, 2009

silly ohmalee.. no one quits.. it won't let you.

Gripe Sep 17, 2009


Mobey Sep 09, 2009


L3MU3L Aug 27, 2009

goddamn ur a dark one

Hank! Aug 22, 2009

is buddy lee yer kinfolk?

Mage+ Aug 21, 2009

negro LOL

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 15, 2009

LOOL I'm trying to get meep back on too :/ I miss herrrrrrrrr!! I might take my picture off again who knows..But Beware :F

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 07, 2009

:) its better this way.

Social Life Aug 04, 2009

ohmalee is homeless?, makes sense

ReKall Jul 29, 2009

seen pics nerd, lol i dont think i need a 13 yr old kid telling me if i have "swag"

ReKall Jul 28, 2009

lolool someone who hangs out with asians has no idea what swag is..Soon young grasshopper, SOon

killah Jul 27, 2009

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL the funniest pick ever

MEEEp Jul 27, 2009

you dont know where i live.. soo.. hahaha!

ReKall Jul 27, 2009

The thing is Your more Asian than me Kid. THANKS.

Sandie Jul 26, 2009


Tabo Jul 23, 2009

you are so burnt >.< <3

ReKall Jul 23, 2009

First of all Im not Asian, I was born in Guam. So that makes me Pacific Islander. 2nd of all Im not ASIAN lol

ReKall Jul 22, 2009

Ya but you still see me hoopin these 7 footers...I mean If your a BALLER it really doesnt matter. Bein 5'9 didnt stop me from avg 17.8 pts a game. IM SWAG SURFIN SON

Weak Jul 17, 2009

lol thats my gf, and i am gonna stay wit her lol

Spacely Jul 16, 2009

ohmalee ohmalee ohmalee. deleting my posts already and i jus getting warmed up bud. guess you cant take it. my grandpa use to say "dont talk shit unless you like shit talking" so i suggest you stfu newb and study some masters

Ohmalee Jul 14, 2009


Shawn Jul 13, 2009


Swig Jul 13, 2009

well i mean shit do what you do but watch my shoes

Flew Jul 12, 2009

holy shit ur b***k

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 10, 2009


Ohmalee Jul 10, 2009


Rasaq Jul 07, 2009

Um...scrap tires with steel out. :)

Exalt Jul 07, 2009


Spacely Jul 05, 2009

your a scumbag loser who stinks like pooh, standing on the corner with a sign "will work for food". why dont you clean up your act and stop being a slob, then maybe one day you can be a man and get a job.

Mobey Jul 05, 2009

caps is cruise control for cooooooooool.

Tabo Jul 04, 2009

Lol :P

Tabo Jul 04, 2009

lol you are sooooo black

Mobey Jul 04, 2009

kid. stop trying to be funny also: you're black. come to my place in England you won't last 5 seconds on the streets.

Shadowmere Jul 03, 2009


Friction Jul 01, 2009

when do we see the pics everyone was talkin bout?

Weak Jun 29, 2009

LoL NiCe

Suppression Jun 29, 2009

yeah be jealous of my new pic lol

wicket666 Jun 28, 2009


Suppression Jun 28, 2009

thatz some funny shit man

Audrey Jun 28, 2009


R.I.P Jun 28, 2009


ZenaBee Jun 28, 2009

:P lol ohmale

NO <3 Jun 28, 2009

hahahaha epic!

Exile- Jun 28, 2009

HAHA! oh wow.

Ohmalee Jun 28, 2009

#1 Most Pro picture on gallery..I know. Thank you! :P

Suppression Jun 25, 2009

lol, ohm is a wannabee azn.

lag killer Jun 25, 2009

Damn man, why are all these people hating on you? No worries, I don't discriminate! One love bro

Money Jun 24, 2009

fagboy decided to quit

Ohmalee Jun 22, 2009


Spacely Jun 22, 2009

doesnt he look like that nerdy lil black boy that use to come hangout with cosby's daughter

L3MU3L Jun 19, 2009

LOL I thought it was the bathroom too, like he was taking a shit and playing the guitar...wait...that sounds awesome!

danyell!! Jun 19, 2009

Oh... sometimes tile can be confusing I suppose... -.- lol

danyell!! Jun 19, 2009

=) sooo... Why are you in the bathroom with your guitar? haha

Raazi Jun 17, 2009

Look at Ohmalee's friends, so happy to be hanging out with a black guy.

RENZI Jun 17, 2009

u obssessed with me or what

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 16, 2009

A joke is a joke until someones starts to choke :B LOL

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 15, 2009

LOOL what the hell?

Shawn Jun 15, 2009

SILLY OHMA, your not asian!

Cojafoji Jun 12, 2009

I was day dreaming about beer thanks. Looks like you're dreamin' bout some PURPLE DRANK in most of yours. IMAGRIPNSIP.

L3MU3L Jun 11, 2009

owned ohm...straight owned son

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Gripe Jun 10, 2009

Hey kid if you want to go to the 1980's get a DeLorean. GG FGT

Gripe Jun 09, 2009

No. If he missed 1980 by 29 years, he'd still have 1981-1989... You can't say he mised the 1980's by 29 years, he only missed 1980 by 29 years. Get good kid

Gripe Jun 09, 2009

you said &quot;you missed the 80's by 29 years&quot;... no, he missed the 80's by 20 years.. 1989-2009... LEARN MORE IN SCHOOL KID

Mango. Jun 08, 2009

black person? what an oxymoron

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

Wow this is crazy, these kids never seen a black person before?

KuleniKs Jun 08, 2009


wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

you see in second pick-hes liek yea im going to get me some of this!

L3MU3L Jun 07, 2009

Son a bitch your black!

KillerGt Jun 06, 2009

haha. Mango wouldn't dare put any pics up u know. he knows better. he knows ppl gonna trash him, it would be samrt of him not too. Besides, he probably lacks the confidence to let him self be displayed any where public at all.

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

14... lol

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

lol id expect those insults from my 3 year old cousin

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

btw a baby goat is called a KID. IDIOT. and his name is raul with an accent mark over the u. FYI BITCH

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

thats not my drumset*

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

it looks like you just have a slab of skin from your nose up cause your glasses are the same color as the rest of your skin in the last pic** oh and way to mack up on that cross-eyed beaver-toothed asian bitch in the 2nd pic $$$

RENZI Jun 05, 2009

what happened to your face in the 3rd pic? it looks like you just have a slab of skin from your nose up cause your glasses are the same color as the rest of your skin. lol does the asian in the 3rd pic have palsy in his right hand? DAMN YOU UGLY FAGGOT ASS

Mango. Jun 02, 2009

im sexy

Lycanthropy Jun 02, 2009

It was a grill son.

Mango. May 31, 2009

ur nowhere close to being gangsta, you live in the suburbs with a bunch of asians

Mango. May 31, 2009

you gay dawg

Growing May 30, 2009

ur such a hater ohm hahaha if u still want WB lessons let me know :)

Growing May 29, 2009

oooooo ooooo ahhh ahhh

PWND May 29, 2009

That's probably a first-act guitar.

Sirius May 29, 2009

LOLS for sure dude....gotta get that shit

Sirius May 29, 2009

Am I the only one that notices that shit even over the black shirt

Sirius May 29, 2009

Damn that 12 year old azn chick in the middle got some big-ass tits for her age

Ohmalee May 28, 2009

LMFAO! Skyn!

Skyn May 28, 2009

I'm usually not attracted to black girls, but daaaaayyyuuuum!

hypocrites May 26, 2009

doesn't black attract heat? then damn...you must be f*cking boiling out in the sun...

s.i.k. May 26, 2009

lol@this kid..looks like he has to weatch where he walks being careful not to trip over his bottom lip..And Remeber! when you play hide n seek in the dark..dont smile youll never be found..

ReKall May 26, 2009

Gucci bandanna, Call me Gucci Montana. Lol come on soulja boy turn your swag on and quit hangin out with those bum ass asians..

Bware May 26, 2009

is that a squier?

Primary May 25, 2009

lol that guy is pretty redneck hahahahahahah, oh, nice gee-tar ohma ^^

Ohmalee May 25, 2009

lmao, team redneck tryin to roast. XD

hypocrites May 25, 2009

lol wow this kid has room to be posting on others pics but look at him sad sad

s.i.k. May 24, 2009

goddamn i thought i have seen burnt..i was wrong..jeez you look like you're extra extra crispy

Weak May 24, 2009

no doubt bro

Weak May 23, 2009

dude ur guitar is ballin

Weak May 23, 2009

lol u been smokin the somalian weed

chars! May 23, 2009

I'm suprised myself how you young guys even find continuum. [2]

L3MU3L May 22, 2009

On that top pic it looks like your sitting on a toilet lmao.

Dameon Angell May 22, 2009

Well it's a great fashion accessory, lol

carburetor May 22, 2009

forgot to ask: where the fuck you live at to be with all the asians?!?!

danyell!! May 21, 2009

You play?

Dameon Angell May 21, 2009

Like the Guitar

Rubi May 21, 2009

Fuck up piece of shit. How the fuck am I acting black? Piece of shit. Look who you hang with. WHITE BOYS HAHAHA. Black guy hanging out with White boys.. funny.. Why dont you show me how to be BLACK?

Pandagirl! May 21, 2009

Nope sorry I don't give out my number :)

Refer May 21, 2009

what you talking about? i broke up with her so i can be with you.

hungrywolf May 20, 2009

I'm suprised myself how you young guys even find continuum.

Exalt May 20, 2009

lol weight, hes just a bigger dude

megaman89 May 20, 2009

it's the same girl lol

Exalt May 19, 2009

u remind me of my boy bryant, just way skinnier

KuleniKs May 18, 2009

Swaggg is right my friend. I see you have some too. $.

Democrat May 18, 2009

I do work out. Don't u see me benching 20-3 vs u?

Cadbury May 17, 2009

sorry, she's taken

TagMor May 17, 2009

lol shin

ShinBet May 16, 2009

carburetor: That is wrong, very wrong. you are the kind that should be exterminated, you are evil.

Ignite May 15, 2009

lol man, you know winky- = nixi, a 24 year old white man tranny that found hot asian model pics on myspace, right? just looking out bro

NO <3 May 14, 2009

werd up

Refer May 14, 2009

i'd tap you.

Caracal May 14, 2009

lol jrahen you just want him..

Jrahen May 14, 2009

dam you looks ugly as fuk

SquallFF8 May 14, 2009


Mhz May 14, 2009

I see you play the role of 'novelty black guy' amongst the asians. Good work, poser ;)

a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009

haha, yeah, my little pony tatts are hardcore... every biker gang member should get one!

Valholy May 14, 2009


BarkingMAD May 13, 2009

dude i dont know what ur comment means

SquallFF8 May 13, 2009

too light and too young. Possibly in a few years tho

Tabo May 13, 2009

Wow you are some kinda black arntcha

Nixi May 13, 2009

Yo dis foo be straight STREET! skeet skeet ni- ...nevermind.

Ohmalee May 12, 2009

wow l3m. that hurts :( lol

L3MU3L May 11, 2009

Ohm your cool to talk to but you really need some wardrobe advice bro...i mean seriously...

Jerome May 11, 2009

because santa was too busy paying his percentage of your welfare checks, sweetie

Schfifty-Five May 10, 2009

So fresh &amp; so clean

Schfifty-Five May 10, 2009

Thuggin' gangster kid?

Imagine May 03, 2009

Whats up Soulja Boy.

ZenaBee Apr 30, 2009

Woah, cool dude, never saw ur pics before :P

Panda Bear Apr 28, 2009

ohmalee, join my squadron? :]

ISRAELI F15-I ACE Apr 26, 2009

say whhhhhhhaaaat ... ohhhh kaaay . you look like someone that gets his friends into trouble . like the sunglasses also, oldschool .

Mango. Apr 17, 2009

sup dawg