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Age 29
Gender Not telling you geeks

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Musics leather.
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2pacZ Apr 06, 2016

u a loser

Die When Hit!! Oct 10, 2011

Wtf dude, are you meditating on that last pic?

Mossad Feb 24, 2010

Ignite, where you at? i miss you. get back on TW.

Desaphine Aug 29, 2009

one day thats gonna be my wallet >:D

Shan Aug 25, 2009


Absent Aug 15, 2009

Picking a flower? LOL fag

Halo Divine Jul 28, 2009


Insane Hotdog Jul 22, 2009

dark star fuk your mum

Jrahen Jul 21, 2009

sup flowerboi

Mage+ Jul 19, 2009

your cute, ill be back in ss soon baby

stompa Jul 03, 2009

thanks for the fashion advice :>

Pandagirl! Jul 03, 2009

Oh don't flatter yourself into thinking I'd do any of those things. I'm not soupero.

stompa Jun 30, 2009

prolly #1 troll in tw

Helped Jun 29, 2009

Tryin to hide ur small package behind a big present ;D nice try

Dark*Star360 Jun 25, 2009


Hate The Fake Jun 16, 2009

I'd hit it... The box i mean :)

New Jersey Jun 16, 2009

its because 2 things you didnt pick paul in twdt and you still havent let me join quake so after that it'll come easier ttyl baby cakes

killah Jun 16, 2009

LOL #1 wallet is so TRU :)

the_paul Jun 15, 2009

Ignite is the man

SaFia Jun 13, 2009

#3 most popular, YOU'RE SLIPPIN IGNITE!

danyell!! Jun 13, 2009

Join Dimebags?

Petal Jun 12, 2009


Mega Newbie Jun 12, 2009

U did sit in a ROCK SOFA, just like in FLINSTONEs

infrared Jun 11, 2009

should hav added me lj fuk

F22 Raptor Jun 11, 2009

Pimps i say! $

Kentaro Jun 10, 2009

not hard if ur in markham ignite

Iron Survivor Jun 09, 2009


chars! Jun 07, 2009

$$ ftw

Dark*Star360 Jun 07, 2009

who's the black chick?

Raazi Jun 07, 2009

Ignite wins at life.

Pandagirl! Jun 06, 2009

Hmmm what'd I do to deserve that

Shan Jun 06, 2009

How come I lost you twlj :(?

New Jersey Jun 06, 2009

i know you are just mad i dont have moobies its okay i still love you

Shan Jun 05, 2009

How you doing Jordan?

PWND Jun 05, 2009


Corleone May 28, 2009

well ignite, u look just about like what i imagined.

Goddess May 26, 2009

ur funny... stop looking at my pics late at night lolz

Weak May 23, 2009

ill put my dick in her box

ben_dover May 22, 2009

im jealous of the box!

Dameon Angell May 22, 2009

We gotta kick it in Chi City

Skilder May 21, 2009

gonna e-punch u

ben_dover May 21, 2009

We need to get u a bigger wallet.

Pandagirl! May 21, 2009

Did you really need to see the beads to figure that out? Although, those belong to my roommate

Roiwerk May 21, 2009

Ignite my brother!

Tmac May 21, 2009

still in shock you arn't black

lady starlight May 20, 2009

as a matter of fact, I know both. plus, I used to play softball and baseball.

Golden_Aim May 19, 2009


lady starlight May 19, 2009

fuck the yanks! go mets!!

Arobas+ May 19, 2009

what??? that's a terrible news Ignite.. broken dream

Money May 18, 2009

you'll love his nuts!

Democrat May 18, 2009

u should sell shamwows

Imagine May 17, 2009


Ohmalee May 15, 2009

Doubt it.

Valentine Rose May 15, 2009

Is TOMA in one of your pictures? :(

Guero May 15, 2009

Nice party... ignite top 1 wallet in trenchwars having fun.. is T0MA the girl that dressed like lucifer? OMG i own you all with my english..

Caracal May 14, 2009

that box is a little high.. lol and does number 1 wallet also include paying those girls to take pics with you? lol jk man i love u

Valentine Rose May 14, 2009

don't touch my cannoli.

Die When Hit!! May 14, 2009

Which blonde girl do you mean Ignite? Btw... is your gf on a pic? The devil or the bunny ;)?

Condom May 14, 2009

Hey I'd like to make a hair appointment, do you have an opening anytime next week?

SaFia May 14, 2009

your pics got some personality >=)

Tabo May 13, 2009

beautiful house....Rich fuck

Die When Hit!! May 13, 2009

What a pimp... what country are you from? USA?

phatfarm May 13, 2009

hey big brother lets play some 4v1 bball outside

Children May 12, 2009

Can i crack some peanuts on your chest, then rub a full bar of butter on it until it turns into butter than cover ur chest of v.i.a. bread slices, than toast you up? oh wait ur hot as FUK..no need for toasting <3

SquallFF8 May 12, 2009

u crack me up

TNTkilla May 11, 2009

ignite rofl nice costume

Ignite May 07, 2009

We're squadding together in 2012, Ardour. Don't forget!

Ardour May 07, 2009

When I grow up, I want to be like you.

Zhou May 06, 2009

nice shades papi

ShinBet May 06, 2009

igniteed me

Kid Kaos May 06, 2009

ACP, only gay men do that shit.

A Cold Place May 04, 2009

Even real men, stop to smell the flowers sometimes.

Shan May 04, 2009


Elven May 03, 2009


Children May 03, 2009

id smash

Ward May 02, 2009

bro u have huuuuuuuuge nostrils lol

Tabo May 01, 2009

Thats my husband in iraq right now. :) so yea i do support the troops, even more so because my husband is in the army.

R.I.P May 01, 2009

ohemgee m shattered, you took my comment about you wanting dick off ): haha not desperate, girlfriend plays (:

Mhz Apr 26, 2009

i think those shades bring out a darker side of you, ignite :)

ISRAELI F15-I ACE Apr 26, 2009

i always knew you had somthing special in you . Your the kind of guy every guy wants as a friend and each girl want in her bed . i just wonder how you managed to wrapp all the package inside that small box .

Jolly Fat Man Apr 25, 2009


Huge Eat Apr 22, 2009

LMAO....thats all. better than most pics on here show u actually have a life

SexualRobotics Apr 18, 2009

Hello sir.

Lagua Apr 14, 2009

wanna date ignite? Bring a flower for me and ill work you boy

TagMor Apr 02, 2009

you have a dominant zygomatic arch, suggesting a large appetite.

danyell!! Mar 25, 2009

you have the dumbest look on your face EVER in the last pic. its pretty funny actually lmao.

Winky- Mar 23, 2009

Step 1.) Cut a hole in that box...