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Age 32
Location UK
Gender Male
Where I can be found base/javs/twjd

Things I Like 
Books Christopher Hitchens
Songs 140bpm


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pee pee sock Dec 31, 2011

u done?

Hunt Dec 28, 2011

handsome cunt

THecRiPT Dec 27, 2011

well well well, if it isnt the origin of homosexuality, nice pics bro.... no wonder you edit my face on gayporn...

Omega Red Apr 25, 2011

nerd down

Exalt Jul 25, 2010

I'm sorry you are such a nerd, but not all of us can be normal! Jesus loves you at least.

Exalt Jul 25, 2010

You look like shit, bro.

Exalt May 28, 2010

haha, haters come in droves when they are jealous!

Healt Nov 11, 2009

poor mans breakfast :p

Audrey Nov 11, 2009

I do not have a kid......

Exalt Nov 06, 2009

Does your boyfriend respond to "cockadoodledoo"?

Exalt Nov 02, 2009

have you looked in the mirror? Whose the ugly one kid? :) You are! :D

lady starlight Nov 02, 2009

"yeah right" what?

Golden_Aim Oct 08, 2009

sup nub

Weak Aug 28, 2009


Hunt Aug 27, 2009


Hunt Aug 27, 2009

no <3 his dick is probably tall than u u 2 foot tall shrimp fuk

Weak Aug 16, 2009

what? :(

Weak Jul 30, 2009


Mage+ Jul 24, 2009

your hawt man

Skynyrd Jul 17, 2009


danyell!! Jul 15, 2009

well at least you are all dressed up in the 2nd one :)

danyell!! Jul 12, 2009

In that first pic you ARE the golden child or some shit man. lmao

pee pee sock Jul 11, 2009

ill b seein u irl very soon kid. ur asshole gunna b soar for weeks. pussy ass euro

Mhz Jul 10, 2009

haha i know, he gets very emotional.

audit Jul 09, 2009

lol no <3 has a boner for you apparently dude

Democrat Jul 07, 2009

looks like one of those homosexual europeans

NO <3 Jun 12, 2009

you keep talking bout my dick like kind of homo, i bet any amount of money my dicks bigger than yours loser.

NO <3 Jun 12, 2009

lol your sad attempts to poke at false stereotypes created by insecure ignorant white males such as yourself.

Golden_Aim Jun 08, 2009

yooooo, g, wazaaaa.. catch u in space... Joke of the day: whats common with a condom and bmw, both got dick as a driver

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

lol, cargo shorts, lame t shirt, a gay hat and laying down with a dude? i would say &quot;try harder&quot; but it looks like you got it hard for him already. -_-

Revolt Jun 02, 2009

you know it.

NO <3 May 29, 2009

good effort on that last comment, still need a lot more work for E credit.

NO <3 May 23, 2009

since you are dumber than you look i posted a pic to show you what a flex look like. enjoy

NO <3 May 23, 2009

speaking of &quot;hard&quot; all your pics screams &quot;im gay for you&quot; like you sent them to a homosexual ad forum or something. go suck a dick ya faggot.

pee pee sock May 22, 2009


Golden_Aim May 19, 2009


NO <3 May 19, 2009

tensed bicep? if you are trying to say im flexing then im taking that as a compliment. 1. i'm not flexing, my arm looks like that when they are bent. 2. i have 4.5% body fat and if you dont know what that means go look it up. 3. only someone like you would have to flex to show the slightest ounce of definition in your arms. looking at your 3rd pics speaks for itself.

Mhz May 19, 2009


Money May 19, 2009


Caracal May 16, 2009

whats with guys and commenting on haircuts lol? girls yell at me if i dont have my haircut.. meanwhile u have a combover.. wtf.. why are the kids who need a new haircut commenting on hair lol

pee pee sock May 16, 2009

lil girly boy

a cute fuzzy kitten May 15, 2009

that's a jason mraz hat... and you can pull it off quite well. rawr

NO <3 May 15, 2009

1.top pic- MHz is plotting on his next victim. 2. middle pic-he slips a lil' something in his drink. 3.bottom pic-looks like the drugs you gave him started working nicely... fag

Ohmalee May 14, 2009

when i said &quot;meh...&quot; it wasnt meant to be an insult. and plus i dont even hang out with asians alot, they just happen to take the best pictures. so gtfo bobble head..

Caracal May 14, 2009

lol i always thought you would be some big guy for how you talk... apparently i was wrong...

Ohmalee May 13, 2009


SquallFF8 May 12, 2009

how does this twig talk so much? pee pee sock would destroy you irl. pussy

pee pee sock May 08, 2009

lol u got voted ugly, nerdy, and weak. gg. i wanna fight u sooo bad

Ignite May 04, 2009

Mhz is a good looking dude.

Imagine May 03, 2009

Headz.. let me borrow some money

Mhz May 02, 2009

haha, so stoned in that pic..hence toast

TagMor May 01, 2009


pee pee sock Apr 29, 2009

u and ur buddy tripin have a nice picnic? id fuck u both up at same time. gg tho kids

Slaughter Apr 28, 2009

haha i know man, is that last pic from some festival or something? you look hungover

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

even if i was gay i would not go for a fugly guy like you, btw your the one laying down with a guy queer.

Slaughter Apr 27, 2009

haha thats how I mostly play tho cuz I watch tv when I play

Mhz Apr 26, 2009

you couldnt reach me beamer ;)

pee pee sock Apr 22, 2009

loool id knock u out so ez kid