a cute fuzzy kitten

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Zazu Mar 28, 2010

Nice! Haven't seen you before.. A fan of "My Little Pony"? Cute!

Welfare Dec 21, 2009

a cute tatted up kitty

Gripe Aug 27, 2009

let's get back together, i've been so lonely.

Cichlid Aug 16, 2009


Mage+ Jul 23, 2009

your cute miss

sweetie.pie Jul 17, 2009

love the first pic <3 and your daughter is an absolute doll sugar.

Blit Jul 03, 2009

why hello there beautiful.

Weak Jun 29, 2009


Exalt Jun 20, 2009

LOL SCROTAL LOL LOL LOL wowowow Oh god these forums turned into match.com

Valentine Rose Jun 17, 2009


Scrotal Jun 17, 2009

I'm in the military if you want me to be.

Mobey Jun 14, 2009

you're definately worth a squirt. peircings are hot.

Gripe Jun 12, 2009

oooh yeah.. you've been away for awhile. um.. yeah i don't really know how to say this but.. i'm uh.. I kind of started seeing someone else. I'm sorry.

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

It feels like you don't even have time for this relationship..

Kittah Monster Jun 10, 2009

LOL omgosh! your cute as hell! lolz my favorite is the mean kitty face at the top its freakin $$$$$ haha =^.^= Miaow my darlin. :D

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

She's so Lucky she's a star, so why does she CRY CRY CRY through the lonely nites!

PWND Jun 08, 2009

Haha, thanks. They're pants. Cute pics btw

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

hahahaha, i got nothin

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

you can wear it while you're making me breakfast in the morning.

Desirous Jun 08, 2009


NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

i could Usher you girl but first you gotta let that comment burn -_-

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

Will you go steady with me?

Tigron-X Jun 07, 2009

Aren't those horses from a cartoon? Rainbow Brite or something?

Swig Jun 07, 2009

nooooooooo gone before i even had a chance FML

wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

Let me tattoo you!

Exalt Jun 07, 2009

yup, squid not jarhead or groundpounding slug :)

NO <3 Jun 07, 2009

more fuzzy than cute -_-

Gripe Jun 06, 2009

I waited for 2 hours before it finally sank in that you weren't going to show up. I blew out the candles around midnight and cried myself to sleep. Let me know when I can come pick up my sword.

danyell!! Jun 06, 2009

too bad we dont get our own show huh?

Gripe Jun 05, 2009

let's hang out?

Swig Jun 05, 2009

lmao if i wasn't 13 rofl i am 20 soooooooo whats that mean now o.O

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

your bf have a pointy dick? cuz i dont see it. looks more like a a heart to me.

Growing Jun 01, 2009

i wasnt being mean and im sry im not a credible critic but i call em how i see em :) GL and HF

Gripe May 26, 2009


BarkingMAD May 24, 2009

i didnt delete your comments i swears!! i dont know why they arent showing up..im puzzled.

NO <3 May 23, 2009

yea i drew all those pics and no i dont mind those guys comments since i know they are secretly jealous -_- anyways i didnt tak off my pics cuz of your comments, for the most part :o j/k

Gripe May 22, 2009

ok you win, i'll do it sober.

Skilder May 21, 2009

ima so busy bisness man $ haha jk :&gt; i can be found in jav arenas ;)

a widget May 21, 2009

lol, ill put up some soon then. dont worry lol

Swig May 21, 2009

you are a definate badass milf...no disrespect :D

Cadbury May 20, 2009

thanks, like yur peircing xD

Disengaged May 20, 2009

Sick ink. And thanks, looking good yourself :D

danyell!! May 19, 2009

yeah carburetors a hater, but its all good. He dosent take the smile off my face =)

a cute fuzzy kitten May 19, 2009

carburetor, what happened to your kitty cat? i have 3 cats... you can have one of them if you want... one is so old she used to sleep on jesus' lay-z-boy back in the day, one is incredibly bi-polar, and one likes to bring gifts of snakes and earthworms... take your pick!

a widget May 19, 2009

seeing them once wasnt enough? lol

Skilder May 19, 2009

what u want me to share? my bed with u? ;)

Mhz May 19, 2009

why thankyou! x

carburetor May 16, 2009

i would do anything to have that oussy in bed with me, my cat died last year =[

TagMor May 15, 2009

nice tats pretty momma

NO <3 May 15, 2009

sorry to ruin your fantasy but theres no dildo under there, it was just a pose i made so i could draw in a crappy MS paint mic in later :o

Caracal May 15, 2009

yup =) good cuz we need more real girls playing... im tired of getting asked my exploid to cyber... sheesh exploid im sorry.. once a day is enough

Guero May 15, 2009

AHHH! marilyn manson!

Guero May 15, 2009

thats a long nick to play ss

NO <3 May 15, 2009

theres something about you thats hard to explain... na na na ooo mow mow ooo mow mow perv perv perv, pervs the word -_-

PrettyMadness May 15, 2009

:) i was planning on commenting you.. i love your pony tats! i love my lil ponies... they're the shit.

Gripe May 14, 2009

is the chloroform for you or for me?

Jolly Fat Man May 14, 2009

As long as you are thinking about it, that is all that matters.

BarkingMAD May 14, 2009

hey i was gonna say you looked purty..but you made fun of my hat! i buy everything from the sideways shop!!:P

Caracal May 14, 2009

atleast ure not fake =p

Schfifty-Five May 14, 2009

Oh, cool! Maybe we can swap sometime?

Gripe May 14, 2009

half bottle of sailor jerry, i would

pee pee sock May 13, 2009

nice boooobs

Ohmalee May 13, 2009

My little pony tats = Hardcore

Mage+ May 13, 2009

hot look at my pix rate me

Nixi May 12, 2009

Thank you so much for the kind message, it really made me smile :)

danyell!! May 12, 2009

it was actually walmart =P hehe.

Skilder May 12, 2009

2 sexy kittens. enough said.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 10, 2009

oh and that isn't my cat... that's me before my balls got snipped!

a cute fuzzy kitten May 10, 2009

thanks! i'm getting my tattoo finished up next week :D

Kabale und Liebe May 04, 2009

nice tattoo cute face :)

sheep May 03, 2009

boxes are sexy indeed!

Imagine May 03, 2009

Your cat is sexy.

R.I.P May 02, 2009


R.I.P May 02, 2009

i love your peircings (: i really want my lip done

NO <3 May 01, 2009

why is exalt obsessed with my dick? i sense some sexual tension.

Cichlid Apr 30, 2009

You need to keep hitting on!

Exalt Apr 30, 2009

Why is an asian dude talking about his nipples. Are they longer then his 2 inch dick or something?

NO <3 Apr 30, 2009

my nipples? they look all retarded and oval shaped in the pic when in reality its perfectly round -_- also tagmore is staring at more than just my nipples :o

Nixi Apr 29, 2009

Cutenezz all around!

Jolly Fat Man Apr 29, 2009

Well.. that can be arranged. :P

Cichlid Apr 29, 2009

You're so sweet!

Tabo Apr 29, 2009

Thx for the comment &lt;3

Cichlid Apr 29, 2009

Very Good Looking!

Tabo Apr 27, 2009

awww.. your lil girl looks very simliar to my lil girl cheyenne. Cute!

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

i thought fuzzy wuzzy was a bear and fuzzy wuzzy had no hair -_-

ISRAELI F15-I ACE Apr 26, 2009

That kid was born to dd .

Lagua Apr 18, 2009

I love the kitty's -.- U got nice big eye's

a cute fuzzy kitten Apr 09, 2009

drunks are easy to take advantage of. i don't mind.

Havok Apr 09, 2009


Skilder Mar 30, 2009

Nice $