Squad TRAUMA+ (since Aug 10, 2012)
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About Me

Age 41
Location Kissimmee, FL
Gender Male
Where I can be found Pub, base, twbd, twdd

Things I Like 
Books Educational
Movies Action & Comedy
Musics STP, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, RATM, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, RHCP, Pearl Jam,
Songs Rock, Classic Rock, House


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Monkaria Sep 24, 2010

LOL. I wouldn't know ;p I love the films, not bad at all. Jean's such a bitch though lol She should just grow up and stop with the drama!!

Monkaria Sep 22, 2010

Exactly. You could possibly resemble Cyclops from X-Men. NEAT!

Monkaria Sep 20, 2010

I should hope so!!!

Monkaria Sep 19, 2010

I'm not Lil*Piggy at all, or Steve Tyler, or Mr Bean, I'm Monkaria!

Primary Aug 24, 2010

nice glasses, really badass there Tig. Homo. lol.

Mossad Aug 15, 2010

Hey Tigron-X Thanks <3 :)

lady starlight Jun 15, 2010

what if i do have dirty feets? hehe

pee pee sock Jun 12, 2010

cute, not in a faggot way tho

JaneDoe Mar 31, 2010

nah, its a pot rofl.

Zazu Mar 28, 2010

lol yo.. not mine.. : (

Zazu Mar 28, 2010

Sup Tig!

Dominant <ER> Mar 27, 2010

haha sup tig

Money Mar 25, 2010

stunna shades

TranceTunes Mar 24, 2010

thanks man hehehe

FemalePersuasion Mar 08, 2010

Next time I encounter you in the game, I'll give you a picture of it. Didn't mail it due to the whole too-fucking-good-not-to-eat thing. :P

Wayspace Aug 01, 2009

Tig is too school for cool...

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 08, 2009

you kickass!

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 07, 2009

haha, My Little Pony! but you were in the same era :D

a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009


Jolly Fat Man Apr 25, 2009


Afraid Apr 11, 2009

I'd hit it!