"I love you"

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Squad PigOps (since Mar 28, 2023)
Rank Captain
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About Me

Age 38
Location Tiberias
Gender Male
Where I can be found Wbduel
More about me I am a recovering addict.

Things I Like 
Movies The Matrix
Musics Idan Raichel


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General Chang Dec 06, 2023

If tough and handsome is a crime then someone arrest mossad* *no homo

SkyMan's Nov 30, 2023

I have created a telegram Group for the Veterans. t.me/subspaceveterans

2pacZ Sep 23, 2023


Myollnir Jun 25, 2023

you da boss playa

Spank my ass Apr 06, 2023

Love you too Yitzy

2pacZ Mar 17, 2023


David--Kobra Mar 15, 2023

yo yo yo

Fem. Jun 17, 2019

Can you imagine an American with a bunch of C.I.A. agents, with C.I.A. "pride," referencing C.I.A. assassins so openly like this, and doing so on websites and games hosted in other countries? You're OK with that?

BrickRed Jun 10, 2019

Mossad! Wow. It's been yearrrsss. Good to see you and hope you're doing well!

hungrywolf Jul 08, 2014

Good to hear from you mossy. Come see me.

PrettyMadness Mar 17, 2014

will send u my email in a ?message, not posting it online :P

Frightful Mar 16, 2014

Are you a cook? Why are you wearing a hair net?

Dropout Bear Mar 11, 2014

very beautiful specimen in the top pic.. THE GIRL AINT BAD EITHER LOLOLOL

qpr Mar 08, 2014

Sorry for phrasing poorly; i tend to sacrifice accuracy for speed sometimes.

qpr Mar 08, 2014


Display Mar 07, 2014

nice hat

qpr Mar 07, 2014

will miss u bossad, no homo

qpr Mar 07, 2014

(1) with lots of other lies, life threatened me multiple times etc etc. counter-threatening didnt rly help, Lolz.

qpr Mar 07, 2014

btw i quit ss, had a stalker in-game who came up with my irl city name, pretended to have cancer, pretended to take overdoses, coming up (1)

YojimbO^ Mar 06, 2014

Yo its all good in the hood:) much love from stockholm...PZ jerusalem

qpr Feb 24, 2014

right doggy attacks left doggy heart. Pro pics btw u

hungrywolf Feb 23, 2014

Yo Yo, that is hot chick in the pic wink wink

PrettyMadness Feb 22, 2014

luv & miss u as well!

Primary Jan 22, 2014


PrettyMadness Jan 22, 2014

:o oh~ do you enjoy it there?

soupero Jan 01, 2014

You moved to Israel? Why?

weed master.. Sep 13, 2013

mossaaaddd!!! how you been man?

Primary Jul 31, 2013

mossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssad

Practice Target-094 Apr 30, 2013

I like to rob banks.

Mani2312 Mar 29, 2013

How random! Hello. :D

Primary Mar 28, 2013

mossssaddddd! :O

Dropout Bear Mar 28, 2013

what's going on in these pics? wedding? barmitzvah? im a little ignorant, forgive me :)

Channabis Dec 21, 2012


SkyMan's Nov 14, 2012

Ty mossad, I will talk with 24, what medals helps me???

Heisman Nov 13, 2012

u look like a terrorist... LOOOL <3

Mani2312 Oct 12, 2012

Worth it!

Mani2312 Sep 29, 2012

Do shoot him please, yes!

soupero Sep 28, 2012

don't shoot me plz noooooo

Mani2312 Sep 26, 2012

I see. :O

Palm <ER> Sep 26, 2012

God bless you

Mani2312 Sep 25, 2012

Why are you PMing me? I got silenced. lol

Mani2312 Sep 24, 2012

Thanks for the <3. I am a heterosexual male though... <3

Mani2312 Sep 21, 2012

Looking good, dude! You look so... normal. Which surprises me because I remember you saying silly things in public chat!

FozzY2K Sep 21, 2012

Meow meow meow meow! Mmmrrrrow =^.^= <3

24 Jul 22, 2012

Thanks for donating :) I just put your medal up! Gold = $100+

LiL*PiGGy Jun 15, 2012

awww thank you moss :)

fakiiri Jun 13, 2012


Kin Killer Jun 13, 2012

are you gay?

Second Shot Apr 05, 2012

put on a shirt weido

Primary Mar 30, 2012

moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooBA MBAooooooBISSSLIoooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssss sssssad

Jill Shortmilk Mar 11, 2012

Happy Purim to you too :)

Oranje Feb 25, 2012

Hows u?

weed master.. Feb 03, 2012

hey man long time no see.. how ya been? ive been on tw lately man. hope to see you there

fakiiri Jan 19, 2012

Come to Sonate ! =)

BrickRed Jan 02, 2012

U gonna put some dubs on that

LMAO Dec 31, 2011

Mossad my brother can i have 2000 dollars?

LiL*PiGGy Dec 30, 2011

haha thankss :)

qpr Dec 05, 2011

Sup mossybossy

BrickRed Dec 05, 2011

what are all the secret fire crew pics about Yitzy?

hungrywolf Nov 28, 2011


fakiiri Nov 17, 2011

ys tell your adreee, we put our Christmas card to you from finland :)

eelz Oct 26, 2011

sup, this is mosque. hope you're keepin it real.

Primary Oct 01, 2011

mosssssad we love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

MoNo. Sep 28, 2011

Aww. Thank you Mossad!

Primary Sep 24, 2011

oh yeah, i make love you!

Primary Sep 24, 2011

mooOooosaaaaAaaaaad my brother! lets fuck up the world together! remember our duties! remember our homeland!!!!

Timid Tiger Sep 20, 2011

you monkeys are playing with palestinian guerrilla warfare. leave them be. you're not tough. you nuts must be smoking too much puff. let there be peace. PEACE!

fakiiri Sep 19, 2011

Hello dear friend, how are you now?

Velvet*Assassin Sep 16, 2011

you should know who is who... i only know who u are. Yitzy

Gimmick[MFS] Sep 08, 2011

YO.. Didnt know there was a Wall here :) just saying Hi.

Boofcat Sep 06, 2011


BrickRed Aug 10, 2011

U dont mean that Yitzy, u dont mean that.

CoolT!ger9 Aug 07, 2011

Your pics are very cool ;)

BrickRed Aug 03, 2011

So Yitzy, i admire your attempts to gain my trust.

VectorGTS Jul 31, 2011

appreciate, u've also got some nice pics :p

BrickRed Jul 27, 2011

is this the real mossod?

Savey Jun 28, 2011

so you like black cars and pink clothes uh? me too

Cojafoji Jun 27, 2011

Aren't you a little old for roller blades young man?

LiL*PiGGy Jun 10, 2011

Lol no? it's white with black and blue stripes -canucks representing- and 10 canucks flags =]

LiL*PiGGy Jun 08, 2011

my mom has that acura.

BrickRed Jun 08, 2011

I just watched Donnie Brasco few days ago, it pretty much explained the word lawl

jesska Jun 01, 2011

I'm in upstate; the Adirondacks :P

BrickRed Jun 01, 2011

Fuggadaboudit, u watch face/fonejacker?

BrickRed May 27, 2011

so that means ur a spy, who do u work for damnit

BrickRed May 23, 2011

Are u a spy/detective?

pee pee sock May 18, 2011

love u forever

LiL*PiGGy May 12, 2011

You do that =]

Disappearance Apr 30, 2011

sup g

Goddess Apr 26, 2011


Jill Shortmilk Apr 22, 2011

Thats good to hear, Yitzy :)