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fakiiri Jul 12, 2011

Haha, nj :P

Vulcan Jul 11, 2011

yea - red would look better. i was thinking blackish purple, but i just might go for red.. will be cheaper!

BrickRed Jul 08, 2011

Savey, wadup!

Boofcat Jul 07, 2011

boo!! that is all.

Cojafoji Jun 30, 2011

that's... not possible.

Monkaria Jun 30, 2011

In fact, I believe I have found yours :3

Monkaria Jun 28, 2011

You seem to have lost your hair. <3

Mossad Jun 27, 2011


Cojafoji Jun 27, 2011

chef eh? well F U. nah just kidding.