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Crescent Seal Nov 11, 2013

y u call lil*piggy a whore

Mossad Mar 05, 2012

ty sir .. lol doing fine.

LiL*PiGGy Feb 27, 2012

Look, I have it out to one person thinking I could trust him, but that was my mistake. Learned from it, and don't call me a whore.. You dont know me, thanks.

Mossad Apr 14, 2011

my German Friend. How you doing??

Neil Armstrong Jan 24, 2011


Hs Jan 23, 2011

Sup Oranje!

Oranje Jan 22, 2011

SS is a weak craptalker :(

Monkaria Jan 21, 2011

Oranges look delicious silly <3 I'm sure you are stunning :)

Engineers Jan 18, 2011

haha woooooo!!!!

Cadbury Jan 17, 2011

On vacation!

Speedkillz Jan 16, 2011

u sob i'll show you mean

Monkaria Jan 16, 2011

ORANGE JEALOUS? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. You should upload a pic <3

Goddess Jan 16, 2011

nlie is 16 and azn btw hun

Cadbury Jan 15, 2011

miss you!

Oranje Jan 13, 2011

stalk alert!

Display Jan 09, 2011


tupla i Jan 08, 2011

How about if you cool on it?

Speedkillz Oct 09, 2010


Oranje Sep 26, 2010

What a great wall