"yu ken pay mi in sweg... I alsu akcept pub bux"
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The Blind Wingman Feb 14, 2021


Rasaq Nov 17, 2020

What in the absolute FK!

Mani2312 Jun 11, 2020

Ahah good. I remember you weren't very good but lots of fun to play with. :D

soupero Apr 25, 2020


Shaun Jan 15, 2020

omfg you're sweet miss, free rent free food hopes for me ha...I miss u 2?

Mani2312 Mar 14, 2019

You still alive over there? lol

Zazu Jul 05, 2018

#neverforget <3

soupero May 12, 2018


field Oct 30, 2017

hai qtpie

soupero Oct 20, 2017

where u at though

field Aug 14, 2017

hai qt

Zazu Jul 14, 2017


Cres Jul 12, 2017

u done angelgirl

soupero Jun 28, 2017

god I miss you

Cres Aug 29, 2016

in my basement

soupero Aug 28, 2016

where u at

Mani2312 Oct 23, 2015

I'm sure Usoi means ice-cream :3

Usoi Feb 08, 2014

gimme ur cream

Star Fox Jul 03, 2013


Gael Jun 29, 2013


pee pee sock Jun 15, 2013

Ive known u for 4 years and i regret the dsy u were borned. Period.

qpr Jun 01, 2013


Display May 14, 2013

probably not lol. maybe one day. i know you miss me <3

Practice Target-094 Apr 30, 2013


G.R.R.R. Apr 24, 2013

the moment i heard chcehen i thought iranians. glad they are done and we can prosecute and move on.

pee pee sock Apr 20, 2013


qpr Mar 31, 2013


Mani2312 Oct 29, 2012

Wow, never knew you were female. I don't mind dying to you now. :)

G.R.R.R. Oct 16, 2012

oh, hello, person i never met before! i am so glad we ran into each other on my frequency. you're welcome, anytime.

Buried Sep 06, 2012

haha lies:D

Display Aug 29, 2012


Display Aug 29, 2012

love u so much

Buried Jun 30, 2012


MegaVysLectable May 14, 2012

i wanna be da marine in your marshmallow ;)

MegaVysLectable May 14, 2012

damn girlllll, you is fine as fk

G.R.R.R. Apr 12, 2012

lets have sex

qpr Apr 09, 2012


Rasaq Mar 18, 2012

Thought I was special for a second...then I seen there were like 5 others.

Display Mar 16, 2012

obv dats why we married boo

qpr Mar 16, 2012

Thanks, i get that a lot.

MegaVysLectable Feb 11, 2012

Nice Hair

Display Feb 07, 2012

you havent responded to my comment yet. only a few more months baby.. i will be on soon . we shall c each other in space again. i love you my dear

BrickRed Jan 02, 2012

slick hair

Display Dec 18, 2011

the fuk u talkin bout

Display Dec 18, 2011


qpr Dec 10, 2011

The Fk? U mad at me 'coz im black? IMma tell on u.

qpr Dec 05, 2011

display=displaced ?

MoNo. Sep 20, 2011

It's not like what it used to be for sure. Glad you check this tho!

TutoXD Sep 19, 2011

:))) Hey, how are you???

RJ Sep 08, 2011

haha sup girl

MoNo. Sep 08, 2011

Where have you been :/ miss seeing you around.

Display Jun 07, 2011

when the trench wars police off my dick i'll be back to play and spaceship sex you

Display Jun 01, 2011

lol? sup babe its been a minutee for reall , when we gunna catch up on thangs

BobbyLight Feb 07, 2011

looking at you girl...lesves me feeling like a kid with autism...speachless :P

Display Jan 27, 2011

my house..come through

Display Jan 27, 2011

yoo babygirll, missin youu and shit , know u still feelin the same sandrine .. show some love on the page boo

Oranje Jan 17, 2011

:o nice, long vacation then lolz

Oranje Jan 15, 2011

Why did u quit? :/

MoNo. Dec 24, 2010

Miss u!

Display Oct 21, 2010

lol im trying to get back on ..i cant, waiting for somebody to get back 2 me

DupZor Sep 28, 2010

:D hey frenchie named!!!

Display Sep 11, 2010

no way??? wtf

Display Sep 10, 2010

LOL..good 1 babe

Display Sep 09, 2010

we are making an appearance october 2010.. which is next month. possibly sooner. dont worry baby i will be there 2 protect u in trench wars

Display Sep 08, 2010

yo wuts poppin girl ..hope 2 see u around in trench wars one day..wanna beat that pussy upp you feel me

Mobey Aug 30, 2010

SO totally thought you were a guy for like forever.. damn so jealous of that bronzeness.

MoNo. Aug 23, 2010

So sexy!

Level Zero Aug 19, 2010

LOL you're right! You don't look polski!

LiL*PiGGy Aug 17, 2010

I love your hair.

Ohmalee Apr 12, 2010

Yo Cadyy, you still play?

Lycanthropy Sep 20, 2009

What's up Cad? Long time, long time..

Weak Jul 02, 2009


pee pee sock May 20, 2009

lol oooops. GG

pee pee sock May 20, 2009

ur ugly.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 19, 2009

ooh! you have gorgeous hair!

Arobas+ May 19, 2009

welcome to 2009 imagine, old trend is back and it's hot!

Imagine May 19, 2009

Why are your pics from 1992? I mean look at those clothes everyone is wearing... MY DAD HAS THAT MTV SWEATER!

ReKall May 18, 2009

I'd Bang Her

Rasaq May 18, 2009

Cute...if these are real.

NO <3 May 18, 2009

look at all these pedafiles commenting about the lil' girl in the bottom picture -_-

TutoXD May 18, 2009

:P u are so beauty

Mega Newbie May 18, 2009

very nice :)

Valentine Rose May 18, 2009

sexy sexy

Arobas+ May 18, 2009

nice hair miss

Goddess May 17, 2009

lets webcam caddy :)

Imagine May 17, 2009

Why did you cut your ex-gf out of the picture? Disappointed nerds everywhere.

pee pee sock May 17, 2009

wait wait wait, i change my mind, ur hot

pee pee sock May 17, 2009

not hot, gg tho

Dameon Angell May 17, 2009

Shall we get a pint, mate?

L3MU3L May 16, 2009

that's some sexy ass hair

Ohmalee May 16, 2009

if ur the lil girl in the pic can i get ur #?

Mhz May 16, 2009

nah, he's the guy with the sweaty back in the bar.

Guero May 16, 2009

mmm cadbury is the girl on the left?