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Age 33
Location Brooklyn, NY
Gender Male
Personal website thisisbuckwild.com
Where I can be found Flippin bricks
More about me Grindin

Things I Like 
Songs Coke boyz my dude meek


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BrickRed Sep 30, 2019

where u at dawg

Paradise Sep 06, 2018

hi im souparos frend...he wants 2 kno water u fkn waring

soupero Mar 04, 2018


Display May 04, 2014

fakiiri May 04, 2014


ReUp Feb 09, 2014

lol@this nigger

Kyler Feb 06, 2014


Exalt Jan 26, 2014


pee pee sock Dec 10, 2013


Godzero Nov 12, 2013

who is that guy in your picture? your current drug dealer/bf?

Crescent Seal Nov 11, 2013

dis nigga doe

Mobey Oct 27, 2013

suh suh, blazing in the hotel?

Sulla Aug 27, 2013

?Squad Display Enough said.

Frogsk|n Aug 12, 2013

Display just mad cause lil piggy called my number :D

Primary Aug 01, 2013

I point out someones dollar store watch, he takes the pics down cause he knows he looks like an idiot, now he's spamming the n word on my profile because he can't think of anything else, LOL 5-0

Primary Jul 31, 2013

get the fuck off my page u no name fuckin scrub.

Primary Jul 31, 2013

If I gotta see one more fuckin clown with a hat backwards thinking he's hard I am gonna start murking scrubs. Sit your cupcake ass down and cuddle that fuckin pillow with your fuckin dollar store watch. The fuck outta here.

Display Jul 30, 2013

i just ?messaged you

LiL*PiGGy Jul 30, 2013


LiL*PiGGy Jul 29, 2013


pee pee sock Jul 28, 2013


pee pee sock Jul 28, 2013

pls change ur hat once in a while eh?

pee pee sock Jul 23, 2013

oreo. respect.

Cadbury Jul 01, 2013

Welcum bk

qpr May 18, 2013

miss you <3

hack Apr 15, 2013

I was going to come talk shit to you for dissing Jab's profile pic, but after seeing yours... I bet you get enough shit already. Either way you're in no position to talk about people having fucked up faces.

qpr Mar 31, 2013

Yoohoo Dissed play

Cadbury Mar 31, 2013

u ever comin bk?

qpr Mar 25, 2013

How my hero doing?

Cres Mar 24, 2013

wat up bitchniga evold

soupero Mar 23, 2013

LOOOOOOOOOOOl at your comment on jabjabs picture

Channabis Feb 21, 2013


qpr Jan 24, 2013

You still alive bro?

HomicidalBarbie<3 Nov 03, 2012

BTW The whole G'd up look is for ignorant punks with no lives and mothers that have no respect in raising their boys. have a good day G

HomicidalBarbie<3 Nov 03, 2012

LOL Your that insacure that you have to put down people you dont know? I feel bad for Boy's like you always have to react in anger when there is an attraction. Or jealous of something I got that you don't, or can't give.

lopist Sep 26, 2012

hala madrid

Cadbury Sep 08, 2012


LiL*PiGGy Aug 15, 2012


soupero Jun 24, 2012


soupero May 28, 2012

sup G

Second Shot May 02, 2012

thug life

Keith Apr 19, 2012

Don't hate me cuz I'm fly :/

field Apr 13, 2012

display mah brothaaaa, whatcha been up to?

Jerome Mar 16, 2012

did you have a good time when you were filming Get Rich Or Die Trying?

MegaVysLectable Mar 15, 2012

yeah u kno me, gettin dat paper, haha gettin outta jail? you already know soon as u and me on a squad or even in pub we just gonna get banned for another year.

Cadbury Mar 15, 2012

You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.

Engineers Mar 12, 2012

loooooooool are you done

Jill Shortmilk Mar 11, 2012

Thanks! I'm doing pretty well, how about you?

Mossad Mar 10, 2012

Happy purim

Kid Kaos Mar 05, 2012

Keep your emo rage off my gallery.

Cadbury Mar 01, 2012


Second Shot Feb 29, 2012

flava flav

kitty Feb 27, 2012

marshmallow marines

Second Shot Feb 26, 2012

in this case, it would be reality and trolling. dont drop the soap. Oh wait.. you would want to drop the soap

Second Shot Feb 26, 2012

there is a difference between trolling and reality. The reality is that you're a homosexual

Second Shot Feb 25, 2012

you define the gay population of tw

LiL*PiGGy Feb 25, 2012

u calling me a prostitute?

LiL*PiGGy Feb 23, 2012

how mush...? lol?

qpr Feb 21, 2012

Staff is not telling.

qpr Feb 19, 2012

he was netbanned until his staffpowers got removed i was told

qpr Feb 19, 2012

wasnt joking. He is unnetbanned atm, but suspended from staff. I somehow got the idea he's not coming back soon though.

qpr Feb 17, 2012

dezmond got netbanned yesterday :/

Kid Kaos Feb 16, 2012

Whatever square ass beezy we will see what happens next season. Eli Manning still looks like a retard inbred. lol... 5-0 is 5-0 and best believe we will be 6-0 very soon.

qpr Feb 16, 2012

Ew D:. Whats ur ban# ?

Cinq Feb 13, 2012

just to know what it takes

qpr Feb 11, 2012

D: what is ur official unban-date?

Best in the World Feb 08, 2012

What a hero!

Kid Kaos Feb 08, 2012

Whatever. Talk to me when you got 5 rings.

Sakura Feb 07, 2012

you definitely are the definition of a "Troll." I don't just mean by making people angry on a game. I also mean you are a hideous "African american male." Not because you are black, but because you are just ugly =).

Cinq Jan 20, 2012

yea what did u do? ive tried to be netbanned a bunch of time n it never worked

qpr Dec 23, 2011

whats ur in-game alias bro?

Cadbury Nov 25, 2011


qpr Nov 08, 2011

Are you netbanned off game as well? Otherwise you might want to contact some tw staffmembers

qpr Nov 05, 2011

if u got banned from this twd site now too; my email address is radomski88@gmail.com

qpr Oct 31, 2011

Am now totally banned off Forum LOOOl

qpr Oct 28, 2011

Wow, just got banned from part of forum because they found out im black too...Sorry bro, did my best.

qpr Oct 24, 2011

Lol what did u do in game?

qpr Oct 20, 2011

link below without the space before "Free"

qpr Oct 20, 2011

http://forums.trenchwars.net/showthread.php?42251- Free-Display&p=816573#post816573

qpr Oct 20, 2011

LoL ok :p

hypocrites Oct 19, 2011

learn how to spell dick stain ;)

qpr Oct 18, 2011

Hey, r u still alive? Let me know if u need a "Free Display" thread in forum

lopist Sep 19, 2011

lol yeah ok there..would deck you irl and ace you in fifa nerd

BrickRed Jun 08, 2011

do u rap for them cheques in the mail

Cadbury Jun 07, 2011

you tell me

Mossad Jun 04, 2011

lol G. waste of time.

Okay [0G] Jun 04, 2011


BrickRed Jun 03, 2011

r u t-pain irl

Cadbury May 27, 2011


LiL*PiGGy May 23, 2011

Because you're a dumbass

Mossad May 23, 2011

yo what is your issue? act your age G. you got to go pick on a 14 year old?!?

LiL*PiGGy May 20, 2011

Wtf, you freak, screw off.

Disappearance Mar 20, 2011

LOL @ amnesti's profile comment

Crissy Mar 13, 2011


Bruno Mars. Mar 11, 2011

no shit champ

wint Mar 11, 2011

Thanks 50 cent!! Way to "Display" your lack of a brain $$$

Machine of God Mar 08, 2011

nothin. whats up with you

Machine of God Feb 25, 2011

Hi porch-monkey.

Cadbury Feb 06, 2011

fk off

Broomstick Feb 04, 2011

This is my favourite music, like it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGS8vvQKg14

BobbyLight Feb 04, 2011

oh and i quess your gonna say ur a blood too...over there actin like u finna bang on the internet..bitch ass nate

BobbyLight Feb 03, 2011

nah, i get away with alot of shit because of my skin color...sorry bro...

Okay [0G] Jan 28, 2011

dey not hating they like fireflies to the realness.. wants 2 be down. but yh U FROM THE YARDIE BITS OF D BK?

Cadbury Jan 27, 2011

where r u now?

Okay [0G] Jan 26, 2011

safe bredda. Waiting 4 the wave of bredding on my profile. YOURS IS A MADNESS!!!

beast mode Jan 24, 2011

Why so I can laugh at some 5'2 fake chain wankster? Get real, rather be checking out your moms ass while she is bending over to pick up her crack pipe that she traded her welfare check for.

Neil Armstrong Jan 24, 2011


Neil Armstrong Jan 24, 2011


Mossad Jan 24, 2011

meet at 70 precint

Mossad Jan 24, 2011

yo im in flatbush

Mossad Jan 21, 2011

yo G. leave broomstick alone. why the hell would you comment such things on one of the nicest people who play this game, shame on you. you owe him an apology. Peace, Yitzy.

beast mode Jan 20, 2011

LoL, whats up 10 cent? Someone mad because a white boy is harder then him?

Oranje Jan 08, 2011

Wannabe-alert :p

LiL*PiGGy Jan 06, 2011

I've always wanted to beat up a black guy .

Broomstick Jan 06, 2011

Are you Santa also, I would like to wish a football for next Christmas.

Broomstick Jan 06, 2011

You must be very lonely, if you think that everybody is faggot.

fakiiri Jan 06, 2011

what is your goal in life?

Broomstick Jan 05, 2011

And who are you to judge?

struck Jan 04, 2011

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL yea im like the michelin man you feel me b?? rolls on roll

Julian Assange Jan 02, 2011

yo fuk u im sexiest in TW

Grom Dec 30, 2010

who's this n!gg@?

Nerissa Dec 01, 2010

Sweet. ;)

lopist Nov 27, 2010

must be dreaming kid

Display Nov 19, 2010

u my nigga xert ..these hatas ..they jsut hatin on my style u feeelz?

Crackling Nov 19, 2010

i gots love for my hommies

Crackling Nov 19, 2010

niggas kick the anthem like this juggalos up in ths bitch

Crackling Nov 19, 2010

wus up haters suck dick

the funky blue note Nov 18, 2010

haters act like they on lunch lines cant wait 2 munch mines but ive been waitin 4 someone wack 2 serve me so i can crash dat ass like in demoliton derby

the funky blue note Nov 18, 2010

u keep stompin like a monster when u keep comin thru but dont forget king kong felt britney spears is a bitch and so are YOU!

the funky blue note Nov 18, 2010

and maybe i cant afford 2 be a biggie and juicy, but whut i do 2 the pussy is enough to knock a lucy.

Monkaria Oct 21, 2010

You must be very old then, gramps!! :p See you around on game soon then!!! P.S. You remind me of the black actor from the film "20000 leagues under the sea" but I can't remember his name. He's cool. <3

Monkaria Oct 19, 2010

Why don't you ever play Continuum, just spam on twgallery? .-.

Monkaria Oct 18, 2010


Cadbury Oct 17, 2010

getting bored on waiting for your appearance

Mange Oct 02, 2010

15 :)

pee pee sock Sep 26, 2010


Display Sep 25, 2010

why u blacklist me pussy

Raver Sep 24, 2010

says the nig from brooklyn acting tough over the internet being a follower repping a yankees fitted like all the other tools.

Display Sep 24, 2010

Display making his appearance within this week. Sucks for you because i will gve your warbird a new asswhole..dun worry bou' it. i hope all your mothers and fathers get raped by cows also..thanks for your time

Nurse Sep 22, 2010

WOW!! Ur Black!!

hypocrites Sep 18, 2010

oh i get it your trying to be a smarty pants lol gotta love haters sorry i dont like my meat dark if i wanted it dark i would keep on the grill longer!

hypocrites Sep 18, 2010


Pogrom Sep 16, 2010

Haha, thx, you too

Cadbury Sep 10, 2010

Cadbury> ?find display Not online, last seen 4 hours ago hackeD?

Cadbury Sep 09, 2010

Will 'Drew Longo' u

Cadbury Sep 09, 2010

Appearance? fk you think you are? Pretty Ricky?

Cadbury Sep 08, 2010

Sigh.. Don't come back - nor you, spoiled or urmamaisfunny2k

Mobey Sep 08, 2010

sup hash brown.

Fem. Jul 28, 2010

It is now trendy to be racist on TW. Some doing it because racial stereotypes are ridiculous, and thus joke-worthy. Some do it because they don't know any better. Just sayin'.

HPMusume Jul 24, 2010

thats why the black race is so low in asia, we dont accept shit in our country. step 1 foot there u dead boy.

HPMusume Jul 24, 2010

but it looks like your full enough of shit you dont need anymore. LOL @ "holla" and ul nail me from brooklyn. nigga yakuza will be all over yo bitch asses

HPMusume Jul 24, 2010

EY, pretty boy, talk is cheap. people like you still get their ass cleaned by their mother. u talk shit to me, i make you eat shit.

Display Jul 22, 2010


HPMusume Jul 22, 2010

YO NIGGA BITCH, u betta watch dat hand of yours cauz it will be in ma sushi roll before you even get to pull that guns trigga

Vue Jul 17, 2010

you look like eminem man

Cojafoji Jul 17, 2010

LOL moron.

Display Jun 04, 2010

wow guy on my dick lOL

foodstamp Jun 02, 2010

wat a damn nig acting tough

foodstamp Jun 02, 2010

i think i should get u an application for foodstamp. want one? i provide it to people like u

foodstamp Jun 02, 2010

wat a damn nig acting tough

Display Apr 29, 2010

these niggas are haten damn dawgs

Affliction Apr 27, 2010

rofl this guy was in the squad Asians, rofl and he's sittin there trying to hate on asian people. what a fake ass bitch

Bware Apr 27, 2010

display told me he likes girls once.

Affliction Apr 13, 2010

hahaha he said he's gonna slap my baby, if you can grow some balls, maybe.. just maybe you can start talking like a man.

pee pee sock Apr 07, 2010

omg. that better not be u. ill lose all respect for u.

Slippy Apr 05, 2010

say brotha need to shave off that crustache

Ohmalee Apr 05, 2010

YUP! in my white tee!

Affliction Apr 04, 2010

rofl look at this nigga, i don't know what's more fuckin gay, you trying to be a fagot ass black guy or you trying to look like 50 pennies stuntin' a pair of women's white framed sunglasses, putting on some fake ass cubic zirconia earrings that you probably found on tv paid by your mommy's credit card cause your ass ain't got any money, and that you think you're so hardcore cause you wear a long ass white tee that looks like a fuckin' nightgown, bitch the only reason why your closet is filled with white tees is because you've discovered a rap song rappin' about white tees by DEM FUCKASS BOYS

Gripe Apr 01, 2010

loool this kid wish he was black so bad. yo, let me axe you a question, those rocks in ur ears real? hit me up kanye. pc

Spoiled Mar 20, 2010

yo i got that work from my boy ben ping. hit me up if u want 2 blaze No racist slags plz -Barton

kitty Mar 19, 2010


Xog Mar 18, 2010

do u know emmie?

Xog Mar 18, 2010

yo imma be strollin round da bush tonite, empire blvd &amp; flatbush 8:00 b there or b square

kitty Mar 16, 2010

bby u so cut

Pandagirl! Mar 15, 2010

That's not quite how it works

Spoiled Mar 12, 2010

y everyone hating

Hustla Bebe Mar 12, 2010

one i dont have a daughter i have a son. 2 i knowit was complament but you coulda said it nicer then sound like a pig and 3 your a whore

Hustla Bebe Mar 11, 2010

go fuck your self k :)

MoNo. Mar 10, 2010

I like how he magically turn light to dark in a matter of picture pixels..

flion Mar 09, 2010

look at that nigger

Spoiled Mar 09, 2010

Nice to get another brother/sista representin.

Bware Mar 08, 2010

sexy tan

chars! Mar 08, 2010

Michael Jackson x -1

Nixi Mar 08, 2010

lol yet another guy who's turned on but confused. it'll pass, sweetheart, give it time.

kitty Feb 22, 2010

o hi qt asl

Mange Feb 21, 2010

faggot?????????? u biatchhhhhh nigga gett off mee pleaseeee. &lt;3

Display Feb 20, 2010

Why are whales commenting my picture

Arsen Feb 20, 2010

eh disp

danyell!! Feb 19, 2010

lmao YOU are the kid who talks shit to me?! lmfaoooooo

MoNo. Feb 19, 2010


ZypheN Feb 19, 2010

LOL I really thought you were black

Weak Feb 16, 2010

lov u

Jerome Feb 01, 2010