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Books fuck your mom
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Kinky-Girl Feb 23, 2016

lol ok..

Kinky-Girl Feb 15, 2016

Fine, yourself?

Maddilox Jun 25, 2015


Second Shot May 15, 2015

Yet you still stalk my wall. Women are weird... anyway, how are you?

Kinky-Girl May 09, 2015

Too bad

Second Shot Apr 30, 2015

KinkyGirl, you blacklisted me. I can't respond to your msg

Kinky-Girl Apr 06, 2015


Maddilox Apr 01, 2015


Monkaria Jun 18, 2014

Send me a .?message on your new name. My life is good. My professor suggested an awesome idea for my dissertation project this year. I'm meeting her on Friday to discuss it.

Monkaria Jun 14, 2014

Pro. Which name?

Monkaria Jun 09, 2014

Good. I guess you can't log onto subspace anymore?

Monkaria May 28, 2014

It's Magic: The Gathering. :p How are you?

Fem. Aug 05, 2013

Are death and time the same thing?

Second Shot Apr 26, 2013


qpr Mar 25, 2013


Monkaria Mar 05, 2013

September 2013.

Monkaria Mar 04, 2013

I drank it to keep me awake all night studying for exams. :p I did not enjoy it.

Monkaria Mar 04, 2013

I don't drink coffee :p People are perfectly capable of functioning in a day with the energy from sleep and themselves.

Monkaria Mar 02, 2013

I am getting back into a routine. I suppose 11pm - 9am is ok? :p

Monkaria Feb 28, 2013

I sleep at strange times.

Monkaria Feb 27, 2013

I know, only joking :)

Monkaria Feb 26, 2013

I'll ride polar bears to my lectures when I go to Canada :p Thanks :)

Monkaria Feb 26, 2013

I think Toronto is the better university however. And I need to leave this place for a long time. I feel lost and without a place so I want to explore.

Monkaria Feb 26, 2013

He broke up with me on the morning of the 24th for another chick because of distance. Right after, I got my acceptance letters into either Bucknell or Toronto. I chose Toronto because it would hurt to go into the USA.

Monkaria Feb 26, 2013

I know, but it's North America. I didn't tell you but the main reason I was moving to USA was to meet my boyfriend of two years.

Monkaria Feb 25, 2013

Lol. I was offered a semester at Bucknell, or a full year at the University of Toronto. I accepted to study for a year at Toronto and will be moving there in September.

Monkaria Feb 22, 2013

University North Carolina, Arizona, Texas at Austin. I'm accepted on the programme but they ran out of places because some USA universities dropped out. Bucknell University is what's left and I've read it rivals Ivy League colleges. Know about it?

Channabis Feb 21, 2013


Monkaria Feb 17, 2013

Thanks ^^ I applied for three specific unis in USA so hopefully I should get into my first choice.

Monkaria Feb 14, 2013

Lol, thanks. :) I hope so. I'll let you know when I find out.

qpr Feb 10, 2013

gaylord uncle fker

pee pee sock Feb 10, 2013

let that be a lesson to the rest of u fuks.

pee pee sock Feb 10, 2013

that will teach u not to fuk with me

pee pee sock Feb 10, 2013

u r banned till 2018. ahhahaahaha. gg.

Monkaria Feb 09, 2013

I get the joke, thanks :p I finished my exams and sent off my application. I hear from them by the morning of the 23rd. My average is 64% which is a 2:1 degree. Phew :)

Monkaria Jan 31, 2013

I hope you get unbanned soon. :)

Monkaria Jan 31, 2013

Thanks. I'm writing an application to become an exchange student in America for a year so I can do Native American research. I study Archaeology.

qpr Jan 22, 2013


Monkaria Jan 21, 2013

How are you?

Monkaria Jan 21, 2013

Every now and again. I don't go on SS anymore. I'm at university now. It's exam week. My last exams are on 22nd, 23rd, 24th.

pee pee sock Jan 16, 2013

"Gender: Not telling you geeks" cause ur a tranny

board Oct 30, 2012

your post on taxi's wall... points don't change on different f2 pages... good try though

HomicidalBarbie<3 Oct 26, 2012

Ninja is a paintball sponsor

HomicidalBarbie<3 Oct 11, 2012

lol r u really?

pee pee sock Sep 24, 2012

shut ur mouth, u dont even play tw

Monkaria Sep 23, 2012

GG. I am sorry to hear this unfortunate news.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 19, 2012


Jill Shortmilk Sep 10, 2012

aren't you supposed to be in med school? also no, she isn't

Monkaria Sep 07, 2012

Nice :)

Monkaria Sep 07, 2012

Ok ^^

Monkaria Sep 06, 2012

Cool :)

Monkaria Sep 05, 2012

Never died.

Hunt Aug 23, 2012

cool story FAGGOT

Bad-Reputation Jul 08, 2012

LOL CANADA Rocks!! <3

Pea Souper Jul 06, 2012

lmao i didnt even notice that dude grabbin that ass til u pointed it out dude lol

Monkaria Jun 05, 2012

I am studying music at one of the top universities. I want to do music business/conductor/orchestration (composing for orchestra)/some composition. I don't like performing as a show. I'll be the boss in background.

Pea Souper Jun 04, 2012

f.y.i. choda is the usless piece of skin between ur nutsack and ur arsehole. ya choda! lol

Pea Souper Jun 04, 2012

yup whats wrong with Canada? could u not put that together from my new nickname ya choda?

Pea Souper Jun 04, 2012

u comin over or what? im still waitin on that beating. lol

Pea Souper Jun 04, 2012

this guy? lol

Monkaria Jun 04, 2012

Work hard at med school, make sure you do well. I would play TW more, but I am in exam season right now, so I'm revising most of the time. I'll be getting a new laptop before I go to university and add a ton of games, as well as subspace on it.

Monkaria Jun 03, 2012

Good, because I was joking and I don't know why your wall was disabled either. Excited about med school?

Monkaria Jun 03, 2012

Aw, did you see what I posted on Kinky-Girl's wall? Your wall was disabled, and I thought I upset you, and I assumed you and her were friends so asked her to tell you sorry from me, and she doesn't care :D But hi!

Kyle Hester Jun 01, 2012

second shit is sixth shit better than you? if so you probably have cerebral paulzy

kuza Jun 01, 2012

At how lonely you are? probably

kuza Jun 01, 2012

Obviously a guy who can't get girlfriends :p

Bad-Reputation May 28, 2012

LOL yes i got a boy friend!!

Monkaria May 24, 2012

Nope, it's just easier to be smart than a retard. But I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that.

beng May 23, 2012

yee, anyway, she won't answer u lol

beng May 23, 2012

Sry Second she isn't my sister She live in Brazil u don't have credit to call her =P

beng May 23, 2012

it isn't a chat*

beng May 23, 2012

oh you guys talk too much it isn

Monkaria May 23, 2012

Didn't I just say I didn't need anyone's approval (i.e. your approval)? Thanks for trying, but I'm too good for you.

Monkaria May 21, 2012

I would, but I don't require anyone's approval to realise I'm beautiful, sexy, and the closest you'll ever get to a lady with class. Gl hf.

Monkaria May 20, 2012

Uh huh, I'll believe you when you stop drooling after me like "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" every few days.

Monkaria May 20, 2012

You forgot stupid, boring, awful at conversation and annoying. But you got it right that I didn't cry :D I'm wondering how long it'll take for you to get I don't care...

Monkaria May 18, 2012

You raped my mind Second Shot. You are cruel, heartless, immoral. :'(

Monkaria May 17, 2012

What do you know, you heartless monster? :'( You like making me cry, an innocent young british girl going off to university. How could you...?!

Monkaria May 17, 2012

:'( I'm not responsible for starving Ethiopian people, so I have every right to cry. You made me cry. You should feel guilty. What if I'm depressed and suicidal? And you pushed me to the brink? Who's guilty now, mister?

Jill Shortmilk May 12, 2012

had a feeling it was you

Kinky-Girl May 10, 2012


Kinky-Girl May 10, 2012

was a mistake :P

Kinky-Girl May 10, 2012

I got ban...till tomorrow lol so stupid i dunno why.

Monkaria May 10, 2012

You're being mean :(:(:(:( Say sorry! :'( You make me make real tears.

Monkaria May 09, 2012

:(:(:( don't be mean, you'll make me cry.

Monkaria May 08, 2012

:( I was away studying for school.

Jill Shortmilk May 07, 2012

what do you want thien :(

Monkaria May 07, 2012

:( You said hi to me first.

Monkaria May 07, 2012

Hello. How do you do?

Kinky-Girl Apr 30, 2012

don't question what i do

Kinky-Girl Apr 29, 2012

cuz i am

pee pee sock Apr 28, 2012

my sister and mother r the same person

pee pee sock Apr 25, 2012

may i pls have ur address? i will bring u flowers and candy. then ill stuff u in ur freezer and lock u in there and keep peein on u every 2 hours so u keep warm and dont die.

pee pee sock Apr 24, 2012

can u pls stfu? or i will become staff and ban u. again.

Second Shot Apr 18, 2012

#1 banned wb in tw

qpr Apr 17, 2012

What makes u think u can join potenza?

Kinky-Girl Apr 15, 2012

I hate primfagot..he's a dumbfuck :/

Kinky-Girl Apr 12, 2012


Kinky-Girl Apr 12, 2012

just do it

Kinky-Girl Apr 11, 2012

hope you like ham and worms xD

Kinky-Girl Apr 11, 2012

are you going to make me a pic? lol

Kinky-Girl Apr 10, 2012

go on msn right now add me

Monkaria Apr 10, 2012

You find British accents sexy though.

Kinky-Girl Apr 10, 2012

because i said so and what i say go..you hear :P

Kinky-Girl Apr 10, 2012

nvm just send me a pic thanks :P

Monkaria Apr 10, 2012

I like chocolate from the £1 store.

Kinky-Girl Apr 09, 2012

i dout it...non every played unless i made them play xD

Kinky-Girl Apr 08, 2012

email me a picture saying second shot with u in it...

Kinky-Girl Apr 08, 2012

add my email supahsweetz@hotmail.ca

ZypheN Apr 04, 2012

What negative comments?

Monkaria Apr 04, 2012

Your pants are from Kiddy Gap.

Monkaria Apr 03, 2012

Please, I insist.

Monkaria Apr 02, 2012

I believe I asked first. :)

Kinky-Girl Apr 01, 2012

thought you were gone

Monkaria Mar 30, 2012

What's your name again?

qpr Mar 30, 2012


qpr Mar 30, 2012


qpr Mar 30, 2012

hmmz weird, cant reproduce the ???

qpr Mar 30, 2012


qpr Mar 30, 2012


qpr Mar 30, 2012

qpr Mar 30, 2012

Once you get the feeling it wants you back for more It says it’s gonna heal again You won’t make the call

Monkaria Mar 17, 2012

I don't think so. :p

Monkaria Mar 15, 2012

Lol, doesn't work that way. G = short of "gangsta". It's in upper case because it's an acronym.

Monkaria Mar 14, 2012

You can determine: I'm g00n.

Monkaria Mar 13, 2012

You're so G, you make the letter "G" jealous.

Monkaria Mar 12, 2012

Gonna be pending for a while. :p Don't be offended by something that wasn't intentionally offensive!

Jill Shortmilk Mar 11, 2012

I'm here

Monkaria Mar 10, 2012


Monkaria Mar 09, 2012

Jus' thought you should know nigga <3 ahahha. Nah, I just have class. :p

Monkaria Mar 09, 2012

I don't settle for fast food places, sorry. :p

Wobbuffet Mar 08, 2012

ez noob, alias more

qpr Mar 08, 2012

u sound mad, u done trying to get laid on 2d game yet? pathetic loser.

Monkaria Mar 08, 2012

It's my nature.

Kinky-Girl Mar 08, 2012

send me a pic

Kinky-Girl Mar 08, 2012


Monkaria Mar 07, 2012

Gotta be careful with your friends. Good thing they are imaginary. <3

Monkaria Mar 04, 2012

Monkaria Mar 04, 2012

You have experience from your jailtime :O

Monkaria Feb 29, 2012

In the middle of space aiming a space probe up your bum. :p

Display Feb 28, 2012

rofl only homosexual is you creepin on my page and shit my nigga

Kinky-Girl Feb 28, 2012

It's one of those whore's I posted on there wall and they have to make new names xD sad really

Kinky-Girl Feb 27, 2012

Lol what a dork xD you got a cell?

Display Feb 26, 2012

rofl your trying 2 be a troll with me u fuckin faggot? lololol newbie

Kyle Hester Feb 15, 2012

good comeback bud, go back to shutting the fuck up.

Kyle Hester Feb 14, 2012

and also, Olympic weightlifting is the one of the most technical explosive sports in the world, it's not picking up rocks like the puny common useless troll like you would imagine.

Kyle Hester Feb 14, 2012

Around 500 million people worldwide watch the Olympics per year. Obviously i'm proud of myself while you on the other hand are embarrassed to show any accomplishments or photos, troll someone else "little boy."

Monkaria Feb 13, 2012

Meh, I suppose. :p I just play pokemon instead of TW now... As well as doing work. At the moment, I'm researching and composing jazz. It's quite exciting.

Kyle Hester Feb 12, 2012

2x national champion, 3x state champion, invited to Youth Pan Ams, scholarship offers to NMU,LSU,CSU(full residency at olympic training center) and LWU and all you can say is soft via interweb

Kyle Hester Feb 12, 2012

you are a nobody. in life, in subspace, in your career and in the lives of many. nobody. stay off my wall little guy.

Second Shot Feb 12, 2012

im the best wb alive. i will be unbanned in 7 months. get excited.

Kyle Hester Feb 04, 2012

honestly not worried about some emo kid's opinion

Kyle Hester Feb 04, 2012

E tough guy, i'll tell you what, go put some Clearisil on your clit and clear that shit up.

pee pee sock Feb 01, 2012

u r a good friend irl

BrickRed Feb 01, 2012

how so?

pee pee sock Jan 27, 2012

u eat cats and dogs azn boy

pee pee sock Jan 26, 2012

fuck u

Rypien Jan 25, 2012


struck Jan 22, 2012

can look up BearZ.

Monkaria Jan 18, 2012

Thank you, how kind of you. I wish the same for you. :)

struck Jan 17, 2012


Monkaria Jan 16, 2012

No. :p I don't play TW that much anymore.

pee pee sock Jan 15, 2012

i will make sure u never come back to tw.

Monkaria Jan 15, 2012

Did your ban end then? P.S. We don't all talk like that.

Monkaria Dec 10, 2011

You always seem to be banned. :p

Monkaria Dec 08, 2011

Hi second shot. :)

Postman Pat! Dec 07, 2011

Lol. Wtf. Never heard of any1 having a swag face but thanks!

Cadbury Nov 25, 2011

im not, loser

Cadbury Nov 12, 2011

f u

Cadbury Nov 09, 2011

u not gone yet?

Velvet*Assassin Oct 21, 2011

aw well normal person is good isnt it arnt we all normal?

qpr Oct 18, 2011

U dead yet SS?

Display Oct 17, 2011

LOL your soft my nigga quit playin

Jill Shortmilk Oct 15, 2011

Grow up :(

Jill Shortmilk Oct 14, 2011

And you acting like a teenager is exactly what makes me not want to talk to you.

Jill Shortmilk Oct 14, 2011

Exactly what is it that you want from me?

Display Oct 13, 2011

why u banned homie

Kid Kaos Oct 10, 2011

your a fagget.

Goddess Oct 02, 2011

Your banned cause you are NAUgHTY... stop being naughty :(

Lollys Sep 30, 2011

why are you being a fucking piece of shit.

Lollys Sep 30, 2011

And I have a feeling you have no friends irl lmfao faggot

Lollys Sep 30, 2011

ahhh no its the same...are you blind?

Lollys Sep 30, 2011

i know I'm not ugly at all lmfao and i love my hair <3

Lollys Sep 29, 2011

Why don't you have a pic so i can nit pick at it...too ugly?

Monkaria Sep 29, 2011

irl yawn

Monkaria Sep 28, 2011

Thanks for the love, but no thank you. It's pretty superficial.

Monkaria Sep 27, 2011

Gee, fap over her in your room, not over my wall.

Lollys Sep 27, 2011


Lollys Sep 26, 2011

I don't die i come back every time muahahah

Monkaria Sep 26, 2011

... O sorry wut did you say something important?

Lollys Sep 25, 2011

piercing you stupid retard.

Lollys Sep 25, 2011


Monkaria Sep 25, 2011

Before you start making clearly jealous assumptions, you know nothing about my family or class so please don't judge that. The reason I have those instruments now? I took opportunities that arrived. You should too if you want a change in your life.

Saver1 Sep 25, 2011

i pay for her

Lollys Sep 25, 2011

maybe half aha

Lollys Sep 25, 2011


Monkaria Sep 25, 2011

Exactly <3

Monkaria Sep 25, 2011

"You have dialled an incorrect number. Please redial to reconnect your call."

Lollys Sep 25, 2011


Primary Sep 24, 2011

Who the fuck is second shot?

Monkaria Sep 23, 2011

You know it's a joke and you're just jealous <3

Monkaria Sep 23, 2011

No thank you, I don't believe in beastiality!

2pacZ Sep 22, 2011

u a faggot nigga look aturself blocked yo fool ass nigga

2pacZ Sep 22, 2011

second u done bein jealous son?

Monkaria Sep 19, 2011

Yeah, real nice. Meh.

Yeist Sep 19, 2011

Nice pics, i see you're full of self-confidence.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 18, 2011

nicest person my ass.

Display Sep 18, 2011

pimp hand always strong... i also pimp spaceships..love 2 smack spaceship booty

Hunt Sep 18, 2011

thats really cool dude

2pacZ Sep 17, 2011

nah im azn bro

Mossad Sep 17, 2011

w/e dude.

2pacZ Sep 16, 2011

myollnir u done? how many times i gotta own u 2 shut u up?

Myollnir Sep 16, 2011

lol maybe u shouldent have trolled so hard? also just make a new name and get a new ip address derrr

Myollnir Sep 15, 2011

stfu dude quit being a fag

2pacZ Sep 15, 2011

http://lunchinginthedmv.blogspot.com/2009/06/ketch up-national-harbor-md.html

Cee Lo Sep 14, 2011

It's good to set your sights high :). Keep at it bud.

Cojafoji Sep 14, 2011

bitch got a severe case of the limp dick. yeah nyucka.

Novista Sep 11, 2011

Way to get banduel aced by a staff, 10-0, then the best part is you got axed. Dumbass newb

Velvet*Assassin Sep 11, 2011

Lol second, My boy will prob employe you in the future and show u a real pimp :P LOL

Lens Sep 10, 2011

Keep hating and let me know how far it gets you. Why no pic? Ashamed?

Velvet*Assassin Sep 06, 2011

yeah my boys a ladys man no word of a lie he goes up to the pretty girls anywhere and gives hugs and kisses!

brotha flex Sep 04, 2011

lol watermelon so good :>

brotha flex Sep 04, 2011

ok as long as i dont have to eat there

Monkaria Sep 04, 2011

That's cool, have fun :)

Monkaria Sep 02, 2011

Yawn. What?

Monkaria Sep 01, 2011

Funny since you just said that you "play grade 8 with your butt" :3

Bruno Mars. Aug 31, 2011

Shut the fuck up, and get off of my page, if you're not going to treat my little sister with respect then you can forget even talking to her or me. gtfo

Monkaria Aug 31, 2011

That don't exist baby

Monkaria Aug 30, 2011

A grade in a musical instrument is a qualification saying how well you play it, in England. Grade 8 is the highest, Grade 1 is the lowest. It's like levels of difficulty in a game.

Bruno Mars. Aug 30, 2011

Leave my fucking sister alone, you prick.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 30, 2011

u havnt seen nuthin yet .

Monkaria Aug 28, 2011

Maybe it's functional so it doesn't need strikes? And no thanks, I've already had dinner and mingled with Britain's first ever astronaut. <3

Monkaria Aug 28, 2011

I don't watch Doctor Who, and there are strikes? :3

Classic Aug 28, 2011

?? ok... yo

Classic Aug 27, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Aug 26, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Aug 26, 2011

well then don't start with me either and maybe this whole situation wouldn't have started.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 24, 2011

cuz it was rude.

Cojafoji Aug 23, 2011

i heard you got a case of the limp dick.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 23, 2011

You have mood swings like a girl on her period.. Honestly.

elvenking Aug 22, 2011

Not anymore. :)

LiL*PiGGy Aug 21, 2011

gud 2 kno

Kinky-Girl Aug 20, 2011

i don't like black people either XD send to vixen-sg@hotmail.com

Kinky-Girl Aug 19, 2011

then send me a pic to my email? ;D

qpr Aug 18, 2011

Well i've never heard of u tbh until a staffmember came talking to me about u having been on my name... Apparantly u do know me, why else would u hack me?

qpr Aug 17, 2011

I posted my pic and no1 is spamming me...while i am more hated than u. So quit being such a pussyboy

qpr Aug 15, 2011

enjoy your own ban, loser

Kinky-Girl Aug 14, 2011

maybe cuz u r an ass :P

AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 14, 2011

how u racist

AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 14, 2011

do you ever shut the fuck up faggot

Monkaria Aug 13, 2011


Kinky-Girl Aug 13, 2011

with a diff name intill i got unban

Kinky-Girl Aug 13, 2011

what do u do then since u cant play continuum....when i was ban i could just log off my account and go on the guest account and play XD

Monkaria Aug 13, 2011

LOL don't get your hopes up.

Myollnir Aug 12, 2011

jeesus christ whats going on between you and monk she leaves like 10 billion messages

Monkaria Aug 12, 2011

Damn right!

Jill Shortmilk Aug 12, 2011

You done?

AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 11, 2011

u dun

Monkaria Aug 11, 2011

Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

Monkaria Aug 10, 2011

I'm not arguing with you about science when you don't even know the meanings of words. Rioting for the sake of rioting, regardless of the political party in power.

danyell!! Aug 09, 2011

You obsessed bro??

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

I find it hard to believe that you're in med-school when you didn't even know the definition of theorem. ;) And now you're just throwing in random scientific words you've heard of like "law". Please start listening in class and get more than a C :p

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

I despise ignorance, so I hope you learn something.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

Theorem: 1. A general proposition not self-evident but proved by a chain of reasoning; a truth established by means of accepted truths. There are alternative vectors sure, but none are as successful as the honeybee because of their morphology.

Die When Hit!! Aug 09, 2011

I believe your age is 14. If you are older and still use this kind of language, you are a retard. Seeing a picture of you would explain a lot, I think.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

World food supply on a current human population of 7 billion depends on the existence of the honeybee, the most successful pollinator. In summary, you just got owned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKG07305CBs&fea ture=related

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

Without the honeybee, the world food supply would be in immediate danger and food prices would soar. The next most successful form of pollination is wind pollination which works only on light, feathery plants such as dandelions.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

While most plants indeed self-pollinate, a large proportion still rely on pollination through vectors, and the main, most successful vector of that is the honeybee.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

Onto the point of debate here, Einstein proposed the theorem of human extinction following honeybee extinction. Human production relies on plants whether it be biofuel, animal feed, reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, or feeding humans themselves.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

Plant variation is similar to humans have different hair colours, so plants may have different petal lengths. Most plants in fact have their stamen placed above the stigma meaning they can self-pollinate, eliminating variation.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

As for pollination, cross-pollination produces variation in genes, but variation is not evolution and it does not produce an entirely different genus or species.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

Depending on how many thousands of years you're taking about, there was also an ice age which means grass type plants survived, and our ancestors at the time lived on meat. Photosynthesis is irrelevant to this.

Monkaria Aug 09, 2011

Thousands of years ago, plants where we eat the fruits hadn't evolved to develop the modern day pollination which we see today which relies on vectors. They were much like grass and didn't require honeybee pollination.

Goddess Aug 09, 2011

Thank you Second... why you dont have any pics up? :D

Monkaria Aug 08, 2011

If honeybees became extinct, human life would end within 10 years. They pollinate the majority of the world's plants, which are the basis of all food chains and life.

Kinky-Girl Aug 08, 2011

cunt can die on my 14 inch not really there dick :)

Monkaria Aug 08, 2011

I'm afraid you gotta wait :3 I noticed a passionfruit growing in the flower, I'm excited, I hope it grows well. Pollination of passionfruit flowers has to be done by hand or by honeybees because of where each plant part is, so I did it by hand.

Monkaria Aug 07, 2011

No, it's not ripe yet! :3

Monkaria Aug 06, 2011

My deathplant will fire lasers at you ^^

Monkaria Aug 06, 2011

Lol :p The kid I teach on Saturday's loves Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Don't worry about that guy, he's my friend :3 Do you like the pretty deathplant?

PIGSisPIGS Aug 06, 2011

lol youre making yourself sound like an idiot.

Myollnir Aug 05, 2011

im canadian fool

Misled Aug 05, 2011


Monkaria Aug 05, 2011

I'm sorry, I never liked Doctor Who :3 I like comedy though!

PIGSisPIGS Aug 05, 2011

lol dude have some self respect and raise ur standards. If you think that ugly skank is hot then you need to come to Dallas and see some real women.

PIGSisPIGS Aug 05, 2011

Youre insane. Shes rally trashy looking. You must have low standards. I guess someones gotta bang the ugly ones!

Monkaria Aug 05, 2011

I've never actually played Zelda. I saw a person on Youtube playing the ocarina, then did a lot of research about it, then decided to get one and play it. I'm pretty pro :p

soupero Aug 05, 2011

sup moron

Mossad Aug 04, 2011

you retarded kid.

PIGSisPIGS Aug 04, 2011

Because she's ugly?

qpr Aug 03, 2011


Airship Aug 02, 2011

fuck you too buddy! =)

LiL*PiGGy Aug 01, 2011

bit against my sister? no, that's too far.

ZypheN Aug 01, 2011

Apparently he's not only a attention whore, but also a massive guy who will 'fuck me up irl.'

qpr Aug 01, 2011

Second shot = lack of attention in real life, he'll pick any side that gives him most attention

LiL*PiGGy Aug 01, 2011

Honestly? if you're going to defend me that's cool. but then if you're going to turn against me to support someone that's talking shit about my sister, that's not cool. pick a side.. :/

ZypheN Jul 31, 2011

lol you mad? Normally I would never call a girl ugly. However when some one like Kinky goes around thinking she's hot shit, some one needs to knock her ego down a few notches. Also, don't try and act tough asking who I am.

LiL*PiGGy Jul 29, 2011

<3 thank you

qpr Jul 29, 2011

Commit suicide already, virgin.

LiL*PiGGy Jul 28, 2011

good to know.

Kinky-Girl Jul 28, 2011


Kinky-Girl Jul 27, 2011

Cuz you prob dont post a real one

Kinky-Girl Jul 26, 2011

lol put up a real picture

qpr Jul 24, 2011

U r terrible at this game You have no friends irl. Why dont you help yourself and the world by esc+q'ing irl. Grab a knife and cut your own throat you loser or continue getting bullied everywhere.

LiL*PiGGy Jul 24, 2011

aawwww :/

danyell!! Jul 23, 2011

Yo, stay off my gallery second cum shot.

Monkaria Jul 23, 2011

Yeah, forget magic :p Sometimes there are SUCH simple solutions. I guess Voldy is too proud to use muggle items

Monkaria Jul 22, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Jul 22, 2011

awwww :(

Kinky-Girl Jul 19, 2011

noone tells me i can't i just need to get off my ass and do it lol :/

Kinky-Girl Jul 18, 2011

are u asian? :P do my homework XD

Kinky-Girl Jul 18, 2011

for something i wanna do in college id just need my grade 12 english and 2 other grade 12 courses which i plan on doing soon XD i hope lmfao what about you? i still dont know who u really are

Kinky-Girl Jul 18, 2011

Lol my one goal iv always had was to help animals but thats kinda not working out since i still need my highschool........i fucking hate school thats why i cant go anymore so its hard to work for my goal sadly

Kinky-Girl Jul 18, 2011

The south will rise again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from canada

Kinky-Girl Jul 18, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Jul 17, 2011

She does have a cute kid :P

Bruno Mars. Jul 17, 2011

Ahaha, Thank you :)

Monkaria Jul 13, 2011

That's actually pretty clever. Good on you! I like chocolate. I don't really buy film food.

Monkaria Jul 12, 2011

No thank you, thank you for the offer though! I think the food is a bit expensive :p

Monkaria Jul 11, 2011

I haven't watched it yet either, I've read the book :p AND YOU ASKED, I ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monkaria Jul 10, 2011

He died then he gets brought back to life and he defeats Voldemort :p Something like that.

Monkaria Jul 09, 2011

Hi person who likes the f-word :O

LiL*PiGGy Jul 08, 2011

wtf, it's just the camera. and i'm not that white anymore.. that's an old pic.

LiL*PiGGy Jul 07, 2011

Good, you like that.

qpr Jul 06, 2011


qpr Jul 05, 2011


qpr Jul 05, 2011

The guy you hacked once...

qpr Jul 05, 2011

Im gonna put my penis in your ear and cum until you're braindead

LiL*PiGGy Jul 02, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Jun 11, 2011

uhm, yeah right, he's the most ripped man <3

LiL*PiGGy Jun 10, 2011

you suck

Monkaria Jun 06, 2011

But I agree with you. <3 Fail.

Monkaria Jun 05, 2011

Tsk, jealousy is not the way to live!

Monkaria Jun 05, 2011

<3 Sorry, did I make you have a few realisations?

Monkaria Jun 04, 2011

Of course, all your time spent here trying to annoy people is well spent :p

LiL*PiGGy Jun 03, 2011

You're disgusting, next time don't respond back on my page, you're stupid. and immature. gtfo

BrickRed Jun 03, 2011

oh hai der herp derp fgt

Monkaria Jun 03, 2011

Ooo burn. But you're still using their TWGallery. :)

Monkaria Jun 03, 2011

Oh absolutely, I'm totally sure. You should frame them back.

Monkaria Jun 02, 2011

So you just spoke rude to staff then? :3 Fresh Prince is 2cool.

LiL*PiGGy Jun 02, 2011

ur mom?

Monkaria Jun 02, 2011

Not really <3 What got you banned?

LiL*PiGGy Jun 01, 2011

Oh shut up.. you're just looking for attention. and go get laid.

Monkaria Jun 01, 2011

Thanks :p You're SECOND ahahah, jk, you're first <3 Sup

LiL*PiGGy May 31, 2011

no thanx, i like to starve myself.

Mossad May 31, 2011

lol na.

H3CZ May 31, 2011

my parents said i cant give out my name to strangers. sry

Antimatter May 05, 2011


Disappearance Apr 30, 2011

Dont make me bring you back to the start.

Jill Shortmilk Apr 29, 2011

Do you just go about and tell that to everyone?

Bruno Mars. Apr 29, 2011

I'll win.

Petal Apr 29, 2011

Cause the shit's ugly.

Okay [0G] Jan 26, 2011

I believe in one blood

Oranje Jan 23, 2011

I will perform a doubleleg takedown. Break your nose, cut out your eyes and cum in your eye holes. Then i will cut your balls off and eat them.

Oranje Jan 22, 2011

LOL u kick no ass. weakling

24 Jan 21, 2011

www.trenchwars.org/donationsoverview - Donation $ Medals: $5 = Blue, $10 = Red, $25 = Green, $50 = Silver, $100 = Gold

Oranje Jan 18, 2011

not trolling, but do u like penis?

Sheriff Jan 18, 2011

cos there are no girls in internet

Kinky-Girl Jan 14, 2011


Kinky-Girl Jan 14, 2011


Oranje Jan 13, 2011

not trolling but are you a faggot?