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Age 33
Location Israel
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find Jill shortmilk, ?find Merigold, ?find Cookie Express


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Mossad Feb 27, 2023

hey jill, its yitzy.. no way to contact you exept here so i will say to you that i miss the samll talk we had back in the day and wish to say hello. i am in Tveria enjoying my life and would like it if you can shoot me back a message. your friend Yitzy L

soupero Nov 14, 2020

where u at

Mani2312 Jun 11, 2020


TaxiToFlagg Jan 04, 2020

Happy new Year. Your bigest fan, the Stan

Wookiee's Cookies Jan 15, 2018

Happy New Year, Jill! Hope it's a good one. Also hope I get to speak with you again. lol xx

Zazu Jul 14, 2017

As said in 2016... Still waiting.

Wookiee's Cookies Jun 11, 2017

Hey Jill. I won the selfie contest in my Batsuit. Please return to the game so I have somebody to celebrate with!

soupero Apr 23, 2017

How are you?

Wookiee's Cookies Jan 05, 2017

hey... its that guy you probably dont wanna talk to... can i email you...?

Zazu Sep 27, 2016

Still waiting for you to come back so we can get married.

Vulcan Apr 15, 2016

and get out a pic of a tank. will tell buggers like me to go somewhere else.

Vulcan Apr 15, 2016

j. i miss talking.

2pacZ May 25, 2015

stop thotting around

CMdros Apr 08, 2015


hungrywolf Mar 15, 2015

Hi Jill! See you around. Btw, I read all those Asimov books also.

2pacZ Mar 01, 2015

u done having like 1000 aliases and u put up pic

Practice Target-094 Apr 30, 2013

Arizona Dream? Arizona sucks.

Machine of God Mar 28, 2013

show butthole

qpr Mar 25, 2013


Natsworthy Dec 03, 2012

I haven't seen you in 4ever baby haha

Natsworthy Nov 27, 2012


SkyMan's Nov 08, 2012

I don't believe you are a girl, Jill, I have owned you about 300 times in duels, shit sorry, I don't like beat girls :( Nice boobies ^__^

BongHits Nov 06, 2012

jilllllllll what r u doin i need ur lovin

Second Shot Nov 03, 2012


BongHits Oct 23, 2012

hi :p

Mani2312 Sep 30, 2012

Ever had strawberry cider? 'Tis nice. ^_^

Mani2312 Sep 29, 2012

Never mind. I realise now messages show up in yellow the first time you see them. Nice feedback though!

Mani2312 Sep 23, 2012

Like that's a secret, lol... Why is your writing in yellow? :O

Mani2312 Sep 23, 2012

FU Practice.

Practice Target-094 Sep 23, 2012


FozzY2K Sep 23, 2012

Meow meow! =^.^= ~spins~

Practice Target-094 Sep 22, 2012

fluffy fluffy curly hair

Practice Target-094 Sep 21, 2012

Mani likes you.

Mani2312 Sep 21, 2012

Hey. I went to an engagement party tonight. I'm drunk. I had fun. I met a girl. She was awesome. How was your night!?

LiL*PiGGy Sep 20, 2012

WUT. Fine i iz restall it 4 u bbg

LiL*PiGGy Sep 19, 2012


LiL*PiGGy Sep 19, 2012

I quit :(

Second Shot Sep 17, 2012

it's weird that you're indirectly giving head on that pic

FozzY2K Sep 17, 2012

Meow meow meow! Mmmrrrrow =^.^= ~swishes tail~

Hypnotix.702 Sep 13, 2012


Second Shot Sep 11, 2012

i got bored one night

Monkaria Sep 11, 2012

I don't even know why D: I don't remember leaving a comment about bono... I don't know why I said that... ANOTHER DIMENSION OF ME KNOWS YOU!

Second Shot Sep 07, 2012

just watched "Schindler's List" - swag movie and swag man

Second Shot Sep 06, 2012

oh wait, is that yo woman

Second Shot Sep 06, 2012

that chick with the table cloth scarf is like a 2/10

Monkaria Sep 06, 2012

Woo bono

Manco Sep 04, 2012

Hi. You're pretty.

Monkaria Sep 02, 2012

The rockstar is lucky to be your shoulder rest. :D

Vulcan Aug 21, 2012

I'd grin, and you would have me hooked for more. :>

Vulcan Aug 20, 2012

Hey J. When you going to show some of that intrigueing darkness i know you possess? (NRN). But take care =)

Wazzaaa.NL Aug 19, 2012


Natsworthy Aug 17, 2012

Totes m'goats

Natsworthy Aug 14, 2012

I love you

BongHits&BigTits Aug 07, 2012


ZypheN Aug 07, 2012

I'm going to be in Israel at the end of August..just saying! lol

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 06, 2012

Aww you still gorgeous as ever!

LiL*PiGGy Aug 06, 2012

OOOhhh robert downey jr.. :D

LiL*PiGGy Aug 06, 2012


LiL*PiGGy Aug 06, 2012

sexy as fuck.

Little Fuzzy Jul 10, 2012

Shawarrrrmaaaaaaaa. *hums*

Monkaria Jun 10, 2012

Staying at normal people altitude is too mainstream for Jill Shortmilk. :p

Second Shot May 16, 2012

Hello pussy cat

Star Fox May 15, 2012


Primary May 15, 2012

Let's make a milkshake.

Second Shot May 12, 2012

impossible. i was acting the opposite of what i normally act

Second Shot May 12, 2012

found this new game called tibia and i charge people for protection

Myollnir May 12, 2012


Natsworthy May 10, 2012

Hey secci ladii <3

Natsworthy May 09, 2012


Second Shot May 08, 2012

why so many frownies and negative comments on my wall? I dont deserve this sort of irrational treatment

Second Shot May 07, 2012

i want yo body

Second Shot May 07, 2012


Monkaria May 07, 2012

Indeed, it is.

Little Fuzzy May 04, 2012


Second Shot Apr 29, 2012

looks cold

Monkaria Apr 28, 2012

I agree with G.R.R.R. :D

G.R.R.R. Apr 09, 2012

we demand naughty photos

Second Shot Mar 31, 2012

how have you been?

Primary Mar 21, 2012

i wonder if you washed your hands before you put your thumb in your mouth. did you know that the average door handle has 360 types of bacteria on it? might as well just have put someones penis in there. just saying.

Esau Mar 20, 2012

Allo Allo!. Long time, A. We have lots to catch up on.

LiL*PiGGy Mar 14, 2012

what a babe

Monkaria Mar 14, 2012

Jill, you said you'd only do the sexy pose for me! D:

Monkaria Mar 13, 2012

:B My freckle under my chin says hi to your feckle.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Mar 12, 2012

You two are such cuties!

Second Shot Mar 12, 2012

Those are all specific compliments, monkaria

Monkaria Mar 12, 2012

:D You are beautiful. See, all these jerks say "oo i like your boobs" "ooo i like your pussy", but me? NO. I say "You are beautiful." :D

Second Shot Mar 11, 2012

omg your'e alive

Mossad Mar 10, 2012

hey Ad. how are you? Shabbat Shalom and happy Shushan Purim!

Display Mar 09, 2012

damn whats good shawty hope u had nice purim

Monkaria Mar 09, 2012

Adi, you put up a picture of your pussy again. <3

Second Shot Feb 28, 2012

What happened to you??? Where are you??? How are you???

Second Shot Feb 12, 2012

who are you

Antonio Cromartie Nov 23, 2011

lord of the rings, the last samurai and subspace?! you're awesome!

Cojafoji Nov 09, 2011

you must be splitting h2o then. CARRY ON.

Cojafoji Nov 09, 2011

you hold your breath much longer you gonna pop.

Cojafoji Nov 09, 2011

you blue yet?

BrickRed Nov 08, 2011

Jill, i've been afk in TW i know. But keep the fossil fuel oil lamp burning for me...

soupero Nov 08, 2011

so ruthless!!! :D

soupero Nov 07, 2011

Oh god, every time I look at a picture of you I fell in love (again). :(

absurd99 Nov 07, 2011

look at you lookin all cute ^^

oops Nov 06, 2011

y u make the most attractive faces

Jerome Nov 06, 2011

i'd say you are the cutest lady on trench wars gallery! though does it count if you DONT EVEN PLAY SUBSPACE

LiL*PiGGy Nov 06, 2011

lets bang?

absurd99 Nov 06, 2011

tanks, greatly appreciated coming from a drop dead gorgeous babe like urself

LiL*PiGGy Oct 13, 2011

sexiest duck model i ever c. like dayum...

MoNo. Oct 13, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Oct 11, 2011

wut. n, u dis sexy model<3

MoNo. Oct 11, 2011

Haha. Never! But please keep posting great pic!

MoNo. Oct 10, 2011

More cute pictures o.o

LiL*PiGGy Oct 09, 2011

y u pulling dis duck face.

Cojafoji Oct 09, 2011

alien eyed muhfugga. good call on young dulbiners btw. love the album breathe.

MoNo. Oct 08, 2011

<…< what are the consequences if I said "no"?

MoNo. Oct 08, 2011

I am trying to prove a point that u are goregous!

MoNo. Oct 07, 2011

-_- i disagree with u on that one tho! You are nothing but hotness! And you are very welcome! Miss seeing u around in ss.

MoNo. Oct 05, 2011

Your eyes are amazing.

Lollys Oct 04, 2011

In all of your pics where are you? just Israel?

Primary Sep 26, 2011

mmm another juicy female continuum player <3

ReBirth Sep 24, 2011

hmmm, yeah you could get it I guess :)

ZypheN Sep 24, 2011

Reading Primary's comments made me completely forget what I was going to say.

Jill Shortmilk Sep 24, 2011

...the fuck you on about primary?

Primary Sep 24, 2011

You know that first pic you lookin up at me, you bit your lip right after I snapped the pic and you were all over me. Chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, cake chocolate and melted to the END candles. That's that that night ended up being I make love you.

Primary Sep 24, 2011

I make love you long time Jilly

Primary Sep 24, 2011

I want to make love you baby! <pushes jill aside and starts taking off the old guy statues pants>

Cojafoji Sep 23, 2011

lookitchu girl, lookin' all fine and shit.

Nessy <ZH> Sep 23, 2011

I'm fairly certain that PL premium is not an adequate outdoors adhesive for Hardie board siding products. This has absolutely nothing to do with anything on your profile, but I wanted to make your day more interesting. Hi Jill.

Jerome Sep 23, 2011

u, me, glavitik and a bottle of courvoisier

LiL*PiGGy Sep 23, 2011

i would love you more than owning the entire mcdonalds restaurant

Timid Tiger Sep 22, 2011

astrophsyics? whatta big waste of a degree. current human undrstanding of physics bears very little realtion to the nature of reality. and im awed in fascinatino w the enigmatic che; his death paralleld the poliical assasinatino of christ

Timid Tiger Sep 22, 2011

the craziest psycho i ever dated was a mormon, and she turned out to be a lesbian and started dating other women she met at church. btw, answering a question with a qquestion does not constitutes a sufficient answer in my book...

LiL*PiGGy Sep 22, 2011

love x1000

Monkaria Sep 22, 2011

Second, you wish you could get it out of your pants <3

glavitik Sep 21, 2011

u, me and a bottle of courvoisier

Timid Tiger Sep 20, 2011

i'm almost certain i love you. have you ever dated a psycho?

Monkaria Sep 19, 2011

Jill, you forgot your pants at my house again, I'll bring them to you next time I pick you up.

Tabo Sep 19, 2011

Wow you are so beautiful! Natural beauty if I'd ever seen.

LiL*PiGGy Sep 19, 2011

if i went natural. all hell would break loose.

Culex <ER> Sep 14, 2011

Damn jil, never knew you were a girl. you´re very pretty. And that old guy looks like sigmund freud. :)

soupero Aug 28, 2011

You still look adorable. :)

Monkaria Aug 25, 2011


Nessy <ZH> Aug 22, 2011

You look oh so enthralled to be doing everything :)

ZypheN Aug 22, 2011

Focusing pretty hard on that lipstick.

Cojafoji Aug 21, 2011

nope, but i admire that mans beard. also, i have a bear and coyote.

CoolT!ger9 Aug 20, 2011

You're so beautiful :)

Zazu Aug 14, 2011

Lies! Ask my gf.. Never asked her that!

Myollnir Aug 13, 2011

nice hes hot

Myollnir Aug 12, 2011

yes ofc thats what i meant, u swining from that swing in a very similar fashion

Myollnir Aug 12, 2011

u look like tomb raider

Mossad Jul 31, 2011


Rusty! Jul 29, 2011

Good Looking

Zazu Jul 28, 2011

Marry me?

Monkaria Jul 27, 2011

HI JEWISH GRAMPA! You're the grampa Jilly, but the old guy is so hot, mmmMMM <3

BrickRed Jul 22, 2011

please post pic of you with rare gem stone/fossil ty

Klean-X Jul 19, 2011

Is that picture from a wax museum Jill? the 2nd one or smething? Cuz that old guy looks scary.

MoNo. Jul 18, 2011

Love the top picture. Model status right there.

LiL*PiGGy Jul 17, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Jul 17, 2011

ahhh I love it :)

Buried Jul 14, 2011


Mossad Jul 11, 2011

is that your zeidy?

Buried Jul 01, 2011

nice pics.

Monkaria Jun 28, 2011

Lovin' the "omg you took a photo of me while I was turning" look. <3

Mossad Jun 27, 2011

Very nice.

Stinkin Jun 26, 2011


wildbird Jun 26, 2011

damnnn, somehow i cant stop lookin at u

Cojafoji Jun 08, 2011


Monkaria Jun 02, 2011

Flying fucks are usually called UFO's you know, or a guy's pleasure product.

Monkaria May 23, 2011

*M@zZ/* says: *rofl *hi jeremy *how are you Jeremy says: *oh you know, good, just killed a hooker. *you? *M@zZ/* says: *just fighting a triceratops, he wants the play ss on the computer sec

Monkaria May 23, 2011

*M@zZ/* says: *where is adi Jeremy says: *uzbekistan?

Monkaria May 23, 2011

rofl *archaeology irl fail

Monkaria May 23, 2011


BrickRed May 23, 2011

What are doing at those locations

Jill Shortmilk May 21, 2011

You talk to Cojafoji with some respect in your voice or else!

God wills it May 21, 2011

I was talking about that FREAK Cojafoji not you jill. Your my Israeli pet I <3 U

BrickRed May 21, 2011

What did u find on ur archaeological excavations?

Cojafoji May 19, 2011

a pine tree to bow, by wood mad ham.

BrickRed May 19, 2011

If we did then I cannot remember, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

BrickRed May 16, 2011

i see u like to delve into a little archaeology

God wills it May 16, 2011

That's right this M.F. should be kept in a private cage. THE HORROR!! Some sort of dungeon would be fitting, where he could scare away the ghost and monsters.

Cojafoji May 01, 2011

I am not a carnival ride or state fair exhibit. F U.

Monkaria Apr 22, 2011

That's what you think. THANK YOOOOOOOOU

Antimatter Apr 19, 2011

You giant... poopface!

Monkaria Apr 19, 2011

Only yours baby <3

2pacZ Apr 15, 2011

so when we gonna lt?

Cres Apr 14, 2011

who u

danyell!! Apr 14, 2011

<3 <3 <3

Mossad Apr 14, 2011

I am in Rehab for over 5 weeks and sober for over a month and half. I am joining the police Acadamy here in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Mossad Apr 13, 2011

hey Adi whats up? how is life?

Monkaria Apr 13, 2011


Monkaria Apr 13, 2011

Jill, you get the condoms, I bring the chains.

danyell!! Apr 12, 2011

Natural Beauty. <3

LiL*PiGGy Apr 12, 2011

you're so pretty xD..

LiL*PiGGy Apr 10, 2011

oops.. sorry for spam ;) but .. is that possible T_T

LiL*PiGGy Apr 10, 2011

LiL*PiGGy Apr 09, 2011

you saying they're fake? HUH?

Repent Apr 06, 2011

i wanna be on yu

Dropout Bear Mar 12, 2011

Well aren't you lovely.

Cojafoji Feb 23, 2011

jillybillyfofilly join my squad or i'll throw a clay brick at you.

soupero Feb 13, 2011

Hello Adi, hello beautiful

Machine of God Feb 07, 2011

guy looks like renzi

Zazu Feb 07, 2011

Yo Jill. Why are you hugging that faggot?

Neil Armstrong Jan 27, 2011


Neil Armstrong Jan 27, 2011


oran Jan 27, 2011

u already forgot...nvm then.

oran Jan 26, 2011

the dude someone she hired or put under israelian mind control. I already discovered she... (nvm jill, dont hate you enough to finish this sentence publically:p)

Mariposa Jan 24, 2011

yes i do c u online lol

absurd99 Jan 23, 2011

ooo who's the dude?

Mariposa Jan 23, 2011

nice picz!!! u lookin good!!

Mossad Jan 17, 2011

Hey Adi my Achoti:) Happy second New year, in a12 month period, just imagine i was Chinese we would have 3 new years.:) Shana Tova.

Monkaria Jan 16, 2011


Cojafoji Jan 14, 2011

Where is your honky ass at? Challah at yo boy. See what I did there? I think I made a funny. No wait I failed.

Mossad Jan 07, 2011

Ani oev otach kemo mishpacha <3 Shabbat Salam Achoti. had to speak my mind good bye.

Monkaria Dec 26, 2010


the funky blue note Dec 26, 2010

and now i come with that old al green shit, saaave meh! because i ___o/___ drown in your charisma! hahahah, at ease soldier...

Cojafoji Dec 26, 2010

you appear to be far to happy. your event horizon must be warping the perception of others!

Zazu Dec 19, 2010

Looking good, darling! <3

Mobey <ER> Dec 18, 2010

sup cutey

Pier Dec 16, 2010


TABARNAK!!! Dec 07, 2010

CUTEST SOLDIER stop being a soldier btw, ur not scary enough :o(

TABARNAK!!! Dec 07, 2010

full of 7 years old palestinian children blood* but im just kidding btw :o)

TABARNAK!!! Dec 07, 2010

no, we all want more pictures with cute clothes on, only a few ppl wants pictures of youre peaceful face darkened by a war uniform full of 7 years old palestinian children :S

Aniskywankers Dec 05, 2010

Please un-ignore me, I miss talking to you!

Monkaria Dec 03, 2010


Jill Shortmilk Dec 03, 2010

Actualy it's an M4..

Mossad Dec 03, 2010

wow Adi, i didn't rea;ize that M-16 just sitting there.

LiL*PiGGy Dec 02, 2010

DID YOU JUST CALL MY RAT A HAMSTER? don't get htose two mixed up.

Mossad Dec 02, 2010

can we see some pics you with a machine gun?

LiL*PiGGy Dec 01, 2010

yo' Virgin Hair. Mine's falling out

hanz-poop Dec 01, 2010

Your jumper = Mazing

TABARNAK!!! Nov 25, 2010

you dont look like a soldier!

Mobey <ER> Nov 22, 2010


soupero Nov 08, 2010


Zazu Nov 07, 2010

Sup Jill! <3

Monkaria Nov 05, 2010

Hmm :3 Well, you both look very sweet and pretty anyway <3

Monkaria Nov 05, 2010

Aawwwww :3 <3 You look related to her!

flying shit Nov 03, 2010

oh shit! This wall got some spam on it. Anyways, Hi! and u got a good taste for music and movies *3 thumbs up* xD tho i don't know sh!t 'bout books...

Mossad Oct 22, 2010

Adi......I will give you my car if you can click on a link. high.. Chilll. out...

Monkaria Oct 17, 2010


Dexter Oct 17, 2010

yea of course :-)

Audrey Oct 16, 2010

And i thought the hippies died in the late 60's!!

Vulcan Oct 15, 2010

i'm not completely sure.. and guess i'll never be. you see, i've just uninstalled.. and decided not to spend any more of my time on that game.

Vulcan Oct 15, 2010

depends on my definition doesn't it, not yours. you prude.

Vulcan Oct 15, 2010


Cojafoji Oct 14, 2010

bb lol

Ri$e Again$t Oct 11, 2010

Wow Israel why can't you be from Canada ;p lol 8)

JeezOutLaw Oct 11, 2010


Aniskywankers Oct 10, 2010

And hello there, Cap'n.

Aniskywankers Oct 10, 2010

This is SS. Go make me a sandwich.

Dexter Oct 10, 2010

Because of your eyes, we can see lots of things looking through the eyes.

Nimp Oct 10, 2010


Mossad Oct 08, 2010

I totally agree with Dexter! Mamash Lady Tova!

Cojafoji Oct 06, 2010

book schedule too boku soldia boy. hyperion five dorra.

eelz Oct 05, 2010

>.> primary is a moron, i agree with monky.

TABARNAK!!! Oct 04, 2010

pretty soldier

Dexter Oct 03, 2010

you're a wonderful girl ;)

Monkaria Sep 30, 2010

LOL nice try <3

Monkaria Sep 27, 2010


Jill Shortmilk Sep 27, 2010


Crackling Sep 25, 2010

is that ur town ?? haha israel perfect place to get blown up if u ask me

Blackness Sep 16, 2010

haha I will, my cousin is getting married next summer in Israel and most likely I will be attending..

Aethel Sep 16, 2010

OMG! the houses' roofs have been stolen!

absurd99 Sep 15, 2010

Nice collar bones!

Blackness Sep 13, 2010

Israel - Best place on earth. Sitting on one of the beautiful beaches, with a Goldstar beer (yummy) in one hand, and hookah in the other is the best feeling in the world :P. I miss Israel, can't wait for next summer.

MoNo. Sep 04, 2010

actually i'm not surprise to see the fog tho. Because of the altitude. Hope you had fun!

Cojafoji Sep 03, 2010

I wanna go to Machu Picchu... Not fair.

Level Zero Sep 02, 2010

your nose is ok

MoNo. Sep 02, 2010


LiL*PiGGy Sep 02, 2010

WOW O.O Nice !!

Arobas+ Sep 02, 2010

Ohh Cusco and the machu picchu! such a beautiful place, went there last summer. What was your itinerary?

Missa Aug 26, 2010

i thought you had a cute nose :P

H 0 N E Y Aug 24, 2010

wow! qt

Jill Shortmilk Aug 24, 2010

why you guys fixate on my nose, it's gigantic and not one of my better features

Primary Aug 24, 2010

Today I was going to buy a carton of milk, but I bought the shorter single serving carton and just rubbed it all over my man nipples thinking about you and your beautiful nose. <3

Monkaria Aug 24, 2010

I am in love with your nose :3 We could make hot babies. xD

MoNo. Aug 23, 2010

I wish I had hair like you! I love curls xD

MoNo. Aug 23, 2010

Love the new pix!

MoNo. Aug 23, 2010


RJ Aug 20, 2010


RJ Aug 19, 2010

you do.

Harstead Aug 19, 2010

only me!! Proud to be your buddy kid! spk soon missus

RJ Aug 16, 2010

Seems cool.

Tm Aug 15, 2010

hahaha.. new betach, at yafa ;)

Monkaria Aug 15, 2010

Min you moar <3

Harstead Aug 15, 2010

Hello TallCream, it's me, Har. Is that a gun in one of those pictures??

Monkaria Aug 15, 2010

Ooo I see, thanks for that ;) I WANT TO MIN MIN MIN YOU MIN MIN MIN LOL im kidding <3 :D I don't know the equivalent in arabic, but I do know it in french, and that's the same as the english word but with "e" on the end. :3 Yay for min!! xD

Tm Aug 14, 2010

ani anthony :).. naim meod. haha shh adi mossad here :P, shalom mossad

Mossad Aug 14, 2010


Tm Aug 14, 2010

i meant ma shmech lol, hate transliteration :<

Tm Aug 14, 2010

naharia..ani gar biamerika.. san diego, california :). ma shimcha?

Monkaria Aug 14, 2010

You could potentially rape a hot arab though! LOL <3

Monkaria Aug 14, 2010

LOL I don't even believe in hierachy in the church, mayne. But I'll make you like the royal advisor or something, and ask you to not do a Jafaar on me :3 Hahaa! <3

Monkaria Aug 14, 2010

You forgot pope :3 <3 MWAHAHAHA! Yes, i could be a female pope. NYAH.

Tm Aug 14, 2010

oh shit, nevermind.. this site doesn't support hebrew.. atah yisraeli? meayin at?

Tm Aug 14, 2010

מאין את?

Jill Shortmilk Aug 13, 2010

Thanks mono... Thats what my hair looks like when I actually care to comb it :D

Monkaria Aug 13, 2010


MoNo. Aug 13, 2010

I love the curls xD

LiL*PiGGy Aug 11, 2010

You're Gorgeous, I love how Natural you are, :) you amaze me .

TABARNAK!!! Aug 11, 2010

join my squad :o(

Keith Aug 11, 2010

Some day I'll travel the world though!

Keith Aug 11, 2010

Too bad I can't find out Israel is a little beyond my reach :(

Keith Aug 11, 2010

Your perfect taste of music amazes me.

Cojafoji Aug 02, 2010

Come play SS with me, the silly Pennsylvanian. I wish to discuss nipple lasers and anal particle accelerators!

Monkaria Aug 02, 2010

OMG I DO. I'm just too lazy to say anything else. AT LEAST I BOTHERED TO AGREE.

lopist Jul 31, 2010

rawr ;)

Monkaria Jul 28, 2010

Meow! Agreed with absurd!

absurd99 Jul 24, 2010

5'8 is a good height for modeling you should consider it... seriously look into it, you are stunning!

MoNo. Jul 23, 2010

I just think you're cute. :3

absurd99 Jul 23, 2010

How tall are you?

MoNo. Jul 23, 2010

Aww jill! o/

Cojafoji Jul 22, 2010

that dude is fucking one hundred LOLOL

Koops91 Jul 22, 2010


Aethel Jul 15, 2010

hmmmm but youre still slim on first pic

chars! Jul 14, 2010

oh. it sux

Aethel Jul 14, 2010

no, i didnt mean to say that. you just look thin and younger 4th pic.

Catatstrophe Jul 14, 2010

hey miss

chars! Jul 13, 2010

I believe. It might be hard to handle. Specially for women. Im not saying u fragile genre but they do a lot of bs with girls there. Thats what i heard.

Aethel Jul 13, 2010

in comparison to the 4th pic. do you like to shot ppl? :o

Aethel Jul 13, 2010

you look stronger 1st pic

chars! Jul 12, 2010

awesome :D

chars! Jul 11, 2010

theres a gun on ur pic. wtf girls doesnt like guns !

chars! Jul 10, 2010

u lesbo?

Cojafoji Jul 08, 2010

Parvus Mamma

Missa Jul 04, 2010

Your nose isn't big :( You're cute!

Missa Jul 02, 2010

You look a lot like Keira Knightley.

TABARNAK!!! Jul 02, 2010

JILL is probably the cutest rambo in the world, move to canada, we need YOU to save our country!

Boofcat Jul 01, 2010


Boofcat Jul 01, 2010

we love you shortmilk, but you’re still too fat

Esau Jun 21, 2010

red is good for you ^^

TABARNAK!!! Jun 14, 2010

Ari stop being cute! ragequit

Cojafoji Jun 02, 2010


Monkaria Jun 02, 2010

I don't mind coja. He is silly. Israel is then also a part of Lebanon! Chums! :D

Cojafoji Jun 01, 2010

I'm typing this from my nipples. I can't hit shit sucka. Send address, will send .5 tons of ammo.

Cojafoji May 31, 2010

too expensive. i will send 1000 .22 rounds. also: http://www.multivax.com/last_question.html

Cojafoji May 31, 2010

shit. sorry for bothering you x 2, but i was wondering if you've ever read Asimov's "the last question"?

Cojafoji May 31, 2010

No, really? Anyway, sorry if I annoyed you. I'd send cookies, but I'm afraid parcels from abroad are still mishandled and often destroyed upon delivery. Would you rather I send you some 7.62?

Harstead May 30, 2010

thanks for dropping by Jill, it's me, Har le Mountain. Well, spk soon & take care. Do you recall hwat you were thinking about in pic 2, that is one intriguing photo.

Cojafoji May 30, 2010

Had no idea you were from Lebanon. Relax.

Cojafoji May 29, 2010

so you're from Beirut? well now.

9 Kisses May 28, 2010

No, I gave it to my friend cause he wanted it. Sowwy. :(

MoNo. May 27, 2010

Awww.. Thank you tho :3. You are very sweet.

9 Kisses May 24, 2010


pee pee sock May 23, 2010

nixi? ahahahahaha

MoNo. May 23, 2010

Aww thank you. But I think you are beautiful tho. <333

MoNo. May 23, 2010

awww Im not. LOL but yOU ARE!

Jill Shortmilk May 13, 2010

Welcome to my wall, Zazu!

Zazu <ER> May 11, 2010

Welcome to the Gallery, Jill!

Jill Shortmilk May 09, 2010

Thanks guys :)

MoNo. May 09, 2010

Yay! o/ Very Cute.

9 Kisses May 09, 2010

:) Pretty lady.