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About Me

Location AL
Gender Male
Where I can be found pub,elim, wbduel
More about me Auburn University Alum War EAGLE! like fishing, tennis, motorcycles, auto mech , more

Things I Like 
Books Atlas Shrugged,classics
Movies LOTR, sci fi
Musics all kinds except most rap


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Gixergrl Mar 30, 2016

Hey there wolf! Thanks for visiting :) You have a lovely looking family :)

Vulcan Jun 23, 2015

wolf got a good family going there.. i also like the open road pics. hug them curves wolf. at home and on your bike. u decide.

Jess <ZH> Jun 22, 2015

Your girls are adorable hungrywolf !! You all look really happy :) PEW PEW PEW Cya is Space!

okyo Jun 21, 2015

thank you very much

Godzero May 18, 2015

You used to hit the gym before all the cardio stuff right? you look like you could punch someone right in the soul.

Vermillion Flame Apr 09, 2015

::gives hungrywolf and his family a teapot full of honeysuckle white tea with raw honey::

Kinky-Girl Apr 08, 2015

She's sooo cute

Mossad Jun 23, 2014

Hi, regards from the old city jerusalem....(y.l.) plz plz pray and try to get others to for the safe return of the kidnapped family the more prayers the more power. G()d bless

Mossad Mar 07, 2014

Hey <3

Spock! Mar 01, 2014

Oh, yes. That is infact my ugly mug whilst holding a 12 Ga. Remington 870 Express Super Magnum.

Mossad Feb 21, 2014

אני אוהב אותך

Spock! Feb 20, 2014

You are a dirty rat bastard LT, hardly leaf on the wind material.

Spock! Feb 08, 2014

In touch with the ground I'm on the hunt I'm after you Scent and a sound. I'm lost and I'm found And I'm hungry like the wolf.

Spock! Sep 15, 2013

oh, and really, I don't have anything against VW.....I just felt like I needed to comment on your photo because I was bored....

Spock! Sep 15, 2013

mpg is nice, but I have 2 letters for you: V8. I get maybe 18 mpg on a good day, but the money saved on gas can never buy the feeling of an american V-8 rumbling under the hood...

Spock! Sep 13, 2013

I rather dislike VWs.....Should get yourself a muscle car and save the environment.

SolidSnake~ Aug 10, 2013

war damn!

pee pee sock Aug 07, 2013

u look like u guys just had sex

Spock! Aug 06, 2013

I am a leaf on the wind.

Monkaria Feb 08, 2012

aroooooooooooooooooooooo. Hmm, disappeared off the face of the subspace continuum :O

Cojafoji Feb 04, 2012


Nanners Dec 10, 2011

Well hello there sir.

BrickRed Dec 09, 2011

Ur arms say that u were a big lifter one time, muscle memory ftw!

BrickRed Dec 05, 2011

Nice arms hw

ZypheN Nov 27, 2011

Nice. Hot wife, cute kid, bike, and comfy family room. You got the life lol

Mossad Nov 27, 2011

Hello Hello Sir Friend. A honor to meet you <teacher>.your wife looks very cool and pretty, she is very blessed. :) <3

Monkaria Nov 26, 2011

Thanks, that's very kind of you. Lotr is a good choice of film too.

Monkaria Nov 25, 2011

I never liked that yellow bear...

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Nov 25, 2011

Hot wife!

hanz-poop Nov 24, 2011


Monkaria Nov 24, 2011


Monkaria Nov 24, 2011

Nice Whinnie the Pooh sheets.

ZypheN Nov 24, 2011

That your wife??

TutoXD Sep 19, 2011

Hey man!!! :)

LiL*PiGGy Aug 03, 2011

yep :)

BrickRed May 13, 2011

Its the Alabama Slammer!!!

Harstead Feb 07, 2011

hope you are well Hungry

Vulcan Feb 06, 2011

hey wolfman

Mange Sep 23, 2010

i love this dudeee.

Harstead Aug 19, 2010

Man Love big fella

Mossad Aug 14, 2010

hey hey hey <3

Harstead Jul 24, 2010

Evening mate.

Harstead Jul 24, 2010

Evening mate.

MoNo. May 24, 2010

Not muccch you?

vaped Apr 07, 2010

sup hungrywolf xD

Mobey Apr 05, 2010

*zzzzzzzhhwhwaaaaannggg*, sposed to be a light sabre sound.

Jinco Jan 15, 2010

are you playing with ur feet on that laptop $$$

Hustla Bebe Dec 25, 2009

lol this is m y first but now daddys back home its been easyer on me lol. i get a break lol

FemalePersuasion Dec 25, 2009

You have mudders on your truck, too clean, you must use them accordingly. And I like the style of your living room. Either you have a good sense of style or your lady does.

Hustla Bebe Dec 23, 2009

lol aww i have a 3 month yr old haha its stressfull @ times

Hustla Bebe Dec 23, 2009

hello hungry. cute kid? how old :)

Zazu Dec 12, 2009

Don't like your couch. : (((

NoNameBrand Dec 10, 2009

Nuffin much, your living room rocks btw.

plompy Dec 04, 2009

Are they your daughters bikes? :p

Missa Nov 28, 2009

you have a nice house

Raynefreeze Nov 28, 2009

yo yo wolf!

resoL Nov 21, 2009

Sick Bikes man

JediCraft Nov 08, 2009

I like wolves, always wanted one, but I guess your sufficient NOT...jk plz don't eat me.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 25, 2009

Yo wolfy!!!!

ZypheN Oct 19, 2009

glad to see there's some other people on here that prefer 2 wheels, I'll try and look past the fact it's not a yamaha :X lol

Mobey Oct 19, 2009

not surprised dude, family is worth more than adrenaline but i can't wait to start riding! ninja 600 for my first I think.. LOL

chars! Oct 16, 2009

oooooo cute kid! :D and dont use bikes! cars are better! :D

Mobey Oct 15, 2009

england dude, isn't my car its just a wallpaper but even if the car did exist i wouldn't be able to afford it ha. loving that 4x4 too. you race them bikes by any chance?

Mobey Oct 14, 2009

nice bikes man..

Weak Sep 14, 2009

thanks bro! nice rides dude

TutoXD Aug 22, 2009

Hey, nice Bikes :) kwl

Rodney Aug 22, 2009

my irl name isnt rodney :( but Rodney mullen's name is :) and hes like amazing as fuck

pappa Aug 19, 2009

you have some cool toys ... I want a bike

Harstead Aug 14, 2009

How proud is your little girl in your pics?! &quot;Anyone can be a father, takes someone special to be a Daddy&quot;. Hungry, you are THE Daddy mate. Take it easy.

KillerGt Jul 28, 2009

I like the setup of your house, oh and the bikes, I use to own an R2 before it got stolen right from my front yard lol. (Was a long time ago). And thanks bro, it's allot of fun. I've put it on a break for now, but I'll get back to it when school starts up again. I used to powerlift, but then I just wanted to get ripped. That's really cool though, best of luck with it! And hey, if you got any questions, just hollERRrrrrrrrrrr

hungrywolf Jul 26, 2009

my hunting truck, motorcycles, and where I usually play. Like my Al Bundy chair

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 26, 2009

Love the Bikes!

Exalt Jul 26, 2009


Insane Hotdog Jul 22, 2009


wicket666 Jul 15, 2009

hungry lol i dont feel so old now

Crunchy Nut Jul 09, 2009

Sound guy \o/

SkullLeader Jul 09, 2009

Omg Hungry..., i see there are a new sexy pilot cooming..., the hungrywolf+lady :), iam real scare now, take care bro..., i hope see u soon.

ReKall Jul 03, 2009


Democrat Jun 30, 2009

you too! :D

Squazzie May 28, 2009

this is the guy who is killing me in elim with his lag hax? :)

carburetor May 22, 2009

dude... is continuum being audited?

Ohmalee May 20, 2009

google. lol.

Ohmalee May 19, 2009

didnt expect u to be so old lol

SkullLeader May 11, 2009

Hiooo Hungry!!!, Sexy Pilot...

infrared May 08, 2009

you look like the guy from the incredibles

pee pee sock May 07, 2009

can i move in with u? &lt;3 heifer

ZenaBee May 07, 2009

here is wolfy wolf :D,thats really sweet father and his daughter awwww

Social Life May 04, 2009

very nice, how much?

Panda Bear May 04, 2009

Hello hungrywolf! :)