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Hunt Dec 24, 2012

No offense KGT

Hunt Dec 24, 2012

brb 'steroids' but very little muscle separation/underdeveloped muscles, no abnormal vascularity (or vascularity at all for that matter), 0 striations

Hunt Dec 24, 2012

I'm sure you already know this but you're pretty much only abs and people would realize this if they actually went to the gym instead of being basement dwellers

Hunt Dec 24, 2012

lol at people thinking you're on steroids..watch out, OOPS thinks you are! oh wait he's 5'10 110 and has no idea..

Cross Feb 02, 2010

wtf killergrantourismo u look like a farmer in that one pic. no rispekt from ligers!

Let Jan 25, 2010

thought you were WHITE!

Airship Jan 20, 2010

play anything i think sounds good including some metal. im very open to different kinds of music and yes!, that is a my kitty!

Airship Jan 18, 2010

^_^ yup thats a fender! =p i'm more then a fan, i'm a musician. ha, you must of had the same high school colors then if it looks the same. awesome!

Airship Jan 18, 2010

your cat lifts weights too?

Jinco Jan 15, 2010

sup killer? big pimp status

Kid Kaos Jan 13, 2010

yo kgt! Damn dog it has been long time. U a male model yet? Lol.

Let Nov 04, 2009

if it isn't LR

lag killer Oct 29, 2009

yo kgt, what's your workout and diet routine?

EvilDeed Sep 25, 2009


Repent Aug 30, 2009

thats not steroids thats just a mixture of liftin weight and a metabolism most ppl would kill for haha...im the same way

Hank! Aug 26, 2009


pappa Aug 19, 2009

it looks like you work out! haha nice kitten and dumbells

Tabo Aug 11, 2009

Lol you so wouldn't :D

Audrey Aug 10, 2009

Who said i'd wanna be in your squad =P

PrettyMadness Aug 03, 2009

Im sorry that you were talked about on my page..

KillerGt Jul 29, 2009

I just did? Just because someone has muscle on him, doesnt mean they are inflexible.....I'm getting dumber just by reading your terribly low IQ comments.

oops Jul 29, 2009

LOL, im not angry, bored mostly. go try and touch your elbows together

ZypheN Jul 29, 2009

Don't even need a gym, push run pull ftw baby ha. And oops, you're retarded bro, just give up.

KillerGt Jul 29, 2009

Listen, all I'm trying to get to your dull hard head, is that you don't need steroids to get to where I'm at. You just need to do something called "lift some weights." I don't know why you are so angry. I just think you're blind if you think that I take steroids. Ronnie Coleman is steroids, John Cena is steroids, Chris Benoit is steroids. Their arms are bigger than my whole body. I guess you just don't know enough on the topic of steroids to really know the difference. I don't blame you though, you probably take part in no physical activities what so ever. "break dance" as in you dance and your body starts breaking as you try, put atleast a little bit of meat on those bones.

oops Jul 29, 2009

Lol, if you knew anything about peoples body types at all, you would recognize the difference in body types between mine and yours, im and ectomorph, your a mesomorph, goddess is an endomorph, you dont need to be a hairy meathead on roids to know about lifting. i dont go to the gym and show off, i breakdance, i have no intentions of becoming a musclebound fuck.

KillerGt Jul 28, 2009

But keep the ignorant comments coming oops, I can actually accept them as compliments in a way.

KillerGt Jul 28, 2009

Just because you are a scronny little white boy, doesn't mean anyone who has some amount of muscle on him is taking steroids. Oops, judging by your pictures, you've never even been inside a weight room. If you knew anything about lifting at all, or had any personal experience, you'd realize you can get to my body style without even taking a single protein shake...and you're here claiming im taking roids, (lol).

oops Jul 28, 2009

Possible that he isnt taking roids, but i know alot about them and know what it looks like when you take them and he looks like a good candidate. no need to go into detail

oops Jul 28, 2009

Lol tw population a bunch of sick fucks, virgins living at their parents house in the basement at 32 yrs old along with the occasional overweight female.

hungrywolf Jul 27, 2009

nice bodybuilding pics. I have begun now myself. Formerly, I was powerlifter

Hunt Jul 27, 2009

not even close to roid calibre..nice abs though gt..oops you're a fucking retard

MEEEp Jul 26, 2009

car horn goes "beep beep".... NOT "meep meep" tyvm

KillerGt Jul 25, 2009

1) Yea they are, good thing I don't take them! :D 2) I did, and my answer was that if you got something to show, show it. If you don't, then don't. Easy peezy. 3) I thought about the tw population. And I realized it's normal people like anyone else with a particular interest. I entirely miss the point of your comment..

oops Jul 25, 2009

roids r bad for u. and plz ask urself why ur showing topless pics of urself to the tw population, think about who the tw population is. thanks

Sandie Jul 25, 2009

haha YOU SHOULD! sims3 is amazing lol

ZypheN Jul 21, 2009

shirt is in the 2nd pic is badass looking.

Tabo Jul 21, 2009

I have the same phone as you :)

Necromotic Jul 21, 2009

ROFLLL yea i reread it man its funny i started hittin the gym again dam gonna get ripped

lady starlight Jul 14, 2009

how many pounds can ur cat curl?

Shadowmere Jul 13, 2009

Yeah. Think so too. :P Thanks.

Shadowmere Jul 13, 2009


Misled Jul 09, 2009

dude that shirt is the shiz $$ pro pro

Ghoul Jul 09, 2009

kgt u such a sexiboi

KillerGt Jul 09, 2009

The girls at the park I go to would beg to differ :)

cash.MONay Jul 09, 2009

No offense intended, your abs look disgusting. Too much definition can be a bad thing. On top of that, I got an 8-pak. Nonetheless, respect to u for being brown. Braaap.

war_bringer Jul 08, 2009

didn't mean to type cat..

war_bringer Jul 08, 2009

you have a pussy cat

infrared Jul 04, 2009

that cat is so hot i cant get over it can i has?

Sandie Jul 04, 2009

rofl! nice abs, jesus...

Weak Jul 03, 2009


Exalt Jul 02, 2009


lady starlight Jun 27, 2009

whattt I got a twin runnin around somewhere?? show me a pic!! :D

Weak Jun 26, 2009

lol too much alcohol my friend :)

Weak Jun 26, 2009


KillerGt Jun 26, 2009

u talkin about makin love to me pee pee sock? Sick sick boy

Ignite Jun 25, 2009


L3MU3L Jun 25, 2009

ROFL damn pee pee u make me laugh everytime :P

pee pee sock Jun 25, 2009

u make me fuckin sick. the things i would do to u irl. terrorist

Valentine Rose Jun 25, 2009

You make chuck norris look like a wuss. XD

death row Jun 25, 2009

Man, props on the abs. Are you on a real strict diet and stuff? Because that takes a lot of will power. lol

Draft Jun 24, 2009

u'd def own eelam irl

ben_dover Jun 24, 2009

Hey bro, lemme borrow ur 8 pack for this weekend

ZenaBee Jun 24, 2009

or i'll just fax them to u one by one :"O

ZenaBee Jun 24, 2009

awww poor hammy's :( this one has baby hammy's :O want me to email u one? lol

Sakura Jun 24, 2009

=) haha thanks =D

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

thanks. :)

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

I'm gonna take a wild guess. You must work out alot? lol. :P

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

Actually my legs are just as good as my upper body. Their just ripped more than they are "bulky," I don't like that ugly bulk look. No, people on roids look nasty. Veins poppin left n right! :)

R.I.P Jun 24, 2009

lol thanks (:

Mobey Jun 24, 2009

you need to work on your legs hombre, you look like you've been on 'roids.

Dynasty Jun 24, 2009

Oh damn killer abs dude! Like a ninja! *hint hint*

R.I.P Jun 23, 2009

hehe (:

danyell!! Jun 22, 2009


R.I.P Jun 21, 2009

lol scrotal steps on pussys.... poor guy! (: my abs are better!! hehe (:

danyell!! Jun 19, 2009

His cat can bench 345 lmao.

Ri$e Again$t Jun 15, 2009

We know this guy has his Trypants on.

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

hi kgt....join shinobi or i'll step on your cat...i have no problem stepping on my girlfriend's cats...i'm a repeat cat-stepping offender

Hunt Jun 13, 2009

rekall you're a moron he clearly doesnt use roids, he isnt that big hes just cut

Kid Kaos Jun 11, 2009

kgt can you be my personal trainer meng? You cut up dawg. SHieeet

KillerGt Jun 09, 2009

I bet they do, but then again, I can only bet. I don't use them. Hell, I don't even take any supplements or nutrition drinks or any of that gimmick bull crap made to make suckers outta desperate people who buy into their hype. I'm just a result of hard work and dedication, and just an active life style since 6th grade to college level track and field. Anyone can do it.

ReKall Jun 09, 2009

lol i heard steroids makes your dick little....any comments?

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

pffft 6 pack, girls prefer to do kegstands on my belly. gg newb -_-

Dark*Star360 Jun 07, 2009

show off :E

KillerGt Jun 07, 2009

Thanks? :S

Vue Jun 07, 2009

nice pussy

Pandagirl! Jun 07, 2009

Nice abs

Eelam Jun 07, 2009

photoshop much?

Stylez Jun 07, 2009

were you fat prior to these pictures? your cloths are really big on you... EAT... &lt;3

PWND Jun 06, 2009


PWND Jun 06, 2009

No. Do you really think it's necessary to post pics like that to show off to nerds like us?

Ignite Jun 06, 2009

You should apply for America's Next Top Model with that over the shoulder tyra pic. You're so fabolous, fierce, and flawless. You all of the above!

Mango. Jun 06, 2009

fuckin terrorist

Dameon Angell Jun 05, 2009

We gotta keep it real, yo. That's how we does it up in this.

PWND Jun 05, 2009

Put your shirt back on please.

pee pee sock Jun 05, 2009

omg dude, if i ever saw u on the street, u would get a beaten (by me) gg nerd

Ohmalee Jun 05, 2009

fake abs.

High Templar Jun 05, 2009

dayyyyyyyum son, dem abs must be made outta steel, SHIT. true playa 4 real, thats ma ***** 4 real what

ben_dover Jun 05, 2009

hey bro, thought u hated cats hmm let me down ^.^

L3MU3L Jun 05, 2009

dude your skinny as fuck