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About Me

Age 38
Location Minnesota
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website suckdeeznuts.com
Where I can be found public 0 with my newb friends

Things I Like 
Books too many
Movies actions
Musics anything.


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Let Nov 07, 2013

shaved. [=

SkyMan's Nov 07, 2013

Where are your hair?

Let Jul 09, 2013

Display, who are you newb?

Display Jul 07, 2013

u talking to me chinese guy

Let Jun 11, 2013

pps: English please, thank you!

pee pee sock May 22, 2013

won ton soup eh?

Let May 17, 2012

nothing much Anthony, you? i'm just busy working...

field May 08, 2012

what's happenin bro? been a while!

Let Aug 21, 2011


Let Aug 21, 2011

lol Myollnir, you're good enough alrady...im not even that good anymore. =(

Myollnir Aug 18, 2011

asian ppl have an unfair advantage in ss, big pimpin dawg, lend me some genes for dds :>

Let Aug 15, 2011

Azn - what squad?

Let Aug 15, 2011

Nessy, okay! [=

AznWuTangNinja8052 Aug 15, 2011

Join us?

Nessy <ZH> Aug 15, 2011

Sup Let. :> Let's shoot each other sometime in DD.

field Jul 06, 2010

lol lor, sorry got you stuck with my pics :P love the comments rofl

wicket666 Jul 06, 2010


AznBabiGurl Apr 15, 2010

lor lor lor

MITB Feb 17, 2010

WOW &quot;let&quot; must of had a makeover...he doesn't look like this...!

KillerGt Jan 25, 2010

hahaha really? Lol how come Cool hair, thats how i got mine set at the moment as well. but i think im goin buzz again :-(

Let Jan 07, 2010

n2m, Alex, you?

Flew Dec 11, 2009

whaat up lor!

Welfare Dec 09, 2009

wtf how is sarrow's cousin not asian, waddup mayne

absurd99 Nov 16, 2009

havnt seen u in tw. whats your nationality?

Goddess Nov 07, 2009

My Car smokes both ya'lls and let didn't u just have a bunch of pics of trying to say u were female? I dont believe thats u until i see u on webcam :)

joemoma Nov 05, 2009

my car would so smoke yours

Let Nov 05, 2009

Y&amp;D, wo0t, opps, dujek, edu, ridaz, focused, etc...too many to name =x gave most of those names away though, so im stuck with Let =(

Goddess Nov 05, 2009

so who were u before u were THIS let lol

siaxis Nov 04, 2009

toronto and lake ontario tribs

Let Oct 20, 2009

I AM ASIAN! thats ANTHONY! LMFAO! previous owner of &quot;Let&quot;

PWND Aug 19, 2009

I thought you were asian?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 18, 2009

LOL I lost a duel and Had to make a sign. -.-

flared Aug 18, 2009

reppin mn

Let Aug 17, 2009

lol Falceot, i am different, lol! and MEEep, i am LET! lmao!

MEEEp Jul 27, 2009

ur not let!

Falceot Jul 02, 2009

HA! You're really different like Knockers said! lol

danyell!! Jun 05, 2009

Thanks =D I like your hair.

flion May 16, 2009

Let me have it

Knockers Mar 27, 2009

wow let you look so different than I had imagined! Or seen in previous pictures :P Yo guys need to get a big fam pic up again, those were always cool

Winky- Mar 25, 2009

fake? real?? hair looks unconvincing

Let Mar 25, 2009

wtf Anthony, stop posting pictures, you're the old LET! im the NEW LET NOW!