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ZypheN Jan 22, 2010

Once I saw you and the bike didn't even need to see anything else lol more girls need to learn

lady starlight Nov 22, 2009

how many candles on the cake?

Let Nov 04, 2009

LMFAO! at the comments

pappa Aug 19, 2009

Wow your eyes are amazing - very cute for sure

Fusionbomb Aug 04, 2009

Wow! You are very attractive!

Weak Jul 03, 2009

whoa : ) hello there, ur quite pretty.

Nemon Jun 28, 2009

helou cutie

Ricko Jun 25, 2009

so i see your asian...would you like 1/4 irish in you?

L3MU3L Jun 06, 2009

looking at the pic on the bottom left...damn you got some long finger! lol :P

Necromotic May 29, 2009


Valentine Rose May 15, 2009

Elmo \o/

Ohmalee May 14, 2009

Where u been Winky-! I miss you :'(

Flew May 07, 2009


Imagine May 04, 2009

That picture with your friends looks like a casting call for High School Musical 4.

Soilderz Apr 27, 2009

you look quite cute, shy.

chars! Apr 27, 2009

not impressed [2] haven't u seen cute girls in ur poor lifes?

Havok Apr 24, 2009

once you go white asians need a wheel chair. afk

NO <3 Apr 22, 2009

no to the guy below me, you gotta be 100% AZN not 3% &quot;asian&quot;

Huge Eat Apr 22, 2009

so im like 3% mongolian does that count as azn ;)

Refer Apr 18, 2009


cranium Apr 17, 2009

hit this shit raw dog and bail

Winky- Apr 16, 2009

everyone comments like im not even here :P

Money Apr 15, 2009

LOL havok, shes alright but shes not the hottest :)

BobbyLight Apr 14, 2009

np, thats what im here for...:P

BobbyLight Apr 13, 2009

not impressed

Century Apr 07, 2009

id hitttt

Havok Apr 06, 2009

so many comments but ofcourse the hottest girl playin ss has to be asian....hahah

pengsdf Apr 03, 2009

@-) uh

Ward Apr 02, 2009

im sorta into hot asian women.. how u doin ?

Kid Kaos Mar 31, 2009

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL at all the e nerds gettin hard on below me.... you look like any other asian chick ive ever seen....

Espeon Mar 31, 2009

you are such a cutie winky-! your jap or chinese? come join Evil btw.. =)

Necromotic Mar 29, 2009

he's just tryin to cover up for what he really wants to do to you. but he's not slick

Rasaq Mar 28, 2009


Draft Mar 28, 2009

3:Necromotic&gt; wow, i'd rape winky- so hard up da ass if no one was around 3:Necromotic&gt; jesus fuk i wanna grab those tits

Necromotic Mar 28, 2009

dayum girl WSUP

Slaughter Mar 28, 2009

haha its cool :p.. maybe ill post mine here also

Slaughter Mar 27, 2009

I have a GSXR-1100, wanna race?

TagMor Mar 25, 2009

nice bike beautiful

Money Mar 23, 2009

better than royce's gf

Rasaq Mar 23, 2009