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Squad choleric (since Jun 11, 2021)
Rank Captain
Last 3 Squads  lululemon    Choleric    Paladen   
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About Me

Age 34
Location London
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found elim, twdd, #afk


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Maximus D Meridius Nov 08, 2012

The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.

L3MU3L May 06, 2010

rofl, damn son

L3MU3L Apr 30, 2010

u look like you been smokin rocks with them high cheeck bones lol, u know i love u

Goddess Mar 12, 2010

I just know i'd enjoy slapping you around irl for fun lol <WAP!> :D

Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

i like yur 2nd last pic )

MITB Mar 04, 2010

I see a naruto in the working! sup ref

Aerin Feb 17, 2010

yea but when you call me fat it makes me die inside

Kentaro Feb 15, 2010

ding lay gor fai chap lay gor wai kthxbai

Aerin Feb 15, 2010

why you trying to destroy my self-esteem? p.s. is your sister in the 2nd pic single?

Mange Feb 10, 2010


Postman Pat! Jan 27, 2010

loving your hair

Refer Jan 27, 2010

no; he's not chinese. Aerin is vietnamese just like FLEW!

lag killer Jan 26, 2010

lol, didn't know aerin was chinese too. you guys are my chinese brothers for life

Aerin Jan 25, 2010

dude you ruined those black guys' picture. did you get gang banged that night?

lag killer Jan 20, 2010

refer with jokes huh, gonna give russell peters a run for his money?

Jinco Jan 18, 2010

thumbs up on the hair

Nixi Jan 04, 2010

I second what Cho said.

cho Jan 04, 2010

o.O you're one hot asian.

Rati Jan 03, 2010

For some odd reason, I just don't see azn's as good weed smokers.

Zazu Dec 30, 2009

That girl in the 2nd pic is fuckable!

Absent Dec 18, 2009

rofl vue

Vue Dec 15, 2009

I didn't know you knew JLS Sam!

Flew Dec 11, 2009

SAM!!! whats up

AznBabiGurl Dec 09, 2009

ya lol!! u kno about them? :] I went to Disney w/ them hehe

audit Dec 06, 2009


Exalt Dec 05, 2009

haha :)

Exalt Dec 04, 2009

fuckin azns

Foreal Dec 04, 2009

i agree with vue

AznBabiGurl Dec 03, 2009

i'm so swole can't u see?

Vue Dec 02, 2009

dude u totally ruined those black guys picture!

Toxie Oct 07, 2009

hahaha the blacks stole your chicks, so you stand in a scyscrape thinking about it and decide that a cannon should do the work!

lag killer Sep 21, 2009

haha, thanks asian brotha!

Goddess Aug 21, 2009

Refer u pretty ... cept when u make those silly faces lol :P

Kentaro Jul 23, 2009

When you joining warpath?

Skynyrd Jul 13, 2009

yo there's a monkey on ur girls

lag killer Jun 28, 2009

we gotta unite as a whole, not discriminating a single one!

Dynasty Jun 23, 2009

Another sexy asian! "Kou Sai Dee Lui lah!"

Scrotal Jun 21, 2009

That is one hell of a gun.

Dark*Star360 Jun 13, 2009

cannon goes boom!!! ur head gets blowen off =D

Rubi Jun 09, 2009

That's my gf

Vue Jun 01, 2009

sam I think I love you

Rubi May 22, 2009


Money May 21, 2009

can i has ur ex

rattatter May 20, 2009

refer is cool, give me some of ur sex

Ohmalee May 20, 2009


Refer May 20, 2009

that was my ex

Money May 20, 2009


Exalt May 20, 2009

lol you need to lose the pokemon emo haircut bro, but beside that, the girl in the top pic is hot, props

Imagine May 20, 2009

Lol, what were you doing messing up those black kids photo.

rattatter May 18, 2009

Holy shit my squad captain is Bobby Lee!

Ohmalee May 14, 2009


Crunchy Nut May 14, 2009

sex on legs

TranceTunes May 13, 2009

i like your hair in the second to last picture.

Ohmalee May 10, 2009

can i get ur #??? lolollol

Flew May 07, 2009


Panda Bear May 01, 2009

Cute! :)

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

(last pic) your about to receive a huge load to the face. -_- pwnd

Leveller Apr 25, 2009

lol second pic.. who doesn't fit in the group?

Winky- Apr 21, 2009

hi ^_^ more power to hot asians on ss

Lagua Apr 18, 2009

hm pretty hot azn Century could learn from you or isnt he azn? :DDDDDDDD

Slaughter Apr 16, 2009

watch out for the cannon u suicidal fk :&gt;

Sugarr Apr 11, 2009

=] so cute.

Ardour Apr 10, 2009

he stole my hair. physically.

Money Apr 09, 2009

what a beast