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British Oct 22, 2015


Lara Jul 21, 2015

Hello my lovely friend!

Goddess Jan 11, 2014

I'm great hun missed you too <3 I think I'm gonna come over some day and find me a husband. I've heard the last real men r all there!

British Oct 28, 2013

Ahhh goddess how ive missed you ;) lol loving ur pics hope ur ok

Goddess Feb 02, 2013

tryinig to post new pics lol not working for some reason. I think they banned me from posting new pics :P

FozzY2K Sep 22, 2012

Meow mmmrrrrow meow meow mew mew meow! =^.^=

Engineers Oct 10, 2011

when the hell do i act like an estalker i play this game like once a week. and tbh ive been way too nice to people irl

Engineers Oct 02, 2011

uhh... i'm the guy on the left. i'm a senior at Duke. dunno what else i need to do to prove myself when you can see the "DUKE" in the background

Primary Sep 26, 2011

when are we going to smash together like two legos in a 100 car pile up??!!!/??!?/wsd!?

TutoXD Sep 19, 2011


Goddess Aug 09, 2011

Thank you Second :D

Buried Jul 21, 2011


Goddess Jul 21, 2011

it wasnt meant as an insult... look he's handsome :D http://songbookofkartika.files.wordpress.com/2009/ 12/silverchair.jpg

Buried Jul 20, 2011

u jokin ofc

Buried Jul 14, 2011


Joey Jul 13, 2011

Got my alias back goddess.

Doom Order Jul 01, 2011

"Firewoman,your to blame" Burn Aphrodite at the stake!! All pay homage to Goddess!

wildbird Jun 26, 2011

Those eyes make me feel lost in an endless maze of dreams

BrickRed May 13, 2011

whats ur problem

Zazu May 05, 2011

Sup cutie!

Mossad Apr 26, 2011

come on baby give me your email i will send you.

Mossad Apr 14, 2011

Biatch-in a nice way

Eradicate Apr 11, 2011

Hi Mom.

Ri$e Again$t Mar 14, 2011

What things are u going to show me O.o.

Jolly Fat Man Mar 09, 2011

It's ok.. I'll let it happen.

Goddess Feb 05, 2011

o look no pics of aura... bye bye little boy.

Oranje Jan 16, 2011

He's still nlie tho.

Goddess Jan 14, 2011

Sorry Mage :X thats the GOOD mage btw :P

M Jan 13, 2011

I'm Mage+

Julian Assange Jan 11, 2011

ur too sexy

Goddess Jan 11, 2011

Thank you Jules and Mobey... M ty but who r ya ? :D

Mobey Jan 10, 2011


Zazu Jan 10, 2011

Cute new pic, babe!

M Jan 10, 2011

nice hair, I love it !!! ill upload some more darl xx

Goddess Jan 10, 2011

lol dexter... dont worry it will be red again after a while :P

Klean_Kit Nov 24, 2010

yo baby i busted..

Mage+ Nov 09, 2010

black hair :))) looking pretty goddess <3 x

Dexter Oct 31, 2010

Now black hairrrrrr? not red?!?!?!

megaman89 Oct 29, 2010

can I put your hair in pig tails and ride you like a bull?

Goddess Oct 29, 2010

I think i look much better with the black hair.

Blood Jun 03, 2010


elvenking May 24, 2010

Thanks for the comment :)

9 Kisses May 06, 2010

What's the fun in that?

Jolly Fat Man Apr 18, 2010

You couldn't handle it. ;)

Dominant Apr 14, 2010

haha its mildly difficult takin pics while riding the bike

Jolly Fat Man Apr 11, 2010

Depends on what you're wearing. ;)

Jolly Fat Man Apr 10, 2010

That's not my wifey love. :P

Bartman Apr 09, 2010

aww Goddess you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind ... hey Goddess :)

Primary Mar 26, 2010

Goddess and I are going steady &lt;3 :D

MITB Mar 20, 2010

So this is who j-b is obsessed over with!

PhyRe Mar 13, 2010


Spoiled Mar 12, 2010

wut happened to ur eye?? it looks lopsided lol :((((

Sn0w Mar 09, 2010


Jolly Fat Man Mar 04, 2010

You're my wallpaper.. I needed to check for updates. ;)

TutoXD Feb 18, 2010

Hey, how r u? :)

Shan Feb 13, 2010

Fin o/

Curse Jan 28, 2010

nice pic.

nakedbumwithastick Jan 24, 2010

It was the lost city of Jordan, one of the new 10 wonders of the world

nakedbumwithastick Jan 23, 2010

depends on which photo you talking about. Im from FL why you ask?

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

hye goddess ;) cool photo's

Jinco Jan 13, 2010

don't hate on me no more goddess!! just cause i own you :)

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

Goddess when we gonna talk it up on the phone again : D

Arsen Jan 09, 2010

hahaha goddess that turned me on

Nixi Jan 02, 2010

thanks hon ^_^ Ive always been a bit of a duality, but building confidence with smiles is a good thing, so I shall take your advice and smile more! :D

inaphyt Dec 30, 2009

I miss you. lol. Your eyes look like shiny mushroom lids. Sprayed with moonshine. : )

inaphyt Dec 30, 2009

You look very friendly.

nakedbumwithastick Dec 18, 2009

Hey thanks! Glad someone can appreciate my greatness! =D

Dexter Dec 13, 2009

hey goddess

NoNameBrand Dec 13, 2009

lol, yeah I used to have a big concrete one, one time it totally growled. ;p

oops Dec 12, 2009

of course! i had to take the picture to savor the memory

Zazu Dec 12, 2009

Sup Goddess! Where you've been? Long time no chat... Miss you! &lt;3

NoNameBrand Dec 12, 2009

I thought she was observant lol, but yeah I did actually get into a scuffle was why I took the pic before was for someone on my msn. No I did not get beaten up though. ;p

Squadless Dec 10, 2009

im not sure if you're joking... do you really not know what a hedge fund is?? i suggest google it

Squadless Dec 10, 2009

yeah and she's a vice president of a hedge fund lolol

Squadless Dec 09, 2009

lol fuck it or kill it haha... well i think i'll let you take over so he can make the right decision !!

Squadless Dec 08, 2009

its all good... mythril said he likes u so i dont want to see hard feelings between u and my son.

Squadless Dec 07, 2009

yes goddess, without a doubt myth is 17, and yes those girls are not azn massage palor chicks or prostitutes cuz they appear in more then one place, in more then one venue.

Exalt Dec 05, 2009

lol well creepy crackheads can still look like normal people too :P I think lol, I don't remember :)

Exalt Dec 04, 2009

haha, he blocked me from his page! but they looked alike if i remember!!!

Jolly Fat Man Dec 01, 2009

Nice message you left me.

Arsen Nov 30, 2009

is your bush red?

Affliction Nov 30, 2009

How old are you? like.. 38?

Wicked Chick Nov 28, 2009

Hey ^.^ I don't try to be snooty :x There are many peoples on this game who need more &lt;3's, but with how fast it's dying I suppose even a mean player is worth having around...

absurd99 Nov 17, 2009

what do you mean by your comment?

SolidSnake~ Nov 13, 2009

no, its in Spain

Vue Nov 05, 2009

not fake :P crazy large wings tho

FemalePersuasion Nov 03, 2009

Because it is generically creepy?

FemalePersuasion Nov 02, 2009

No, why would you think that?

Roiwerk Nov 02, 2009


detartrateD Oct 31, 2009

not hating on u, just thought somebody said u was asian

Solo Assassin Oct 26, 2009

Tastes like blueberries!

Zazu Oct 21, 2009


Indirect-1 Oct 21, 2009

thanks for the compliment!

Solent Oct 20, 2009

they were all taken in central oregon

Primary Oct 16, 2009

&lt;-- Goddess' #1 Fan

FemalePersuasion Oct 14, 2009

She? You mean, now JP has said she is a waitress, a department head for some 4 billion dollar company, and now she's a nutritionist?

oops Oct 14, 2009

id do goddess over fem

Goddess Oct 10, 2009

my daughter is asian ... not me i'm scottish/irish :D

detartrateD Oct 10, 2009

I thought u were asian?

REAL*AIDS Sep 28, 2009


Disengaged Sep 20, 2009


Zazu Sep 19, 2009

Hell yeah I'll play something for you on the piano. And not only on the piano.. =)

FemalePersuasion Sep 09, 2009

Meow?? :)

Zazu Sep 06, 2009


Archangel Tyreal Sep 05, 2009

Thx for the comment:P

weed master.. Sep 02, 2009

lol its all good :) just be ready on friday ! :P

weed master.. Aug 31, 2009

im doin alright!! just making it through life lol.. gettin back on on friday woot can't wait hopes to see yaz! =D

weed master.. Aug 30, 2009

howz za goddess doin?!?!?!?!

Hank! Aug 23, 2009

post us a pic with your tounge out and your chin out in front of you.

weed master.. Aug 20, 2009

oh btw. beautiful eyes :)

weed master.. Aug 20, 2009

oh haha ok ok. well i was confused for a min. on who you were talking about. but i gotcha now. =P

S k e t c h y Aug 19, 2009

hah, thanks. It's all about style now isn't it?

danyell!! Aug 18, 2009

What happened to your boobies? =o

EsCaPinG Aug 18, 2009

Hey Goddess :D

Deal Aug 17, 2009


Goddess Aug 17, 2009

Well congratulations virgin american mods who took down my pic. YOU DID IT! Proud of yourselves? What big men you are hating on breasts. Its a sad day when a woman cant even show her cleavage.

ZypheN Aug 15, 2009

LOLLL y goddess y

wicket666 Aug 15, 2009

show us nipple

danyell!! Aug 14, 2009

=/ I see your boobies...

Revolt Aug 14, 2009

wtf boobs?

pee pee sock Aug 05, 2009

uh uh uh hhhuhhh annndd im done

JaneDoe Aug 05, 2009

meh its not even me who puts up that shit.

sn Aug 04, 2009

Hey goddess

weed master.. Aug 04, 2009

ty =P

RENZI Jul 29, 2009


Goddess Jul 28, 2009

I'll say again guys... if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all. Also please no stalking... If you want help to ease your frustrations you can hear my voice on %12 in the game other than that... enjoy :)

Toxic Jul 27, 2009

because you're hot

Disengaged Jul 25, 2009

haha yeah i had just gotten home from work and was gonna hop in the shower so i only buttoned up one of the three, then decided taking a picture of myself and putting it on the internetz for a bunch of strangers was worth the time :P and you were looking there on purpose, shh

Revolt Jul 23, 2009

haha no i was just confused if you were actually talking to me, relaxx

Revolt Jul 23, 2009


lag killer Jul 15, 2009

i'm a changed man! hope everything's good with you

pee pee sock Jul 13, 2009

u look like u like gettin ur hair pulled. i pull hard, just so u no. u like?

infrared Jul 07, 2009

so handsome

Lara Jun 29, 2009

Hey lady! Looking lovely as usual.

Disengaged Jun 27, 2009

Of course... why would I shoot up allergy medicine..?

Disengaged Jun 26, 2009

Yeah, I was kidding... I really shoot up Claritin :O How you doooinn

Flew Jun 25, 2009

lol yes i do have a webcam and yes thats me rofl.

pee pee sock Jun 24, 2009

yes pls, we have a deal

Cigs Jun 24, 2009

thats a sampler :P

pee pee sock Jun 24, 2009

but but but, thats my fav pic, why u no like? meanie

R.I.P Jun 24, 2009

hehe thankyou, not so bad yourself. I actually havnt played that long (:

Lenny Jun 23, 2009

You like that?

pee pee sock Jun 23, 2009

i want ur lips around me

getting pwned Jun 22, 2009

Thats just fucked up. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry if I offended you and J-B about her being switched at birth. =\

getting pwned Jun 22, 2009

So why don't you have pictures of your absolutely adorable little girl in your gallery? o.O'

reability Jun 22, 2009

oooo its a goddess :D&lt;3 thx for ur help =D

J-B-Inc Jun 21, 2009

Will you have my baby? Oh wait nevermind :)

MissLeesha Jun 20, 2009

Pwnd is a waste of breath, lol She thinks she's got something to say about everyone. LOL She actually looks like she died her hair in toothpaste or sumthin :P &lt;3 take care and p.s. she was blacklisted n deleted ;)

Goddess Jun 20, 2009

btw old pro and deposit r both l3m... who i am thinking has been well known under another name because i recognize his pic from old old gallary.

Spacely Jun 19, 2009


Goddess Jun 19, 2009

lol its ok danny... i just remove and blacklist them :D

danyell!! Jun 19, 2009

&lt;3 *hugs* old pro stfu you are just old and SLOW. CHOKE ON IT HATERS. (sorry Goddess, I just cant stand when ppl talk shit to such a nice woman.) &lt;3333

Devileon Jun 18, 2009

and I'm quite on TW, usually pubs though. But I love pub, haven't played as much as normal the past two weeks.

Devileon Jun 18, 2009

Nope, im mid south US. :D

danyell!! Jun 18, 2009

hey lady. I hope you are doing ok dear &lt;3

Nemon Jun 18, 2009

why not?

Flew Jun 18, 2009

hey goddess

SoJa Jun 14, 2009

Can i hit that? if the answer is yes then thank you If the answer is no then you missed an opportunity of a lifetime

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009


Spacely Jun 11, 2009

gripe you know you like her or else you wouldnt be on here griping bout all this nonsense. Goddess is beautiful

Its-katness Jun 10, 2009

hahah yeah could doo my hair colour is ment to be &quot;mahogany&quot; yet it turns it red ..not organge red.. RED i love it ! haha

F22 Raptor Jun 10, 2009

Hehe Goddess! You look different yourself! =)

Its-katness Jun 10, 2009

joy hair colour!

danyell!! Jun 10, 2009

Hi =] I figured I would stop by and show you some love and to say fuck all the haters. &lt;3

Kentaro Jun 10, 2009

oh snap its goddess!

Mobey Jun 09, 2009

I would rather tap that instead of pwnd.

Exalt Jun 08, 2009

who said I was an officer? I got out as an E-5 lol

Exalt Jun 08, 2009

lol im just joking around, geeeeeeez calm down goddess

Prince of Darkness Jun 08, 2009

evil eyes

Exalt Jun 08, 2009

dont hate me goddess i secretly love you i miss the old tit picture, where is it

PWND Jun 06, 2009

No I'm competing.

Shan Jun 06, 2009

I did gave them hit back pretty badly when my friends show up so it was even.

Shan Jun 06, 2009

5vsMe + beer bottle :P

pee pee sock Jun 01, 2009

why no like me? im ur son.

Primary May 31, 2009

cute :p

Lenny May 31, 2009

Why are you talking to me again?

pee pee sock May 31, 2009

i live in canada, come live with me

PWND May 30, 2009


L3MU3L May 30, 2009

Hey goddess, I want to see a pic w/o makeup...

pee pee sock May 30, 2009

hi mom

BarkingMAD May 30, 2009

was metal the wrong answer? lol

Growing May 30, 2009

lol one day ill get a camera and get some pics up but until then you ppl shall have to use your imagination

Growing May 28, 2009

do you ppl know how to be nice or are you just lashing out cuz your life is that bad? :) sup goddess

BarkingMAD May 28, 2009


NO <3 May 24, 2009

also i forgot to mention that i did tell zena i was posting that picture since i sent her a copy it was a joke picture and conversation which again these nerds fail to realize.

NO <3 May 24, 2009

i know she is fake, i met her on ss. but seriously wtf do i want a ss girl for? you think a girl like that plays this game? i make her play to see all this nerd rage you see going on my page. btw they are just saying she is fake to try and piss me off by trying to spread false rumors of us being a stupid SS couple when we met outside the game.

danyell!! May 21, 2009

Carburetor is just obsessed with us doll. Pay him no mind. Such desperate fools only want attention from cute chicks like you! =D

Skilder May 21, 2009

ima share some luv with ya ;)

Exalt May 21, 2009

do i win a prize? hopefully not saurkraut hjaha

Exalt May 20, 2009

not sure... big noses and big... sausage? ahahaha

Disengaged May 20, 2009

She told you to shave &quot;it&quot;...? :O!!!!!

Democrat May 20, 2009

LOL the first pic is my daughter at like 11 months. she's still tryin to grow hair at 2. the second pic is me when i was a heathen. :p

Ison May 20, 2009

scared!? im a nice guy!

Valentine Rose May 19, 2009

sorry, trashtalking is a fun habit :P anyways the picture with all the colors is taken in the luminarium. art space in hungary. the second is at Dour, a place in belgium.

Skilder May 19, 2009

we gonna share a hostel room ;)

NO <3 May 15, 2009

rawwwwr, you just got tagged by a sexy dinasaur. now gtfo.

Guero May 15, 2009

sup goddess shes got nice blue eyes :)

Valentine Rose May 14, 2009

hi goddess

a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009

i LOVE that hair color! tried the red thing myself once, yup yup, love it!

Caracal May 13, 2009

lol yea that would be me that says that jess =p and hi goddess =)

Sakura May 13, 2009

haha yeah sometimes people say i look better without makeup o.O

SaFia May 13, 2009

GODDESSSS prettty pics girl ;) like ur sexy red hair.

Goddess May 12, 2009

hello skilder you hot hunk of beefy goodness hehe... sorry i had to :P

Skilder May 12, 2009

hi goddess &lt;3

GoldDustWoman May 06, 2009

Wow!! that's almost worth turning bi for;)

A Cold Place May 04, 2009

Seriously... god takes way too much abuse.

Elven May 01, 2009

want u pueta me

Goddess May 01, 2009

lol inf... read my last post down there :)

infrared Apr 30, 2009

where did the other half of your comments go, arobas+ says u have 22

pee pee sock Apr 29, 2009

just 1 nipple plsssssss

ISRAELI F15-I ACE Apr 26, 2009

like the former streight artist known as prince was singing . could you be, the most beautifull girl in the world .

chars! Apr 23, 2009

wanna cyber?

pee pee sock Apr 20, 2009

i would let her rape my soul

Anna Apr 20, 2009

And I will vouch for that.

pee pee sock Apr 19, 2009

touch me pls

Funk E Apr 17, 2009

anything nice

Ward Apr 14, 2009


Goddess Apr 12, 2009

If you cant say anything nice then dont bother posting.

infrared Apr 11, 2009


TagMor Apr 09, 2009

hello beautiful