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Growing Oct 22, 2009

wtf that pic is supposed to be a gif BS

PWND Oct 20, 2009

what? thats a diff guy

Gripe Jun 09, 2009

Super Hero or Super ZERO, up to you..

PWND Jun 08, 2009

He'd beat your ass. ;) Come to Buffalo. He'll show you who's boss.

wicket666 Jun 06, 2009

best pic in tw "im looking for you"

NO <3 Jun 02, 2009

still no pictures... smart kid

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 01, 2009

okay, sorry, i'm just having a bad week... heheh... no hard feelers.

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 01, 2009

rockin that non-credibility

Growing Jun 01, 2009

so i guess i cant put up picks the reject the ones that are me even lmao idk wtf oh well hahaha

PWND Jun 01, 2009

You said hmm and I said indeed.

Growing May 31, 2009

there you get an old pic of my hand and a pic of me when i was 15 or 16

Growing May 31, 2009

the deleted my shit LMFAO

carburetor May 31, 2009

thank you for your spam contribtion, you think i like logging on with shit? im about to delete it :( and your picture is lame too :P

PWND May 30, 2009


Ohmalee May 30, 2009

what i do?

Skyn May 30, 2009

It's a good thing for Kurt. $

Nixi May 30, 2009

Oh yes, I get lots of hate... but that's just part of being me. Forces people to face adversity.

NO <3 May 30, 2009

smart move not posting pics of yourself when talking shit to others -_-

danyell!! May 30, 2009

haha nice to know you are keeping tabs on my weight. LOL Those were just pix I picked... I have like 1000 on my cpu...I don think im pretty when i smile honestly... So therefore I dont smile in most pics.

chars! May 29, 2009

and you're a..plant? :P [2]

Ohmalee May 29, 2009


danyell!! May 29, 2009

I am myself =) Those pics are at least a year old btw. ty for commenting tho =) &lt;3 weed for ftw!

Revolt May 28, 2009

correct, middle i didn't try to...top and bottom i did

Pandagirl! May 28, 2009

I'm legit :)

BarkingMAD May 28, 2009

and you're a..plant? :P

BarkingMAD May 28, 2009

yes i play the drums...