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Zazu Jul 12, 2018

Hi sexy! <3

Display Feb 16, 2014


Sheriff Dec 22, 2013


Missa Nov 30, 2010


TagMor Nov 05, 2010

happy bday precious.

Monkaria Oct 29, 2010

Aw, that sounds awesome. You should play this game more :p We're doing a drive in TW to get it popular again. Check out www.youtube.com/fieryfire3D and you can see all our efforts <3

Monkaria Sep 07, 2010

You look lovely :3 I don't think the pink hair suits you though, you can totally pull off au naturelle. <3

JaneDoe Mar 27, 2010

i so need to get you to do my halloween makeup next year ;D thats awesome!

Channabis Mar 23, 2010

love the new pics :)

Depravity Mar 13, 2010

emo.....charlotte chaplin.

Missa Mar 08, 2010

Hey :D

MoNo. Feb 15, 2010

I like the silhouette picture :D.

Mariposa Feb 14, 2010

nice picz!!

Ruki Feb 14, 2010

cool pictures ;)

Mobey Feb 14, 2010

looking good in that 2nd pic Nixi, keep em coming!

danyell!! Feb 13, 2010

love the black and white pics. =D

PH Feb 13, 2010


Audrey Feb 12, 2010

Oooh! The new pics are amazing! You're pretty!

Zazu Feb 12, 2010

God you're sexy.. If you wouldn't know what I know I'd try to contact you to cyber. : (((

PWND Feb 12, 2010

Awwwwww Nice new pics =D Smile moar!!

Jolly Fat Man Feb 12, 2010

Nix.. stay black.. it looks sexy as hell. :)

Money Feb 12, 2010


PH Jan 30, 2010

this &quot;last seen more than 10 days ago&quot; is a shitload of fuck, come back

Mage+ Jan 29, 2010

Srsly Im lvl 5 irl, date me

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

ventrilo you nixi I was just kidding whats ur vent info mic up

Nixi Jan 21, 2010

Airship you know I'd do you in a heartbeat :P and Mage, you sure do know how to flatter a woman. And Mobey, to be honest I had kind of an unintentional pedo-crush on her when I was younger. (but I didn't realize her age at the time, and she's legal now anyways.)

Airship Jan 18, 2010

as a girl i would say, &quot;Your hawt! &lt;3 ventrilo buddies unite!&quot;

Mobey Jan 18, 2010

what about if you were a girl Airship? still say the same thing? I would. Got nudes Nixi? Trade? pink hair reminds me of Stephanie from Lazy Town LOL..

Airship Jan 17, 2010

if I were a dude, i'd say your very sexy :p

Channabis Jan 17, 2010

I was looking at my firneds pics on myspace, she had one with someone who looked JUST LIKE you.. but i tihnk this person had like green hair, i dont remember.. the face was identical to you! i was like omg lol :p

Mage+ Jan 17, 2010

Yo WTF, Wanna date? I think im going to lower my standards minus -500 points So your in my range now, asl?

Jinco Jan 13, 2010

whats your tatt say on your right arm?

Nixi Jan 12, 2010

yaaaay mage! I knew you could do it!

Mage+ Jan 12, 2010

yuck your a goth lesbian clown get off the stage you hooch

danyell!! Jan 10, 2010


Zazu Jan 10, 2010

Sup babe!

Channabis Jan 08, 2010

Also, the first pic reminds me of Scarlett Johansen.. that's a good thing, i think shes soo pretty.

Channabis Jan 08, 2010

i really dig the newest pics :p

PWND Jan 03, 2010

It totally is the truth. That's all I speak. =D

PWND Jan 02, 2010

That first pic is soo adorable! You need to smile more!!

Zazu Jan 02, 2010

Damn, you're pretty cute in your new pics... Those boobs are really yours?

Ward Jan 02, 2010

Cadaver girl.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 02, 2010

so cute :3

Audrey Jan 01, 2010

Nixi is a pretty kitty!

PrettyMadness Jan 01, 2010

Love the pinkness! and the fourth one is the best. i love it.

Zazu Dec 30, 2009

Sup Nixi! 3rd from bottom is still my favorite. Amazingly hot...

inaphyt Dec 29, 2009

squadless that's fucked up hahaha. Looks like you've seen some shit in your time. In a good way i reckon.

JaneDoe Dec 25, 2009

big enough by now, big enough to be eating mice :P

Squadless Dec 23, 2009

who knows!!

Squadless Dec 22, 2009

i almost busted after looking at the 3rd pic from the bottom for half an hour without looking away :( :(

Squadless Dec 13, 2009

true she got a phatty

Missa Dec 10, 2009

I know, but you use a word to find a better word in a thesaurus! It's hard to find a word by definition in a dictionary. If you know a simple word, you look it up and pick one that sounds better. That's the point!! :]

Missa Dec 09, 2009

Haha no worries! You're beautiful too!

Hustla Bebe Dec 08, 2009

thanks. :) . . btw loven pic 6

Exalt Dec 03, 2009

nooooo, i wasn't wearing abercrombie :D

PWND Nov 22, 2009

Thank you =)

Swig Nov 21, 2009


Mattey Nov 16, 2009

I'm 10 years old, and what is this?

Disengaged Nov 13, 2009

It's Nixi!

Machine of God Nov 07, 2009

well I got a boner

MythriL Nov 07, 2009

LOL NIXI! one of the few people who can appreciate the embarrasment that is nova!

Swig Nov 05, 2009

ty ty *takes a bow*

Missa Nov 01, 2009

i like the cat getting your shoe, lol

Zazu Nov 01, 2009

Sexy new pics!

Money Nov 01, 2009


Paegus Oct 29, 2009

if u were smoking a cig it wud be a gud pic lolz

Luu Buu Oct 27, 2009

wow... that was weird

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 25, 2009

Nice costume ^^

Starfire Oct 14, 2009

hey there &lt;3

Kittah Monster Oct 13, 2009

Hello My Lovely :)! My favorite pic of you is the second to the top one, you look adorable in that one! :D! &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 ttyl ^.^

PWND Oct 06, 2009

Hahaha, I guess that's true. :P well I don't consider myself goth or anything so I guess I'm safe.

PWND Oct 06, 2009


PWND Oct 06, 2009

I've been gauging my ears since before it became popular amongst scene kids. I also like collecting different types of gauges. Also, why would blonde be a problem? It looks amazing on me. I can work any hair style/colour I do myself up in. What's honestly wrong with blond?

tupla i Oct 06, 2009

I'm from Finland :x

weed master.. Oct 05, 2009

....no comment

ZypheN Oct 05, 2009

Not to be mean but if I saw you walking towards me on a sidewalk I'd cross the street to walk on the other side.

Farva Sep 28, 2009

you remind me of Dee Snider a little bit

Gripe Sep 26, 2009

HAHAA gotta love those fake bras made out of fake stuff. ur cute we should d8

Gripe Sep 25, 2009


PrettyMadness Sep 19, 2009

hello :)

Gripe Sep 18, 2009

hi friend

pappa Sep 16, 2009

it's mine! I chose who gets to nom

pappa Sep 13, 2009

plz don't eat mah face

Zazu Sep 06, 2009

The one were you're posing as a soldier, saluting, is actually pretty hot! Did you get surgery or is it all about clothes and stuff? =X

Kian Aug 31, 2009

oh your transgendered... just read your comment about that... i take back what i said ):

NO <3 Aug 31, 2009


danyell!! Aug 31, 2009

I love the group photo. Dressing up is fun! =)

Mage+ Aug 29, 2009

Rofl your a lesbian

lady starlight Aug 28, 2009

ahh well u'd prolly love Club Hell here.. we have fetish nights on wednesday. I should get on that pic u requested, plus I just got a new tat :D

lady starlight Aug 22, 2009

yeah sure, ill get to it when i can (photo i mean), but it sure looks like ur trying..i think u look good with auburn hair tho.. and less creepy. lol.

Nixi Aug 22, 2009


lady starlight Aug 21, 2009

i think toma actually ran from u, ur a creepy fuck!

PhaT FarmerS Aug 13, 2009

wtf this is one scary lookin chick

Mobey Aug 12, 2009


pee pee sock Aug 05, 2009

omg, the boner u give me every time i look here. oooohhhh babyyyyyyy. pls meet me irl

ExEcUtIoNa Aug 03, 2009

Ayo ma!

MEEEp Jul 31, 2009

i like the umbrella!

NO <3 Jul 30, 2009

complimented -_-

Ply Jul 29, 2009

you are scary

BobbyLight Jul 28, 2009

LOL!...good one

BobbyLight Jul 28, 2009

not sure if im scarred or if im just in shock ryte now...

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 23, 2009

Wow thats pretty cool!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 22, 2009

xD Definite Parasol! So you cosplay?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 21, 2009

I like you Umbrella ella ella...LOL!

Petal Jul 20, 2009

I think youre cool.

Rasaq Jul 19, 2009

You should do the tap dancing bunny remake and put it on youtube...it would be perfect.

FarScape Jul 19, 2009

Nice clothes

PH Jul 18, 2009

rekall go back to sword fighting, it seems to be what you enjoy doing on spring break

wicket666 Jul 18, 2009


Fusionbomb Jul 16, 2009

That's me keepin' it real and original, 4sho.

Fusionbomb Jul 14, 2009

You're HAWT!

PH Jul 08, 2009

stupid people in large numbers

pee pee sock Jul 07, 2009

i want u bad. pls webcam.

Exalt Jul 07, 2009


infrared Jul 07, 2009

tit pix now bro

ReKall Jul 06, 2009

awwww...how come u deleted my comment. Thats not so nice

PWND Jul 05, 2009

i dont have the patience to make my own. and please sweetheart im on a whole different level of fashion than you are. the differenc? the difference is that my style actually looks good and looks even better on me. thx

NO <3 Jul 05, 2009

excellent -_- muahahhahaha

PWND Jul 05, 2009

no they were braided into my hair and id much rather get new ones in a month or two when my hair thickens back up. you cant glue dreads in. theyre not like the cheap fake hair youd buy from hot topic. :]

Weak Jul 05, 2009

oh god... help u

Dameon Angell Jul 05, 2009

What it do Cammy?

ZenaBee Jul 05, 2009

LOL nixi

adam Jul 04, 2009

that would be my girlfriend and shes verymuch into girls :).

adam Jul 01, 2009

Hey Nixi. Wanna fck?

NO <3 Jun 22, 2009

when you gonna make me a &quot;toma&quot; pic?

Scrotal Jun 18, 2009

Yeah Ive been to Rome twice...its a great city if you like ancient ruins and the greatest art masterpieces in history, which I do :)

NO <3 Jun 10, 2009

check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

Mobey Jun 09, 2009


L3MU3L Jun 08, 2009

Let me see them titties man!

Gripe Jun 07, 2009

I'll take you to dinner first..

Gripe Jun 06, 2009

I wanna be on you

Gripe Jun 04, 2009

I like you

PWND Jun 02, 2009

I'd hit it.

Mango. Jun 01, 2009

id hit it

KuleniKs May 30, 2009


Growing May 30, 2009

lmao at Danyell!! we are all just 2d space ships in tw hahaha you are a cool person to talk to but i can see what all the hate is about now hahaha

NO <3 May 29, 2009


pee pee sock May 26, 2009

i have wet dreams about u every nite. pls send me pix. Ill pm u my hotmail address. ty gg

Weak May 23, 2009


Elven May 21, 2009

heya danger girl i like dangerous, lets do a fire in some place

PrettyMadness May 18, 2009

Haha my boyfriend LOVES venture bros. i know the outfit looked familiar lol shes the one with the man voice right? haha it's pretty cool.

rattatter May 18, 2009

LOL Wednesday Adams, it took me a while to get it, just try to smile in at least 1 pic please :).

Caracal May 17, 2009

haha oh now i see that she just wants to be friends my fault.. was fooled by the whole i wanna fuck u look i thought she was giving you lol.

PrettyMadness May 17, 2009

i like the last picture the best. i love your outfit. seriously. i would look retarted as fuck in somthing like that. so kudos cause you pull it off.

carburetor May 17, 2009

oh em gee, why so serious? cheer up girl :) its a nice day out today, take a walk, smell the flowers, get in a good mood, then take pictures for the trench wars community to drool over. your not horrible looking, you just dont try &gt;.&lt;

Dameon Angell May 17, 2009

You are 1 rank away from being the most popular in Trench Wars, congrats.

rattatter May 16, 2009

holy shit, you must have lost a lot of dd's

NO <3 May 15, 2009

im all for people living their lives the way they want as long as it dont hurt nobody else -_- unless they like the pain :o

pee pee sock May 15, 2009

lol gg

NO <3 May 15, 2009

how come every time i walk by here i hear a &quot;fap fap fap&quot; sound coming from pee pee sock's direction?

Caracal May 14, 2009

rofl pee pee you call all of the good looking girls ugly then you want nixi haha you puzzle me

Gripe May 14, 2009

love has no gender

Ohmalee May 13, 2009

haha. Thanx for the comment.

Die When Hit!! May 13, 2009

I still like you Nixi :)

TagMor May 13, 2009


Dameon Angell May 12, 2009

You the (wo)man, Nixi.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 12, 2009

eh, who cares what the haters have to say anyway... it's just a game, and to assume that everyone who plays the game fits a cookie cutter &quot;type&quot; of person is just ignorant. you shouldn't even need to defend yourself or take it upon yourself to educate anyone. you're beautiful as you are, and anyone who wants to try to convince you otherwise is a dumbass and doesn't deserve the attention. &lt;3

Hate The Fake May 12, 2009

I think xog wants u

danyell!! May 12, 2009

ok sooo... this 1st pic has alot going on... im not really sure what to make of it. lol

L3MU3L May 11, 2009

this chick here is scary

Sakura May 05, 2009

lol well i'm not one to flatter myself in compliments. but thank you. :)

Ward May 02, 2009


Imagine May 02, 2009


Elven May 01, 2009


TagMor Apr 30, 2009

hello sexy girl

infrared Apr 30, 2009

hot as fuk

a cute fuzzy kitten Apr 29, 2009

rawr! she devil indeed &gt;:D

Sakura Apr 29, 2009

aw, thanks for the compliment. stick to it and you'll be a good wb, too. :D

NO <3 Apr 29, 2009

not my rap, it was from southpark. youtube search &quot;gay fish&quot; -_- its worth it.

Cichlid Apr 29, 2009

Id do you!

Condom Apr 29, 2009

Damn gurl u cute, wuts ur number? Holla

jord Apr 28, 2009

you look so angry!

Fooly Cooly Apr 28, 2009

you look much better in the newer one

NO <3 Apr 27, 2009

i bet money would hit that