"Genus Ventus. Ventus Generis."
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Age 37
Location Minnesota, USA
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website @adizam
Where I can be found elim


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Tiger the crab Jan 25, 2019

ur goodlooking

adam Jul 18, 2014


qpr Jan 16, 2014


adam Jul 14, 2011

2005 750 :)

Money May 04, 2011

2006 is betetr afk

Sokomoko May 03, 2011

Nice 2004 gixxer :)

Parasect Jan 18, 2011

Now this is my man! I've never met you in real life, but online you're truly an inspiring person. Cheers!

Alphaverb Jan 02, 2010

Heya Adam how does the last pic smell lol?

Hunt Dec 31, 2009


adam Nov 22, 2009

lol blonde is my girlfriend

Avero Nov 17, 2009

in picture 7, i see a fish in teh water!

wicket666 Nov 15, 2009

yo ty for the comment but truth is i wouldnt even go into dark allys im afraid of the dark , yo how much for the blonde

PrettyMadness Nov 12, 2009

nice book. and fuck pwnd, btw. shutup pwnd.

PWND Nov 11, 2009

youre fat shuddup fatty

Vue Nov 10, 2009


Healt Nov 10, 2009

gotta love the books you reading :DDD

adam Nov 10, 2009

I was 15 and you did try to cyber me Goddess. But its cool.

MythriL Nov 10, 2009

the crown is a good look, dude

lag killer Nov 08, 2009

yo, keep me in that project idea buddy

Mage+ Jul 23, 2009


PWND Jul 05, 2009

stinky pits yes?

reability Jul 02, 2009

i dont like armpits

Nixi Jul 01, 2009

Can that blonde with the slinky join us? If so, then totally.

Broly Jul 01, 2009

i'd go ballsdeep.

getting pwned Jun 30, 2009

Are you from Cuba?

getting pwned Jun 28, 2009

LOOL that monkey pic hasn't lost it's humor.. classic.

Weak Jun 27, 2009

that armpit doesnt look appetizing at all, but you do LOL <3, ps: dont ban me, the only crime I commited was being racist and loving you!

Audrey Jun 26, 2009

yeah i'm waiting for my sysop by the end of the weekend. -.- I dont see how ima profit from this, but oh well.

L3MU3L Jun 26, 2009

Getting your face painted at the gay pride festival eh?

Hate The Fake Jun 15, 2009

pimp in da house!

Scrotal Jun 14, 2009

That book looks like a pretty tough read. :P

Dark*Star360 Jun 11, 2009

old hag

Ohmalee May 19, 2009

why are u smelling her armpit? LOLOL

Guero May 15, 2009

mmm 3rd one is a good pic.... ignite lick those armpits sounds dirty

Mage+ May 15, 2009

Very nice How much?

a cute fuzzy kitten May 12, 2009

curious george is curious about whats in your nose, apparently.

Ignite May 05, 2009

mmmm lick those armpits

Sakura Apr 27, 2009

cutie. :)

Huge Eat Apr 22, 2009

nice photo shop with the 3rd pic thats great LMAO

R.I.P Apr 22, 2009

Yyaaayyyy you posted one :D:D :) l