"Running through the fire daring you to follow me. Keep up! Keep up!"
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Age 31
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Movies American Psycho
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Zazu Sep 27, 2016

Still missing you every day.

weed master.. Sep 13, 2013

still lovin your style

ZypheN Apr 29, 2011

"I retired for good." NO, come back to me.

Exodia Jun 12, 2010

http://www.drugabuse.gov/Infofacts/marijuana.html http://www.justice.gov/dea/marijuana_position.html

Machine of God Jun 06, 2010

does renzi still leave you ?messages of love

weed master.. Apr 30, 2010


Missa Apr 06, 2010

I miss you :)

Ohmalee Apr 05, 2010

hardcore chickk

Zazu Mar 19, 2010

Sup PWND! Is that your new haircut? Or are they old pictures?

weed master.. Mar 18, 2010

woooot RIP IT UP GIRLY!! :D

Myollnir Mar 11, 2010

lol exodia is a bitch hater ty 4 owning him

Mossad Feb 24, 2010

hi there. those piercing hurt? i would probably faint if that was done to me. nice to see you.

Captain Stinky Feb 19, 2010

This may just be the vodka talkin, but I wanna stick my dick so deep you in you right now....

weed master.. Feb 18, 2010

lmao!! exodia is such a ruh-tard! :P smoke it up. nothin wrong with it.. homeboy just needs a chillpill... or a gf or something haha

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

holla if u swalla

Triumphant Feb 18, 2010

rofl at the rob zombie hair

Machine of God Feb 18, 2010

cry more exodia exodia cryinh

danyell!! Feb 17, 2010

Exodia dosent know wtf he is talking about. I read that he thinks that the "criminals" who smoke weed deserve harsh punishment. L M F A O. I bet he has never even TRIED weed therefore, he dosent need to speak of something he is so ignorant about. Sorry this is all on your page pwnd.. but apparently this is the best place to put it. =P

Dameon Angell Feb 17, 2010

Who needs the forums when we got this?

war_bringer Feb 16, 2010

exodia - you know jack shit about marijuana. Where are the facts to back you up? NOWHERE. Watch and learn kid http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-907721441 4651731007#

absurd99 Feb 15, 2010

I bet you're a libra...are you a libra?

oops Feb 14, 2010

ok some mcdonalds then. the girls who live downstairs did i think

FemalePersuasion Feb 14, 2010

Word. And the hair isn't heavy? It looks like it would be.

oops Feb 14, 2010

girl u need to get urself a protein bar baby

Money Feb 14, 2010

yo that bong bigger than u

danyell!! Feb 13, 2010


Nixi Feb 12, 2010

<3 there's been far too little old-school crew TW players for me to be smiling! but thanks for the compliment :P got like 700 pictures from that shoot, lemme know if you wanna see less-postable ones

Spacepimp Feb 10, 2010

wtf kind of cigarette is that

Missa Feb 09, 2010

TieDie is hustla bebe's.. boyfriend husband thing. He's a pussy. This fgt ain't got nothin on us. <3

TieDie Feb 05, 2010


Fusionbomb Jan 29, 2010

Don't smoke :(

weed master.. Jan 27, 2010

wooooot!!!! \m/p love it

Disengaged Jan 25, 2010


Squadless Jan 25, 2010

lolol really? keep me updated with images and locations lol

Schfifty-Five Jan 24, 2010

Marth angry!

danyell!! Jan 22, 2010

Ow. Your bridge looks painful. =Z

Disengaged Jan 22, 2010

lol i dont think it was lucid, but whatever "you" made was like clear see-through, and the size of an egg. and it was like jelly...? And we got turned in, and interrogated in a locker room. and at one point we went into lake champlain. I seem to recall (and hopefully not), there may have been some hippie dancing.

Squadless Jan 22, 2010

whats goin on? any crazy piercings i've missed lately?!?!

Disengaged Jan 21, 2010

I had a long ass dream last night, and in one part, for some reason, you were my science lab partner, and you made some weird psychedelic drug. And you had me eat it, and I got high. In the dream. Thanks for the gnar shit... and dont be creeped out too bad you're in the dreams of a total stranger, everyone i barely know is. i apologize for how long, stupid, and pointless this is.

Squadless Jan 21, 2010

hello pwnd

Money Jan 14, 2010


PWND Jan 13, 2010

P.S. Anyone who wants to keep in touch, FB IM! - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=name&a mp;id=1622071482

Nixi Jan 12, 2010

kid kaos' friends' have a tragic condition where their skin doesn't heal over time :(

Delectable Jan 10, 2010

lol pwnd has a ridiculous amount of comments

piNNoy Jan 10, 2010

lub u

Zazu Jan 10, 2010


Jinco Jan 07, 2010

pwnd! <3

PWND Jan 06, 2010

Thank you. =]

Hosack Jan 05, 2010

I agree completely with Zyphen's comment, because i fall into the category of 1. no pic, 2. im ugly, 3. im bad at ss.... but atleast im not as ugly as Goddess.

ZypheN Jan 04, 2010

Ironic how the people talking the most on here either 1-Don't even have a pic 2-Truly are ugly or 3-Are just bad. PWND's sexy as fuck and pro, end of discussion.

JaneDoe Jan 04, 2010

pffft, fuck them lol. you look normal to me, :)

MythriL Jan 03, 2010

pwnd smacking down pilots on the gallery and in spaceships

Anorexia Jan 03, 2010

i await your future in porn

JaneDoe Jan 03, 2010

wooow, your piercings look amazing haha, :) whys everyone hating on you? youre gorgeous.

Nixi Jan 03, 2010

ok ok :P I keep hearing that, so it MUST be true. I was REALLY HAPPY that night :D

Tank55 Jan 02, 2010

oh shit! did that hurt.. through the nose?!

inaphyt Jan 01, 2010

Yea that's all cool just don't puncture the beaver. I hear bad things.

Buddhist Dec 30, 2009

you're hot.

inaphyt Dec 30, 2009

Did it hurt? alot. Looks pretty unique and stunning though.

Money Dec 28, 2009

U got ur clit pierced yet?

Product Dec 27, 2009

8th picture from the top is my fav.

Zazu Dec 27, 2009

(not sure why my prev comment is posted twice) But wtf.... It's through the bone?! How the f*** do you do that yourself without passing out : ((

Zazu Dec 27, 2009

LOL YOU R KIDDING THAT YOU DID THAT YOURSELF!? 3rd pic from top is my fav..

Zazu Dec 27, 2009

LOL YOU R KIDDING THAT YOU DID THAT YOURSELF!? 3rd pic from top is my fav..

Squadless Dec 27, 2009

y you piercing every part of your body?

FemalePersuasion Dec 26, 2009

Your picture, third from top, is nice. Simple. Even though we have had some snits, you really do remind me of myself when I was your age. I like the long blonde. Looks good on you.

weed master.. Dec 26, 2009

GOTTA love the piercings! mmmhmmmm ;)

Zazu Dec 26, 2009

Holy shit.. I'd be scared to death when I'd get that piercing :X

Missa Dec 26, 2009

Mmm piercings!

absurd99 Dec 26, 2009

Holy shit! Is that an accupuncture needle?

Money Dec 26, 2009


PWND Dec 26, 2009

Trenchwars can't handle me.

Audrey Dec 15, 2009

lol you'd hate having my hair.. they're all over the place haha

Disengaged Dec 15, 2009

I meant between your oldest one on here and your most recent.. :P but anyway, you look like someone who'd be awesome to hang with. keepz it realz, yo.

Lenny Dec 15, 2009

You have long, beautiful hair, haha =))

Squadless Dec 15, 2009

lol true!!

ZypheN Dec 15, 2009

My E-Gf is hot.

PWND Dec 14, 2009

The first pic was taken 3 days ago before I went to get a Christmas tree.

Disengaged Dec 14, 2009

You look so different in all of your pictures! It's not a bad thing though =D.. what is the timespan between your first and most recent?

Audrey Dec 14, 2009

WTH pwnd with her hair down... really look good on you =P should do it more often!

Zazu Dec 14, 2009

The new pic is pretty nice.. I like that one ten times better than the others. Pretty sexy !

Mobey Dec 14, 2009

i really want to put you in my pocket and keep you there.

Missa Dec 14, 2009

You look so misleadingly harmless in that new picture, LOL

Squadless Dec 14, 2009

LOL its you...thought u were always a guy in my squad chat...at least now i wont ignore you lolol

Nixi Dec 13, 2009

hm, makes me wonder if you're talking WB skills or scaring the crap out of people who make the mistake of arguing with you :P In either case, I'm not up to the challenge.

Nixi Dec 09, 2009


Missa Dec 09, 2009

Lol catfight. That was like a kitten walking into a cougar's lair. Instant death. :D

Zazu Dec 09, 2009

Some catfight on your page.

Lenny Dec 08, 2009

I'm just in this arguement, I'm tall, dark and handsome.

Lenny Dec 05, 2009

Hey now! Don't diss my pants =/

hollow tip Dec 04, 2009

are those eyebrows drawn on?

Missa Dec 01, 2009

Why does everybody bitch about your eyebrows? I like 'em.

Nixi Nov 21, 2009

Cute new pic ^_^

Lenny Nov 21, 2009

Emily is AWESOME!

Disengaged Nov 21, 2009

No problem cutie. :D

ZypheN Nov 20, 2009

You're my favorite TW person, the end.

Disengaged Nov 20, 2009

Purdy girl.

Healt Nov 12, 2009

THATS ME!!! muahhaha

Healt Nov 11, 2009

dont laugh at me :'(

Indirect-1 Nov 06, 2009

After carefully observing your pictures i have come to a conclusion. I am in love and i want you to marry me!

Dameon Angell Nov 02, 2009

Thanks ^^ We got our matching Beanies at Gamestop when we picked up Borderlands haha!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Nov 01, 2009

Thankies :D Its the only reason why I put it on. Look ubber different and nerdy xD

Fusionbomb Oct 31, 2009

I like your nose ring

weed master.. Oct 28, 2009

$$$$ ownage :D keep it up girl >=) one love

detartrateD Oct 27, 2009

well u keep stirring the pot ruckus raiser! :)

detartrateD Oct 27, 2009

Don't know why everybody hating on u, just shake em off. U look good, style fits u

detartrateD Oct 27, 2009

Hey pwned, never knew u was a girl till no. Nice punk rocker style!

Growing Oct 22, 2009

ah so you have cought the sent of many nuts

Growing Oct 20, 2009

haha yes im sure the fermions from his nuts will make u think lots of things haha

hungrywolf Oct 17, 2009

dude in the top pic is srsly crazy lookin!

FemalePersuasion Oct 14, 2009

I think your latest photo has a neat perspective.

Kid Kaos Oct 14, 2009

Quick stop?

MythriL Oct 14, 2009


Money Oct 13, 2009

id wax it

Tank55 Oct 09, 2009

:O so this is pwnd tsk tsk.. cute

Swig Oct 08, 2009

i better hmmmmmm...well you do look cute with blonde hair no reason to lie :D

Fuss Oct 08, 2009

u quoted zombieland, shit son. hell yea

Pineapple Express Oct 07, 2009

you have really thin eye brows, but still pretty hott. ;] lol

Pineapple Express Oct 06, 2009

pwnd's a girl!?!? wtf?!.... lol

Swig Oct 06, 2009

i disagree with nixi i like the blonde!

Nixi Oct 06, 2009

Well of course its going to look great on you, I mean really. Its just, you must know I'd have my goth license revoked if I didn't at least come and make a small joke about it.

Nixi Oct 06, 2009

I get the off-center pics, I get the 'tude, and I can even forgive those scene-kid plugs yall get. But pwnd, really... blonde? :-/

PWND Oct 06, 2009

I've had complaints on some of my pictures. I take half-faced pictures to emphasize certain aspects and redirect them as the vocal point of the photo. There are more to pictures than the whole picture in its self. RULE #32: Enjoy the little things. =)

ZypheN Oct 06, 2009


Keith Oct 04, 2009

be my wife?

weed master.. Sep 25, 2009

Hey Crazy thing!! :D

REAL*AIDS Sep 23, 2009

me likey the pwnd pic with ur thumb closing in on ur mouth there - sexyybabbby

Red Satin Sep 21, 2009

im stealing your wardrobe at some point..

Fire Blade Sep 18, 2009

Defying gravity on the swing.

Kid Kaos Sep 17, 2009

Sup pwnd. Still making friends with all the tw nerds I see. Lol.

Mattey Sep 17, 2009

Christ on a cross, I can't believe so many people left a comment

Gripe Sep 17, 2009

Are we better yet?

Repent Sep 14, 2009

damn Pwnd!?!? u hot aZ heLL >:D

ToK Sep 01, 2009

Thx pwnd, you are very cute

Lenny Aug 31, 2009

Who's this hawtie with the body? =D <333

Fooly Cooly Aug 28, 2009


joemoma Aug 24, 2009

i would kick that tall guys ass! just sayn..

Punx Aug 17, 2009


Shawn Aug 12, 2009

shutup, im only 37 :<, also, staffs removed it becuase i am too secksi

JPMissy Aug 11, 2009

I'm blind? What does that mean

Missa Aug 06, 2009

i like your hairrr

Disengaged Aug 04, 2009

Psh, it's all yours. Wearing the same one on your face for hours a day for over year makes you want to back over it again and again.. you might not want to take it though, it kind of smells now. :(

Money Aug 04, 2009

u remind me of a powerpuff girl

Swig Aug 04, 2009

i like your new pics :D spectacular

Disengaged Aug 04, 2009


danyell!! Aug 04, 2009

I couldnt pull those bangs off either...

Nixi Aug 04, 2009

ok, that new picture of you in the checked shirt is outrageously adorable. you still ought to try some black lipstick, though.

Captain Stinky Aug 04, 2009

nice shoes, wanna fuck?

PrettyMadness Aug 01, 2009

Heeeyy. I wish I could pull off bangs like that.

Lycanthropy Aug 01, 2009

Even though you hate me, I still think you're hella neat Emily. :D

Toxic Jul 27, 2009


Kyou Jul 22, 2009

Return Top 5 squad.

Tabo Jul 20, 2009

Love the dreds...Nice septem ring $$$... Hf

Ohmalee Jul 19, 2009

How you doing babe! <--<3 <--<3 !LoVe ArRows! <--<3 <--<3

Lenny Jul 18, 2009

Cutie =)

R.I.P Jul 14, 2009

haha thankyou (: one of my friends just got dreads.. yours look alot better !! (:

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 10, 2009

Love the Gauges!!! and your new pix is CUTE!

Rasaq Jul 08, 2009

I dunno what's up with that pic...I noticed it too, it probably got stretched somewhere between my boss sending it from his blackberry to my samsung...AND the shoes are sexy.

Bware Jul 07, 2009

lol.. i didnt make fun of his hair.. plus I'm not really losing any..

Schfifty-Five Jul 06, 2009

I logged on, but you aren't on. That's no good.

Schfifty-Five Jul 05, 2009

Pfft, I'm a horrible Marth. I'm sure you're already like 10x better than I am. MK is pretty awesome, I probably won't play you in that for a while longer, I played it all the time and got way too good. Not to brag or anything, just saying!

Nixi Jul 05, 2009

Ever consider dreading your own? Oh, and it should be obvious- I'm one of those "hasn't shopped outside of a thrift store in 3 years" types... come now, your fashion sense is only a half-step removed from my own.

Nixi Jul 05, 2009

Can't you just glue 'em back in?

Schfifty-Five Jul 04, 2009

Haha, nice. You'll probably whoop on me too.

Schfifty-Five Jul 04, 2009

You bought MK!? That's awesome, I can't wait to play you in that too. Keep practicing in both, I want you to be able to beat my Marth! =]

PWND Jul 03, 2009

the dreads are gone!!!!! *SOB!!!* :[[[

Schfifty-Five Jul 03, 2009

Keep it in your pants, Lenny. I'll get on sometime so we can Brawl, but you had better practice from the time you read this, until we play! haha

Lenny Jul 02, 2009

Emily's new picture is a cute one kinda like her. =D

PrettyMadness Jul 02, 2009

that's awesome. i'd love to have really pretty dreads bu i could NOT pull the off. plus, lol it would take forever to get them weaved in, considering i have short hair. how long did it take for yours? i have my cosmetology license but ive never done them before. i know how to weave them in, but i dont know how to make them.

Democrat Jul 02, 2009

ohh fuk yea...

SnallTrippin Jul 02, 2009

Question: How does one wash dread things? I knew an Aussie who had them in Berlin and they just looked dirty as fuck. Cool guy though.

Weak Jul 01, 2009

agreed kuleniks

R.I.P Jul 01, 2009


KuleniKs Jun 30, 2009

Lol yeah. It's seriously about time that these people settle down.

KuleniKs Jun 29, 2009

I like looking at PWNDs page just to see everyones comments. Theres always some interesting stuff.

R.I.P Jun 28, 2009

lol lady starlight whats wrong with her eyebrows .. she could be all george-bush eyebrowed! id definently prefer hers (: you really do have astounding hair love, its mezmerizing ;D

Swig Jun 27, 2009

how goes it chica

R.I.P Jun 26, 2009

Hmm... i doubt theyd suit me ):

R.I.P Jun 26, 2009

thats really amazing hair!! i wish i never cut mine now ):

reability Jun 25, 2009

hehe cool pics, love the 4th pic :)

R.I.P Jun 25, 2009

Wow, you have amazing hair. (:

Lenny Jun 25, 2009

Geesh Emily, why would you say such things when I'm totally normal and a Christian!

Lenny Jun 25, 2009

Pfft, I'm no weirdo, take it back Emily!

PrettyMadness Jun 24, 2009

the shadow pic reminds me of a cartoon for some reason. you are gorgeous and i love your hair. very lovely. did you do it yourself or have it done professionally?

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

Its cool. :)

Exile- Jun 24, 2009


Exile- Jun 24, 2009

your hair is badass

Lenny Jun 23, 2009

You mean awesome

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 23, 2009

:3 Have a goood day!

PWND Jun 23, 2009

For anyone who thinks I'm only an asshole behind a computer screen. Read the first comment posted: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti on=viewImage&friendID=51097084&alb umID=3048447&imageID=56945991

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 21, 2009

I'd shall!!!

lady starlight Jun 21, 2009

was ur comment sarcastic?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 21, 2009

Thats awesome! I have 5/9 right now on my second ear lobe. I don't want anything bigger then that but I like Yo Hair and Have a great day!

Schfifty-Five Jun 21, 2009

Worst+Pwnds coording=a 21 kill 4vs1 carry. $$

Valholy Jun 20, 2009

TW gallery removed my pictures because they were too damn sexy... sorry pwnd :(

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 20, 2009

How big is your ear guaged?? :D

Democrat Jun 18, 2009

I had a good time last night. Thank you so much. ---<@

TagMor Jun 18, 2009

i love you

PWND Jun 17, 2009

You spelled it wrong.

Valentine Rose Jun 17, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 16, 2009

LOL Word :3

Democrat Jun 14, 2009

No <3, why are you talking shit to my girl? If you fight irl like you warbird, she'll ace you newbie. GG LOVE YOU PWND. :D

Goddess Jun 13, 2009

Stop argueing with them and remove their idiotic comments already. Why even waste a flick of your finger? No <3 is talking about being recognized and look what he's doing with the stupid toma bs lol. Just blacklist and delete their comments

Swig Jun 13, 2009

OHHHHH VERRYYY NIICE!! *Borat Voice :?) ...* lol lame i kno haha play me more offend por favor chica :D

PWND Jun 13, 2009

Anything bad.

Gripe Jun 13, 2009

Like michael jackson bad?

Swig Jun 12, 2009

so pwnd owning me all the time has been a girl....O.o and thinks im cute O.O so now im glad i have been getting pwnd^tm lol :D

PWND Jun 12, 2009

after this comment anything bad being said will result in a blacklist. youre not in highscool anymore. grow the fuck up.

Weak Jun 12, 2009

its cool emily, don't even worry bout it.. jus play have fun , n do ur thang.

F22 Raptor Jun 11, 2009


Democrat Jun 11, 2009

Your boyfriend is gay. Let me impregnate you... our children will win titles.

PWND Jun 11, 2009

No n00dz for ss nerds. Sorry :x

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

depends on how naughty she'll get with a camera phone. nudes breed love pwnd

PWND Jun 11, 2009

These kids are seriously fucking retarded rofl..to show people I'm real and it's obviously not fake.

Mango. Jun 11, 2009

yeah why would she write pwnd on a piece of paper then tape it to the back of her hand..

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

I want to hang out with your shoes and listen to ska. is that weird?

Kid Kaos Jun 11, 2009

Goddes your a compulsive lieng ugly fat bitch who deserves every single word that is being said about your ugly fat ass.

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

no they all liked you until you posted pics of your boyfriend. how are you going to take their virginity if you have a boyfriend? WHAT DOES HE HAVE THAT THEY DON'T HAVE? sry got carried away <3

Kid Kaos Jun 10, 2009

looooool she got mouthpiece on all of you hahahaha

Ison Jun 09, 2009

well obviously we do not share the same opinion on that matter:p

PWND Jun 08, 2009

Those are pants. =)

a cute fuzzy kitten Jun 08, 2009

plaid skirt! i love all your wardrobes

Gripe Jun 08, 2009

Hi friend.

Dark*Star360 Jun 07, 2009

u look 1 of those chicks in Victoria's secret magazines LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Sunny D Jun 07, 2009

geez, i didn't ask for a story, a simple "no its not" would have sufficed ;) PS: you don't own me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z1buym2xUM

Fuss Jun 07, 2009

haha dude havnt seen you in a while, you still playin that damn wii? and i got 3/4's. what size are yours?

Shan Jun 07, 2009

Finn boys > swe boys

Ward Jun 07, 2009

say wot?

Its-katness Jun 07, 2009


Gripe Jun 07, 2009


Havok Jun 07, 2009

Im still mad you said "I don't" =((((((((

Sunny D Jun 06, 2009

isn't pwnd something asians say? :)

wicket666 Jun 06, 2009

ummm..ok something differnt

Ward Jun 06, 2009


Jolly Fat Man Jun 06, 2009

So was I. :P

KillerGt Jun 06, 2009

Not at all. It's just me you know? But hey, mad respect for your straight-forwardness. Keep it real! ^5

Golden_Aim Jun 06, 2009


Shan Jun 06, 2009

It's cool!

Golden_Aim Jun 06, 2009


Shan Jun 06, 2009

Still mad cause of that :(

Jolly Fat Man Jun 06, 2009

Thanks, now I need to go to counseling.

New Jersey Jun 06, 2009

you can never go wrong with plaid:D

Weak Jun 06, 2009


KillerGt Jun 06, 2009


PWND Jun 05, 2009


SaFia Jun 05, 2009

pwnd you have panda bear's necklace, time to burn it :P

Dameon Angell Jun 05, 2009

lol ello' milady <3 I'm still jealous of your hair.

Lycanthropy Jun 05, 2009

Wow I don't understand why all that exist on all the attractive females pages are obscene comments. It's pretty lame and immature. Grow up <u>boys</u>.

BarkingMAD Jun 05, 2009

lol that swing your on reminds me of harry pottah at the beggining of order of the phoenix:P

Weak Jun 05, 2009

dont even mention it, its what I'm here for, :)

PWND Jun 05, 2009

I don't.

Havok Jun 05, 2009

i wish your thumb was my winky <3

Century Jun 05, 2009

ill eat you out

Bware Jun 04, 2009

whats the "lol" about?

BarkingMAD Jun 04, 2009

lol that wasnt even mine, i posted one of my DW's:D..me babies haha.

Havok Jun 04, 2009

Sorta? =(

Unite Jun 03, 2009

wassssup! looking cool there pwnd..

Sunny D Jun 03, 2009


Valholy Jun 03, 2009

PWND carries Rape squadron with her 1.4 KD.

Kid Kaos Jun 03, 2009

Oh well in Cali we call that "Hot Boxing" :)

Lycanthropy Jun 02, 2009

Christ your dreads are fucking insane! seriously.. You look so happy in the last pic. :D

Money Jun 02, 2009


The Flying Russian Jun 02, 2009

there's a difference between being angry and just doing it for shits and giggles. You seem to be the later one. I respect that.

Kid Kaos Jun 02, 2009

What do you mean "Clam in a van?"

danyell!! Jun 02, 2009

So much hate... *snatches your weave and runs away* =D ok but seriously... do you draw your eyebrows on? My bestfriend used to shave hers off and draw them on.

Valholy Jun 02, 2009

pwnd, please stop stalking my gallery pictures. i know it is hard to control yourself in the presence of ASIAN PERFECTION but enough is enough...

Broly Jun 02, 2009

I'd hit it.

Sirius Jun 02, 2009

Probably the easiest way to catch on to it being true is being able to predict exactly what in-game failings will bring comments, or what kind, out of you, based on how you choose to relieve that stress through your words =P Otherwise the concept of you just trying to randomly toy with people (which you may do on the side as well either way) would be more believeable because thats something YOU choose to do...but you don't choose when you're going to get pissed off at the game, the game's flow decides that, which hence makes it so predictable =P

Sirius Jun 02, 2009

No, I can just read people through their words and statements better than some can =P You definitely get angry at this game in some ways; your shortcoming of not being able to acknowledge this is not my fault, thats for sure =P You just are focusing on random shit like ?ignore nonsense or if I should care about what you say to other people and aren't focusing on what I am actually saying =P

Nixi Jun 02, 2009

Now we've gone and cluttered your comments section, tsk tsk.

Nixi Jun 02, 2009

So within what, 2 days of putting your pics up you managed to become hated by over half the TW population. Ah, immaturity, where desperation leads you to achingly grasp at any form of attention possible, at the cost of being a disgusting human being.

Lenny Jun 02, 2009


PWND Jun 02, 2009


Money Jun 02, 2009

when we fuckin

PWND Jun 02, 2009

Damn straight.

Weak Jun 01, 2009

hey :) lovin the look emily!

SoJa Jun 01, 2009

watchu mean oh dear lord???

Sirius Jun 01, 2009

Yeah but you still get mad when you 'think' players who are worse than you keep killing you etc or things don't go as you planned

Nixi Jun 01, 2009

I already said I wore "costumes" exercise that reading comprehension skill! Half the pictures I have are outfits for fun events, not an actual day-to-day "look". You do your thing, I'll do mine, and we'll leave it at that.

Sirius Jun 01, 2009

Shits and giggles perhaps...but you know this game can get to you =P

Money Jun 01, 2009

Lets fuck

Sirius Jun 01, 2009

No, Goddess, I have more than enough proof that it's a girl. The logic you are trying to use makes no sense, when I said she hides the fact that she's a girl. Ive accused her of being a girl for many years and she would just deny it until more recently. I just see through people too well for even a girl hiding herself on this game to really succeed at it. Pwnd, the kind of girl I'm talking about that you asked in my comments is one who stands perseverant and unfazed in a predominately male competitive environment such as this, tries not to crumble under that pressure (which I know even you can struggle with), and knows how to command her tongue in-game.

Van jari Jun 01, 2009

love you too Emily! <3

sheep Jun 01, 2009

That tree picture is rather bizarre. I love the pony picture more, dont you like my eyes there!?

lady starlight Jun 01, 2009

love ur last pic + ur hair!!

Fusionbomb Jun 01, 2009

lol @ 75% of the comments

Growing Jun 01, 2009

ohhhhhhhhhhh righhhtttttttttttt....scrol all the way down and my name is all highlighted in yellow lmao

Growing Jun 01, 2009

i dont remember commenting you hahaha i have no idea why u said indeed but its all good hahaha sry for bugging u its just ur ego in the game drives me crazy sometimes i never thought u were a girl cuz ur kind of a dick some times hahaha

A I Jun 01, 2009

Cutest face on TW!

Exalt May 31, 2009


Exalt May 31, 2009

well I'm glad to say I'm neither lol. What made you think I was some asian or a wigger?

JeezOutLaw May 31, 2009

You're CUTE! Send me that necklace with kitty please <3

danyell!! May 31, 2009

Aww your a cutie! Where did you come from doll?

carburetor May 31, 2009

your wearing thier shirt?

Skyn May 31, 2009

I think I love you, Emily.

PWND May 31, 2009

I'm straight.

Sirius May 31, 2009

Lol, I didn't say I think you are fake, I just said that's the only other option if what I said ISN'T true...as for who I am talking about, I won't say names =P

PWND May 31, 2009

Sirus, I'm not fake and most everyone who matters knows that.

Kahlan May 31, 2009

Sirius talkin' bout Raspi?

Sirius May 31, 2009

Is the world just growing girls differently nowadays that they can actually infuse into the harsh environment of TW like this mentally or concerning any skill? That or its fake I guess

Sirius May 31, 2009

Man I can't believe females like this are beginning to play this game. It feels like I've lived to see a whole new generation of rule-breaking existence spawn on TW...back in the day a girl couldn't talk shit or play this game worth shit... unless she was a genius kid and on top of that never revealed herself to be a girl. Only knew of like 2 females like that, one of which is one of best wbs TW has seen, but again, nobody knows its a girl

SaFia May 31, 2009

looks like you're having fun there pwnd! =D

Exalt May 30, 2009

lol well what were you expecting?

Keith May 30, 2009

Nothin much cutie how you been

PWND May 30, 2009

but yet you can still see my face clearly

KuleniKs May 30, 2009

Very unique.

Kid Kaos May 30, 2009

Haha I like this chick she just clowned the fuck outta hypocrites looooool.

NO <3 May 30, 2009

i like how your pictures are all clear except the ones of your face -_-

L3MU3L May 30, 2009

OMG I love your fucking hair!

pee pee sock May 30, 2009

i dont like ur checkered shoes

Skyn May 30, 2009

Jordan, get off my girl yo.

Golden_Aim May 30, 2009

nice ra$ta$

Ignite May 30, 2009

oh my god i think im love you forever. come marry me!!! we make fire danger and be dangerous together!!!

Primary May 30, 2009

nice dreads!

Weak May 30, 2009

hey emily! lookin good :)

Growing May 30, 2009


Schfifty-Five May 30, 2009

Hey look it's you!

Ohmalee May 29, 2009

lol at Skyn

Skyn May 29, 2009

I don't care if you're emo. We can make as many babies as you want.

Sirius May 29, 2009

You have too much of a temper to be a girl

Money May 29, 2009

id hit it