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Age 34
Gender Not telling you geeks
More about me I play a 2d spaceship game, enough said.

Things I Like 
Songs Not sure..


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Mage+ Apr 12, 2010

straightener + some clay and a towel to rough the sides up $

Display Apr 02, 2010


NoNameBrand Apr 02, 2010

The glasses are tight.

Spoiled Mar 31, 2010

yo ditch the blonde dude and get with a real woman.

TranceTunes Mar 25, 2010

lol word

Spoiled Mar 24, 2010

damn girl u hot

MoNo. Mar 23, 2010

Thank you Bwarreee!

Zazu Mar 23, 2010

You have a lot of nice friends, boy! Now slowly work your way into their bed.. $

Petal Mar 23, 2010

Que es tu band! Link me!

danyell!! Mar 18, 2010

dude, in a few of your pics... u look like my brother O_O... he is only 14 tho sooo, I guess you look like my brother from the future....... lol

PhyRe Mar 18, 2010

FREE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!

Petal Mar 13, 2010


Spoiled Mar 12, 2010

we seriously need to make out :-(((

Display Jan 12, 2010


pappa Dec 22, 2009

smile! unless your teeth are effed. like the stunna shades. and the gibson. wish I could play that thing :/

Squadless Dec 16, 2009

lolol batman

Vue Dec 15, 2009

yeah it taught me all I know about how to bird...sadly

Petal Dec 09, 2009

You never smile!

Mobey Oct 22, 2009

cool story bro

Jolly Fat Man Sep 19, 2009

No way.

Gripe Sep 18, 2009

we miss you elliot

display banned Sep 09, 2009

a true marshmallow marine...sexy

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 10, 2009


MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 03, 2009

LOOL, thats ez it should say in the left side near the comments entry. You have to view your picture profile and then you have an option of saying yes or no.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 01, 2009

Yo Bwareo! o/

MEEEp Aug 01, 2009

lol.. um, sorry bware! ionno it just sounded wrong so i guess i took it the wrong way.. xD

MEEEp Jul 26, 2009

LOL @ pwnd comment... do u even know what a meep is? you do look like a nerd.. lol loser

RENZI Jul 16, 2009

what kind of music do you play?

PWND Jul 06, 2009

wow an you made fun of my lovers hair last night...now i know why...youre losing yours at a young age!!! gratz i admire your jealousy.

Exile- Jun 25, 2009

Yea i am! :) I'm really picky though.

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 19, 2009

:3 BWARE!! Hey there Homieh!

Petal Jun 12, 2009

Hi there :D

ben_dover Jun 06, 2009

fun and frustrating at times!!

ben_dover Jun 05, 2009

Im just a lowly amateur atm!

PWND Jun 04, 2009

First pic haha :P

PWND Jun 02, 2009


Lenny Jun 01, 2009

Love my hat dude, Decepticons > Autobots

Growing May 28, 2009

you look like an angry nerd man cheer up :)

Ohmalee May 26, 2009

i really dont know. i just got a guitar that looked good. lol.

Democrat May 24, 2009

Nice fucking Gibson. \m/

Exalt May 21, 2009

hahaha, that old dude cracks me the fuck up.

Schfifty-Five May 18, 2009

Your friend must be a very cool dude, haha

Bware May 17, 2009

Well they were playing some old country/ really old bluegrassy type rock stuff.. I usually play metal and rock.

Goddess May 17, 2009

hey what kind of music do you play? that looks like a down home get together was just wondering.

Cadbury May 17, 2009


Bware Apr 29, 2009

It actually says.. "Unicorns are f***ing METAL"

Harsh Mar 22, 2009

rofl nice shirt