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Squadless Sep 19, 2023


Delectable Sep 19, 2014

??? LOLS. Aerin!

Mechanoid Jul 13, 2013

yo how come no one mention you look like kris humphries

Squadless Oct 07, 2011


Zazu Feb 20, 2011

Hi. Long time no new Russian slut pics. Are you dead?

Missa Apr 09, 2010

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a garden tool. Don't you have some subspace sluts to hit on?

Zazu Mar 23, 2010

Yo my bro! When are we cracking that party in NYC?

Havok Mar 04, 2010

I dont think i would ever wash my hands if I shook fedor's hands. Kimbo on the other hand that ni99 is dirty

Money Mar 04, 2010

u remind me of wilt chamberlain, but lighter skinneded

Zazu Mar 03, 2010

loooooooooooooooooooool squadless does it again! New pics - New girls!

Mange Mar 01, 2010

WTF gettin da girls I c.. lol props

Arsen Feb 28, 2010

squadless u have same skiis as me :P

Zazu Feb 26, 2010

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ! Saw she's jewish so it might not be a good idea. She might get offended.. : ((((((

Zazu Feb 26, 2010

lololol but he stands no chance against me! Can't beat European charm. We're sophisticated, and combine that with the accent and our taste for fashion and you get any chick in America! :o)~~

l2aNgE Feb 25, 2010

Nice u were in MMA?

Zazu Feb 24, 2010

Bringing some love back! <33333 Saw you have mad cute nieces on ur facebook. Ever gonna introduce me to them?

Tank55 Feb 21, 2010

maybe well spare one day

Fire Blade Feb 20, 2010

Over here they even offer a 316 while in the usa they start with the 325, Price of gas and all.

Audrey Feb 19, 2010

hahaha whenever you want dude

Fire Blade Feb 18, 2010

335i, in europe it's harder to get a bmw with a strong engine like in the us.

ZypheN Feb 18, 2010

Got it new in 07 (graduation present :X) and helll no lol that pic was taken this summer and as you can see still perfect. Just moved into a new complex though so starting to get nervous so woman driver is going to hit it out there.

ZypheN Feb 18, 2010

Do it, if you don't have fun there's something wrong with you. Mine's a 07 Yamaha r1 - 1000 cc's, pretty much it scares the shit out of me sometimes lol

Zazu Feb 17, 2010

Your car? Finally an American that understands European cars are better and more sophisticated!

Fire Blade Feb 16, 2010

Nice car, I've got it's little brother.

ReKall Feb 16, 2010

Whip game proper, and that pic with kimbo is sick. You need to let your trunk hit hard like kimbo slice in that beamer.

Aerin Feb 15, 2010

lol is that kimbo

Zackary Feb 15, 2010

nice bimmer, how come you didn't take off that thing to put your plates on if you don't use front plates? o_O

oops Feb 15, 2010

pussy automatic

ZypheN Feb 15, 2010

Very nice car, I'll still beat you :p

Audrey Feb 12, 2010

yo whats up mister squadless!

Zazu Feb 08, 2010

We do .. for sure.. But I wanted to keep it a secret from all your gallery visitors!

Zazu Feb 06, 2010

Yo squad! Saw you're visiting my gallery every day. You're a fan?

Zazu Feb 04, 2010

looooooooooooool sup Squadless! STOP THE GIRLS ! GIVING ME ISSUES !!!! Making me mad insecure about my sex appeal..

Last Standing Feb 02, 2010

squadless makes tiger woods look like a joke!

Delectable Jan 29, 2010


lopist Jan 27, 2010

damnnn u met kimbo..is he the one who gave u the black eye ?

Delectable Jan 22, 2010

lol they all over this gallery arent they.

PWND Jan 22, 2010

Lol, nope. I'm not getting another piercing until April probably.

Audrey Jan 21, 2010

Hello there.

PWND Jan 21, 2010

hihi =]

Airship Jan 18, 2010


Hustla Bebe Jan 18, 2010

well thats funny cause now you share your bday <3

Zazu Jan 18, 2010

ýa man! What the fuck ýs up wýth that kýd.. loooool! Roundhouse kick him for me or so... DO SOMETHING!

death row Jan 17, 2010

yo sqaud, still waiting for your fight vs brock lesner.

Jinco Jan 15, 2010

lol squadless gots a diff girl in every pic, nice

Money Jan 15, 2010

whatup pimpin

Zazu Jan 15, 2010

looooooooooooooooool stop swapping girls !

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

Saw the very first photo squad and all I thought of was Olga and how she would not be very pleased : ( Then I saw the last person to comment you was someone named 'Schfifty-Five' I laughed and just closed my browser

Schfifty-Five Jan 07, 2010


Audrey Dec 23, 2009

so thats how you get all these chicks... you go for the lonely one =P

Nixi Dec 22, 2009

as in... a nut?

Audrey Dec 22, 2009

lol squadless trying to hook up with my friends! wtf =P

Tmac Dec 20, 2009

damn bro u got a pic with kimbo thats elite for sure...but no offense dunno if you are pure fightin material bro maybe a trainer or somethin where u live at

Audrey Dec 18, 2009

Did work on the stanky leg last night in a club! Hope you proud of me =P

Affliction Dec 18, 2009

wassup, what do you mean do somethin, like actual ufc shit? haha nah i don't train, i just wear the brand and work out.

Bware Dec 15, 2009

holy lots of pictures batman

PWND Dec 14, 2009

I don't think you ever ignored me lol...and ROFL at Oops!!

Last Standing Dec 13, 2009

squadless addin to the kill count outside the ring! dude what's ur kill count inside the ring though?

Zazu Dec 13, 2009

LOL NICE ! New pic new girl again !

oops Dec 12, 2009


Nixi Dec 12, 2009

new pic = paragon of the BADONKADONK

ZypheN Dec 12, 2009

Don't take this the wrong way but I really want to see you fight because I honestly can't picture it lol.

Goddess Dec 12, 2009

My minds in the gutter lol sorry :P

Barton Dec 12, 2009

LOL ZAZU I LIKE! GO SQUAD!!! make us proud!

MythriL Dec 10, 2009

yo you livin the dream

Squadless Dec 10, 2009

im not sure if you're joking... do you really not know what a hedge fund is?? i suggest google it

Goddess Dec 10, 2009

wtf is a hedge fund... is that a new lesbian term i've missed? lol

Squadless Dec 10, 2009

LOL zazu, absolutly right. Got a reputation to uphold!! imagine if i had my own camera?!?!

Zazu Dec 10, 2009

LOL Squadless motto: "Different pic, different girl !"

Goddess Dec 09, 2009

erm NO TY :P and yeah that girl does look major badass lol

Squadless Dec 09, 2009

lol yeah she's a wild one...love to spar with her...always get a little more then i bargain for LOL... good thing for the invention of the cup

Audrey Dec 09, 2009

looks like this girl would kick all of yo ass!! hahaha

Goddess Dec 08, 2009

Yes and like most teenage boys he cant figure out whether he wants to kill it or fuk it

Squadless Dec 08, 2009

LOLOL not sure how old my dad or mom is as well.. :( :(

MythriL Dec 07, 2009

was 17 3 years ago... squadless is an awful father. doesn't even know how old his children are

Goddess Dec 07, 2009

Oh ... very sorry then can you please erm... delete my comments? Sorry again :) and no wonder he's so annoying lol now i understand all :P

Nope Dec 04, 2009

LOL kimbo

Goddess Dec 04, 2009

erm... are u serious? Is he really 17? And are you seriously trying to deny those 2 girls arent prostitutes/spa workers in the pic where the one has her leg up on u ? There is no way myth is 17 lol. I would post the pics i have of me and famous people but i dont like how i look in them :(

Welfare Dec 02, 2009

I envy you dude, i fucking love MMA

Welfare Dec 01, 2009

WTF you met fedor and kimbo??

Audrey Nov 30, 2009

Lol couldnt resist doing it! LOL you a father figure? hahahahahahaa hilarious

Squadless Nov 30, 2009

LOL why would i visit asian spas goddess???!?!?! i make the azn spas come to my house :)... mythril looks up to me because i bought him up, he is now like 17, i started playing this game with him when he was 8... im practially his father figure LOL... mythril: money pussy weed

Goddess Nov 29, 2009

rofl mythril looks up to you cause u visit asian spas squadless... now ur the man :P

Audrey Nov 27, 2009

LOL I want see you drop it, shake that woop da dee doop. drop that, woop da dee doop shake that, woop da dee doop

Audrey Nov 19, 2009

y not!?!

MythriL Nov 12, 2009

which one is olga

siaxis Nov 08, 2009

word, mad nice fights

Sirius Nov 07, 2009

Vo bratan....viju ti zanyat poka menya tam netu...kruto kruto

WAR Nov 04, 2009

you doing work son

Suppression Nov 03, 2009

i hitthan Kimbo, plz bitches

Fusionbomb Oct 31, 2009

Is that seriously Kimbo??

Ward Oct 21, 2009

o shit fedor

oops Oct 21, 2009

sweet eyebrows

Squadless Oct 19, 2009

True that myth :(

Weak Oct 19, 2009

u wish, dont need it, i got my own gf , thanks

MythriL Oct 19, 2009

squad gets mad pussy

Mobey Oct 19, 2009

oh shi.. kimbo!

Squadless Oct 19, 2009

yeah KK...i think fedor will take brock out but they will never get to fight together

Kid Kaos Oct 19, 2009

I think Fedor really the only guy that can beat Borck Lesnar right now. He needs to get his ass into the cage already!

ZypheN Oct 19, 2009

Say what you want bout kimbo he could kill any one of us lol, that pic up top from this season? If so..lucky bastard.

Century Oct 01, 2009

kimbo just got his ass whooped tonight

Weak Sep 16, 2009

hmm lol

chars! Sep 13, 2009

hope u fingered that asian chick [2]

Squadless Sep 12, 2009

Kimbo Slice all over me

Audrey Sep 12, 2009

what is so funny?

Fooly Cooly Sep 12, 2009

you could save a lot of time and buy a gun

Money Sep 10, 2009


Squadless Sep 08, 2009

LOL money, both of them

Zazu Sep 05, 2009

Yo you're on a pic with MAD FUCKING HERO FEDOR! You can beat him yet?

Money Sep 04, 2009

hope u fingered that asian chick

danyell!! Sep 04, 2009

you look familar.

Squadless Sep 04, 2009

lol he's the best heavyweight MMA fighter the world has to offer... he's not that bad...very friendly actually

Imagine Sep 04, 2009

Fedor is a bad man.

Squadless Sep 03, 2009

LOL KK...too late for that, got knocked out once already :( :(

Kid Kaos Sep 03, 2009

Lol squadless you fight mma? I know a few guys who are in traning and what not. Thats coo hope you dont get your ass kicked too hard! Haha jk.

Squadless Sep 02, 2009

i think this was Jackson Hole

ZypheN Sep 02, 2009

k2's, not bad, what mountain that on?

hobgoblin Sep 02, 2009


Squadless Sep 01, 2009

yeah man, about 20 lbs... its going good... 3-2 so far

Hunt Aug 30, 2009

you lost some weight!

joemoma Aug 30, 2009

cage fighter?? hows that going?