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About Me

Age 36
Location OH HI O
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found some where afk

Things I Like 
Books with pictures!
Movies sin city
Musics rap rock


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joemoma Jan 17, 2018

top 5 bish

Doughnut May 02, 2017

top 10 subspace car salesman!

jebass Oct 07, 2015

Noobie ass those were eatten

jebass Oct 05, 2015

you love me and you know it

Shock Apr 21, 2011

big ben $ nice pic

LiL*PiGGy Aug 19, 2010

Holy crap Kid Kaos, simmer down "kid". Why are you being so Jealous?.

Hustla Bebe Feb 19, 2010


Van jari Jan 15, 2010

you have more pics on the gallery than on your facebook page. you something that rhymes with trigger

Tank55 Jan 08, 2010

hellz yea

AtWA Jan 06, 2010

Well buck, im out of flushing im John Delaney i see you got amber tharp and heather helms in that one pic, cute girls went to school with,ask stromeyer, kelz, fritz, lacey kimble know them cats\ good to see i aint the only nerd playin this shittttt

AtWA Jan 05, 2010

Hahaha wow i know you whatsup kidd?

resoL Jan 03, 2010

I got some hollow tips and some armor piercing bullets that will shoot through vest $$

Kid Kaos Dec 31, 2009

Da fuck, hate all you want wannabe ufc fighter guy. I hope you do make it so I can watch your ass get destroyed by somebody whose actually GOOD at fighting.

joemoma Dec 30, 2009

if u didnt notice, thats BIG BEN, STEELERS QB

Zazu Dec 30, 2009

What's a twig like yourself doing in a ring? Cool pics though..

Money Dec 24, 2009

HAHA i did that with sprint, always works

Money Dec 23, 2009


Foreal Dec 07, 2009

keep up the boxing man thats tight

Pandagirl! Nov 27, 2009

Seeing as finals week is approaching it may have to wait until January. Asian friend and I are a duo though... we come as a pair =)

Pandagirl! Nov 21, 2009

Yeah... I see how it is =(

lady starlight Nov 02, 2009

haha nice pics!!

Missa Nov 01, 2009

LOL gripe <3

Gripe Oct 12, 2009

It's ok to hit girls if they have a greater towing capacity than a Ford. It's a rule.

joemoma Oct 10, 2009

hahahaha done deal.. id say i dont hit girls, but uh, no worries there, shes got more facial hair than grizzly adams

Gripe Oct 09, 2009

I'll give you $5 to knock goddess the fuck out.

Goddess Sep 14, 2009

Rofl DUDE... look in the mirror. I remember when u used to follow jb around like a lost puppy dog lol

wicket666 Sep 09, 2009

lol let me have a few of those chicks

Exalt Aug 27, 2009

you are a tall mother fucker

TagMor Aug 26, 2009

yo something wrong with your neck dude.

PWND Aug 25, 2009

you probably would haha

PWND Aug 19, 2009

You remind me of the really tall awkward guy from "Punch Out!!"

Weak Aug 15, 2009

k gotta meet up soon

Weak Aug 13, 2009

what part do u live in? I live in hilliard

Weak Aug 12, 2009

o nice dude, i go to ohio state, lets party it up sometime brotha!

Weak Aug 10, 2009

ur from ohio?

danyell!! Aug 04, 2009

I see that... I also see your sword :) lol

danyell!! Aug 04, 2009

beer suit ftw

Exalt Aug 04, 2009


SnallTrippin Jul 27, 2009

You can tell he's from Ohio from the slope of the forehead.

cranium Apr 20, 2009

kidd u puttin u beating up someone from the school of the blind on here? vintage mike kidd