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Age 33
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found twdd,twbd,twjd,elim,tourny,wbduel,wbduel2,elim


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weed master.. Sep 13, 2013

whats up tank!!

Thorne Jan 19, 2013

Apreciate your service to this Country Thank you!

Gripe Mar 09, 2012


Missa Feb 20, 2012

hey!! <3

Tank55 Feb 18, 2012

haha all these people asking how I got that chick i had up, its called being a pimp homies.... she was mediocre compared to others i dated anyways

Tank55 Feb 17, 2012


Display May 28, 2010

rofl at 6th pic..sorry but wtf r u doing?

Missa Apr 06, 2010


Audrey Feb 23, 2010

I been around.. just not in tw really =P

Squadless Feb 22, 2010

i was thinking for a while what to spare, then i realized it was spar. haha yeah of course man, always looking forward to people that know what they're doing.

Mariposa Feb 14, 2010

lol i like ur picz hahaha

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 18, 2010

lol Ty!

Let Jan 12, 2010

LMFAO! Mattey

joemoma Jan 06, 2010

really a pic of your own ass?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 06, 2010

LOLOL nah i are not :3

Tank55 Jan 06, 2010

ew mattey =( ima go with kaos on that.. plus i told em to delete like half of em.. they just never do

Kid Kaos Jan 06, 2010

Mattey thats the gayest shit ive heard anyone say on this game. Rofl.

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

Holy shit, this is way too many pics for a straight-man. The more I look at these pics, the more I'm convinced that I would fuck you, and the more that I think you're gay.

Missa Jan 03, 2010

Ignore Zazu. Pic #3 is soo cute :]

Tank55 Jan 03, 2010

aw shucks they didnt remove my pics i told em too ! dang

Zazu Jan 03, 2010

Yo you ever realized that like 95% of your pictures are taken by yourself?! It's super gay and it shows you have little or no friends. On top of that you have even more pics on here than a girl on her myspace page, so it proves again you're gay.

danyell!! Jan 02, 2010

my thing?...well his name is Adam. =)

PWND Jan 02, 2010

Nah, it was like sticking a knife in butter. =P

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 02, 2010

Yep, it is :D

danyell!! Jan 02, 2010

ty and lol at the comment below this one... she REALLY loves sailors... its like her thing.

PrettyMadness Jan 01, 2010

Lol when I first opened this page up, that first picture kind of made me jump back lmao I was like WTF... and realized what was up with it. DIG THE SAILORS PIC... cause i dig sailors lmao hell yae

Missa Dec 21, 2009

Where are youu. I need you to sing to me some more! (If you even remember that LOL)

wicket666 Dec 19, 2009

how you get that chick?

Welfare Dec 12, 2009

whos that fine ass girl tank

l2aNgE Dec 10, 2009

Rofl Tank ur fuckin crazy dude with the first few pics haha

lady starlight Dec 07, 2009

daaaaamnnnn ur up to 29 pics!! holy crap!

Exalt Dec 04, 2009

hahaha no you!

Unite Dec 03, 2009

ahah at the first coupla pics, made me chuckle.. sup dude!

lady starlight Nov 22, 2009

new phone, what's ur #?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Nov 22, 2009

YOu got a mac didn't you?

ZypheN Nov 20, 2009

Ha yea didn't quite stick it far enough behind myself.

danyell!! Nov 17, 2009

You have good hair... lets get baked! =)

weed master.. Nov 17, 2009

hahahaha!! holy shit!! try checkin out the new pics baked!!!! lol nicely done

Tank55 Nov 17, 2009

im ex-stoner joined military.. =) but who says we cant have a lil fun?!

PWND Nov 17, 2009

Are you a stoner?

Audrey Nov 17, 2009

You're a gallery whore...

papist Nov 16, 2009

Seamen Twelve o'clock

Tank55 Nov 16, 2009

Having to much fun with the webcam! Total boredom.

Mattey Nov 15, 2009

You are a douche.

Exalt Nov 15, 2009

the girl's cute man

NO <3 Nov 15, 2009

damn plastic surgery has come a long ways

Tank55 Nov 15, 2009

lmao fools! thats my girl hey yo weeed whats up bud... ive been alright just chillin, off work for the next 15 days so i can spend with my baby before she leaves you?

Nixi Nov 15, 2009

lol. that's a big improvement... you gotta let me know who your surgeon was, for real.

weed master.. Nov 15, 2009

tank!! whats up man!! howz u been?

Zazu Nov 14, 2009

I must say your sex change was a GREAT success!

Roiwerk Nov 14, 2009

yea :D

Tank55 Oct 30, 2009

w00t u better star! miss yas &lt;3 =)

lady starlight Oct 29, 2009

ill start playing more if ur around :D

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 25, 2009

LOL wtf?

Growing Oct 22, 2009

such a sheep haha that sucks

Missa Oct 19, 2009

you weren't on. :[

Missa Oct 19, 2009

not aliased. just never on. lemme see if you're on now!

Tank55 Oct 16, 2009

yer never on unless yer aliased =( ! and ya should post pics =P

Tank55 Oct 16, 2009

sure did missa =D

Missa Oct 16, 2009

Did you get your name back?

FemalePersuasion Oct 13, 2009

WB Supersport

chars! Oct 12, 2009

m-16 ftw... ak-47 is better by the way

Exalt Oct 12, 2009

I honestly don't see a resemblance beyond you wearing the utilities and dress whites. I dunno. I think they're crazy.

PH Oct 12, 2009

ignore tagmor, he's an abo

Tank55 Oct 12, 2009

:D i know &lt;3 my halloween mask ^.~ everyone says its freaky/scary

Goddess Oct 11, 2009

dude that top pic is scary :(

Tank55 Oct 10, 2009

what? and how am i a douche v.v...

TagMor Oct 10, 2009

lol i think its the douche thing

Tank55 Oct 10, 2009

maybe.. how am i a wanabe exalt? x.X

chars! Oct 10, 2009

wanna be exalt [2]

PWND Oct 10, 2009


Exalt Oct 09, 2009

lol I think its the navy thing

Kid Kaos Oct 09, 2009


Tank55 Oct 09, 2009

no i dont have any siblings why

Money Oct 09, 2009

you Exalts lil bro?