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Mossad Mar 01, 2023

Hey... How are you??? Regards to an old friend! Shoot me a message!

Tiger the crab Nov 27, 2022

You're so beautiful.

soupero Mar 04, 2018

where u at?

Cres Dec 19, 2016

so wat uh water ahem water u cough somethin in throat water u fkin warin i wont ask agin gif me deetales sayed it slowoly

Zero Help Dec 10, 2016


PrettyMadness Dec 09, 2016

The kid is my nephew fyi and who to even is rasaq?!

Mani2312 Oct 13, 2016


Paradise Oct 07, 2016

rasaq the daddy eh? fuk...hope he doesnt have his daddys rap or wb or jav skills...

Cres Oct 04, 2016

awww he looks just like rasaq...im glad things worked out

Lrim Sep 19, 2016

I'm a bearded old man and my hair is growing grey.

WO Sep 12, 2016

u look pretty mad

Lrim Sep 11, 2016

been a while

Zazu Sep 02, 2016

Wanted to tell you you have beautiful eyes. Then noticed I already told you that on Jan 02, 2010... Must be true then!

Rasaq Aug 19, 2016

Need more titcrack!

Grandias Apr 14, 2016

BTW I've been a Gangleader since i was 8. I know what fucked up life is like, but thats life. ;P

Pek Jan 20, 2016

Get rekt!

weed master.. Dec 26, 2015


Rasaq Dec 12, 2015

Love that titcrack!

Dropout Bear Dec 08, 2015

lol olde, u mean betamax?

olde Dec 08, 2015

VHS and chill?

MoNo. Nov 25, 2015

Hi beautiful lady!

Mani2312 Nov 07, 2015

why aren't you married to Godzero yet? goddamn

soupero Jul 04, 2015

holla at me

Godzero Apr 20, 2015

why aren't you married to Shaun yet? goddamn

LiL*PiGGy Nov 28, 2014

Such a beauty :')

Shaun Nov 06, 2014

muscle weight* oops

Shaun Nov 06, 2014

o sht did u gain weight

whom? Sep 05, 2014

Hey Chan, it's Fem, sorry my laptop broke and haven't been on a real computer in a while. Just dropping by and saying hello and peace.

Frightful Sep 02, 2014

Roses are red, Violets are blue, A clown gave me rabies, Someone spilled quesadillas on my genitals

qpr Sep 02, 2014

i wna marry primary

qpr Sep 02, 2014


Frightful Aug 25, 2014

The Emperor of Gartha lost his emerald iguana while mowing his lawn.

Primary Jul 11, 2014


qpr Jun 29, 2014


LiL*PiGGy Jun 27, 2014

Still gorgeous as ever (: :*

Frightful Jun 15, 2014

Did you ever wonder if forty three bluebirds would defeat eleven heavily armored sewer rats in a battle to the death of frosted flakes?

qpr May 21, 2014

~spins~ <3

Neo Aizen May 19, 2014

I'm netbanned.

Frightful May 14, 2014

Sixty stinky pugs ride a train heading east at 60 mph. How many hours does it take to peanut butter rose garden 5-speed hobgoblin?

soupero Mar 19, 2014

I luv u. I miss u.

Mossad Mar 07, 2014

Yo I don't FB and would luv to chat email?

Mossad Mar 06, 2014

MizzzzzzzZeas uuuuuuuuu

Mossad Feb 21, 2014

I luv u. I miss u.

PrettyMadness Feb 16, 2014


Primary Feb 10, 2014

AAARRGHGHG everyboody have a break doowwnwnn doo DoooO dooo I THINK IM OFF THE WAGON AGAN

Primary Feb 10, 2014

f spock vote for my dirty underwear. oh ON topic, WASSUP PMADDDDYNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Spock! Feb 06, 2014

Vote for Spock

qpr Feb 04, 2014


Spock! Jan 25, 2014


Primary Jan 22, 2014

pmadnessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssss MOSSAD WHERE THE F U BEEN MY ISRAELI LOVE

qpr Jan 16, 2014


Mossad Dec 31, 2013

hi.. im in israel :) moved.

soupero Dec 31, 2013

ilu qt, nice cleavage #no #lie

Machine of God Dec 23, 2013

show butthole.

Frightful Dec 21, 2013

You are eyes. There beautiful. They our dark like a summer knight. I except you.

MoNo. Dec 07, 2013

My engrish. Your* not You are.

MoNo. Dec 07, 2013

You're eyes they are beautifulllll.

Yeist Dec 06, 2013


LiL*PiGGy Dec 06, 2013

thanks doll(: so are you! Xoxo

MoNo. Nov 17, 2013

Beautiful, as always :)

British Oct 07, 2013

not bad :P

PrettyMadness Sep 27, 2013

thanks little fuzzy :)

Little Fuzzy Sep 24, 2013

You have a pretty fuzzy, Pretty.

MoNo. Sep 24, 2013


Spock! Sep 17, 2013

Watch the Radar.

weed master.. Sep 13, 2013


LiL*PiGGy Sep 13, 2013

:D Thank you! I was so nervous to get it done, hahahahaha

Hypnotix.702 Sep 10, 2013

4x the trouble. x.x

MoNo. Aug 28, 2013

Nuuu youuu are :>

Primary Aug 04, 2013


SkyMan's Aug 04, 2013

Boobies ^__^

MoNo. Jul 22, 2013

Ohh, nice picture Chan!

PrettyMadness Jun 30, 2013

thanks shaddow! i'm going to add more soon.

shaddowknight Jun 28, 2013

like the streaks in your hair!

PrettyMadness Jun 14, 2013

thanks bby

MoNo. Jun 13, 2013

I love the new hair due! Very very pretty!

PrettyMadness Jun 12, 2013

thanks piggy <3 you so sweet bbyg

LiL*PiGGy Jun 12, 2013

Kinky girl is a fucking ugly piece of shit, that can go get gang banged from a bunch of black people, all she deserves and all she'll ever get, hahahaha!! Ugly sluts dissing on them good looking girls, psshh.. Pathetic. ;) btw. LOOKING GOOD GIRL! <3

qpr Jun 08, 2013

y kinky-girl not change name to ugly-girl ?

LiL*PiGGy May 27, 2013

<3 You're so pretty!

soupero May 22, 2013

nice pic :D

Sheriff May 14, 2013

Thanks, my friend does it. :) he has his own barber shop :P

MoNo. May 13, 2013

You are welcome Chan Babe!

MoNo. May 12, 2013

Awwwwwwww sexxxxy mama!

Exalt Jan 04, 2010

probably because that was my super awesome walmart/kmart (whatever it was) shirt to show everyone that I don't ALWAYS wear abercrombie :) lol

Exalt Jan 04, 2010

probably because that was my super awesome walmart/kmart (whatever it was) shirt to show everyone that I don't ALWAYS wear abercrombie :) lol

Tank55 Jan 02, 2010

haha thx, wait !that other comment was directed at danyell just fyi haha

Zazu Jan 02, 2010

You have beautiful eyes! I love them ! &lt;3

wicket666 Dec 20, 2009


vaped Dec 11, 2009

&lt;3 :)))

Harstead Dec 06, 2009

:P &lt;3 You ok?

Zazu Nov 19, 2009

Ye the top pic isn't the most flattering one. But anyway, ur cool!

Tank55 Nov 16, 2009

you look weird in all yer pictures =))

danyell!! Nov 10, 2009

I look weird in that picture.

Harstead Nov 09, 2009

Evening Pretty-Pal. Love 2nd pic down, you look happy,relaxed and cute. From your bruv. x

Kittah Monster Nov 08, 2009

PRETTY&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;madness IS RIGHT, AS FAR AS PRETTY GOES :)!!!!! My two favorites are the one of you in blue really brings out your eyes. and the top pic is really cute!!!

war_bringer Nov 06, 2009

kidkaos and whatever &quot;style&quot; you feel like dressing up as, you still look like a poser idiot GG

lady starlight Nov 02, 2009

I dont think ur top pic gives u justice! lol &lt;3

Fork Oct 11, 2009


weed master.. Sep 30, 2009

chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! howz are ya

war_bringer Sep 27, 2009

hahaha you uploaded it. fuckn-A

weed master.. Sep 24, 2009

lol man... i feel left out haha all good!! great drawings!! :)

FemalePersuasion Sep 24, 2009

I dig IT! LoL I look like a blonde, but you surely have the curliness right. :)

Gripe Sep 23, 2009


REAL*AIDS Sep 23, 2009

lol ye ur welcome babe - glad u enjoyed it. im here all night.

Gripe Sep 20, 2009

please delete my previous comment. it's mean and stupid. sorry, I was being immature.

Sandie Sep 19, 2009

haha aw thanks, and dont worry, its mostly weave till i can actually grow mine out :D

FemalePersuasion Sep 19, 2009

And lady, I just wanted to let you know, that don't let these guys get you down because they don't know how to treat a woman. I highly doubt they even have any gumption to even say those kinds of things to a woman like you face-to-face. It's okay. Just own their faces in a warbird and make them stfu. :)

FemalePersuasion Sep 19, 2009

I haven't seen you around in a while, Ms. Madness. We need to do some more warbirding...yes we do.

PrettyMadness Sep 19, 2009

Thanks guys :)

Zazu Sep 19, 2009

I think you're hot!

Harstead Sep 19, 2009

&lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 Pretty. And Gripe, the joke is on you mate for posting shit like that to this girl. You've just filled 5 mins of your life hatin' someone you don't know, and whom doesn't deserve your pathetic comments. Ignore the haters Pretty, you are better than them.

weed master.. Sep 16, 2009

chan!!!!!!!!!!! &lt;3 how are yaz?!?

FemalePersuasion Sep 10, 2009

I dig the new hair, lady. Niceness. And I hope you feel better soon. :)

Archangel Tyreal Sep 05, 2009

Thx for the comment:P

Harstead Sep 04, 2009

Hi there Pretty with eyes of blue, from your mate who cares bout you! x

lady starlight Aug 28, 2009

aw thanks hun! yeah it says &quot;my bad&quot; I bought it in taiwan. love it! :D i like ur star tats, and the red hair. i wish i could pull that off.

David--Kobra Aug 26, 2009


t0ma Aug 23, 2009

Lol, hey man :D Holy shit those blue eyes O.o Tell danyell to clap for me when you see her

ZypheN Aug 23, 2009

Say what you want bout the band, I'm still marrying that girl one day lol

ZypheN Aug 22, 2009

Hayley Williams is the only person who can wear that color hair good, looks aight though.

EsCaPinG Aug 18, 2009

Hey! o/ nice to meet you

Harstead Aug 14, 2009

My secret crush. Love all your pics, and love you. Last pic gorgeous. Take care missus x

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 10, 2009

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot And I love the Hair &lt;3

KillerGt Aug 06, 2009

Oh well. It's ok, it's the con of being so popular.

Missa Aug 06, 2009

i like the stars :]

danyell!! Aug 04, 2009

lmfao at that pic of &quot;me&quot; thats funny man. cute of you and the wood. :) ily.

JPMissy Aug 04, 2009

Good girl. Some people just can't think for themselves, and it's sad.

JPMissy Aug 03, 2009

Seriously girl. I think it's retarded that guys can be so blind. If you were my friend, i'd totally drag you out this summer and work it hard in squats and diets, and in a few months this whole narsty attitude from them would do a 180. You're gorgeous and they're blind. Don't let them get you down love. &lt;3

weed master.. Aug 02, 2009


Swig Aug 02, 2009

lol im alright you? yah i love that picture :P sooooo tight but i am just floating around ss ?find swig xD

JPMissy Aug 02, 2009

LOL. What's with all the people who attack her having no pics themselves? God the hypocrisy. And she's hot btw. If she lost any kind of roundness in her face you'd all be drooling instead. Morons. -.-

danyell!! Aug 02, 2009

It wasnt as bad as I thought It would be... I thought we had a pretty good night.

Stabwound Aug 01, 2009

wow, some people need to get outside more.

BobbyLight Aug 01, 2009

LOL!!! u do have baby cheeks.....jk :P

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Aug 01, 2009

P.Mad Don't let those Fool Drag you Down. I love girls with expression and You got it! Not most people have it ya know! And Btw thanks for the comment. My second ear guage is 5/9 right now. I'm sorta thinking about making it bigger then again I might stick to it like that. I've seen people with bigger gauges..I even could put my fist at a friends ear hole LOOL! I love thick people thats a Fact. You are very gorgeous! I really like the First pic though. Love the make up!!!!!! &lt;3 &lt;3 You are very Cool in my Book!!

t0ma Jul 10, 2009

A shit wouldn't even be an improvement for your face pussy (anorexia). Hey PM and danyell! What's up MAN??

Missa Jul 09, 2009


danyell!! Jul 06, 2009

Let the haters hate... they think its cool to take shit to girls online. Ily.

R.I.P Jul 03, 2009

err.... black* as*

R.I.P Jul 03, 2009

Wow, blank and red hair looks mad at! yesyes, thats my kitten! well.... cat... Shnookums. (:

PWND Jul 03, 2009

3 long painful hours lol..i just took them out tonight. i miss them already :[

Pandagirl! Jul 02, 2009

Aww thanks :) That's probably my least favorite one... I'm not smiling haha. I like your hair though... wish I had the guts to cut mine short.

danyell!! Jun 30, 2009

my precious haha

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 29, 2009

:D why thank you mainlly most of your picture is daarn pretty cute!

wicket666 Jun 24, 2009


PWND Jun 24, 2009

My friend Sarah makes them so I had her custom make um for me. =)

L3MU3L Jun 24, 2009

pretty madness? more like pretty big titties.

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

nice. :)

weed master.. Jun 17, 2009

CHAN!!!!!!!!!!! xD

weed master.. Jun 15, 2009

lol well get to playin again chan :P

weed master.. Jun 09, 2009

lol hey hey!!!!

Gripe Jun 09, 2009


danyell!! Jun 08, 2009

I love you more! =D

Growing May 28, 2009

wow lots of pics dam well im not gonna be mean some of them are cute havok that was just mean man lmao

danyell!! May 23, 2009

LOL at those stupid ass glasses im wearing in the stickhand pic... I look like an idiot.

Ignite May 20, 2009

Wow he spelled it 'educcational' system, damn I'd hate to see what college carb goes to!

Exalt May 20, 2009

why is it that the ugliest kids on here like carburetor feel the need to talk shit to girls? is he gay or something, because hes obviously never gotten laid

TagMor May 20, 2009

wow something about your pics, you look like a great person.

lady starlight May 19, 2009

haha thanks! yeah i did my hair myself. i &lt;3 dying my hair.. too bad i have to keep it black while i have my comedy club job. :( boo!

Money May 19, 2009

who is carburetor and what the fuck is that newbies problem

BobbyLight May 18, 2009

yes pretty, i am hood. and u still dont have enough pictures

lady starlight May 18, 2009

omg, ur pictures never seem to end.. lol! nice star tats tho :D

Imagine May 18, 2009

Just my own personal opinion but women look better without it.

Nixi May 17, 2009

The last pic is &quot;Dr. Girlfriend&quot; from the Venture Brothers, you should most definitely watch it, or at least google her. It was hand made, sewn from a purple sheet actually :P My lovely Rachel (top pic) made it! ^_^

pee pee sock May 16, 2009

emo music owns

pee pee sock May 16, 2009

soooo sexy, more pix pls, i already masterbated to those ones

JeezOutLaw May 16, 2009

..damn. My ex-gf has same tattoo. And she has boobs too.! ..Damn again.

a cute fuzzy kitten May 15, 2009

heck yeah!! my little ponies effin rock... anytime you see someone with a MLP tattoo, you gotta think &quot;damn, that guy/chick is badass&quot; hehe

Imagine May 15, 2009

Don't wear make-up.

Valentine Rose May 15, 2009


Caracal May 14, 2009

wow i went through all those pics...so i thought since i got to the end of the movie i mine as well write a comment..

danyell!! May 14, 2009


a cute fuzzy kitten May 14, 2009

i love your sparkly makeup! bring it over and we can have girlfest 2009... i have some really rad nail polish n shiiit :D

infrared May 13, 2009

so many haters on here. I think you're hot as fuk

Jolly Fat Man May 13, 2009

You have boobs.

BobbyLight May 12, 2009

i think u need some more pics...

Ohmalee May 12, 2009

Wow so many pics.

Exalt May 12, 2009

I like your hair color in brown/black, looks good that way :)

danyell!! May 12, 2009

400032720972394 pics!

Nixi May 12, 2009