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About Me

Age 35
Location Liverpool, England
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.liverpoolfc.com
Where I can be found Baseelim or Tourny
More about me SEXY

Things I Like 
Books hate books
Movies Gladiator
Musics ScouseHouse baby !!


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Paradise Dec 02, 2016

oi u fukin wanker

LiL*PiGGy Oct 26, 2015

I take that as a compliment(:

Goddess Oct 20, 2013

aaw your all grown up! Looking great <3

danyell!! Oct 10, 2013

Pinky high!!!!

TagMor Aug 11, 2009

I would be frowning if I was english too.

Lenny Aug 06, 2009

Don't get a hard dick over it, it's called making fun of it you fucking wank bastard

getting pwned Aug 05, 2009


Lenny Aug 05, 2009

English please.

soupero Jun 27, 2009

please don't HURT ME:(

lady starlight Jun 26, 2009

hey hey u!

British Jun 26, 2009

cos im sexy, an mean is fun

F22 Raptor Jun 26, 2009

lol =D

PrettyMadness Jun 24, 2009

howcome you look mad in all your pics, sir?? you even look mad in the big hat! how can you be mad in such a big hat?!?!

Exile- Jun 24, 2009

why so angry lookin? D:

Exalt Jun 24, 2009


Audrey Jun 23, 2009

Shit you look so mean hahaha

soupero Jun 19, 2009


Money Jun 19, 2009

so that explains why u chose the other girl.... LOL

British Jun 19, 2009

exalt u cracked cunt ! lol how the fk am i a tranny ? the ugly one in the cavegirl outfit is my gfs boss mayneee

Audrey Jun 18, 2009

hai brit =D

Exalt Jun 18, 2009

so wait.... your a tranny? I would guess your the chick in the cheetah outfit, but your nose does resemble the chick in the cat outfit.

Goddess Jun 18, 2009

must you look so MEAN... smile british IT WONT KILL U DARLING lol

British Jun 18, 2009

Girl in the first pic on the right is my gf, and in the second pic girl on the left same person - Fioncee :P

British Jun 18, 2009

fkin sexy me mate !!

L3MU3L Jun 18, 2009

HAHA damn dude u look fucked up!