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SkyMan's Nov 30, 2023

Hi newb... Noob!! I have created a telegram Group for the Veterans. t.me/subspaceveterans

Kyler Apr 09, 2023

im trying to reach out to you jfc

field Apr 05, 2023

Can you fucking reply to Kyler? It's been over a week.

Kyler Mar 25, 2023

mb sup

Mossad Mar 01, 2023

Hi... Regards.

jebass Aug 15, 2022

I’m doing great mate hope all is well with you

Little Slick Feb 16, 2022

hope you're doing well bro!

field Sep 22, 2021

I don't check this often. I hop in once in a while.

field Sep 22, 2021

I've never been better. Couple missing pieces in the puzzle that is my life, but otherwise doing great. How about you?

jebass Mar 03, 2021

I’m living the dream I hope your doing good brother

field Feb 26, 2021

Damn bro you still alive? I thought the ganja gods got you.

NiGhToWL Jan 28, 2021


danyell!! Dec 11, 2020

Yesss. I am married to Vaped. :) I'll let him know you said hello!

jebass Oct 30, 2020

Why you doing lost password for my name noobie

Shaun Jan 15, 2020

soup i told cadbury to say that to boost u up im on unemployment thanks for this

Cadbury Aug 23, 2019

soup i fucking miss u life is not the same without u anymore i wish i could have just one last conversation with u what am i even gonna do anymore without you xoxo

MoNo. Jul 22, 2019

Suh Soup!

Primary Jul 18, 2019


Monkaria Jul 02, 2019

Fine u

Shaun Jun 04, 2019

hating life and driving over the road...and play continuum on my 1 day off u

Shaun Jun 03, 2019

hating life and driving over the road...and play continuum on my 1 day off u

Shaun May 27, 2019

I been checking every day like whens soup gonna write back

Shaun May 27, 2019

rofl just realized you wrote me back in September

Shaun May 27, 2019

all I did was not do drugs and jail time... etc etc man I went to all 4 churches in jail to get outta the pod

Shaun Sep 04, 2018

I typed ?find soupero after that comment u got me rickrolled

Paradise Aug 30, 2018

ya when u meet um let em drizle the cum on that retarded chiken leg of urs and see if it works...rub it in after he drizles it.lick ur lips while u do it too it enhances the heelin power..record urself..dont make it weerd

Paradise Aug 30, 2018

hey Did u get fix that Limp of urs? i no a guy who rubs a little goat cum on it...

Zazu Jul 12, 2018

?find soupero

MoNo. May 18, 2018


MoNo. May 14, 2018


Cadbury May 06, 2018

in your life u rugrat

field Apr 12, 2018

u fukin stupid little runt

pee pee sock Mar 24, 2018

shut up SHUT UUUP

MoNo. Mar 14, 2018

LOL you still around

Cadbury Oct 06, 2017

egg fuckin zackly

pee pee sock Sep 29, 2017

elke elke dog dag dag ik vroom hahgahahaghahahahaha

Paradise Aug 20, 2017

Elke Elke Dog Dag Dag Ik Vroom

Paradise Aug 20, 2017

Elke Elke Dog Dag Dag Ik Vroom

pee pee sock Aug 05, 2017

u fukin stupid little runt

Zazu Jul 14, 2017

Elke dag doe ik ?find soupero. Waar ben je, mattie? :(

Cres Jul 12, 2017

wher i say dat tiger da crab thing cant find it lol. bud how r u did u make da harlem globetrotters team yet

pee pee sock Jul 03, 2017

don't ever wright on my wall u dirty mud pig fuk rat

Cadbury Jun 04, 2017

boy asks gurl 4 date gurl says dating is haram boy jus wanted 2 break his fast but gurl broke his hart instead

Paradise Mar 21, 2017

suh suh wicho CUTE ass

okyo Mar 17, 2017


Jessup Mar 11, 2017

Jav duel me noob! :D Log in more! srsly wanna own you <3

Cres Mar 06, 2017

duno who dat is

Cres Mar 03, 2017


Cres Feb 20, 2017

isiah thomas jr pretty gud lol, i taught him how 2 do crossover in highschool

field Feb 13, 2017

soupero still alive? LoL

Paradise Feb 09, 2017

alo ago vriend..am continue to woree..fadder say u go 2 war..u fight 4 or country..i say witch1..he say he not shore..oh whale..very much miss u..pls mesg me soon..with love..and a kiss or two or fwee..xoxo

Cres Jan 22, 2017

wat doin

Paradise Dec 02, 2016

Alo again..yes have wate for u respond..none..i worry..wat ware..ware r yous..am concern..some1 say u hav yoonacycle aksadent..ik hieb 9 jaars oud..alo?

Kyler Nov 05, 2016

get off ur high windmill and come see me

Paradise Oct 11, 2016

alo vriend. have missed very much..alo yes question i have...wat waring..i wait..send email to: victor_sanchez98@yahoo.com...type with ur lisp pls

Sulla Aug 31, 2016

SOUPERO i miss u !

Zazu Aug 30, 2016

Leef je nog ouwe soepvis?

Shaun Aug 30, 2016

lol hey your profile says 31, you've grown up a few years this last couple months that sux but game is lower pop anyway

Cres Aug 29, 2016

hey bro i got drafted #3 overall in Yugoslavia, few scouts from the nba saw me dunk on a nigga head

MoNo. Mar 07, 2016


Kinky-Girl Feb 15, 2016


field Sep 09, 2015

hollaback gurl

Kyler Aug 01, 2015

whatever mis priss

Kyler Aug 01, 2015

r u there budydy? wyh arent u repsonding to me

Kyler Aug 01, 2015


Kyler Aug 01, 2015

ninjas aint shit

Cherry2000 Jul 23, 2015

really busy working for the carnival!

qpr Jan 16, 2014


qpr Jan 13, 2014

Waarom ben je boos ouwe dakduif?

PrettyMadness Jan 05, 2014


pee pee sock Nov 14, 2012

my mom maid me donate

Moltenrock Nov 08, 2012

Hiding from you, lololol

Mossad Sep 28, 2012


FozzY2K Sep 22, 2012

Mmmmmrrrrow meow mew mew meow? :3

Moltenrock Aug 20, 2012

u done?

LiL*PiGGy Aug 08, 2012

no u luv u more

Display Jun 28, 2012

banned until august i believe.. and my dell broke, only got a mac ;( ill be back one day man

LiL*PiGGy Jun 25, 2012

soupyy <3 <3

Monkaria Jun 25, 2012

The last thing I heard about Dezmond was his birthday, like a month ago? Lol. I'm fine thank you, how are you? I just finished exams. Going to university in September if I passed my exams. I hope I did :p

Display Mar 11, 2012

u still alive

pee pee sock Jan 09, 2012

r u fukin God dam stupid? its fukin me it always has bin me and always will be me u fukin blonde haired finish kid

pee pee sock Jan 08, 2012

pls dont talk on here unless u have a pic. fukin inbread piece a shit. ur skinnier then a rake kid.

Valate Jan 04, 2012


AznWuTangNinja69 Jan 04, 2012

soup let's troll sum1

Shaun Dec 13, 2011

lol camera date homeslice

pee pee sock Dec 02, 2011

u r a midget with downs? wtf!

pee pee sock Nov 24, 2011

u r mage+? wtf!

pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

i fukin said fukin rall. calm down fukin relax. trolled u, made u think i was mage+ for like 3 years. ignored for bein so fukin stupid

pee pee sock Nov 17, 2011

miss u. rall

Jill Shortmilk Nov 08, 2011

Mebee you need to stop looking then :)

Moltenrock Oct 25, 2011


LiL*PiGGy Oct 24, 2011

oh hey ;)

Monkaria Aug 28, 2011

Hi <3

Classic Aug 28, 2011

G, thx, G

pee pee sock Aug 25, 2011

nice pix asshole. u look like a fukin (racist word). no offence tho eh. asshole

Monkaria Aug 25, 2011


LMFAOO Aug 05, 2011

true i'll tell her you said that

Monkaria Aug 05, 2011

It's that pretty, huh? <3

Lens Aug 05, 2011

thanks mayne

oran Feb 21, 2011


Jill Shortmilk Feb 13, 2011


Mariposa Jan 08, 2011

wow soupero no picz? :/

Jill Shortmilk Nov 10, 2010

Loving me is a terrible idea.

FozzY2K Sep 02, 2010

MEOW! <3 ~licklicklicklick~

Dominant Aug 11, 2010

lol you hear me from belgium?

hanz-poop Aug 10, 2010

Hey soup

ZaBuZa Jul 12, 2010

You are like sexual energy built into a steel canister.

Cinq Jun 07, 2010

her name is julia

create Apr 15, 2010

who u

lopist Apr 14, 2010

manz to ashamed to show his monkey shaped face

Cres Mar 03, 2010

y gr8 playir such as soupiro not show picture 2 tw playirs

chars! Jan 12, 2010

put pictures u bastard azn

wicket666 Dec 21, 2009

wheres teh pic o/

Missa Dec 02, 2009

They're going to the studio in January. No clue when the projected release date will be!

Money Nov 14, 2009

i know.

Pandagirl! Sep 23, 2009

I sorry

Shan Sep 01, 2009


Audrey Aug 31, 2009

LOOOOOOOOOOOL No i'm not... Aarbear is the one =P

Hunt Aug 29, 2009

my bicep is there and its FUKIN HUGE

Pandagirl! Aug 25, 2009

Oh sweet :)

Pandagirl! Aug 23, 2009

I thought I already get to be the whole year

PrettyMadness Aug 05, 2009

First of all, Ive been through alot in my life that has made me realize that alot of things in life are pointless to care about, for instance, me being fat. If I'm happy, and I'm in love with my boyfriend, then what does it matter that I'm fat? And especially to you? You have no right to comment on what I said to her, it's none of your business.

Shan Jul 26, 2009

Nothing :P

Volcom Jul 17, 2009

Yeah, first Subaru.. next one will more than likely be either an 2007 or 2010 WRX (the 2007 being much nicer looking, obv.) What about you?

Pandagirl! Jun 16, 2009

Good to know. Who do you have lined up for July?

Pandagirl! Jun 14, 2009

You're mildly obsessed with me and not afraid to show it.

Pandagirl! Jun 14, 2009

Well don't be blunt or anything :)

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

fking european fgt driving around in a dodge

Skyn May 30, 2009

If you're a mask wearing spook... I swear..........