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Kado Jan 26, 2016

Johnie wants first dibs on your ride!!! he misses you :((

Cherry2000 Jan 23, 2016

yeah im a living legend! first hired female ride op and maint. tech in the history of the company

Exalt Jan 21, 2016

You're a carny lol.

WO Oct 04, 2015

will u be my gf please

Desist Sep 27, 2015

From Madison here. Wisconsinites unite!

2pacZ Sep 19, 2015

u the boss

Cherry2000 Sep 08, 2015

my carnival plays all over the midwest

Cherry2000 Sep 08, 2015

no but spent many years as a kid in reedsburg

william wallis Sep 08, 2015

Seen a wisconsin symbol any chance you from wisconsin? Im in milwaukee

Mani2312 Sep 07, 2015

you look nice. :)

soupero Jul 21, 2015

How u been?

Kinky-Girl Mar 08, 2015

Nice horse!

Delectable <ER> Jun 17, 2010

id make babies with u, the other people can gtfo

Mossad Mar 06, 2010

&lt;3 :) QUIT SMOKING!

Saix Jan 07, 2010

I'll show you my dog if you show me more of yours. :)

TranceTunes Jan 02, 2010

lol @ warbs comment :D clean the mirror cherry :D

war_bringer Jan 02, 2010

your gunna shine up those lips but are not going to wipe off that dirty mirror. cmon now ;)

Zazu Jan 02, 2010

Your new pics are way better than your last two! Looking fresh !!

Alphaverb Jan 02, 2010

love ur 2nd pic

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 24, 2009

12 yr old??? LOLOLOLOL

TranceTunes Dec 24, 2009

er, was just responding to you in game and you signed off...but yes im not going to pay for a shitty apartment when i can have a roof over my head and keep getting 4.0 :P once i get my degree and have my first &quot;after college&quot; job then i will be moving into my own place perhaps :) still have until 2011 to finish though :)

TranceTunes Dec 19, 2009

now i know who you are!!

Welfare Dec 08, 2009

nice eyes

Zazu Nov 14, 2009

LOL That dog is so high.. Think he's in another world in those pics. You look good on those though.. Hope you stopped smoking!

Squadless Nov 10, 2009

a lot of jizz stains on that mirror...

Exalt Oct 02, 2009

good guess? plus the quality of the picture sure doesn't look digital lol

Disengaged Sep 20, 2009

For what?

Cherry2000 Sep 19, 2009

I'm a messy flosser.

Disengaged Sep 18, 2009

I think your dog is fantasizing about tacos.

weed master.. Sep 17, 2009

lol thank you!! lol thats what i do. maintenance and repair on planes lol.. that came from a lear jet 24

weed master.. Sep 15, 2009

o0o hello!!

Ara Sep 15, 2009


KuleniKs Sep 09, 2009

Lol exalt, and do you always smile like that? Lollll.

war_bringer Sep 08, 2009

Escaping - alo, is that a plane? no its just a really long gokart with wings attached to it.

Exalt Sep 06, 2009

hey look, we can put up pictures from 20 years ago and call it new. Awesome.

Nixi Sep 06, 2009

I want to smoke a cigarette *while* flying a plane

ZypheN Sep 06, 2009

Meh, cigs are disgusting

Cherry2000 Aug 26, 2009

Yeah, it was amazing. first time flying, santa barbara. Cheers

EsCaPinG Aug 25, 2009

alo, is that a plane? looks fun