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About Me

Location Canada
Gender Female
More about me Metal Head!!! The QUEEN of TW.

Things I Like 
Books Warhammer
Musics Metallica,Tool,Godsmack,Korn,Tyr


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Jessup Jun 13, 2018

Ur so pretty and a great terr KG!!

wulfi Jun 06, 2018


2borg Apr 08, 2018

niiiiiiice. pretty too.

Wookiee's Cookies Jan 15, 2018

Happy New year, KG. :D

JeezOutLaw Nov 08, 2017

hello. It's good to know you're there. Peace "sexeh" thing.

Wookiee's Cookies Oct 22, 2017

Me? :o

A-ss Oct 01, 2017


Disengaged Jun 19, 2017

Your a Tool fan? Sweet, I just saw them in Boston a few weeks ago. Second time I've seen them live and they still sound incredible.

Wookiee's Cookies Jun 11, 2017

Upload a selfie

Mani2312 Jan 06, 2017

Happy New Year... I hope all is well xx

Fem. Nov 20, 2016

Are you referencing the Beatles? Or Hendrix?

Banks Nov 04, 2016

I REALLY like your personality :)

2borg Sep 30, 2016

*adores* (word can be pronounces like Mexicans)

2borg Sep 30, 2016

i'd check your photos every other time even if they're same ones with different cloths.

Mani2312 Sep 26, 2016


2borg Aug 23, 2016


WO Jun 27, 2016

will you be my gf

Gixergrl <ZH> Jun 26, 2016

Oohh I like your new pic, you're very pretty, gorgeous eyes! :)

Cres Apr 17, 2016

olde thirsty as FUK

olde Apr 17, 2016


MoNo. Apr 15, 2016

Dang, Kinky! Love the t shirt and red lipstick! "Enter the sandman" relm are ya?

Gixergrl Mar 30, 2016

Hey there love your puppy dogs, very pretty :)

LordGore Mar 28, 2016

nice look! love your green eyes on your pics ;)

Set It Off Mar 05, 2016

hey girl, sent you a message in game

Disengaged Mar 04, 2016

Haha, wearing a different Hurley one right now, actually... nothing new here. Good to hear from you :)

Lrim Mar 04, 2016

from US. i have several canadian colleagues in the field. they are relatively nicer than americans in general. seems to be a cultural thing. hope you get well soon!

Disengaged Mar 01, 2016

Yo, what's the good word, KG?

Lrim Mar 01, 2016

that is awesome! Trenchwars is finally becoming eHarmony.

Lrim Feb 29, 2016

do you have a boyfriend? - asking for a friend

Lrim Feb 28, 2016

loool so you like losing your money

Lrim Feb 28, 2016

limited time offer: face pic for $1 million pub cash. My momma says that I'm a handsome boy. You won't be disappointed.

Lrim Feb 28, 2016

no, I'm a bag of atoms called Lrim

Lrim Feb 27, 2016

nice gameboy

Second Shot Feb 19, 2016

cold, very cold, like fire

MoNo. Feb 16, 2016

Likewise, beautiful woman! :)

Lrim Feb 16, 2016

...if ever any beauty I did see, which i desired, and got, was but a dream of thee (to myself of course)

2borg Feb 12, 2016

lol. Those eyes are green Lrim. Likey mineys

Lrim Feb 12, 2016

you don't know your own eye color?

Lrim Feb 09, 2016

what beautiful blue eyes you have

Mani2312 Feb 06, 2016

hey green eyes...

CMdros Feb 06, 2016


2borg Feb 05, 2016


Vermillion Flame Jan 09, 2016

::gives Kinky-Girl's rat a cup of cheese tea::

Mani2312 Jan 03, 2016

Happy New Year to your kawaii face. :3

Disengaged Aug 22, 2015

[Insert witty, subliminal flirting here]

MedVac Jul 17, 2015

LT Ace u r :)

CMdros Jul 17, 2015

nice eyes

joemommA Jul 05, 2015

yea.. you beautiful

JeezOutLaw Jun 19, 2015


Mani2312 Jun 07, 2015

you too lol

2pacZ May 23, 2015

can i pull ur hair ty 4 dis

CMdros May 20, 2015


Morg May 19, 2015


Set It Off May 17, 2015

hey :)

Vermillion Flame Apr 20, 2015

That is the cutest rat in all of creation! Aww!

hungrywolf Apr 09, 2015

Thanks so much, I think so too.

Vermillion Flame Apr 08, 2015

Eric! ::gives the both of you a cup of ginger peach green tea::

CMdros Apr 07, 2015

Yes madam!

Jessup Mar 12, 2015

Hi Kinky. Thx for saying hi. Rock on girl. :)

Cherry2000 Mar 09, 2015

Thanks :) he's an Oldenburg

SupaLeetHaxor Apr 27, 2013

It's gotta be!

Sir Shaddow <ER> Feb 07, 2013

such pretty green eyes.

danyell!! Feb 06, 2013

Aw. Your nose piercing is cute. I only like hoops. :)

the funky blue note Oct 21, 2012

Sure, i'm sure it's a very nice place :)

Mani2312 Oct 10, 2012

Heh. Thanks. :)

Mani2312 Oct 09, 2012

I don't understand... What? lol

Mani2312 Oct 08, 2012

IKR. <3

FozzY2K Oct 03, 2012

Meow mmmrrrow mew mew meow? =^.^=

Mani2312 Sep 24, 2012

Hello. Just passing through. :D

Little Fuzzy Jul 10, 2012

I believe madam, you has a fuzzy. Or two.

Sheriff <ZH> Jun 20, 2012

thx pls

JeezOutLaw Jun 17, 2012


Postman Pat! Jun 01, 2012

Oh my! Them legs and them heels! The things I'd do to you

Arsen May 31, 2012

are all these axes yours?

Slaughter May 29, 2012

Esp LTD F-50 ?

wicket666 May 21, 2012

play me a tune!

BooBiesYAY May 13, 2012

:refreshes page:

Second Shot May 10, 2012

and life goes on

Second Shot May 10, 2012

eh whatever

Second Shot May 10, 2012

perhaps some maryjane

Second Shot May 10, 2012

i need some beer

Second Shot May 10, 2012

story of my life

Second Shot May 10, 2012

sucks being the best sometimes

Second Shot May 10, 2012

but i have a lot of haters in tw so they won't correct it

Second Shot May 10, 2012

i think they made a mistake with my situation too

Second Shot May 10, 2012

for what? they banned me too

Natsworthy May 09, 2012

hay u secci

Natsworthy May 09, 2012


Luke~Sky~Wanker May 08, 2012

Nice guitar museum. That red EVH strat with humbucker and floyd rose pioneered glam rock. I'll try to name the others too: Diamond Darell (Dean or Washburn), Zakk Wylde (Les Paul), Angus Young (Gibson SG) and Sam Totman (Black Ibanez)

Postman Pat! May 07, 2012

That is a sexy collection of guitars you have there! Obviously a fan of Zakk Wylde :) m/

Jerome May 06, 2012

is that the dimebag darrel issue dean guitar?!?!?!

pee pee sock Apr 30, 2012

niagara falls. thank you for ur concern

wicket666 Apr 29, 2012

ty for comments btw was nice oh death metal all of it any thing hard metal

wicket666 Apr 29, 2012

yea i played warhammer 40k space marine

Second Shot Apr 29, 2012

hey babe why u look like a demon

BongHits&BigTits Apr 28, 2012

sick pipe

A Ginger Apr 27, 2012

One does not simpy look this good and play continuum >.>

BooBiesYAY Apr 22, 2012


Clinic Apr 20, 2012

Thanks miss.

Second Shot Apr 19, 2012

ur HOT

Second Shot Apr 16, 2012

im using an alias "Sixth Shot" at mcdonalds to play TW. hit me up babe

Second Shot Apr 15, 2012

aw he just wants your attention

Second Shot Apr 14, 2012


Second Shot Apr 12, 2012

why you quoting nike's slogan

Second Shot Apr 11, 2012

yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ham and worms are healthy for you. lots of needed protein -> amino acid -> acetyl coa -> ATP through respiratory chain OR urea cycle byproduct

Second Shot Apr 11, 2012

Second Shot Apr 11, 2012

are you gonna make me a sammich

Second Shot Apr 10, 2012

You want me?

Second Shot Apr 10, 2012

i like that attidude

Second Shot Apr 10, 2012

Why do you want a pic of me

Second Shot Apr 09, 2012

them??? wahhhhhhh

Second Shot Apr 08, 2012

what if i turn out to be one of your ex boyfriends? wouldnt that be mega creepy

Second Shot Apr 08, 2012

so can i email you anything?

Second Shot Apr 07, 2012

What a goddess

Second Shot Apr 02, 2012

i occasionally come on to have meaningful conversation with people of interest

Second Shot Mar 31, 2012

you hot thang

Second Shot Mar 29, 2012

quitting tw

Heisman Mar 29, 2012

Idk how lol. I have a web cam. Pm me in game so u can tell me how. <3

Homeworld Mar 26, 2012


Second Shot Mar 18, 2012

didnt know hot girls existed in tw

Second Shot Mar 08, 2012

i banned from tw and posting pics

THecRiPT Mar 08, 2012

hey there witch, do you know any useful spells?

Jerome Mar 07, 2012

titties and pentagrams - my weakness

danyell!! Mar 07, 2012

lol one does not simply stop playing continuum.

Second Shot Mar 07, 2012

kinky girl MARRY ME

Kinky-Girl Mar 05, 2012

no they got old i always make new ones XD and i am very metal i love my metal

Second Shot Mar 02, 2012

why is this inferior species kid named qpr posting on your wall like he's worth anything in this world?

Second Shot Feb 28, 2012

yea i got a cell. who is this gay kid named wiz khalifa posting on your wall?

Second Shot Feb 25, 2012

what a babe

Kid Kaos Jan 07, 2012

Kinky is hawt! :)

Kinky-Girl Dec 31, 2011


Set It Off Dec 23, 2011

come online and give me some stuff to keep in touch with you

Kinky-Girl Dec 22, 2011

Thanks!!! :D AND...i don't play anymore right now anyways too busy with life? i just wanted to fuck around on here again cuz it was fun bhahahah

Myollnir Dec 22, 2011

pro drawing

Set It Off Dec 19, 2011

when you come online, message me.

Second Shot Dec 17, 2011


qpr Dec 06, 2011


Kinky-Girl Dec 05, 2011

I went to hell and back....none of you are my type XD i like metal heads with long hair!!!!!!! MEIN HERZ BRENNT!!

qpr Dec 05, 2011

Meant "You're not her type, prick" * :p

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Dec 05, 2011

Cute Pix

BrickRed Dec 05, 2011

Where did ya go?

qpr Dec 05, 2011

Leave her alone, she's not your type, prick. She's into black men.

ZypheN Dec 03, 2011

This may sound sarcastic because I'm saying something complimentary, but your hair looks good that way.

Second Shot Dec 03, 2011

welcome back, hottie

Hunt Dec 03, 2011

would smash

Heisman Dec 03, 2011

that dragon picture reminds me of my penis, lets fuck?

qpr Oct 08, 2011

You and your pathetic spam made her quit this game, mr second shit.

Hunt Sep 06, 2011

would hit

qpr Aug 27, 2011

Cant look different on any pics, its just the way I look.

qpr Aug 26, 2011

Ah you're a racist too kg, cool. This will make a good bonding between u and SS, so u can both vs me.

AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 21, 2011

I'm not fake, I got msn. :)

qpr Aug 20, 2011


qpr Aug 19, 2011

LoL Second shot blacklisted me so i cannot post on his wall what a pussyboy

qpr Aug 19, 2011

? D:

AznWuTangNinja23 Aug 15, 2011

hey beautiful , how r u wanna meet up with dis sexy japanese kid?

Myollnir Aug 12, 2011

once bread becomes toast... it can never go back to being bread again

soupero Aug 05, 2011

truck lol

soupero Aug 05, 2011

HI nice ruck

soupero Aug 05, 2011

HI nice ruck

qpr Aug 03, 2011


qpr Aug 02, 2011

SS, is that because im black? Sad racist, proves once more ur a lowlifer who will have difficulties finding a well-paid job.

Mossad Aug 02, 2011

kinky u from ny?

qpr Aug 01, 2011

Well by the looks of lil*piggy's profile it gets confirmed i was right about you.

Badjob Jul 31, 2011

nah bro, but you might be since you nerd raging in front of women. lmfao. Jus sayin.

Badjob Jul 30, 2011

LOL, you guys are such nerds.

qpr Jul 30, 2011

You're stalking me u moron, you even hacked onto my name once...wannabe-qpr

qpr Jul 29, 2011

LOL second shot projecting himself with the "virgin" stuff. Gj

BrickRed Jul 27, 2011


Klean-X Jul 27, 2011


qpr Jul 23, 2011

You call your irl friends stupid? Cool

qpr Jul 21, 2011

I Figured out why you are such a bitch online, You dont have the right friends + You lack confidence to be a prick in real life and let people walk over you.

Kinky-Girl Jul 18, 2011

The South will rise again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im from canada :)

BrickRed May 16, 2011

How kinky r u? That is the question i ask myself at night

SkyMan's May 09, 2011


Mossad Apr 14, 2011


Kin Killer Mar 07, 2011

Me..You..Xbox I Win |:)

Ri$e Again$t Mar 06, 2011

Where else would i be, toronto's the place to be ;)

Kin Killer Mar 06, 2011

Hey ;)

Crackling Mar 05, 2011

less talk more face sucking

weed master.. Mar 02, 2011

relax maam.. :)

Zazu Feb 28, 2011

Too good at talking. But talking doesn't get things done!

Zazu Feb 26, 2011

When are we going to play some 69? Ehmm.. 360 I mean !

ZypheN Feb 25, 2011

A friends 360 controller?

Disengaged Feb 24, 2011

It means I said "holy shit", because, you know, you're attractive. but you already know that.

Dexter Feb 21, 2011

Good good! got msn ?

Dexter Feb 21, 2011


Disengaged Feb 21, 2011

I can say, with a straight face, when I look at your gallery. Hory sheet. In a good way, of course.

Nanners Feb 17, 2011

chea charlie's my fuckin boy.

weed master.. Feb 09, 2011

haha look at all these horny peeps lmao :) gg

Zazu Feb 09, 2011

Too hot 4 u!

Monkey Business Jan 29, 2011

:D where are you from kinky?

Neil Armstrong Jan 24, 2011


absurd99 Jan 23, 2011

how are the girls?

Repent Jan 22, 2011

DaYuM... how YOU doin

Mossad Jan 21, 2011

Kinky, you are a pleasant humane being.

Mobey Jan 01, 2011

was joking -.-

314 Dec 31, 2010

the things i would do

Doom Order Dec 26, 2010

Trouble indeed;)God Loving Damn! Are Those your shiny sack- splittin' shoes or what, Sedusa?

vaped Nov 06, 2010

Trouble. ;)

olde Nov 04, 2010

wow lets fu(k k?

glavitik Oct 29, 2010

no stranger to a sour cok are u

Misled Oct 08, 2010

maiden, quality british band $$

Mossad Oct 08, 2010

give me some sugarcane please

absurd99 Oct 06, 2010

gaNsta$$$ u so gansta n harDcOre. B BallN FoSho. MaKe it RaIn Baby

Slaughter Oct 04, 2010

You like maiden? I love you.

Keith Sep 27, 2010

i can be kinky.

absurd99 Sep 27, 2010

love the new pic! sexy

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Sep 27, 2010

mmm sugarcane.

CrypSis Sep 27, 2010

Yoo Kinky, u got msn?

Kinky-Girl Sep 23, 2010

its sugarcane lol

MoNo. Sep 21, 2010

mmm bamboo.

Kinky-Girl Sep 20, 2010

nm nm been partyin it up lol

absurd99 Sep 20, 2010

hey sexi biatch sup wit yo? lookin gud home gurl <3

Monkaria Sep 19, 2010

When I saw the little icon of the stick, i thought you played flute, then I got excited and clicked on it to see it bigger, then I saw it was a stick, and honestly was a little disappointed. LOL :p

Monkaria Sep 16, 2010

What danyell said -v-

weed master.. Aug 17, 2010


Catatstrophe Jul 08, 2010

hey miss

danyell!! Apr 10, 2010

I would break my feet off in those shoes. O_O

Ohmalee Apr 05, 2010


Bware Mar 22, 2010

Those shoes look comfy

Sirius Mar 22, 2010


Spoiled Mar 19, 2010

hi u into black womens?

Fitted Mar 16, 2010

not bad at all for twgallery lol :)

kilo12 Mar 12, 2010

not bad

Hustla Bebe Mar 12, 2010

&lt;3 &lt;3 love love love &lt;3 &lt;3

Exalt Mar 12, 2010


Ace of Spades1987 Mar 12, 2010


Zazu Mar 11, 2010

Sup Sexy!

absurd99 Mar 11, 2010

What happened to your toes :0

FemalePersuasion Mar 09, 2010


Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

lol thx you too &lt;3

Arsen Mar 05, 2010

finally someone better looking than all of tw's girls put together x100..... wait i forgot goddess, add another 0

chars! Mar 04, 2010

lol u gotta be kidding me

Kinky-Girl Mar 04, 2010

haha no im not getin ban for a couple of rejects on tw hahaha and they dont accept them fool

Frightful Mar 04, 2010

Nice pics, KJ.

bleez Mar 03, 2010


Kid Kaos Mar 03, 2010

dayum kinky so hawt she can actually make seagrams look appealing.

glavitik Mar 03, 2010


Squadless Mar 03, 2010

nice tits

Kinky-Girl Mar 03, 2010

No dont worry i like white coco :P

Zazu Mar 03, 2010

Hot! Wish I was a zombie cocktail..

ZypheN Mar 03, 2010

You like black guys don't you.

Kinky-Girl Feb 28, 2010


Fusionbomb Feb 25, 2010

Are you actually, kinky? ;)

MoNo. Feb 25, 2010

LOOOL the whole time it was a joke woman doesn't matter if you like me or not. And thank you.

Product Feb 24, 2010

my tw new wife, wuss up

Kinky-Girl Feb 24, 2010

i know

chars! Feb 24, 2010

congratz u are the hottest girl in this 2d spacegame...and nice dress

Mobey Feb 24, 2010

i dunno wether to say fake or real, so damn confusing :(

Mossad Feb 24, 2010

I am closing my eyes now.:) I am not looking. SEXY.

Swig Feb 24, 2010

wow i have seen the old pics but the new ones are just as amazing

siaxis Feb 24, 2010


Kid Kaos Feb 23, 2010

Kinky I like yo style girl looken good. :)

Zazu Feb 23, 2010

LOL Goddess after them again.. Can't live with the fact she isn't the only girl in this game.

absurd99 Feb 23, 2010

Goddess, you think every girl on tw is a guy. Stop being so jealous :)

Squadless Feb 23, 2010

if goddess is right, i still want to know who this chick is

infrared Feb 23, 2010

Join Asians?

MoNo. Feb 23, 2010

Dig the sunglasses

tupla i Feb 23, 2010

Dammmnnn, join ancients?

Zazu Feb 23, 2010

Best looking girl &lt;3

joemoma Feb 22, 2010

nice.. id do you

audit Feb 22, 2010

as I was saying. Thanks for the assist on proving my point, Zyphen.

ZypheN Feb 22, 2010

You dress really, really, bright. Not sure what that really even means just first impression lol. Audit, this is the internet and saying that leaves you the only one looking like an ass, just saying.

Zazu Feb 22, 2010

Sup girl ! Looking fresh.. All though probably fake, I like your 2nd pic!

olde Feb 22, 2010


audit Feb 22, 2010

waiting to LOL at all the desperate kids drooling over a decent-looking at best internet chick.

chars! Feb 22, 2010


Havok Feb 22, 2010

join dark...then come to ct?

Golden_Aim Feb 22, 2010


Squadless Feb 22, 2010

LOL really?