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More about me Trenchwars #2 Jaw.

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Missa Jan 15, 2019

You are the most dead ever? D:

Kinky-Girl Feb 15, 2016


Missa <ZH> Jul 31, 2014

Look at you!

HomicidalBarbie<3 Oct 26, 2012

LOL im not as bad ass as your smoken ab's :P

LiL*PiGGy Oct 01, 2012

toats m' goats.

LiL*PiGGy Jun 13, 2012

Hah, imagine how much I eat tho? <3

kuza Jun 01, 2012

I guess I could appreciate them abs

Zhou Apr 10, 2012

think i got you beat on #2 jaw bro...

Second Shot Apr 05, 2012

dont play the ignorant card boy

Second Shot Apr 04, 2012

gtfo kinky girl page with negative comments. Why do you dislike women? FAG

Kinky-Girl Apr 03, 2012

no i don't you ugly fuckup.

Rypien Jan 25, 2012


Myollnir Jan 10, 2012

pro fitness similar to my ninja style i resopect your style but also consider more yoga and stretching because intense exercise can ruin your body if your not taking care of all aspects

Kyle Hester Dec 25, 2011

we are olympic style lifters.. he also snatches 250 and clean and jerks 340, he's my training partner. we only do bench on the side and when we used to play football.

Kyle Hester Dec 23, 2011

guy behind me benches 360 lol

hungrywolf Dec 06, 2011


Kinky-Girl Dec 04, 2011

not that you're just not the kinda ppl i care to talk with.

Kinky-Girl Dec 04, 2011

Thanks but you're not my type :P

hungrywolf Nov 24, 2011

yes, it is.

LiL*PiGGy Oct 20, 2011

HAHAHA!! That is so true

Lollys Oct 07, 2011

ah no

Lollys Oct 07, 2011


Lollys Oct 07, 2011

don't worry its not a ad thing............................................. ............................................:3

Lollys Oct 07, 2011

pretty boy XD

Lollys Oct 07, 2011

Lollys Oct 07, 2011

why show a stupid abs pic on a tw site so all/most of the guys too see gay much? cuz i ain't drooling LMFAO

Lollys Oct 06, 2011

who cares.

Monkaria Sep 26, 2011

You have the same headphones as meeeeeeeeeeee. I just use the AD700 for everything, it's pretty damn good. I read a ton of reviews before deciding to purchase these, then forgot to look at the size, but alas, it's a happy mistake.

Monkaria Sep 26, 2011

:o YOU KNOW MY HEADPHONES? Normally, people say "that's big". A compliment that only guys would ever like.

Lollys Sep 25, 2011

maybe... maybe not ahaha

Jill Shortmilk Sep 24, 2011

It happens..

LiL*PiGGy Sep 21, 2011


Rocket Soldier Sep 15, 2011

Not, yet! I wish! I'm going back to school for Civil Engineering this time! Then HOPEFULLY I'll become rich...

Engineers Sep 12, 2011

haha yah man. dont hate tho i'm not the skinny kind with glasses that doesn't leave the dorm.

Myollnir Aug 31, 2011

why do so many guys leave gay ass comments?

Gael Aug 30, 2011

I agree with second shot until u join exanimus

Hunt Aug 29, 2011


qpr Aug 02, 2011

Better watch out zyphen, before SS and his midget crew come to get you LOL

Kinky-Girl Aug 01, 2011

I'm not ugly faggot please die

bluealiens May 28, 2011

can't believe you still play

BrickRed May 15, 2011

mirin' aesthetics brah, mirin'

LiL*PiGGy May 09, 2011

hey hey now. a true dutchmen doesnt listen to americans.

PWND May 09, 2011

LOL I'm sorry =( I may pop on for a minute

Missa May 02, 2011

siiiigh. i miss you.

LiL*PiGGy May 01, 2011

I died.

ZypheN Apr 30, 2011

Yup, myth hatin not allowed here :D

Disappearance Apr 30, 2011

oh ur srs zyph?

oops Apr 30, 2011

small dick no bulge

MythriL Apr 29, 2011

you're like perfect <3

the_paul Apr 23, 2011

lol we don't even look alike

LiL*PiGGy Apr 22, 2011


Crissy Mar 12, 2011


Ri$e Again$t Mar 11, 2011

haha, funny guy

Missa Mar 11, 2011

i miss you :)

stuckup Mar 06, 2011

Its just a cbr 600 :)

Sandie Mar 06, 2011

aww you're too nice, and i dont rly even play much anymore anyways :D

PIGSisPIGS Mar 05, 2011

right on man. we don't own it though :( the record label owns it.

PIGSisPIGS Mar 05, 2011


2pacZ Mar 05, 2011

yah bro about to get a zx6r

Crackling Mar 05, 2011

just for the record you never really got smart oh ya hes lieing..

Mariposa Feb 27, 2011

Mmhnice pic

Mariposa Feb 27, 2011

Mm nice pic

Kinky-Girl Feb 25, 2011


MythriL Feb 25, 2011

my beautiful squadmate <3

LiL*PiGGy Feb 01, 2011


Money Nov 03, 2010


Dexter Oct 31, 2010

Sup dude! Lets Jam!

Apostrophe Oct 23, 2010


Mossad Oct 08, 2010

hey ZypheN. lolz you right but the baby is not mine and the money is mine:)

Missa Sep 27, 2010

I miss you!

Monkaria Sep 19, 2010

They are ever so exhausting! :p

Audrey Sep 12, 2010


Sirius Sep 09, 2010

Probably about 7-8 years

Multiplex Sep 06, 2010

Haha, well it's only when my hair is long. :( I try to keep it shorter now so there's less gel/wax involved. xD

LiL*PiGGy Sep 05, 2010

I bought it ;).. and that's adorable!!

Mossad Sep 05, 2010

hello dear, no it was actuall 3000 and yes itn nothing, but next time i will put 20,000:) good night.

Monkaria Jun 14, 2010

I'm sorry I don't know what a crowley is, let alonehow it is a joke :3 Also, your motorbike is in the wrong colour, it should be purple/green. :D

MITB May 13, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo?!

halfsleeve May 09, 2010

lol.. enough to buy that bike n then some. n fyi USD aint worth shit right now CDN's even higher than USD right now

MoNo. Apr 27, 2010

Dude, i just watched Max Payne the Movie and I saw the same tat you got!

Petal Apr 21, 2010

I put a retainer in that day because i had to go to something formal (:

Dominant Apr 14, 2010

thanks.. sick R1 i drove it at the dealership but got the gixxer instead

Shan Mar 28, 2010

Nice bike

TranceTunes Mar 24, 2010

ty man! that bike is pretty sick too ;P and i love dobermans..beautiful dogs.

MoNo. Feb 22, 2010

Goddess is fuken nuts! Btw Zyphen get a red power ranger helmet to back that bike!!! It would be sick actually.

ZypheN Feb 19, 2010

Goddess, wtf are you talking about

Goddess Feb 19, 2010

Oh yeah tagmor hopes you are letting strange males come fuk her and then get her pregnant and go through the pain of carrying and giving birth so you can SELL her children as soon as they stop suckling for your profit :)

TagMor Feb 19, 2010

Beautiful dobermann. Hope you are breeding him/her.

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

women and azn people love hitting stationary obstacles lol so yeah... thats a nice bike tho man..good shit

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

oh nice, did you get it new or used? and did you ever drop it?

Squadless Feb 18, 2010

haha very true, im actually plan to start taking bike courses soon, want to try and see what its like, should be fun. how many cc's is yours?

Mobey Feb 16, 2010

dog, bike and tat all sick man.. i envy you.

Zazu Feb 11, 2010

I like your bike more than your dog.

MoNo. Feb 03, 2010


MoNo. Feb 03, 2010


Sail by the Stars Jan 25, 2010

DOGGGGGGY = &lt;3 !

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

nice bike, Ive got a Kawasaki Ninja 250cc 2006

Mage+ Jan 19, 2010

cute man

PWND Jan 04, 2010

True story! Hope you had fun skiing &lt;33 =]

MythriL Jan 03, 2010

what a view!

danyell!! Jan 03, 2010


Pandagirl! Jan 03, 2010

I didn't know! I'm sorry :( And no way, that chick was hot

R.I.P Jan 03, 2010

apparently im not allowed to play anymore. :P

Zhou Dec 29, 2009

thanks for the compliment man, your dog ain't bad itself :]

Solo Assassin Dec 25, 2009

New castle ftw!

PWND Dec 15, 2009

Haha you know it. You can't have an ugly e-gf. You're such a cutie e-bf!!

Squadless Dec 12, 2009

That's ok o can't picture Brock lesnar fight as well.

Audrey Dec 08, 2009

the dog is amazing!

Hustla Bebe Dec 07, 2009

i found it mean.

Petal Dec 04, 2009

You got one?! You must show. &amp; i like your tat.

Archangel Tyreal Nov 21, 2009

I want ur bike:P want to trade?

PWND Nov 21, 2009

And you're my favourite too =))

Tank55 Nov 20, 2009

hey atleast its a good beer

Tank55 Nov 17, 2009

i see a yuengling!

Missa Nov 16, 2009

hello puppy &lt;3

Archangel Tyreal Nov 16, 2009

haha beer

chars! Nov 13, 2009

nice dog

PWND Nov 13, 2009


ZypheN Nov 13, 2009

Do it starfire :D &lt;3 Dobermans ;)

Squadless Nov 12, 2009

u have a pic of megamans dog... not cool

Starfire Nov 12, 2009

aw, doggy! now..should i upload one of my doberman?

Indirect-1 Nov 06, 2009

Yeah, thats what happens when you get bored and want to play CoD drunk...haha

lady starlight Oct 30, 2009

yeah, I did them for a photoshoot

Solent Oct 22, 2009

nice, i bet that car is fun to drive

Ward Oct 21, 2009

HUH?? u look exactly like Precision2462354 or thats ur alias idk

Solent Oct 20, 2009

nice bike - what kind of car do you have?

hungrywolf Oct 19, 2009

oh nice!, My buddy has a black R1 that scares the poop outta me. The new crossplane R1 is supposed to be awesome

Oat Oct 13, 2009

are those training wheels? cute.

wicket666 Oct 10, 2009

nice bike going to get one soon

siaxis Oct 07, 2009

thx bro

PWND Oct 06, 2009

You know it. :P

Nixi Oct 05, 2009

yeah you look kind of like the type Id have that effect on. boo.

Repent Oct 04, 2009

keep hatin...nerds like u make me famous

Repent Oct 04, 2009

rofl talk about doin the same thing and u got a i ran from toma pic up real original

lady~luck Oct 03, 2009

oh really? who the hell is she to judge? Anyway nice tat ^.^

NO <3 Oct 03, 2009

nice bike... hated -_-

EsCaPinG Sep 30, 2009

Dang, i do like your bike, but i still like my Gsxr

Gripe Sep 30, 2009

sick bike homie

weed master.. Sep 29, 2009

Fuck ya stylin with the tux!! =) how u doin man?

Sandie Sep 18, 2009

says the guy with &quot;papa roach&quot; passes...lol

FemalePersuasion Sep 18, 2009

What a handsome man. I dig the tat. It was fresh in that pic, right? Did you have any issues with color retainment?

shayde_chaos Sep 16, 2009

Lol i love my lip rings... I could never take them out!

lady starlight Aug 28, 2009

yeah I like them to a point.. but i'm slowly branching out to other shapes and patterns. lol

PrettyMadness Aug 25, 2009

lol! =p Im just not into music like that, but to each their own. My sister listens to all kinds of that shit lol I was asked to go to a Paramore concert by my sisters friend at VA Beach and I turned the offer down... then when it was too late I find out it was ACTUALLY A NO DOUBT concert that Paramore opened up for ..and I was pissed off cuz No DOubt is one of my favorite bands! lol

PrettyMadness Aug 23, 2009

LMAO hayley williams as in PARAMORE? LMFAO. my little sister listens to that shitty ass band hahaha...

NO <3 Aug 16, 2009

if i didn't know any better i'd say even whales can get jealous.

Goddess Aug 15, 2009

Because its funny Zy hehe. And dont stop being for fake females btw. Or rather just ignore them altogether &lt;3 :D

Missa Aug 10, 2009

so stop being afk please thanks &lt;3

Ricko Aug 08, 2009

ah, its from england from the fairly common shop 'Topman' in england...they sell them everywhere but I seem to be the only person with 1 :)

Ricko Aug 07, 2009

which bracelet are you talking about??

Necromotic Aug 07, 2009

thanks man! yee i wanted black or white but settled for the color in between

siaxis Aug 07, 2009

haah thx bro

danyell!! Aug 02, 2009

I see that beer bottle you are trying to hide in the white tux pic. =o.... CHUG CHUG CHUG!

MEEEp Aug 01, 2009

lol u dont look retarded.. u look like a newb! haha jk :P

JPMissy Aug 01, 2009

You look like a jet fighter pilot. &lt;.&lt; lol. Minus the white tux. Mr. Italiano Gangster person.

MEEEp Jul 31, 2009

cuz im scared of u! lol.. DO I? i never noticed that.. -.-

Toxic Jul 30, 2009

we play alternative / metal style like &quot;the fall of troy&quot;

Devest Jul 29, 2009


KillerGt Jul 29, 2009

damn, that's a pro tat $

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 29, 2009

Ah I see, LOL On the Road and Touring seem very Cool and tiring at the same time. Other wise! Keep the tat jobs up ^^ looking forward too see more!

ZypheN Jul 29, 2009

I work for red and we were on tour with papa roach at the time ;)

Goddess Jul 29, 2009

and how did we get that pass? :P

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jul 28, 2009

Most of my tats I have are unfinished thanks to having lazy ass friends LOL! Yeah my Wave is uncompleted. But I'm getting Medusa next &lt;3 on my Left arm. What about you?

Audrey Jul 28, 2009

lol T0ma always been celeb for his running =D

PWND Jul 27, 2009

youre wrong then

R.I.P Jul 26, 2009

lol what?

KillerGt Jul 21, 2009

Thanks bro! I like your white sut btw, lookin real clean :) I used to have ur hairstyle before i decided i just like to stick to super short hair :)

Petal Jul 20, 2009

You must like piercings.

Sandie Jul 17, 2009

aw thanks! i got it recently and it has been hurting like a bitch! lol

Pandagirl! Jul 01, 2009

Why yes, I am Pandagirl :P

Sakura Jul 01, 2009

and ure apparently complaining =P?

lady starlight Jun 27, 2009

ooooh cuuuuutie!

NO <3 Jun 13, 2009

lol gg, welcome to the Fam. check out this link to be a part of the (MOST HATED) T0MA fan club please refer to this for details http://forums.trenchwars.org/showthread.php?t=3699 9

ZypheN Jun 13, 2009

No &lt;3 owes me, making me take pictures of myself at 4 in the morning..

Goddess Jun 13, 2009

aaaaaw you had such promise too... so dissapointing :(

ZenaBee Jun 13, 2009

:D ooh welcome to da club, nice pic.

L3MU3L Jun 13, 2009

w00t anotherone in the fan club, gotta love it.

Goddess Jun 13, 2009

I dunno he looks a wee bit older than a senior to me

PWND May 31, 2009

Chris is a hottie =D

NO <3 May 29, 2009

dont forget the rubber suit when your on tour -_-

ZypheN May 23, 2009

lol does that look like a prom suit to you?

NO <3 May 14, 2009

whats there not to love? -_-

Condom May 14, 2009

D Bag

Ohmalee May 13, 2009

prom night?

Condom May 12, 2009

D Bag

Goddess May 12, 2009

Jealous much guys?

L3MU3L May 11, 2009

dude looks like a gay ken doll

pee pee sock May 11, 2009

wow ur a nerd kid