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Monkaria Sep 26, 2011


BrickRed May 27, 2011

LOL slamjoke but srsly, u sound pretty brutal i would avoid fighting u irl, wanna trade pogs?

Monkaria May 25, 2011

DISAPPEARANCE!!!!!!! I've disappeared a bit because of exams. U GD BRO?

BrickRed May 21, 2011

i could power bomb u off the top rope

BrickRed May 17, 2011

mma vs wrestling? Chokeslam ftw!

Mossad Apr 30, 2011

All Good, thanks.

Display Apr 18, 2011


Monkaria Apr 13, 2011


Monkaria Apr 13, 2011

Barack WHO?

Monkaria Apr 11, 2011

Geneva is in Switzerland :3 KEKEKE. Nah, I think I should visit Holland now though... I'm going to DC in a few days SQUEE

Monkaria Apr 10, 2011

In Switzerland they all smoke weed, ride bicycles/scooters/motorbikes/rollerblades, and wear big headphones. I was born to live there, (but maybe not the weed, I just like how the people are chilled out). Can't wait to see Washington DC

Monkaria Apr 09, 2011

Switzerland was awesome FYI. Can't wait to go to America in 3 days :p

Monkaria Apr 05, 2011

Gangstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :p Fine fine yo yo wasssuuup

Monkaria Apr 04, 2011


Monkaria Mar 08, 2011

<3 I am, sorry but I love ya!