"my chain on chilll and my wrist rocky and she dont call me daddy she call me papi"

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About Me

Age 40
Location Houston, Tx
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3INOyMhXSAs
Where I can be found twdd
More about me i can smell crack burnin in the fuckin air, i looked down i didnt know i have on no underwear, looked at my otehr other hand it was full of nut, i looked around im butt naked on tha cut. i think im the one thats doin dope - PIMP C

Things I Like 
Books the cat in the hat
Movies BLOW
Musics ZRO


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Money Feb 10, 2019

did we just become best friends? i think so

Undercut Feb 10, 2019

Is there a minimum size for viagra then? mb :^(

Missa Feb 10, 2019

Go easy on him it took him like 4 months to come up with that

Money Feb 10, 2019

ask ur baby mama if i need viagra lmao and it was pain pills i can throw u some for that butthurt if youd like :D

Undercut Feb 10, 2019

nice viagra, asshole

Missa Nov 21, 2018


Missa Nov 20, 2018

Ayyyy what them forearms do

LiL*PiGGy May 07, 2015

Caught me, cya

LiL*PiGGy Apr 17, 2015

Fake? Kk

Missa Jul 17, 2014

ur pillz so kewl

L3MU3L Mar 27, 2013

1960 medical clinic? lmao

LiL*PiGGy Sep 18, 2012

future* gun squaddie

LiL*PiGGy Sep 17, 2012

uho. another trolling Gun squaddie.

Cojafoji Dec 26, 2011

hey man, nessy laid down the law, people are welcome to come and go. have fun, good luck, but know that you're always welcome back; anytime. merry christmas bud, and I hope you stay on the chat.

Cojafoji Dec 25, 2011

bye D:

BrickRed Dec 17, 2011

nice fam dude

soupero Nov 22, 2011

I see Vitamin A, B and C. what happened to your gun,you broke it? damn how u do that

Joey Oct 31, 2011

Now all you need is a pic of som hookers, some ciggaretes, a brick of heroin, some whisky, and you got yourself a good time

o0TSK0o Oct 31, 2011


o0TSK0o Oct 31, 2011


Nessy Oct 29, 2011

If you plug a deer with a shotty slug... does it blow a hole 6 inches wide and go down like a tent in a landslide?

Money Oct 29, 2011

lorcets somas and xanax bars

ZypheN Oct 28, 2011

Oop's adderall stash?

Heisman Oct 28, 2011

think my lil sister has that gun

Cojafoji Oct 27, 2011

fair enough, but it's pretty rare that i see people loading slugs. though it's mostly pheasant and deer that i'm after.

Cojafoji Oct 27, 2011

... is that a shotgun with a scope?

oops Oct 27, 2011

get a de.50 like a real man u poor son of a bitch and get it in gold plate

Heisman Oct 27, 2011

nice pea shooter bro.

SolidSnake~ Oct 03, 2011

Damn, that sucks about AJ..

Crissy Mar 16, 2011

You're dumb lol

Mariposa Mar 02, 2011

hot hot my new pic

Mariposa Mar 01, 2011

sup homie!!!xox

Mariposa Jan 22, 2011

no not at allllllllllllll!!!!!!!

MythriL Jan 17, 2011

mariposa upset

Mariposa Jan 08, 2011

wtf wow amazing! break! sounds familiar!! u mucho loco money!! pz :)

Mossad Oct 31, 2010


pee pee sock Sep 26, 2010

u dont even no wtf an armbar is. racist fuk.

Panda Bear Sep 17, 2010


Money Sep 10, 2010


Missa Sep 10, 2010


Monkaria Jun 19, 2010

;p You laughed, I'm off the hook!

Monkaria Jun 18, 2010

LOL. I know, it's photobucket ;)

Monkaria Jun 16, 2010

Not quite enough yet! Think I might add another 60 ;D

pee pee sock Jun 12, 2010

suck my faggot to asshole

MythriL May 27, 2010

suck my faggot

Zazu Mar 28, 2010

Haven't heard anything about Dino lately.. He's ok? : (((

Tigron-X Mar 26, 2010

The last pic makes me fear for my life. She's like, &quot;You see this? Allz I gotta do is make a call and your knees will be broken.&quot; Baby Mafia!

Mariposa Mar 25, 2010

OMG!!!!! LOL

Money Mar 20, 2010


Machine of God Mar 20, 2010

his nipples are mine

Zazu Mar 19, 2010

Doing work! And btw.. I love your nipples!

oops Mar 19, 2010

u mad naked.... bonerr

MVL Mar 14, 2010

Does your daughter have a myspace?

Xog Mar 12, 2010


Mariposa Mar 09, 2010

sup!! .........

Hustla Bebe Mar 08, 2010

lol no where near fake thx, im as real as real gets O.o

Squadless Mar 04, 2010

LOL!! he got 100 :(

siaxis Mar 04, 2010

tellin linda

Mariposa Feb 25, 2010

lol zazu haha .what???? u cheat on me with dino all this years!!! wow

megaman89 Feb 25, 2010

you spooning with your dog naked?

Money Feb 23, 2010


Zazu Feb 22, 2010

LOL my fav dog ! Had to sleep with it after Mariposa kicked you out of bed?

MythriL Feb 22, 2010

zazu loves that dog

Missa Feb 22, 2010

Great dog pic.

TagMor Feb 19, 2010

they some badass scales.

Weak Feb 16, 2010

oh LOL ill post that soon

MoNo. Feb 15, 2010

Gotta charge ya for a Dameon Beating hahahaha

Mariposa Feb 14, 2010

happy v-day papi

PWND Feb 14, 2010


Nixi Feb 13, 2010

lol @ myth's comment

Mariposa Feb 13, 2010

why says one of the pics removed? just askin who removed them

MythriL Feb 09, 2010

she 18 yet?

Mobey Feb 04, 2010

wow i'm abit late on this one lol, congrats on the lil one man. nows the time to start worrying about that dreaded sentence &quot;hunny, I want you to have a vasectomy&quot;

Zazu Feb 04, 2010

Hi !

MoNo. Feb 03, 2010

LOL cute infant btw!

Weak Feb 02, 2010

the one wit my gf in my colts jersey?

Squadless Feb 02, 2010

LOLOL GET EM MONEY!!!! hiirik jaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Zazu Jan 30, 2010

Yo money! What's good man? All a-okay with mariposa?

MoNo. Jan 27, 2010

Cuz its Shorter :D

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

you daughter is cute

Lenny Jan 16, 2010

That's cause I'm a BA.

Squadless Jan 16, 2010

yo good stuff bro congrats!

Mariposa Jan 15, 2010

wow u still with my fuking old pics plz delete them

Mariposa Jan 15, 2010

lol i know both r the cutest girls in texas my princess and my cowgirl

danyell!! Jan 15, 2010

you baby is the cutest ever! i love the mirror pic. fucking adorable man.

PWND Jan 15, 2010

I'm not coming back...not for a long time at least. Just saw I got axed even under my conditions. No point in coming back.

Money Jan 14, 2010

haha thx :D

tupla i Jan 14, 2010

Woow congrats money, im happy for you :p you can start your own band now

Audrey Jan 14, 2010

Congrats!! omg shes gonna be as cute as her older sister!!

Missa Jan 13, 2010

It's okay, tabo. The doctors thought it was a boy, too!! Grats, money.

Zhou Jan 13, 2010


MythriL Jan 13, 2010

congrats man you did it again!

Exalt Jan 13, 2010

delectable has a girlfriend? did he meet her on adultfriendfinder.com like his last one? lol

Money Jan 13, 2010

its a girl, and i showed on the michigan quarter horse circuit

Kid Kaos Jan 13, 2010

Congrats money.

Tabo Jan 13, 2010

^.^ a boy!!!! btw thats a good look'n horse where did you show?

Money Jan 12, 2010


Delectable Jan 11, 2010

My girlfriend is Mexican. She makes good mexican good. God bless mexican women, they are great : )

Mobey Jan 10, 2010

hell yeh son, try it sometime

Mop-N-Glow Jan 10, 2010

Do you call your dalmatian Lou Dog?

Money Jan 07, 2010

haha yea she does jinco

Jinco Jan 07, 2010

yoooo your daughter holding the cell phone looks high!

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 07, 2010

:D just the ones that isn't true :3

Hustla Bebe Jan 07, 2010

lol im not fake i just like pictures and i have an adiction to photoshop

Money Jan 07, 2010

yees yes, the mustang was stolen within the last 3 hours, im pissed. it was stolen from that SAME EXACT PARKING SPOT. 10 FEET AWAY.......

MythriL Jan 07, 2010

whoever stole that mustang is about to get fucked up

Exalt Jan 06, 2010

money tell your wife to hook it up with some of her hot latina friends

Money Jan 05, 2010

didnt u pretend to be a girl? lady~gaga/Olivia

infrared Jan 04, 2010

why do u have so many pics of underage mexican prostitutes?

Jinco Jan 03, 2010

you got a nice family money!

Money Jan 03, 2010

wtf where did they go? some asshole removed them

Money Jan 03, 2010


Rati Jan 03, 2010

I was gonna make fun of you money...until I saw the bud sticks in your hands.

Money Dec 30, 2009

absent mad im cuter than him

Zazu Dec 30, 2009

Good thing your girl is cuter than you are!

Zhou Dec 29, 2009

damn , you one cute texan fuck :D

Absent Dec 29, 2009


Audrey Dec 29, 2009

awww your little girl is sooooo adorable!

Money Dec 29, 2009


oops Dec 29, 2009

ur head the shape of a fucking squash. can i kickflip my tech deck off ur forehead

PWND Dec 29, 2009

Nope, never will!

Alphaverb Dec 28, 2009

Bad harvest of pot u got there noob

joemoma Dec 24, 2009

lol fo sho.. they tried to fuck us, we called and were like direct TV is the shit, were leaven u bitches... then they gave us a bunch a free channels to stay

Money Dec 22, 2009

haha ok ok

MythriL Dec 22, 2009

begging for those new pics

Nixi Dec 22, 2009

hey fu! just cause you got a cute kid doesnt mean you can go dogging on my city like that! potsmokin hippie...

Tmac Dec 21, 2009

damn bro im luvin the buds

oops Dec 20, 2009

ur forehead bigger than mine =(

Missa Dec 18, 2009

MM HOUSTON TRAFFIC! Your little girl is gorgeous!

Money Dec 16, 2009


Squadless Dec 09, 2009


oops Dec 05, 2009

u seen ur face lately

Money Dec 04, 2009

Sup lady

Panda Bear Nov 25, 2009


Tres <ER> Nov 16, 2009


Money Nov 15, 2009

loooooool old pic

Exalt Nov 15, 2009

lol wtf is with the horse?

soupero Nov 14, 2009

nice horse

SolidSnake~ Nov 14, 2009

That was last year's thursday night game, but I wasn't there to see the Jags, LOL

Money Nov 13, 2009

LOL that pic of me and my horse when i was 15

joemoma Nov 11, 2009

id so do that girl in about 5 years... sup monay nice dro.. mines flowering, ill pick you one haha

MythriL Nov 11, 2009

weed model &lt;3

PWND Nov 11, 2009

You're a crazy bitch. Nice bud!

Money Nov 11, 2009

haha thx :D

Stylez Nov 11, 2009

Your little girl looks stoned in the last pic. :D Also, nice buds.

chars! Nov 11, 2009

put this stupid green shit in ur ass! Dont smoke it in front of ur daughter

Squadless Nov 11, 2009

dont be gay, give me at least one of those by USPS next day mail

Mhz Nov 11, 2009

congrats on the youngster, she miraculously came out cute! :)

danyell!! Nov 10, 2009

Those buds are pretty man.

Aldur Nov 08, 2009


Fusionbomb Nov 01, 2009

Ty, cute lil girl you got.

Fusionbomb Oct 31, 2009

'85 Toyota Celica ;) Painted &quot;viper red&quot; :P Te gusta?

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 29, 2009

Not much people do. LOL

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Oct 29, 2009


soupero Oct 28, 2009

I'm gonna armbar you.

Money Oct 24, 2009

haha sup

detartrateD Oct 24, 2009

This the guy always talking $hit in elim?? Wasup $$

Tabo Oct 22, 2009


Squadless Oct 22, 2009

yo lemme fuck at least 3 out of those 6 girls.. arrange them in height order and i'll random it... throw in the dog as well :)

Money Oct 22, 2009

cuz u fake

Growing Oct 22, 2009

wtf they didnt let me post shit like that bs

danyell!! Oct 22, 2009

2nd pic from the top...very fucking nice man. cute kid. =)

Bware Oct 22, 2009

nice weed collection..

MythriL Oct 14, 2009

in about 3 years holla at me miley cyrus

Repent Oct 14, 2009

growin that sticky icky

oops Oct 13, 2009


Audrey Oct 13, 2009


tupla i Oct 13, 2009

Aye, nice car

oops Oct 09, 2009

u posting irrelevant shit also sending them to my phone

Hecklar Oct 09, 2009

His daughter is Blazed too :/

Money Oct 09, 2009

lol cancer what the fuck u smokin

oops Oct 08, 2009

ur car weak as fuck pussy

oops Oct 08, 2009

saw u have cancer.. sry bout that

siaxis Oct 08, 2009

yo im mad hotter den u

Money Oct 08, 2009

LOL OOPS, im driving the mustang right now. my car isnt in the pic

oops Oct 07, 2009

i knew u drove a 1987 civic with muffler tips

MythriL Oct 07, 2009

you are blazed in pretty much every picture lol

Money Oct 06, 2009


oops Oct 06, 2009

and ur daughter got the same phone as me. reppin that shit

oops Oct 06, 2009

3rd. god your amazingly chubby

oops Oct 06, 2009

nice hair flip u faggot fuck

Zazu Oct 06, 2009

2nd. I love your dog! It's the most ugly creature I've ever seen!

Money Oct 06, 2009

LOLOL thx, i dont make ugly babies :D

MythriL Oct 06, 2009

1st. your daughter lookin mad good