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About Me

Age 35
Location Your mom's
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found Elim/Duel/Wbduel
More about me I'm hawt.

Things I Like 
Movies Hook
Musics Metallica, Most rap


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chips. Feb 12, 2012

shoulda kept your ex around.. you already know she cheats so when she gets another bf you still get free play, strap up.

Steep Jan 30, 2012

:o astronots r back

Neil Armstrong Jan 21, 2011

Yo, I be back on sunday or monday. cheerio

vaped Mar 24, 2010


lady starlight Feb 28, 2010

lol, not a fetish model.

TagMor Feb 18, 2010

did she sleep around due to your physical inadequacy?

ABustedCondom Feb 12, 2010

lol love the devil drawings, priceless.

PWND Jan 30, 2010

I love my cigarettes.

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

you have pretty cool eyes bro, call me?

Mage+ Jan 22, 2010

you look like that nerd on the big bang theory LOL with the shroom cut

Flew Jan 22, 2010


Zazu Jan 21, 2010

True ! It is fun for sure.. I like ur towel picture. And the one with the devil cracks me up as well!

Metallize Jan 18, 2010

prep lol :)

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jan 06, 2010


LeE sandwiches Dec 29, 2009

such a red car.. =oP

Fusionbomb Dec 25, 2009


Kid Kaos Dec 24, 2009

I would never post a picture of my face if it looked like this.

Welfare Dec 23, 2009

yo thats my ex

Affliction Dec 21, 2009

i saw her in no <3's picture

Zazu Dec 06, 2009

I prefer the pics in which you wear a shirt. Love your girlfriend though. Devils go crazy in bed I heard. Looking good man!

Pandagirl! Nov 22, 2009

Haha thanks =) Your eyes are super blue... I'm jealous

Pandagirl! Nov 21, 2009

Yep, I am

Swig Nov 21, 2009


FemalePersuasion Nov 21, 2009

It's a sprial!! ya.

Swig Nov 20, 2009

the one with the avaitors hmmmmm...there is 3 diff ones with avaitors gj lol tard

Squadless Nov 02, 2009

yes its Kimbo...it was about 2 months ago

PWND Oct 31, 2009

ty love =]

Money Oct 31, 2009

haha nice, looks clean as fuk

Money Oct 29, 2009

lmao what kind of car is that?

pee pee sock Jul 21, 2009

hahah nice towel head

Nixi Jul 15, 2009

I could go for that princess leah towel-head look, for serious

Weak Jul 02, 2009

um lol nice

Pandagirl! Jul 02, 2009

Aww thanks :) Love what you did with the ex (?) haha. I like her nails!

Tabo Jul 01, 2009

hey whats up :P

lady starlight Jun 26, 2009

hahaha nice!

Mobey Jun 24, 2009

i like that car, tell that bitch to get her hands off it.

wicket666 Jun 07, 2009

evil women!

danyell!! Jun 02, 2009

dude!!! you look just like someone I know... and lmfao at all pics. Good stuff man.

Fusionbomb May 21, 2009

She's a lying cheating bitch.

Exalt May 21, 2009

haha so whats the story with the devil girl? ex girlfriend?

Imagine May 20, 2009

Was that your submission pic for Pimp my Ride?

L3MU3L May 19, 2009

ROFL i love the 1st pic

Jolly Fat Man May 19, 2009

Rollin in style.

t0ma May 19, 2009

I'm glad you broke up with that bitch. She makes your car look bad

Ohmalee May 19, 2009

u must really hate ur gf if u think shes the devil. lolol. pic #1 is pro