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NiGhToWL Jan 18, 2021

2021 TWDTJ CHAMPIONS!!!!!! NICE NICE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

widespread panic Jul 29, 2020

hi love u

ToK Apr 15, 2020

Killer Pic, ALL IN!

ToK Mar 22, 2019


Gambler. Nov 30, 2017


Kado Apr 19, 2017

vietnamese fuck. chink eyed whore

Kado Dec 17, 2015

sexy mon lied about retiring..

CMdros Apr 12, 2015


CMdros Apr 08, 2015

a real beautie

Gambler. Nov 20, 2013

flew i c u

Frogsk|n Sep 13, 2013

Ey man you pretty cool!

Gambler. Aug 12, 2013

MY BOY FLEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danyell!! Jan 14, 2013

http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/That -70s-Sho-that-70s-show-663241_700_933.jpg

qpr Jul 13, 2011

u alive?

olde Apr 16, 2010

LOLOLOL look at this homo.

TagMor Feb 19, 2010

Kentaro being racist.

Kentaro Feb 17, 2010

i like how there is like 100 asians and 1 hak gwai in your group pic.

Aerin Feb 15, 2010

big pimpin

Curse Jan 29, 2010


Pandagirl! Jan 24, 2010

Not a chance; she's all mine!

Fusionbomb Jan 21, 2010


Kid Kaos Jan 08, 2010


Last Standing Dec 30, 2009

bros before hoes flew!!! remeber that :)

lady starlight Dec 15, 2009

hey flew <3

Vue Dec 15, 2009

go cook my riCE flew!

Refer Dec 11, 2009


Missa Dec 11, 2009

Heyyy flew! <3

Rocket Soldier Dec 06, 2009

Toronto? o.o Well, Mississauga, yeah.

Raazi Dec 02, 2009

i have took pic down cuz ppl say i blind them with my sexyness

Ward Dec 02, 2009

sorry man im non-religious with no jewish background whatsoever

Pandagirl! Nov 30, 2009

That wouldn't be weird at all... "Hey some dude online says hi"

Affliction Nov 27, 2009

Sup Flew, do everyone a favor and delete pic #4 cause it freaks everyone out and it's makin you look weak man. hahah sorry ass bottle of Hpnotiq.

Raazi Nov 25, 2009

i know you, i saw you in that movie..ummm oh yeah it was called Godzilla.

Exalt Nov 16, 2009

bro, the hypnotiq while driving is a bad idea... either you go with something stronger, or you go with beer, or you wait til you get the bar lol

adam Nov 10, 2009

that group photo contains more asians than i've ever met in my entire life.

AznBabiGurl Nov 08, 2009

yo come on more i'm so bored on ss.

Exalt Nov 07, 2009

yeah I did bro... it was your sister!

AznBabiGurl Nov 04, 2009

hi alex! WOOT.

Foreal Oct 07, 2009

alex! u pimp

reability Oct 05, 2009

oi flew :P

Vue Jul 18, 2009

go cook my rice flew!

Absent Jul 18, 2009

PWND is like the ugliest chick ever, if she's even a chick lmao, going around calling people fat. shes a gross emo lol

audit Jul 14, 2009

Please stop hitting on me in squad chat.

Ohmalee Jul 12, 2009

holy shit! you're a***n! gg.

Sandie Jul 09, 2009

i might have to take you up on that!

Sandie Jul 08, 2009

drinking hipnotiq while driving! O_O

lady starlight Jun 26, 2009


danyell!! Jun 26, 2009

lol at pwned deleting your comment. she can dish it out but she cant take it perhaps? ... anyway, the reason I am commenting is to tell you NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE! that is how motherfuckers die dude. SERIOUSLY.

Goddess Jun 25, 2009

Pwndd is purposely trying to piss everyone off btw because as she puts it "she's competing" on here for most popular... If that really is u then lets webcam flew :)

MissLeesha Jun 20, 2009

Don't listen to pwnd She's a dumb broad that don't know shiat. She thinks she owns everyone, let her enjoy her high horse :) lol but Hello back ;)

PWND Jun 19, 2009

youre not built youre fat...and youre a trash wb. a lil white girl owns you. youve been blacklisted and your comment has been deleted.

Goddess Jun 19, 2009

Oh and i forgot... please dont drink and drive... seriously :(

Money Jun 18, 2009

stfu goddess ur fat

Goddess Jun 18, 2009

just delete his comments and then blacklist him... btw i dont believe thats u flew. Got a webcam? i need convinced (and no im not asking for sex lol)

Audrey Jun 18, 2009

To be a milf i'd need kids first :o

Iron Survivor Jun 09, 2009

i prefer refer

Flew Jun 06, 2009

LOol no <3 called me ugly he must be stupid and why r u judging guys? thats what i thot homo.

NO <3 Jun 05, 2009

well was gonna point out that your ugly but that was a bit much.

NO <3 Jun 05, 2009

how can she even fit in the wb with you, your so fat you barely squeeze in yourself let alone your ginormous freak head of yours. -_-

Flew Jun 05, 2009

yo i realized im pretty sexy

Quart Jun 05, 2009

you are fat

Growing Jun 01, 2009

ill fight you for your woman

Rasaq May 26, 2009

Lol Rek! &lt;3

ReKall May 26, 2009

lol Rasaq quit with that bullshit... flews way classier than me Buuuddd

Pandagirl! May 25, 2009


NO <3 May 23, 2009

oh just noticed, i dont know what is more gay; you PRETENDING to drink hpnotic while driving or actually wanting to sip on a BITCH drink. you pick.

NO <3 May 23, 2009

my &quot;ss gf&quot; is hotter than your sister. p.s you two are a lil to close its gross.

Rasaq May 21, 2009

Is Rekall your twin?

Fooly Cooly May 21, 2009

what are you pointing at? what's up there

Schfifty-Five May 21, 2009

Flew is my idol, I'm going to drink hyptoniq everytime I drive somewhere from now on.

Exalt May 20, 2009

looool flew you look like a normal dude, instead of that emo fucking pokemon haircut asian shit, lool props for being normal bro

Democrat May 19, 2009

LOL FLEW 3rd PICTURE DOWN... you wish

Tabo May 13, 2009

Its illegal to drink and drive you might flip your car and kill that beautiful gf of yours... tragic.

Rasaq May 07, 2009

You ugly mofo, what's up?

oops May 07, 2009

Thats a shitload of asians