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Kyler Mar 29, 2023


field Nov 05, 2018

Back in California. Nothing beats dry heat and year-long sunshine.

Paradise Aug 30, 2018

shoe me wear u put the girls torso...im not askin again asshole

field Apr 12, 2018

nope, but I went there for a visit in September. And I spent a week on east coast (including VI) in January.

Major Crisis Jan 04, 2018

Oh its you!

Major Crisis Jan 04, 2018

Holy shit I see a noobie, lets see who it is....

field Aug 14, 2017

are you in vancouver, love?

Cres Jun 14, 2017

wat...i dun rly play let alone log on consistently nemore

Major Crisis Jun 06, 2017

No idea. Stupid nigledoink

field Jun 01, 2017

الله أكبر

Cres Apr 15, 2017

wot dis

Cres Apr 08, 2017


okyo Apr 07, 2017

الله أكبر جهاد

Major Crisis Apr 04, 2017

Why are you spamming my wall? U ugly piece of fuck. T E R R O R I S T 2 0 1 6

Major Crisis Feb 02, 2017

??? Fork? U sick?

Tiger the crab Dec 10, 2016

justin bieber?

Sulla Dec 07, 2016

r u a niggaA?

Cres Nov 02, 2016


Paradise Oct 11, 2016

hi someone toad me you were a fat geek from tywon...

i.d. Oct 03, 2016

where kado pic tho?

LiL*PiGGy Aug 25, 2016


MoNo. Apr 13, 2016

You a pad see ewwww.

MoZZie Dec 12, 2015


MoZZie Dec 12, 2015

join ISIS