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Let Nov 05, 2013

shes in bed with me. [=

Affliction Sep 11, 2013

Where in the world have you been woman?

TranceTunes Apr 10, 2010

now where'd you go?

Missa Mar 04, 2010


MythriL Feb 09, 2010

yo! nah not really a chef.. that was a culinary arts class where i basically just ate all the food and washed dishes haha

Missa Feb 06, 2010

I love your poker picture

Aerin Jan 25, 2010

AznBabiNerd you left out the 69 at the end

Jinco Jan 15, 2010

how dare ya insult me that way!! lol!!

Fusionbomb Jan 13, 2010


Jinco Jan 12, 2010

yea from miami florida $$$

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

Are you Korean

Jinco Jan 10, 2010

so your really asian!

BobbyLight Jan 07, 2010

u need a white guy in ur group

NO <3 Jan 04, 2010

your bf has a man crush on me -_-

Alphaverb Jan 03, 2010


Tank55 Jan 02, 2010

heyya cutie

Zhou Dec 29, 2009

dork :p

Zazu Dec 27, 2009

Babe &lt;3

Affliction Dec 21, 2009


wicket666 Dec 20, 2009

top pick is her gang,Mess with her they coming!

Affliction Dec 18, 2009


Affliction Dec 18, 2009


nakedbumwithastick Dec 18, 2009


AznBabiGurl Dec 18, 2009

I'll come back after new years. Meh &gt;.&lt; on vacation anyways so don't have time to reinstall.

Missa Dec 17, 2009

Wait. You QUIT?! WHAT???????!!

TranceTunes Dec 14, 2009

yo, wtf you uninstalled out of no where and quit! come back!

Refer Dec 11, 2009

yeh sorry i know about them cuz one of my ex's gave me some links to some of their vids. but i remember watchin yellow fever a few years back; was pretty funny stuff.

Refer Dec 11, 2009

flew u don't stand a chance with me around. btw i don't know who you're talking about but i bet they'll dig my british accent.

Flew Dec 11, 2009

LOL wong fu productions. man that chick in the one with the guy trying to break up with her is mad fucking hot. if so then bowie give me her #=)

Refer Dec 09, 2009

aren't those the people from wong fu productions?

NO <3 Dec 08, 2009

stop perving my page ho

Welfare Dec 08, 2009


Affliction Dec 07, 2009

ward nuts? big with you?lol? maybe you're the one with the chinky eyes, look again in the mirror chump, you're not even big.

Ward Dec 07, 2009

Affliction was trying to get big with me and was consequently shrunk. Sorry if he is your friend :O

TranceTunes Dec 06, 2009

if you look really closely you can see your eye through the lens of your glasses. lol :D

Zazu Dec 06, 2009

Still think you're the cutest asian girl in this game. Good job on the poker game! Doing work..

Guero Dec 06, 2009

not bad azn girl but im gonna still pwned u in elim

Kid Kaos Dec 06, 2009


Missa Dec 06, 2009

Youre not on to wbduel! Get on and PM me! Then we can gogogo

hungrywolf Dec 05, 2009

babi gurl loves LOTR!

Goddess Dec 05, 2009

Much Love babes &lt;3 This ones the real thing btw guys :X

Missa Dec 04, 2009

you're pretty!

Refer Dec 03, 2009

No I cannot tell! :( You must post me better pictures.

Refer Dec 02, 2009


Flew Nov 30, 2009

Bowie! u tell me to come on more and ur not on.

Rocket Soldier Nov 25, 2009

Rofl, yeahhhhhh! I used to play Bomberman all the time, there aren't many games out anymore, wahhhh!

ZypheN Nov 21, 2009

Naw deff 2nd from the right

Zazu Nov 18, 2009

Please help me.. Still investigating. If I'd had to pick you out of those 3, I'd go for the one on the right. Correct?

Exalt Nov 16, 2009

hey cutie :)

Zazu Nov 14, 2009

Damn.. I really tried but I can't figure out which one is you in the first pic.. You're hot though!

EsCaPinG Nov 10, 2009

Hey shorty whats up!

MythriL Nov 08, 2009

haha he actually turned 10 years old on halloween, but he's forever cute :) AZN PRIDE!

Flew Nov 07, 2009

haha hey bowie. how r u?

Kid Kaos Nov 01, 2009

Yeap! I went as Michael Jackson! lol.

lady starlight Oct 30, 2009

heyyy!!! of course I remember u!! I actually did sign on for the first time in like half a year.. hahaha, so it prolly was me that u saw. :D glad u remember me

Kid Kaos Oct 29, 2009

BAAAABIIII missed you glad to see you back in trenches &lt;3

lag killer Oct 29, 2009

Why are your pictures with Chinese people only? Remember, Japanese are at the top!

Squadless Oct 29, 2009

me love u long time!!!

detartrateD Oct 29, 2009

Hi Bowie!

Pandagirl! Oct 28, 2009

Don't be hating. We'll make a comeback.

Let Jun 05, 2009

Bowie still look fly!

carburetor May 16, 2009

pretty, but you try to smile wayyyyyyyy to hard, look like your going to explode or something O.o